The Diary

Chapter Six

Willow and Buffy made their way towards the cemetery that Buffy knew Faith would be waiting at. She had wanted to try to discourage Willow from coming, but the red head obviously had something on her mind, and Buffy would have felt a little guilty brushing her off. Even if it meant another day would go by without her and Faith getting together.

They chattered about nothing much as they neared the graveyard, Willow mentioning more than once that Buffy looked all dressed up. Or certainly more so than usual. Buffy had just laughed it off, saying it’s all she had to wear, as everything else she owned was in the wash. Of course, Willow hadn’t looked like she quite believed her but didn’t say anything else.

Maybe the red leather trousers and tight black halter-top were a little unusual for her, but Buffy wanted Faith to notice her more than usual. Want her as much as she wanted Faith. As the gates to the cemetery came into sight however, Buffy doubted that would ever happen, because Faith was looking hotter than ever.

She had on the sexiest black leather pants that Buffy had ever seen Faith wear; they were slung low on her hips and blacker than the night. On her feet were boots, also black, with a slight heel, they looked tough yet sexy, making the younger Slayer look able to kick some serious ass as well as have anybody with or without a heartbeat drooling after her. Her top half was barely covered at all under her leather jacket, the tight red top pushing her cleavage up and leaving her toned stomach exposed.

Some people might have called what Faith was wearing trashy, people like Cordelia maybe, but Buffy was barely able to walk for tripping over her tongue. As she got closer, she noticed that Faith had straightened her hair, making her look older and even sexier than usual. All in all, Buffy was on the verge of coming in her pants.

“Did I miss the invitation to whatever party you two are going to?” Willow asked, her voice a little high as she tried to look everywhere but at Faith.

Neither Slayer answered as they were far too busy eyeing each other up. Buffy tried to speak, to act cool in front of Willow, but her mouth had gone dry as all her body fluids rushed south at the raised eyebrow she was receiving from Faith.

“Looking good, B. You taking tips from me?” Faith drawled lustily.

“No. . .I. . .there…” words learned at an early age and normally used often and without difficulty, completely escaped the blonde Slayer.

“Everything else was in the wash, apparently. But I’m still thinking there’s a party somewhere I’m not invited to,” Willow said, looking from one Slayer to the other with a puzzled expression on her face.

“Don’t worry, Red. The only party going on around here right now is in my pants. Let’s go.” Faith swept into the cemetery before either Willow or Buffy could comment on what Faith had just said.

Buffy had an idea what Faith had meant, but was hoping that it had escaped the Willow’s grasp. The thought of Faith feeling something stirring in her panties made her grin uncharacteristically however, and Willow certainly picked up on that.

“Did I just miss something?” Willow trudged behind Faith as Buffy urged her on, wanting to get their patrol over with as quickly as possible.

She needed to be alone with Faith, and pretty damn soon.

They wandered around the long buried and the fresh graves, talking about things Buffy had no interest in. Her only interest right now was the dark beauty busy twirling her stake beside her. Faith looked a little annoyed that Willow was with them, but she was covering it well, and even talking to her more than she usually would. Buffy wondered if maybe Faith was doing that because of her almost complete inability to say anything to her right now without it coming out as an innuendo. More so than usual.

She was glad that Willow had something on her mind right now, and wasn’t picking up on the tension and the obvious overt checking out of each other that was going on between her and Faith. It was like something subtle was happening just under the surface of every look, every brush against each other, every comment or quip. And the moment Willow turned her back on the chosen two, walking a little ahead of them to sit upon a tomb, the two Slayers smiled lustily at each other.

Buffy hadn’t meant for it to be a lusty grin, but something about the way Faith had looked over at her, licking her lips before grinning herself, had lifted her own lips mischievously. The excitement of knowing that Faith knew she wanted her, and knowing that Faith wanted her too, sent a thrill through Buffy like no other she had felt before. It was as if they had a little secret between themselves. A dirty little secret.

“So. . .like I was saying, it’s not really bad to have secrets is it? I mean, they can be good, and I’m sure we all have them, right?” Willow continued in the babble fest that had been the entire evening so far.

The remark was a little too close to home for Buffy’s liking and she stared wide eyed at Willow for a second, not really knowing what she had been going on about, as she had been far too busy trying to walk straight and check Faith out at the same time.

“I uh. . .what?” Buffy said and came to a halt along with Faith in front of Willow, facing her and trying to work out if maybe her friend knew something she shouldn’t.

