The Diary

Chapter Two

Faith made her way through the deserted cemetery as quick as she could, keeping a look out for her fellow Slayer at the same time. She couldn’t feel her near by, so she was under the impression Buffy had stormed off in an embarrassed rage. Hopefully she would find her safely at home, boiling in her usual pissed off state with Faith.

The night was young, and Faith knew she should really wait around for a while to keep the local vamp population down, but she had a feeling it would be a slow night, and Buffy was her main priority right now. There were no impending apocalypses or big nasty demons doing their business in Sunnydale, so Faith wasn’t too worried about not getting a proper patrol in. Giles didn’t have to find out anyhow, so she was five by five with just skimming the horizon for anything nasty.

As fleeting clouds spread meekly across the bright night sky, patching shadows across the wide streets of the suburbs of Sunnydale, Faith mused over what she was going to say to the small blonde whose house she was nearing.

She hadn’t yet stopped to think about what would happen next. Of course, she knew Buffy would rant at her for reading her diary. She wouldn’t expect anything less, as it had been a pretty shitty thing to do, even for her.

But in some ways, Faith just couldn’t help but do the wrong thing around Buffy, because she was always trying to keep up an act, to hide anything deeper that she felt for the cute blonde. It was easier, or at least that’s what she’d convinced herself.

Faith stood at the bottom of the short path up to Buffy’s home, looking up into the small window of what she knew to be her bedroom. She sighed, wishing she was more like the kind of friend Buffy would invite around for sleepovers and stuff. Sometimes, always acting the bad ass sucked. Faith never got to. . .well, just act her age now and then.

Nothing was coming to her mind to say to Buffy as she watched for shadows in the window, nothing beyond telling her she was sorry for reading her diary. She would just have to play things by ear. React to whatever mood Buffy was in. React to whatever signals she received.

She knew what she wanted, and she had known right from the start. Faith wanted to be close to Buffy. Not just in a sexual way, but in ways she had never wanted to be close to anybody else. It was hard for her to show that though, or to even feel it within herself. But now was the time for taking chances, or at least she hoped it was. In the end, it would all depend on if Buffy could be honest with herself, and deal with her attraction to Faith.

Striding forward to the house ahead of her, Faith ran a tidying hand through her hair and held her shoulders in her usual confident pose. There was no way the prim blonde was going to get away with thinking, dreaming, and writing what she had, without expecting to discover she had an extremely interested and horny Slayer on her doorstep.

With a good hard knock Faith announced her arrival to the Summer’s house. She waited for bounding Buffy-feet down the stairs, but instead received a timid question.

“Who is it?” Joyce asked from behind the flimsy wood of the door.

“Hey, Mrs. S. . .it’s Faith,” she answered.

The door opened cautiously, and Joyce Summers made sure Faith wasn’t some bold vampire hoping to find a snack on his travels.

“I thought Buffy was meeting you, dear. Did you miss each other? Is she ok?” Joyce asked, the thought that Buffy was in trouble evident in her worried frown.

“No. . .we met, she’s fine. But err, isn’t she here now?” Faith asked, looking up the stairs directly in front of her.

The question was fairly pointless, as she could plainly tell that Buffy wasn’t close by. She didn’t have those faint but incredibly distinct tingles shivering up and down her spine.

“No, I thought she was still on patrol with you. Did something happen?” Joyce questioned further. Panic was beginning to take root in the concerned mind of the older woman.

“No, nothing happened, we just got split up. No big, I just wanted to. . .to, never mind,” Faith mumbled.

She didn’t want Joyce thinking anything was wrong as she was pretty sure Buffy was probably just walking around in a stew somewhere. “I’ll see her tomorrow or something. It wasn’t important, see ya later,” she called, jumping down the steps and striding off into the night before Joyce could ask any more questions.

She wasn’t too concerned about Buffy getting into something she couldn’t handle. Buffy had been looking after herself just fine before Faith had arrived on the scene. She couldn’t shake the feeling that she wanted to go and find Buffy though, just to make absolutely sure she was safe.

As she walked along in silence attempting to decide whether or not she should just go home, or if she ought to go and find Buffy, a honk sounded behind her. Faith turned around as Cordelia cruised along slowly beside her in her flashy car.

