The Diary

Chapter Four

“Buffy. . .anyone in there?” Willow swept her hand up and down in front of the blonde girl’s eyes, eventually catching her attention.

“What? I’m here. . .I was just thinking,” Buffy pouted and stood, realizing that Willow was ready to go to class.

The little Slayer had sat, too stunned to reach into her bag and dive for her diary, for almost ten minutes without so much as breathing too heavily. She was afraid that if she had opened her mouth, the words “take me now, Faith” would have fallen out.

“Must have been something nice you were thinking about. You were grinning like a Cheshire cat,” Willow told her, as they began to leave the quiet of the library, waving to Giles as he prepared for the day.

“Will, I have no idea why a Cheshire cat would be any different to any other cat, and really? Not caring so much. So let’s go to class and you can practice not asking me anything for the next. . .Oh crap, Cordelia,” Buffy winced and pointed down the corridor, and the two friends did their best to turn around and slip away before being caught.

Even though she had become kind of a friend, or as near as damn it because of Xander’s involvement with her, Buffy and Willow were still a little wary of Cordelia. She could be quite scary when it came down to it, and Buffy certainly didn’t want her blurting out anything about finding her wandering around like a lost puppy when she should have been patrolling with Faith.

“Buffy!” Cordelia called as she caught up with the pair.

“Cordelia, nice to see you, ‘cause I haven’t seen you for at least. . .hmm, a day or two. I certainly didn’t see you last night, did I?” Buffy prompted, trying her best to make the cheerleader not known for her brightness, understand that she didn’t want Willow knowing about their little run in.

“What are you going on about? I just thought the three of us could walk to class together, but if that’s too much trouble. . .” Cordelia huffed, then muttering to herself said, “Jesus, I’m getting tired of people acting weird around me. It’s like I have a magnet for attracting strangeness.” She turned again to Buffy. “I thought some things might have changed since seeing Faith last night. . .but no, you have to continue to confuse and irritate me. Why do I bother?” Cordelia was about to walk off and enter their class on her own, but Buffy stopped her, lightly catching the girl by the elbow.

“You saw Faith? Last night?” A hint of jealousy was more than evident as she held Cordelia back, leaving Willow to meander into class.

Buffy wondered just why Faith and Cordelia were having secret meetings on their own, without her. It didn’t sound good.

“Yes I saw her. . .and hello? Being manhandled isn’t really high on my list of things I enjoy,” Cordelia pointed out, shrugging away from Buffy’s hand.

“Sorry.” Buffy had the courtesy to be bashful at her own eagerness to find out why Faith had been seeing Cordelia at night. “So, you saw her after you saw me? Did she say anything. . .about a book?” Buffy suddenly realized that Cordelia could be the proud owner of her dirty little secret.

“No, she didn’t say anything about a book, Buffy; it was Faith I was talking to. Why would she be telling me about a book?” Cordelia looked at her nails briefly, and then smiled in a sadistic way. “She did mention you though.” The cheerleader was about to make her way into the classroom, but again Buffy held her back, wanting to know what Cordelia had meant.

“Tell me what she said. Tell me what you two did,” Buffy demanded, her Slaying eyes trained on the now understandably slightly worried Cordelia.

“We didn’t do anything. Buffy, get a grip of your love life, I’m not gonna play go between or agony aunt for you two,” Cordelia sighed.

“Love life? What does Faith have to do with my love life?” Buffy put on her best baffled look, keeping her voice as low as she could as she contemplated just exactly what the girl edging away knew.

“I’m not getting into this. It’s pathetic, and now I’m going to go into class, because frankly this is even less fun than a date with Xander.” This time, unhindered, Cordelia made her way into the room.

Buffy just stood for a second, attempting to work out what had just happened. She didn’t know if Cordelia was aware of her interest in Faith, but it seemed pretty likely. She followed the rest of the students into the dusty atmosphere of the classroom and sat down at her desk, one along from Willow and closest to the window.

The teacher started talking excitedly about poetry, it being an English class, and Buffy instantly tuned out. She was too busy wondering about what the possibilities were for her and Faith, if there were any at all, or if she was brave enough to dare to pursue what she wanted with Faith.

She was also still angry with Faith for taking her diary in the first place, although she had been completely unable to say anything in Faith’s presence. She had been too busy hoping Faith wouldn’t say something to the others, and too busy doing her best not to imagine the slim brunette naked.

Her brain was making less and less sense the more she thought. It was getting her nowhere. Then Buffy remembered what Faith had said in the library, the words having been mostly forgotten and replaced by the feeling of Faith being so close, so touchable, and so damn sexy.