“It’s err, nothing really, I was just. . .I may have. . .and please don’t judge me on this, but I want you to know. . .there’s a demon behind you.” Willow pointed in the general direction behind the two Slayers.

Without batting an eyelid Faith launched an attack on the unfortunate demon that Giles had warned them about a few days earlier. Apparently, he was not one of a few demons who just wanted to get along in the world. He was there for one purpose, to feed on unwary humans.

He didn’t have time to react before Faith was pummeling him, and doing every thing within her power to stop him from even attempting to hurt someone.

The demon was big, and beyond pissed at being foiled in his hunt for prey, and Faith punched and kicked, but he didn’t seem to get the message that he was supposed to die, so Buffy charged in as soon as an opportunity arose. She aimed a kick straight at the big guys head, knocking him into Faith’s fist. They battled together for a short time, both taking turns to beat the fight out of their foe, and even though it was taking longer than Buffy would have hoped for, they were winning.

Buffy almost felt sorry for the guy, because she knew, her and Faith together were unbeatable. And she loved it when they got close, fighting side by side. Taking turns, combining their strengths, helping each other out with their weaknesses. It was perfect unity, and no matter what anybody was going to make of them being more than just fellow Slayers, or friends, Buffy knew it was right. They were right together.

“Damn, this guy’s more stubborn than you, Twinkie,” Faith smirked as she rolled out of the way of his heavy hand.

“Yeah well, obviously it’s a good trait to have. I mean, it’s working for him,” Buffy said back to Faith as she landed a good hard kick on the demons torso, just to have him look at her like she was an irritation.

“Ok, now I’m just getting bored, dude,” Faith said, picking up a nearby fallen branch that was more the size of a small tree. She swung and knocked the demon down. “Guess ya don’t wanna play fetch now, huh.” Faith rammed the branch into his head before he could get back up.

Buffy looked away as the crunch rang out around the graveyard. Although she was more than used to killing demons and having all kinds of nasty goo and blood spurting at her for a living, it was never nice to watch anything get its head squished.

“Ok, I don’t feel so good,” Willow said from her spot behind a gravestone. “And that’s the kind of thing that’s going to give me nightmares, or just make it really hard to eat over the next twenty four hours.” She turned more pale than green as Buffy encouraged her to come from behind her hiding place.

“Sorry. Had to be done though. Giles did say this guy was pretty mean,” Buffy explained, patting her friend on the shoulder then turning her attention to Faith, who threw the branch over the demon’s quickly disintegrating body.

“Yeah, we couldn’t just leave him running around town. I mean, fuck, that guy smelled worse than shit,” Faith chuckled, rubbing her hands down her leather jacket, then running them through her sleek dark hair.

Buffy watched as Faith straightened herself out from the fight, feeling more than the urge to tell her not to bother, because she wanted nothing more than to rip all her clothes off and fuck her right then and there. Buffy reddened at her own thoughts and caught Faith’s raised eyebrow, before turning her attention to Willow.

“Um, anyway. . .what were you saying, Will?” Buffy asked, as Faith sauntered up beside her.

Buffy felt a small rush of excitement course through her as the dark girl stood close to her left shoulder, Faith’s toned, athletic body practically humming as she stood fidgeting in her post slaying buzz. Buffy knew all about the buzz. She had her own experiences of needing to cope with that, and she knew from Faith’s own accounts, and just from watching the dark girl after she slayed, that Faith suffered more than her with that particular trait.

Buffy could feel just how on edge Faith was now. Her own body reacted to the electricity sparking from the younger girl, and she had to hold herself still, and back from wanting to reach out to Faith and feel the energy bursting from her. To link to it, experience it coursing through her, fall into it, into Faith.

She had to force herself not to look at Faith, and she could sense that the other Slayer was doing the same. Not looking, trying her best not to forget that Willow was there with them. That maybe it was best for them both to talk about the way they felt, rather than just jump into something that could completely turn their lives upside down. Well, Buffy’s at least.

“Why don’t we just go to the Bronze? I’m thirsty, are you thirsty? I am, so we should go,” Willow said as she began walking hurriedly away towards the cemetery gates.

Buffy shrugged at her friend’s more than strange behavior, too busy dealing with her hormones that were currently racing around her body with the knowledge of what Faith had told her, had described to her in her diary, the things that she wanted to do to Buffy. The hot, delicious, tempting pull of Faith’s words. The promise of them. Buffy shook her head to attempt to clear her mind, thinking maybe it was best to follow Willow out of the graveyard, rather than have her nibbled on by a random vampire.