The cheerleader rolled down her window. “You do realize it’s not safe walking around out here, don’t you?” Cordelia said with a smirk.

Faith stopped dead in her tracks, trying to work out where the sarcasm was in what Cordelia had just said. She wasn’t sure exactly how to respond. It wasn’t everyday that Cordelia actually deemed Faith worthy of talking to.

“It must have escaped your notice, but I’m the person big bad ugly things are scared of, so I’m not really too worried about strolling along here in suburbville. In fact, I could do with the entertainment of a nice hungry vamp to play with,” Faith said self-assuredly and grinned at the over confident cheerleader.

“Well then, I guess offering you a lift would be a waste of my time. Kinda like the waste of time I just encountered attempting the same thing with the other crazy Slayer in this town,” Cordelia said, then looked away, mumbling to herself. “I don’t know, try to do the nice thing and people think you’re an evil demon dressed in a Cordelia suit, or they just plain be. . .ignorant.”

She aimed her last remark straight at Faith, who was busy looking down the street where Cordelia had come from, wondering how far back she had come across Buffy.

“Huh? Yeah, sorry. Look, you said you passed Buffy. . .where is she?” Faith asked, placing her hand on the top of the car as she leant down a little to talk to the girl within.

“Hey, stop with the aggressive ‘tude, it doesn’t make me drool like it does the others. I don’t know where she is, I passed her a while ago. She insulted me then took off. Now, do you want a lift, or shall I remember that I really don’t like you and leave?” Cordelia asked, rapping her fingernails on the steering wheel, awaiting an answer.

Faith scowled a little at the abruptness of the other girl, straightened herself up, then jogged around the car to jump into the passenger seat. She was intrigued to find out exactly what Cordelia had meant with the drooling comment, with regards to the other people. She knew if she didn’t ask her about it now, then she’d forget it was ever said.

“You know where I live, right?” Faith asked as she buckled herself in.

“Of course I do,” Cordelia answered, a little too quickly. “Not that I know for any reason. I mean, other than because it’s important to know where all the tough, strong. . .powerful err. . .good guys are.”

Cordelia frowned and took off from the curb, headed for Faith’s motel.

“Sure. . .now, stop pretending like you don’t stalk me,” Faith chuckled, not giving Cordelia time to protest, “and tell me where you saw Buffy. What did she say? Anything about me? About where she was going?”

She was trying her best not to sound desperate to know what Buffy’s mood was, but she was failing miserably.

“Jesus. . .obsessed much? You’re both the same. Crazy,” Cordelia declared, pointing to her head and making circles with her finger. “As far as I know she was still patrolling. She said something about you pissing her off when I asked where you were, and then she took off. It was dark, so I didn’t see where she went, and no. . .I didn’t think to take after her and find out where she was going. She did ask if I’d seen you though. So. . .what’s going on?” Cordelia asked brusquely.

Faith tried her best to pick out actual meaning in the torrent of words. She didn’t miss the fact that Buffy had asked about her however.

“How did she seem when she asked about me? I mean, did she ask like she was thinking of feeding me to the hungriest vamp she could find? Or was she. . .I dunno, just wanting to know?” Faith asked almost coyly.

“I say again. . .what’s going on? Buffy was all spazzed out too. Don’t tell me you finally made a move on her? Or maybe she made a move on you and scared herself,” Cordelia suggested without batting an eyelid.

“Huh? Are you trying to fuck with my head? What the hell are you goin on about?” Faith asked, completely confused.

She was thinking maybe she had completely missed out on an entire chunk of time somewhere, where Buffy was obvious in her interest in her, and where maybe. . .pigs flew or something.

“I’m on about the obvious sexual tension between the two of you. Come on, Faith, don’t tell me you don’t know Buffy makes moon eyes at you when your back is turned,” Cordelia scoffed.

“Yeah, ‘cause I have eyes in the back of my fucking head. Now tell me about it. What do you know?” Faith demanded, wanting to know exactly what Cordelia had picked up on.

“Sorry, I thought you were more than aware of how hot you are. I mean, not that I personally think that, but you must know the rest of them drool every time you walk into the room, Buffy especially. I thought that was what all the flirting was about between the two of you. She’s into you, and you’re practically the poster girl for being bi. . .so tonight I thought maybe something had finally cracked,” Cordelia explained honestly, as she pulled up outside Faith’s motel room.

