Nothing More Than The Slayer Bond

Chapter Six

Buffy parted her lips, taking in more flesh as she kissed. Her hot breath causing a slight shudder beneath her as Faith lifted her chin a little way, giving Buffy more room to kiss.

She doubted anybody had kissed Faith quite so timidly, but she was sure that was a good thing. It had to be. . .because she wanted to offer Faith more than anybody had offered her before. She wanted to be more than just another person who wanted to fuck her, or be fucked by her.

Any plan to break down Faith’s walls, to force the other girl to recognize and accept what could be between them, and what was already between them, went out of the window.

It wasn’t about being sure. It wasn’t about lust. It wasn’t about anything other than two people, who were linked in more ways than they themselves probably knew, finding each other. . .and finally letting go.

As Buffy brushed her lips over the soft skin of Faith’s neck, she became almost dizzy with the taste. With the scent filling her nostrils. With the way her own hand subtly slipped under the material of Faith’s tee shirt. Her fingers touching gently. Stroking meaningless patterns over the other girl’s taut stomach, as Faith’s short fingernails echoed the gesture on her lower back.

The added touch to Faith’s skin, as well as the gentle kissing of her neck, was obviously unraveling the girl. Faith gripped tighter with the arm wrapped around Buffy, pulling the smaller girl more onto her so that her leg slipped between Faith’s thighs.

The warmth that Buffy found there was mind-blowing, and it burnt into her. She moaned a little. Barely audible amongst the rustle of the covers as their weight shifted.

Buffy’s shirt lifted with the movement, sliding up to her stomach to expose her nakedness. The feel of skin on skin where their legs mingled, and where Buffy’s already moist pussy rested cautiously on Faith’s leg, caught them both in a trance.

All movement paused. Buffy’s lips resting just under Faith’s earlobe, not moving but still tasting as her breath blew hot and revealingly hard over the girl beneath her. Faith’s chest rose to meet Buffy’s with every breath. Hard nipples jarring each other with unmistakable arousal.

The moment was a little awkward. It was stop or go. Now or never. Hit or miss.

Buffy didn’t want it to be a miss. She didn’t want to ‘come to her senses’ and leap off Faith, and do her best to make excuses. She couldn’t excuse her soaked slit as it spread over Faith as the brunette raised her leg.

Faith didn’t seem to be looking for excuses though. Her fingernails dug into Buffy, and she could only respond by pushing down, a shameless whimper escaping her parted lips as her clit bumped against hard muscle.

She had never felt so aroused. So ready. So hungry to touch and be touched. But there was nothing in her head telling her how things should go. No quick reference manual in which she could discover just how to proceed.

Buffy knew she would be flying blind here, and just hoping that she didn’t make a wrong move, or do something to scare the younger girl away, or make her laugh out loud at her.

But Faith was far from laughing. She was hot and tense under her. Her cheek now softly nuzzling against Buffy’s, as they lay impossibly close.

It was a perfect moment.

A brief slice of calm. Faultless in its naivety and purity. In the raw unfulfilled need emanating from them both as tiny movements became more obvious and meaningful. There was no need for words right now. Buffy could sense that allowing her thoughts and intentions to race out of her mouth, would be entirely the wrong thing to do.

She knew it would be clear to Faith how much she wanted her. Wanted more. So she kissed over the younger Slayer’s ear as her pussy coated the leg between hers with arousal.

Unsure on how to move forward. Not knowing what should or could happen, Buffy decided to just go with what felt good, and with what caused the sexy little sighs to sneak their way out of Faith.

The kissing was good. She could tell that much, because every kiss came with an erratic breath in reply. So Buffy kept her lips moving over Faith…slowly brushing over her jaw. Up over the adorable dimple. Creeping towards the corner of Faith’s lips with anticipation building up inside her.

Buffy was waiting to be flipped. She fully expected Faith to want to take the reins now, but it wasn’t happening. There was no indication that Faith was about to take control of the situation. And as unsure as Buffy was, she was actually glad that they were both just slowly melting into each other, rather than rushing headlong into something she was certain would terrify them both.

Their mouths met finally. Buffy placing soft, teasing kisses over Faith’s mouth as her hips instinctively rolled forwards, causing her wet folds to open and spread more of herself over the strong thigh underneath her.

She knew she couldn’t hold back now. And as Faith moved her hand down her back to glide over the bare skin of her ass, Buffy kissed Faith harder. Their lips pressing against each other, almost bruising in the evident need, although Faith wasn’t actively kissing back. As if she was holding onto some part of herself that she was scared to give up to Buffy.

It didn’t deter the older Slayer. She could feel the unmistakable yearning and need coming in waves from Faith. And she could feel a damp patch on her leg where she was pressed against Faith’s panties.

She groaned and pushed into Faith. Their bodies now searching for more as they moved in a subtle motion against each other.

Buffy parted her lips, kissing more freely as Faith gave in and kissed back. Mouths tasting each other, and hands disappearing under shirts that had no right to be getting in the way.

The wet patch now on Buffy’s leg was enticing her to want to feel more. She needed to feel more of Faith. It wasn’t a question of desire. It was burning, hot, and all consuming, and if she didn’t have Faith against her soon she knew she would either cry or explode.

Still kissing the other girl, their lips jousting and sucking, Buffy moved her hand from where she had been touching Faith just under her breast. She slid her fingers downwards, her nails scraping over the skimpy material at the side of Faith’s panties.

She wanted to rip them off, despite her nervousness, but decided anything too extreme would freak them both out. So Buffy snagged the side of the material and pulled, holding her breath as she slowly teased the panties down.

Faith offered no resistance, lifting up to help Buffy in her task.