She looked around to make sure nobody was watching, then bent down to retrieve her diary from her bag. The rest of the class were busy starting the assignment they had been given to do, but Buffy was much more interested in finding out just what Faith had meant when she had asked her to the dance.

Placing the small diary in front of her, hiding it in the confines of her large poetry book so the teacher busy nodding off at the front wouldn’t see, Buffy took a deep breath. She was exited and scared all at once.

What Faith had written could either bring about a whole load of pleasurable possibilities that would in turn bring about problems. Or, it could crush her, leaving her in no doubt that Faith just wasn’t interested. She didn’t really know what to expect. Her stomach tied into a tight knot as she looked over at her friend scribbling away and not paying any attention to anything other than the stark white paper in front of her, like most of the other students.

Buffy looked down at the black cover of the journal. Buffy had never been one to back down from anything, and she knew she would cope with whatever was waiting for her on the pages. She frowned, she pouted, she chewed her lip. Then she opened the book, turning to the page after the last one she herself had written.

First, Buffy took in the cursive writing of the dark Slayer. She had never seen Faith’s writing before, but found it just as energetic and charismatic as the girl herself. She traced the lines of text with her finger, chastising herself internally for being so obvious in her smitten state.

Looking again to her right, to make sure Willow hadn’t noticed what she was doing; Buffy read what Faith wanted her to know.

First, I just wanna say sorry for reading your diary, B. I didn’t mean to make you feel bad. I shouldn’t have done it, but. . .I’m kinda glad I did, because now some things are falling into place. Hell, everything is. And the answer to your question, whether I was basically asking you out on a date for Homecoming. . .It’s yes. I was. But I never thought you’d ever see it that way, so I tried not to make it wicked obvious.

Now, go find somewhere that you’re on your own, and then turn the page.

Buffy could feel her smile just about cause her head to fall off. Faith had wanted it to be a date, so that meant she wanted to date Buffy, which meant. . .Buffy’s heart started pounding in her chest at the prospect of the dark beauty that haunted her dreams wanting her and thinking about her in a more than friendly way. It was certainly making her all kinds of hot and eager.

Buffy thought about doing what Faith had said, and leave reading the rest of what she had written until she was alone. But the butterflies, nervous and exited in her stomach, weren’t going to allow her to just put the diary away now.

Imagining Faith’s voice in her head, reading to her the words she had written, Buffy continued.

Ok, seriously, you need to be alone when you read this. Now go on, get your cute ass somewhere else.

Buffy chuckled quietly at just at how much Faith had come to know her. Reading the cute ass comment again, bristling with happiness that Faith had noticed her ass at all, Buffy read on ignoring the warnings.

I hope you’re somewhere private, B, because I’m about to tell you some things I’ve thought about you, and me. About us together. I read your dream, Buffy, and. . .it got me so fucking wet. It made me think of all the dreams I’ve had about you too. The nights I’ve woken up wanting you to be there so I could turn over and show you how horny you get me. Because let me tell ya, Twinkie, you do get me horny. I love slaying with you, sparring with you. . .hell, I just love being around you so I can feel just how much I want you. Did you guess that I want you? Judging by your diary you didn’t. But I gotta say, I don’t think I’ve ever wanted anyone so much. And that’s a big deal for me to admit, and I’m sure you get that. But fuck, you’re hot.

I have this one dream that never fails to get me worked up and wanting to call you or something, just to hear your voice so I can maybe finger myself whilst you talk, imagining you’re touching me, making me come for ya. Shit, where was I? My dream. . .I’m not too good at the whole writing deal, B, so bear with me.

We’d be out patrolling, strolling along with each other, me trying to make you blush, and you telling me to behave and concentrate. Just a regular night of doing things the way we do. Then we’d get into this wicked tough fight, like there’d be so many fucking vamps we would think that was it, for both of us. I usually dream a lot of the fight, and it takes a while, so I won’t get right into it here. But. . .it’s rough, hard, and sexy as fuck.

I can’t help but watch your body as you stretch out the fight after we’re done. I’m so hungry and horny from the slaying I could eat you in more ways than one. And I notice you’re looking at me differently. Or not so much differently, but just more intense than normal. I can feel your eyes all over me, like you’re seeing me for the first time and realizing that I’m hot, and horny, and right there for ya to have. I feel like this is my chance to finally show you how great we could be together. How great it would be to let off all the steam with each other. To feel. To touch and taste. . .and all the things I wanna do to you.

Buffy looked up suddenly, a noise to her right pulling her from the web Faith had weaved around her with her words. Willow was whispering to her, looking concerned.

“Are you ok, Buffy? You don’t look so good,” the red head pointed out.

Buffy didn’t doubt that she appeared a little strange as she was on fire, wanting to read more. Needing to know what Faith wanted to do to her. Had dreamt about doing to her. She strained a smile at her friend and tried to reassure her.