She glanced over at Faith, noticing that the taller girl was frowning, looking like she was trying her best not to explode, or move, or do something that they both now knew they wanted.

Faith caught her eye then, and Buffy shivered under the intense gleam of desire glinting like gold in the brunette’s brown pools. She was lost for a moment in the beauty of Faith. In her overwhelming sexuality. In her own need, all consuming, to be with Faith. Right now, she didn’t want to be standing in a drafty cemetery, she didn’t want to be headed to a club where there were too many people. She wanted to be at home. She wanted to be in bed with Faith above her, the sultry Slayer heating her body with her soft skin, learning the curves and secrets of her with strong hands.

“Guess we’re goin to the Bronze then,” Faith said as she smiled at Buffy, her dimples showing no sign of a grin, just a sign that she wasn’t going to complain about them not being able to be alone just yet, and that she was willing to hang around with Buffy’s friends for her.

Buffy felt a twinge in her heart from Faith‘s stunning smile, its pounding rushing into her ears as she watched the retreating backside, her mind playing a loop of images of running her hands over it, digging her nails into the tight creamy flesh as Faith thrust her pussy into her between her thighs.

The smile on Buffy’s face was unabashed as she followed her friend and the sexy Slayer out to the quiet street.

* * *

Faith caught up with Willow, fully aware of what Buffy was doing sauntering slowly behind her. She was checking out her ass. Faith could feel green eyes almost devouring her, and it wasn’t doing anything to halt the flow of the hornies currently crawling through her body.

She wanted to turn around and grab hold of Buffy and push her up against the nearest wall and just lick her all over. Taste every inch of her salty skin. Claim her with her tongue. The slay had upped Faith’s need for Buffy to a level she was doubting she could keep control of. It had been a tough little fight, and with all the teasing of reading Buffy’s diary, she was ready to explode.

“Come on, Twinkie. Move your cute butt, I need to dance.” She wanted to say she needed to fuck, but Willow would probably have passed out, and she didn’t want Buffy to think the only reason she wanted her was to scratch the post slaying itch.

There was much more to her desire for Buffy, even though she didn’t want to quite look into exactly what that meant. What it would mean to want somebody for more than just a one nighter or a means to get off, a couple of hours of skin on skin hot, wet fucking.

Sure, she wanted that last part with Buffy more than anything right now, but she wanted it more than once. She wanted it soft and slow, hard and fast, dirty, sweet, quick and long. She was looking at something more than what she was used to, or particularly keen on. Faith was looking at the possibility of embarking on some kind of relationship with Buffy. If, that was, Buffy was interested in that too.

Her remarks in the diary pointed to that, but Faith still wanted to be sure. She was still not as confident as she knew she should be given the things that Buffy had written. But she wanted to hear the words, feel the touch, the confirmation of what Buffy wanted.

“Hey, wait up, I’ve got shorter legs than you two,” Buffy yelled, jogging until she caught up, choosing to walk beside Faith rather than her closest friend.

It was a small act that anybody else probably would have missed the meaning of, and thankfully, in her daze of whatever was bothering her Willow missed the sentiment. But Faith knew it meant Buffy wanted to be close. She didn’t want anybody between them. It made the jaded Slayer smile to herself, her heart warming just a touch without warning.

It didn’t take them long to get to the Bronze. Willow kept quieter than usual, and so did Faith, but Buffy couldn’t keep from covering her nervousness with her chatter. Faith found it endearing though, and the thought that the small Slayer was nervous only made Faith wet with the awareness that she would be only the second person Buffy had ever slept with. That she would be the only girl Buffy had touched in such a way. That she was going to show Buffy just what it was like to be totally and completely worshipped, pleasured, and fucked until she couldn’t take any more.

“Are you planning on waiting out here all night? Or are you coming in with us?” Buffy asked softly, as Faith zoned out whilst waiting in the short queue to the club.

“Lead the way, girlfriend.” Faith gestured for Buffy to go ahead of her, catching the shy smile dancing on her lips.

She walked into the heat of the club, instantly feeling the need to get up on the dance floor and experience the raw beat of the dance music currently being thundered through the speakers. Faith was glad there wasn’t a band on. She wanted to lose herself to the pounding rhythms for a while. She wanted to work out some of her frustration, just in case tonight wasn’t the night that she got as close to Buffy as she wanted. Just in case she wasn’t going to get a helping hand with her itch.