“Cracked?” Faith muttered, her mind somewhere else entirely. “No. . .we just. . .is it that obvious that she likes me?” she asked, unable to hide the slightly goofy grin threatening to ruin her tough girl image.

“Well, it’s obvious to me. Not that I pay that much attention, but I’m good at things like that. She hides it well actually, but she was devastated to miss out on Homecoming with you. She didn’t say so, but I could tell,” Cordelia stated, and seemed proud of her own observation skills. “If you ask me though, she’ll never pull the stick out of her ass and come on to you. . .so I’d suggest you make the move. Give her no doubt that you’re interested, then see how she reacts. Of course, at first she’ll be all “oh no, I can’t do that, I’m Buffy the vampire lover. The good girl, who pouts. . .a lot”. But she’ll get over that. Trust me. . .she’s not as pure and chaste as she’d like us all to believe.”

Cordelia was pretty convincing, and given what Faith had read in the blonde girl’s diary, she had to agree.

“So. . .” Faith began, and thought about playing it off for a second, pretending that she didn’t know what the hell Cordelia was talking about, but then, she didn’t really care if Cordelia knew about her interest in Buffy. “I should just let her know what I want, and see what she does.”

She had pretty much decided for herself.

It seemed like a good plan, she just had to think of a way to set it in motion without ending up with egg on her face, or bruises if Buffy was still firmly in the land of denial.

“Glad to know you’re not as stupid as you look, Faith. Now move your little butt, I need to get home,” she ordered, shooing Faith with her hand.

“Thanks for the lift,” Faith smiled, unbuckling her seatbelt and opening the door to step out into the cool night air. “And thanks for noticing my little butt.”

She gave it a wiggle and winked, then slammed the door shut, ignoring whatever it was that the tall brunette replied.

She bounded up the stairs, thinking of ways to get Buffy to stop writing down her thoughts of her, and actually act on them instead.

* * *

Buffy had no idea what time it was. Her watch had stopped and she was cursing the fact that she had wanted a nice, pretty watch, rather than one that would actually last. She was beginning to get a little hungry too. For some reason though, she hadn’t felt like just going home.

There was the possibility of Faith being there of course, waiting for her, to do or say who knew what. Buffy certainly didn’t know. She couldn’t work out how Faith would react to knowing how she felt about her. There wasn’t enough proof in the flirting alone to be sure of Faith’s interest, or prospect of total disgust.

She didn’t know exactly why she was trying to convince herself that Faith would react negatively, but conceded that maybe it was a defense mechanism, so she wouldn’t get her feelings hurt if Faith did indeed go nuts about it. But really, she knew that Faith was more likely to lap it up and brag about the fact Buffy had a crush on her.

The small blonde laughed to herself at the thought that what she felt for her fellow Slayer was just a crush. Crushes were what she’d had when she was much younger. What she felt for Faith was pure desire, and something even deeper, that she daren’t look too closely at.

Walking slowly through the quiet streets of Sunnydale, Buffy realized that maybe what she was most afraid of was not Faith reacting in a negative way, but in a positive way. She was terrified of how she felt about Faith, and really wasn’t sure if she could deal with the prospect of becoming involved with another girl in a sexual way. It was way out of her normal parameters of functioning as the goody-two-shoes that she tried to be.

Faith had thrown all of that out of the window, however. Her mind, her dreams, her thoughts, were full of Faith, and just how incredible it would feel to be the sole point of focus for Faith’s boundless enthusiasm and sexual energy. The thought got her hot, which meant she would turn up at her own home horny, and completely unsure about whether or not she wanted Faith to be there waiting for her.

Buffy steadily turned the handle to her home, holding her breath in an effort to focus on her Slayer senses, willing herself to feel out the other girl. There were none of the tingles that she loved, so she pushed open the door to be greeted by her over zealous mother grabbing her into a hug.

“Buffy, why are you so late? Faith was here earlier, she wasn’t making much sense, and I was worried something had happened.” Her mother held her at arms length, checking for injuries and such.

“Mom. . .I’m ok.” She whined, and brushed off her mother’s attention, removing her jacket and planning to go to bed. “Wait, Faith was here? When? What did she say?” She stood at the bottom of the stairs, past worried at what Faith might have said to Joyce.