“I’m fine. Just, concentrating on the err, poetry,” Buffy lied, turning back to her diary as Willow creased her brow but thankfully got back to her own work.

I walk over to you, and you kinda move towards me too, like you’re thinking about giving in to temptation. Then you look up at me through your eyelashes, doing that sexy little smile you do, and I snap. I have to have you. Can’t wait another minute. I rush towards you, picking you up and sitting you on top of a tomb about waist height, all in one move. Then we’re kissing and it feels like a bomb just went off inside me because it’s so fucking good. Your lips on mine, your tongue, the taste of your saliva, the feel of it in my mouth. It gets me drippin for ya. My pussy wanting nothing but you. Me wanting nothing but your pussy.

You don’t argue as I pull your pants down, ripping them off so I can get to you. I know I wanna be slow, be smooth and gentle, but I’m thinking that can wait ‘till we get back to mine. Right now, I wanna be inside you. I want your come sliding down my throat as I drink from your pink little pussy. You start moaning as I kiss you, as I start slipping my finger over your dripping cunt at the same time. I feel your hot wet need for me all over my fingers. All over you, as I spread you open, fingering your clit ‘till you’re leaning back a little and groaning for me. I almost come myself when I slide my fingers up into your hole, feeling it give for me, stretch for me as I start to fuck you deep inside.

Buffy stopped and ran a hand through her hair, noticing how damp her panties were. How her breathing had altered, but thankfully not enough for anybody to notice. She decided she really should have taken the book somewhere far more private. She wanted to touch herself. Do what Faith was describing so she could feel more than the ink sending shivers through her.

Nobody was looking her way, so Buffy moved forwards in her seat slightly, feeling the friction catch the attention of her aroused clit. A little whimper escaped and she quickly covered it up with a cough, causing Willow to look worried again.

“Are you sure you’re. . .?” Willow began.

“Class, be quiet. I’m trying to sleep. . .I mean read. Just do your assignment,” the disgruntled teacher yelled, then settled back into his chair again.

Buffy pretended to be doing nothing more than what she was meant to be doing, avoiding Willow’s eyes as she stifled the desire to rub her pussy into the hard wood of her chair.

She steadied her breathing a little, demanding her body to obey her, and indulged herself in Faith’s thoughts once again.

I suck a little on your neck as I slip in and out of you. You feel so good inside and your legs are open wide for me, letting me take you. Letting me fuck you harder and faster. The sound of your wet pussy drives me insane with wondering what you taste like, so I kneel down in front of you. I take my fingers out of your hole, watching as your pussy juice drips out and runs down to your ass and the cold stone of the tomb. I lean forward and lick it up, right from your ass to your clit, drinking from your cunt. Man, I know I’ve just found the most delicious thing on the planet, and I plunge right in, sticking my tongue up into you and hearing you calling out my name. Fuck, I want you to call out my name, B. I want you to call it out whilst I’m tongue fucking you as hard and as deep as I can.

I hope I’m not shocking you with this or whatever. . .

In the dream, I start to feel you shake because you’re so wound up. I don’t want it to end too soon, but I know I have a nice big bed waiting for us at my place for us to go all night. So I move my tongue up to your hard clit, flicking over it and sensing you thrusting against me. I give you something to thrust onto as I push two fingers back into you, filling your pussy hole and rubbing your G spot deep inside. It doesn’t take long until you’re coming all over me, screaming out into the dark as I keep fucking you ‘till you’re shaking like crazy and spurting come into my mouth. I drink every last drop, cleaning it off my chin and fingers as you pull me up to you and tell me what you’re gonna do to me.

And this is the part that gets me wanting you in the biggest way.

You tell me that you’re gonna take me back to the motel and do everything you‘ve always wanted to me. That you’re gonna rub your wet little pussy all over me. Ride me. Suck on my cunt ’till I pop. Use the strap on you find in my drawer to fuck my brains out. Bend me over and lick my pussy out from behind. Shit, by then I’m about to come from just listening to you. Then I usually wake up, before we get to mine. Before we really get down to it. I hate waking up and knowing you’re not there for me to fuck, to kiss. . .damn, just to hold. And you know I’m not the snuggling type of girl, so I don’t know what you’re doing to me, B. But now that I know you want me too. . .I’m gonna make sure you can’t resist me any longer. So we can finally get down to what we both want.

If you’re not thinking along the same lines, or you‘re too worried about what people will think, or if you‘ve just changed your mind, you need to tell me, because I wanna be with you.