“Look, the guys are over there,” Willow pointed out the rest of the Scoobs sat near the bar, looking out for the three of them.

They made their way over to the table, Faith sliding up behind Buffy as the crowd pushed them into a tight squeeze within the small area the rest of the gang had found themselves in.

“Well, this is cosy,” Buffy pointed out sardonically, as Xander pushed over two bottles of coke for the Slayers.

Faith filtered out the various ramblings of questions about their patrol and things that didn‘t interest her, preferring to concentrate on the sensation of being so close to the other Slayer. Buffy hadn’t tried to move away at all; in fact, Faith was sure Buffy had actually pushed back into her a little, increasing their contact.

Oz smiled over at Faith, a twinkle in his eye as he obviously saw what was happening between them. The rest of the gang seemed oblivious, and Faith was grateful for that for now. They didn’t need complications like the Scoobies freaking out. Not yet anyway.

Buffy reached forwards for their drinks, her rear sliding against the already horny Slayer behind her. Faith did all she could not to react and rub her crotch over Buffy’s tight red leather pants. She was beginning to think that maybe moving to the opposite side of the table would be a good idea, as Buffy clutched the drinks, turning round slightly in order to hand one to Faith, brushing her arm against her breasts.

Faith looked deep into Buffy’s green eyes, her nipples now hard from the contact of the small girl still against her. Faith’s breathing was shallow and her arousal obvious at such close range. She wanted to do something, but she knew she couldn’t. She took the bottle from Buffy, and proceeded to take a long swig.

Buffy’s now free left hand, out of sight from the others, found its way to Faith’s thigh, resting it there gently. A small act of hope for more contact, more intimacy, more than what they were going to get stuck in the Bronze with all their friends.

The Slayer connection and the tingles they shared because of it seemed to be more intense. Seemed to be growing with the knowledge that they wanted to take their friendship and their bond to a higher level. To consummate their need for one another.

Faith grinned a little as she placed her bottle on the table, keeping her arm stretched out and round Buffy, effectively enveloping her, her jacket falling open to almost hide the smaller Slayer within it against her. Close enough to smell her scent, feel her heat, and crave so much more.

Her breasts brushed up against Buffy with every breath, her nipples aching for the Buffy’s skin to make contact with them. She was so turned on, and completely unable to do anything about it.

“Are you ok, Faith?” Buffy practically whispered up at her, her petite body now almost flush against Faith’s as some more people crowded close to them.

Buffy must have detected the tension coming from Faith. The sheer need to take her in her arms and hold her next to her skin. It was getting too much, and now with Buffy looking intently at her, Faith felt the urge to move. To put a temporary halt to what was unraveling between them.

She knew now that Buffy wanted her. She could see as much in the blonde girl’s eyes, and sense as much in the body language and electricity coming from Buffy. It was no longer a question of if, but rather a question of when and where. It wasn’t going to be here and now though. They needed to be alone, to work up to the caresses, the kisses, and the union of their bodies.

Faith lowered her hand to the one on her thigh, squeezing it a little as she bent her head down to whisper into Buffy’s ear.

“I’m ok, B. But I’d feel a whole lot better if I was somewhere alone with you.” Faith’s husky voice breezed into Buffy’s ear, visibly causing her to tremble a little. “You know what I wanna do to you, and I can’t stop thinking about it. I can’t wait to touch you.” She finished by brushing her lips over Buffy’s delicate ear, making sure she didn’t attract attention to them, but doing enough to cause another tremble.

Faith smiled before pulling back a little way, instantly missing the heat and the contact she had now deprived herself of. She felt a little jolt of pleasure at Buffy’s dazed look, and took another swig from her drink before lightly patting Buffy on the ass as she excused herself from the group.

“I’ll catch you all later. No having fun without me.” Winking at Buffy, Faith made her way over to the bar.

She knew Buffy would be wondering where she was going, and what she was doing, but Faith just couldn’t stand around pretending to not want her in the biggest way. She didn’t even think she could deal with getting up on the dance floor right now without wanting to wrap Buffy up in her arms and sway their hips together until neither of them could take it any longer. She had to get some air.

But first, she made a trip to the bathroom after acquiring a pen from the bartender. She didn’t want Buffy thinking she had just bailed after all.



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