Nothing More Than The Slayer Bond

Chapter Five

Creeping over to the bed, ensuring her bare feet didn’t step in anything on the icky side, Buffy pulled back the light covers, hoping Faith hadn’t had some random guy within them without washing them afterwards.

Shaking her head as she persuaded herself that Faith really wasn’t as gross as that, she climbed in, slipping under the cotton sheets, pulling on her tee shirt so it wasn’t riding up around her stomach somewhere.

She couldn’t really think of a plan to get Faith opening up to her so she could move them past friendship, but she was fairly sure it wouldn’t really take too much anyhow. It would just take patience and subtlety so that neither of them panicked.

Buffy wasn’t sure if she could do the not-panicking thing, but she knew now for certain that she could no longer just pretend that there was nothing more than the Slayer bond between her and Faith. It ran much deeper. Maybe even deeper than just attraction.

Not wanting to baffle her way out of it, Buffy snuggled down into the double bed, pulling the covers up to her chin, making sure she was close to the centre of the bed. She buried her head into the pillow and instantly became immersed in Faith’s scent. It was all around her, wrapping her up in its exotic temptation.

There wasn’t a place she would rather be right then than there. . .lying in Faith’s bed, waiting for the other girl to join her from the shower. Their bond pulling them close together. Closer than she had ever felt to anybody.

At least, that’s what she hoped for. That Faith wouldn’t shove her to the edge of the bed, so that she could do a little Slayer sized sprawl and not give Buffy a chance to get close to her.

She laid immersed in Faith’s scent for about 10 minutes, listening to the splashes in the shower and the squeezing of various bottles of shampoo and shower gel. Wishing she could be stood right alongside Faith, soaping her down and learning every curve of strong and sexy body.

Closing her eyes, Buffy felt herself relaxing completely. Feeling so much more comfortable with the situation than she thought was probably normal. It all felt right though.

Right that they should be heading towards where she hoped they were.

As she felt her muscles unwind and her worries disperse, Buffy smiled a soft little smile as the door to the bathroom quietly opened. She fluttered her eyes open just enough to watch as Faith sauntered back into the room, only wearing a towel around her slender frame.

Pretending to be asleep, Buffy kept her gaze on Faith. Watching as the other Slayer used a smaller towel to dry her hair, as she stood turned from her near the dresser. She wanted to get out of bed and stand behind Faith so she could wrap her arms around her. So she could kiss her shoulders and feel the warmth of her body again.

But she didn’t move. Staying silent and still, laying on her side a little, Buffy looked on in complete appreciation and awe at how effortlessly beautiful Faith was when she stripped away the make-up and the slutty clothes.

She felt her body, her heart. . .aching to be near the younger girl, but as Faith turned her head to look over at Buffy, she slammed her eyes shut, not yet wanting Faith to know she was awake.

Then, as if she was feeling completely relaxed and comfortable now with Buffy in the same room as her, Faith dropped her towel. Her flawless skin shimmering in the low light as she kept her back to the bed. Every dip and curve and muscle an embodiment of perfection to Buffy, as she opened her eyes to watch, her breath catching in the throat.

Hoping that Faith wouldn’t notice that she was awake and yell, and call her a pervert for watching, Buffy continued to peek from the covers, mouth almost watering as she drank in the sight of a very naked Faith. Her taut backside within reach almost as she bent to open a drawer.

A groan almost escaped the older girl as she caught a glimpse of Faith’s pussy as she bent to pick out something to put on. The room was too dark to see much, and her half-closed eyes restricted the view, but Buffy got instantly wet. She wanted to touch Faith so much. She wanted to feel the soft pink flesh on her fingertips as she coated them in the other girl’s wetness.

There was no hope in even pretending now that she wasn’t completely lusting after Faith. The slick feeling between her own legs proved that point.

Faith stood again, slipping on a tee shirt over her head, flicking her hair out of the back like a pro seductress. As if she knew she had an audience. Buffy was pretty sure she was doing a good job of feigning sleep though, so she kept her eyes on Faith.

Slipping into a pair of very small panties, Faith then walked around to the other side of the bed, her hand brushing through her dark locks as she practically crept along. Of course, Buffy was saddened by the fact Faith had concealed herself under her panties, but she was still feeling giddy inside, now that Faith was about to get into bed with her.

And although Faith had done a good job at being quiet and creeping around, she shattered any hope of Buffy staying asleep, or pretending to sleep, by jumping under the covers and shaking the whole bed.

Buffy let out a little yelp, in shock more than pain. . .but hoping to take advantage of the situation, she soon turned it into a whimper and a grumble about her back.

“What’s the matter with you?” Faith asked rather harshly, as she wriggled around in order to get covered and comfortable, further away from Buffy than she had hoped for.