“She didn’t say much. Buffy, I was worried about you,” her mother grumbled.

It was, to be fair, a lot later than Buffy had planned on getting back home.

“I know, I’m sorry. I just. . .I’m tired, mom, I’m gonna head straight to bed.” She took a few steps then stopped and turned around. “Did Faith look ok? I mean, did she look angry or anything?” Buffy asked.

“No, she didn’t look angry. Is everything ok, Buffy? Did the two of you have an argument?” Joyce looked concerned that the new friendship was already on the rocks.

“No, we just. . .got split up.” Buffy turned to head up the stairs.

“Well ok, as that’s what Faith said too,” Joyce stated.

“Really?” Buffy asked, stopping to look down at her mom at the foot of the stairs, smiling at the thought that Faith had come up with the same thing she just had. “I mean, yeah, that’s what happened. Did she say anything else?”

“Just that she’d see you tomorrow. Now go to bed dear, you look drained.” Buffy’s mother smiled at her daughter and made her way around the house to turn all the lights off, and lock up.

“Yeah, night.” Buffy made her way up to her room.

Now she was thinking about the probability of seeing Faith the following day. It filled her stomach with butterflies, but her head with worries. At least her mom had mentioned that Faith hadn’t been angry or pissed off. Faith was useless at hiding when she was in a bad mood, so it was a good sign, she hoped.

As she wandered around, getting showered and ready for bed, rifling through her closet to find her favorite nightshirt, Buffy remembered exactly what else was in her diary. She had been thinking mostly just about the section Faith had read out, but if she had read the entire thing. . .Buffy reddened as she recalled writing down her dream.

She groaned as her head hit the soft pillow on her bed, knowing that Faith would have without a doubt read her diary in its entirety. Feeling both angry and embarrassed, Buffy promised herself that no matter what, Faith was going to find out exactly how cross she was at the fact she had read her diary. The other stuff could come later, after Faith was feeling suitably sorry for what she’d done.

Contemplating Faith being reprimanded for something, instantly caused Buffy to think about how she would just grin that wicked grin, looking like the little trouble maker she was. Buffy loved it when Giles would do his best to get Faith to listen to him, and Faith would shrug and look disinterested, and kinda sexy, in her normal casual way.

Buffy liked acting all holier-than-thou with Faith, just to get that reaction. The grin, the suggestive eyebrow raising in challenge, the confident blasé attitude. All aspects of Faith that turned her on, and got her juices flowing.

Faith was sexy, but didn’t force it. It was just there, constantly prickling Buffy’s skin as she walked next to Faith, urging her to act on what it did to her. Urging her to act, and not doubt that the dark Slayer would be more than likely to accept her interest, with unreserved desire of her own.

Rolling over on to her back, under the light covers keeping her snug, Buffy recalled the very dream that she had written in her diary. She’d had another one since, and Buffy had been planning to write it into her little journal, had it not been snatched.

She sighed, facing a day ahead with too many questions and uncertainties. There were so many possible outcomes that could change things between her and the other Slayer, that could change everything. She wasn’t even sure if she wanted things to change. It would be a huge step if Faith were to want them to be more to each other. If they were to have sex, and. . .Buffy couldn’t get past that thought.

It often stumped her, stopped her dead, no matter what she was doing. Sex with Faith was certainly a hot prospect. Buffy’s dreams alone left her incredibly horny and wet. Even with her own lack of experience with sex, she knew there were things she wanted to do with Faith that would make her blush if she were to say them out loud.

The diary had helped to get the thoughts out of Buffy’s head, so she could read it back and not feel so completely uncomfortable with what she was thinking, so that she wasn’t constantly embarrassed. It had been helping, but now Faith knew what was in her head too.

She hoped Faith could look her in the eye after reading how much she was desired by another girl. Even though, somewhere in the reasonable portion of her brain, Buffy was well aware that Faith probably wouldn’t be bothered if she wasn’t interested. The anxiousness was still there. Well, that and the fact thinking about the new dream she had recently had of the beautiful brunette, was getting her more than a little moist.

Looking to check that she had completely shut her door, Buffy slipped her right hand under the covers. Biting her lip, knowing it was probably a little disturbing to want to masturbate when her social life was in the balance, she pushed her hand into her panties.