Buffy sat stunned, not only in an aroused state, but also at how Faith had basically, without quite saying it, told her that what she wanted wasn’t just a one night stand, or a one time fuck. There was something more to it. Something deeper. She smiled to herself, feeling the beat of her heart slow from the desire-fuelled pounding it had just raced to.

She had a lot to think about, and she didn’t want to keep Faith waiting with her decision.

* * *

Faith strolled away from Sunnydale high with a swagger in her hips. She knew Buffy would be reading her entry into the diary as soon as she could. The thought made her hot, thinking of the little blonde getting turned on, maybe going somewhere to relieve a little tension.

She just hoped her plan worked and brought them together, rather than got Buffy angry so it all blew up in her face. Her confident stride spoke volumes though, confirming that she had made the right choice to do what she had. There couldn’t be anything but a good outcome. She just didn’t know when Buffy would let her in on what came next.

Faith wandered into town to kill some time before lunch. Planning to go back to the school then, maybe under the pretext of doing some training, but really just hoping to see Buffy. She couldn’t wait until their nightly patrol to see her.

“Hey, Oz.” Faith smiled her genuine smile as she spotted Oz across the street. She jogged over to catch up with him. “How’s it hanging?” she asked, not really intending it to be an innuendo, but finding her uncanny ability to turn anything into one popping up at any opportunity.

“It’s hanging good,” Oz answered, looking like he had been taking the sleepy-pills again.

“So. . .whatcha doin?” Faith knew attempting a conversation with Oz would be like pulling teeth, but she had nothing better to do, and had to take her mind off Buffy.

“I was getting strings,” he nodded, as if confirming to himself that that was indeed what he had been doing “For my guitar,” he added, and Faith nodded too.

Faith looked around, noting that there was a bar at the end of the street. She wondered if she could get the little guy to hang out with her for a while, aiding her killing of time.

“You wanna get a drink?” Faith gestured with her head to the bar.

“Sure,” Oz replied, and it took Faith a second to realize that he had just agreed to spend some time with her. She really hadn’t expected him to want to.

“Cool,” Faith grinned, getting the feeling that monosyllabic speech was contagious, and she had caught it.

They made their way silently over to the bar and ordered drinks befitting of both their images. Faith had a beer, and Oz had a beer. The bartender hadn’t asked for ID, probably guessing that the two were at least college students. Neither certainly looked like High school kids.

“Ya know. . .I could get away with pretty much anything in this town. Nobody ever questions me. I mean, I’m sixteen for fuck’s sake, but here I am drinking beer and smokin in a bar. Man, people are so dumb.” Faith took a swig of her beer and ignored the funny look from the guy sat near to them.

“You don’t look sixteen,” Oz stated in his gentle tone.

“Are you saying I look old?” She furrowed her brow a little, not too sure if the statement had been a compliment or an insult.

“Not old, just older.” He drank from his bottle, then looking pensive went on to say. “You’re young inside though. You should let that out sometimes.” He looked away, his attention caught by a drunk in the corner.

Faith didn’t know quite how to respond. She knew she was far from innocent, especially on the inside. But sometimes, she did feel like she just wanted to be sixteen again, with no worries, and no haunting memories that had made her grow up way too quick.

Maybe it was why she liked being around Buffy so much sometimes. She felt younger around the other Slayer, younger than she did around anybody else. Maybe because Buffy was always quick to be the responsible one; the girl in charge and ready to be all grown up. Of course, Faith also knew Buffy had a playful side too. It just took some time to get out of her. Tickling during sparring usually did it though. Faith smiled at the memory of their last tickle match, which had ended with them both trapped under the table in the library. She still had no clue how they had managed it.

“You really like her don’t you?” Oz said, making it sound like more of a statement of fact rather than a question.

“Huh?” Faith blinked out of her memory of her time under the table with Buffy. “Who?” she asked, as if she didn’t know.

“Buffy. You always smile when you think of her,” Oz smiled and downed some more of his beer as more people traipsed into the bar looking for a liquid lunch.

“How did you know I was thinking about Buffy? Am I that damned obvious?” Faith shook her head, wondering how she had given herself away.

“Faith, you’re always flirting with her. And there’s tension. I can feel it; Werewolf thing,” he concluded, as if that explained everything.

Well, she had to admit to the flirting, and the tension thing had been obvious to her, so she grinned and swigged away on her bottle.

“You’re right. I really do like her,” Faith admitted, and there was an emotion in her words that Faith didn’t want to think about too much, so she finished her drink and looked at her watch, suggesting they go meet the gang for lunch.

She really wanted to see Buffy, just to make sure she didn’t feel anything other than lust for her fellow Slayer. Even though she wanted more than just a quick fuck with the blonde girl, Faith didn’t want to begin to contemplate anything involving feelings. That was just too damn scary.



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