Buffy was about to snap at Faith for being so clumsy but decided to work the sympathy angle some more, and hope that Faith hadn’t really meant to be so inconsiderate. She pouted. A hurt look in her eyes as she watched Faith crumble before her. The walls clearly dissolving again for the cute blonde.

“I’m sorry, B. Didn’t mean to ruffle ya,” Faith said, her voice taking on a night-time huskiness, accent laid on thick, as she furrowed her brow.

“It’s ok, I just feel kinda crappy too I guess. With everything. . .” Buffy trailed off, a little sigh parting her lips as she worked it as much as she could. “Faith?” she whispered quietly, stilling Faith as she looked into Buffy’s eyes. “Can you hold me?”

It was a risk. A huge risk. Faith just wasn’t that kinda girl, and Buffy knew it. But she wanted her close.

Faith didn’t reply at first, her eyes showing a little fear. A little anxiety about the unknown maybe. Then Buffy detected an unsteady breath from the other girl as she shifted her weight, moving closer.

“Umm, sure. . .ok,” Faith said, mumbling as she wrapped her arm stiffly over Buffy as they lay on their sides facing each other. “This ok?”

She was clearly uncomfortable, but that wasn’t going to deter Buffy as she snuggled a little closer, getting her body to mold into Faith’s as much as she could, as she moved the younger girl’s other arm under her neck.

“Better,” Buffy said, laying her head on Faith’s shoulder as they both relaxed a little.

After a few seconds Faith moved on to her back a little more, causing Buffy to be resting on her slightly, one arm under herself as the other lay draped over Faith.

“You ok?” Faith asked.

“Yeah. I just wanted to be held,” Buffy admitted, her eyes closed, as she melted with the warmth emanating from Faith. Every inch of her where they touched alive with the tingles of their Slayer bond and the tangible yearning between them.

“Do you want me to get Will or somebody? I mean. . .I’m not real good at this kinda thing.” Faith was barely audible. Like she didn’t really want to move.

“Nope, this is good,” Buffy reassured, feeling little shapes being placed on her back by Faith’s fingers. The touch was so soft. Gentle and calming, and so unlike how Faith tried to act most of the time. Buffy only wished the material of the tee shirt she was wearing wasn’t in the way. “This is nice,” she added, wanting to make sure Faith didn’t get scared off.

She didn’t. Her hold tightening a little more instead, ensuring that Buffy was well and truly snuggled into her. Ensuring that Buffy could feel every breath that the younger girl took.

The moment seemed so perfect. The setting just right, like they almost belonged this way together.

After a few minutes passed, Faith broke the silence again. Obviously still uneasy.

“You sure you’re ok though, B?” she muttered.

Buffy smiled, Faith’s scent almost making her dizzy with lust, stripping away her concerns and wrapping her up in a comforting feeling of safety. She lifted her head from its place upon Faith’s shoulder, looking into the other girl’s still open eyes.

“Faith, are you still all concerned about me?” she asked with a little chuckle to her voice.

“No,” Faith answered a little too loudly and quick. “I just, yunno. . .” She looked away to a spot of something none too pleasant looking on the wall nearby.

Buffy smiled bigger, knowing that Faith hated any chinks in her armor appearing, but it was too late, Buffy could see right through to Faith’s soft centre.

She moved her hand to Faith’s hip, resting it lightly on the bunched up material of Faith’s top that allowed just a little peek of her soft warm skin to be felt. “Yunno, Faith. . .you’re allowed to show that you care for somebody. If it makes you feel any better, I care about you.”

Buffy looked down for a heartbeat, hoping that Faith didn’t freak out on her. As she raised her eyes to meet Faith’s again however, she saw deep into the beautiful brown and there was nothing of the hard tough-girl look that she was used to seeing.

There seemed to be an air of acceptance now around them, and they both noticeably relaxed in each other’s arms.

Snuggling back down onto Faith, Buffy let out a happy little sigh. Her nose was pressed a little against the other girl’s neck. Her hand gently resting on more skin than before. Her body so close to Faith’s she could feel every breath, every twitch. Everything so perfect to make a move.

Buffy couldn’t resist any longer, and her lips softly brushed over the delicate skin of Faith’s neck.

She felt Faith stiffen underneath her, but she didn’t jump headlong out of the bed. So Buffy kissed again. Her lips moving soft and slow. Just teasing and tasting the skin beneath them. Just soaking in the feeling of letting go.

She wasn’t sure at all if she was doing the right thing, but she couldn’t stop now. Especially when she heard a soft and telling sigh escape from Faith’s lips.

It was all she needed. The green light for her actions and her feelings.



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