Buffy immediately felt her arousal coat her fingertips. She couldn’t help but be aroused when she thought of Faith, it wasn’t even something she was entirely aware of some of the time. She would just suddenly realize she was wet and horny, maybe after just sitting next to Faith, or talking to her, letting the Bostonian’s sexy drawl roll over her.

The huskiness of Faith’s voice was in her head now, whispering in a dangerous tone as Buffy slipped her fingers through her soft folds, spreading her own juices over her closely shaven pussy.

She rolled her hips into her own touch, wishing it was Faith’s hand inside her panties fingering her clit. Buffy slid over her hard little nub, slowly teasing herself as she imagined Faith stripping for her. Standing in front of her, revealing the powerful tone of muscle under silky soft skin.

Faith’s body had drawn Buffy’s attention right from the start. Buffy not only had a fascination with Faith’s lips, she also had one with her breasts. They just looked so delicious to her. The first time she had thought it, Buffy had nearly fallen off her stool.

Faith had strolled into the Bronze, looking for the gang, in the most revealing top Buffy had seen her wear yet. It was red, pushing up in all the right places, leaving most of her back exposed. Faith had looked stunning, and Buffy had spent most of the night dribbling into her drink whilst doing her best not to be noticed noticing Faith.

Buffy arched her back, moaning as she brought her other hand down to slip two fingers inside her pussy. She spread her legs wider, tearing the cotton panties from herself, as they were getting in the way. Pushing the covers down to cool her heated skin, and abandoning herself to her fantasy, she indulged her pussy with her unwavering attention. Fucking herself with her fingers and thinking about Faith.

The visions of Faith ran rampant through her mind, fuelling her arousal. Her pussy hungrily pulled her fingers in deeper as she slid them in and out, rubbing up into her G spot as she neared climax. The harder she rubbed on her clit with her other hand, the more she wanted Faith to be there, to be pressing against her, fucking her. Filling her pussy with her dexterous fingers, and causing the slick wet sounds now emanating from her.

The little Slayer breathed hard into the silence of the room, her body rushing to the verge of orgasm with the irresistible brunette firmly in mind.

She thought about Faith’s breasts against hers, hanging temptingly over her, in her mouth so she could suck on their full round softness. Her long dark hair softly sweeping over her. The strong legs entwined with her own as Faith fingered her, fucked her, and deftly slid her own pussy into Buffy’s thigh, spreading her desire onto it. Buffy could almost feel the hard little clit of her fellow Slayer, rubbing up against her skin, slipping around on her in her abundance of pussy juice.

She wished it was really happening. More than anything. She wanted Faith to be the one now burying her fingers deep inside her, feeling the warm, sticky come gushing out.

“Oh God. . .Faith,” Buffy breathed out, shaking as her orgasm spilled out of her.

The last image that pushed her over the edge was of Faith, that night at the bronze in her tight red top, sauntering over to Buffy from across the dance floor in her usual effortlessly seductive way. She had looked dazzling, as her eyes lit up, and her smile took Buffy’s breath away with its unreserved sensuality.

That night, she had danced with Faith for the first time. The gorgeous brunette had asked her, whispering into her ear and blowing hot air across it, to join her on the dance floor, and Buffy had been utterly unable to decline the request.

As she slid her now sticky hands out of her pussy Buffy realized that during that night at the Bronze, Faith had swept her away. She had turned what were the confused beginnings of a crush, into a full-blown desire to be as intimate with Faith as it was possible to be.

Buffy closed her eyes as she became totally aware that Faith had in fact done much more than just turn her head. She was falling for the stunning Slayer, and had been since that first dance, when Faith had seduced her with her overt sexuality, sweeping her up into the dizzy heights of lust and yearning that she had never even experienced with Angel.

Buffy truly hoped Faith was now at home, doing nothing but think about how much she wanted to be with her, just as much as she wanted to be with Faith. She had to believe there was a chance.

She felt sleep carry her off into the realm of dreams as she hoped the following day would offer her more than just derision, and the possible break up of her friendship with the enigmatic dark Slayer.

Buffy turned onto her front, and didn’t hear the soft shuffle of feet on the roof outside her window. It was no more than a distant sliver of sound as she fell into a deep sleep, looking forward to a night filled with dreams of the girl she was incapable of not wanting.



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