They fumbled a little to get them off, and Faith kicked her leg out of the covers to send the panties flying across the room. Buffy couldn’t help but giggle a little as she watched them perch incredulously upon the door handle. Anybody peeking in through that particular keyhole would have no chance to feast their eyes on the two Slayers as they finally looked at one another.

Buffy couldn’t mistake the signals she was getting from Faith now. She could see how much she was wanted, in the depth of Faith’s dark eyes. She could see the searing desire, but she could also detect fear. Hidden in the lustrous brown there was an innocence she hadn’t noticed before.

To say it was endearing would have been an understatement.

It was positively an aphrodisiac, and Buffy let go of her own feeble grasp of her remaining fears and reservations, as she slipped between Faith’s legs, her body slowly pressing down into the hot flesh beneath her.

They both took a sharp breath as their wet centers came together under the covers. The warmth and wetness unforgiving in its spilling of their secrets.

Buffy wanted to speak. Wanted to ask if Faith felt as high on the feeling as she did. But she didn’t utter a word. She kept quiet for once and allowed her body to do the talking. Her hands to gently push the material of both their shirts further up, so their stomachs brushed against each other.

Clearly becoming more and more aroused, Faith raised her knees a little, spreading her legs wider for Buffy. Opening herself up to the blonde Slayer as her hands did their best to chart every inch of Buffy’s back and sides.

They were kissing again. Soft and deep. Their tongues slipping over each other as they became lost in the embrace.

Buffy felt like every inch of her was buzzing, and not just from the Slayer connection they shared. It was powerful and overwhelming. Her senses were working over time, tasting, touching, and smelling. Her wet pussy dripping all over Faith’s as she moved in a way to cause them to slip and slide over each other.

Both girls moaned into one another’s mouths. Buffy gripped the pillow next to the brunette’s lush hair as she moved her other hand further under Faith’s top, her fingers searching shyly until she found a hard little nipple under them.

She teased around and over the erect nipple, sending noticeable shudders through Faith, causing her to thrust up into Buffy.

Not knowing what was right and what was wrong when it came to sex with another girl didn’t seem to be such a problem now, because Buffy had never felt so good. She didn’t want to analyze anymore, she just wanted to feel, and give Faith something special. She wanted to make Faith feel special.

Feeling her folds spread open for Faith as she moved in a more determined manner, Buffy began slipping her pussy all over the other girl’s. Their clits were slick against each other. Hard and swollen, as they found a rhythm. Their bodies pressed close. Their lips hungrily feasting.

Buffy played a little rougher with the nipple she was toying with. Her juices flowing over Faith’s spread pussy as they breathed hard and fast into the air that had become scented with their desire.

Breaking their lips from one another, soft moans and groans began to escape from them with every thrust. With every sticky wet sound. With every connection of their clits as they both began to shake and grasp.

Faith pulled Buffy harder against her pussy with a hand on her ass. One leg now thrown over the smaller girl possessively as her dripping cunt covered Buffy.

As determined as Buffy was not to fuck anything up by speaking, she couldn’t help but start to whimper out Faith’s name into the crook of her neck, as they clung to each other greedily.

It only seemed to spur Faith on however.

Faith held tighter, her voice rasping out over Buffy as they fought for air “Buffy. . .I’m gonna come.”

Buffy felt her insides flip, her heart swell, and her pussy convulsing as she herself began to come at the words breathed into her ear.

“Oh God, Faith” she groaned, her moans much louder now as she tensed up and felt her juices gush out all over the gorgeous girl’s dripping hole.

Faith gasped and bucked up into Buffy, letting out a string of expletives as she shook and came too. Her fingernails digging into Buffy as her come covered them both.

Buffy felt herself tense again at just the feel of Faith’s come all over her pussy. She came a second time, her face buried in Faith’s hair as she squeezed her eyes shut, completely overwhelmed with sensation.

They were both shaking and breathing hard. Buffy could feel the thud of Faith’s heart beneath her own. Their sticky wet pussies still seeping out over each other in the almost unbearable heat between them.

She felt like crying. Like jumping up and down and praising them both for not being too scared. She felt like kissing. Like feeling more. Like slipping her fingers over the sodden folds of the other girl. Like tasting Faith’s hot come as it dripped freely from her.

She didn’t move, however. She didn’t think she could. Her arms were gripping onto Faith and Faith was gripping right back.

The buzz of their Slayer bond seemed different. It was soothing and reassuring now, instead of confusing and strange. It felt so good.

It felt amazing to be held so tight and not pushed off by Faith.

Buffy wanted to thank the younger girl. She wanted to ask if what she was feeling was mutual. If the way her heart was now flipping in her chest was just a one sided thing. It felt too strong to be one sided. It felt too real. Beyond anything she had felt before.

But what if? What if this was nothing to Faith? What if it had just been tolerated by Faith in a misguided way to console her?

Buffy didn’t get the chance to voice her questions, as Faith seemed to sense a shift and softly kissed the older girl on her forehead, in such an un-Faith-like manner.

“Go to sleep, princess,” she whispered, not letting go of Buffy for a second. “I wanted this as much as you.”

Buffy smiled, her heart almost exploding as she settled into Faith completely.

Talking could be left until the morning. And more touching and tasting would hopefully follow, Buffy decided as she grinned, silently congratulating herself at how well she had played her game and wriggled her way through Faith’s defenses.

As she felt sleep overtake her weary body, however. . .Buffy heard and felt a little chuckle.

“But don’t go thinking I didn’t know exactly what you were up to, B. You’re not the only one who knows how to tease,” Faith said, as she scraped her nails over Buffy’s backside, causing the blonde Slayer to shudder.

The words “that’s my girl” crossed Buffy’s mind, and even though she didn’t know it for sure. . .she felt it was true.

She felt it all over.

What they had was so much more than just the Slayer bond.

The End



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