Nothing More Than The Slayer Bond

Chapter Four

Deciding that she definitely wanted some more of nice Faith without all the defences, Buffy quickly attempted to struggle into the shorts the other Slayer had given her. Too quickly in fact, causing her to lose her balance and fall backwards.

Making sure she did nothing to stop herself, Buffy landed with a hard crash on the floor, yelping in pain like she was up for an Oscar. Her thoughts on nothing but getting Faith to falter in her retreat back behind her walls.

It worked well to get the younger girl racing over to her, holding out her hand to pull Buffy up. But Buffy wasn’t planning on being yanked up and tossed around. She wanted Faith close to her again, so she kept her hands down, one firmly planted on her lower back as she whimpered little almost-sobs, pretending she was trying to be strong.

“Fuck, B. . .maybe we should take you to the hospital or something,” Faith said, moving to Buffy’s side on the floor.

Instantly watering down her stellar performance for fear of being carted off in an ambulance, Buffy brushed away the few tears she had squeezed out and shook her head, her damp hair sending little droplets of water over Faith. “No. . .no hospital. I just need. . .” She didn’t finish her sentence, as all she could think of that she needed was Faith, in various positions on the bed. Her mind filtering through them all and making her dizzy with lust.

“You’re kinda freaking me out, Twinkie, but I guess you know best.” Faith shrugged, placing her arm around Buffy’s back in order to lift her from the floor.

Buffy didn’t attempt to stop Faith as she then scooped her other arm under her legs and stood, lifting her up with her. Buffy bit her lip, one hand flying up around Faith’s shoulders whilst the other kept tight hold of the shorts she had failed to put on due to her dramatic tumble backwards.

Feeling somewhat ridiculous but also pleased, Buffy allowed herself to be carried to the bed, her heart pounding in her ears as she felt more than a flutter in her stomach. The flutter was creeping up, and hitting her in the chest as she looked up into the concentrated face of the other girl.

She tried to fight down the feeling of an overwhelming snug sensation washing over her. But she failed. It was there and waiting for her to acknowledge it, so she ignored it for the time being, concentrating instead on the way Faith’s strong arms were holding her. The warmth of her body soft and close.

Setting Buffy down on the end of the bed, Faith stepped back, her fingers leaving a hot trail across the underside of Buffy’s bare thighs. “Your hair is soaking yunno,” Faith muttered, looking down at her now damp top where Buffy’s head had just been briefly resting.

“Oops, sorry.” Buffy wrinkled her nose cutely as she tried not to look happy at the fact Faith’s top had just become even more clingy.

Faith just shook her head, a small chuckle creeping out of her as she picked up the discarded towel next to the blonde girl. “You should dry it so you don’t. . .yunno, get a cold.” Faith seemed to realise that she was actually sounding like she gave a damn and attempted to look all nonchalant halfway through. It didn’t work, however.

Smiling up at the younger girl, Buffy nodded, her mind reminding her that she was meant to be reeling Faith in. Her body reminding her that she had no panties on, and was barely covered by the tee shirt she was wearing.

She tried to ignore the need she felt welling inside her, cautious of making an idiot of herself by leaping on Faith.

The brunette needed approaching carefully, like a caged tiger in a pen much too small. Buffy wasn’t about to rush in and have her head bitten off.

Pushing the shorts to the side in case the brunette pointed out that she should be wearing them, then taking the towel from Faith, Buffy slowly began rubbing it over her hair, attempting to free it of water. She winced as Faith turned to make her way back to the bathroom. Then again, louder until the young Slayer turned on her heel.

“You need a hand with that?” Faith asked quietly, hovering between the bed and the relative safety of the bathroom.

“Um, yeah,” Buffy answered coyly, practically fluttering her eyelashes at the other Slayer.

Taking a deep breath and letting it out, Faith moved back over to the bed, looking somewhat confused. Maybe not knowing herself why she was acting the way she was with Buffy.

It certainly seemed that way, and made Buffy feel just a little guilty with her plan to get Faith coddling her even more. Of course, it didn’t stop her. She wasn’t one to be perturbed by such a thing as guilt when it came to something she wanted.

Passing the towel back to Faith, Buffy only expected the other girl to maybe stand before her and towel dry her hair a little. She quickly realised that wasn’t going to be the case, as she sat watching Faith stride over to the dresser to pick up a comb, then jump behind her on the bed.

Almost flying head long off the end with the way the exuberant Slayer bounced onto the mattress, Buffy gripped the comforter, then let out a slightly shocked little gasp as hands pulled her backwards by the waist.

She found herself sat between Faith’s legs as she knelt behind her on the bed, feeling a little breathless with being so close and still so exposed in the crotch area.

Without saying a word, Faith began to softly rub the towel over Buffy’s hair, pulling wet strands off the back of her neck. Her fingers brushing against Buffy’s skin in a way that made her shiver from the inside out.

The blonde girl bent her head forwards slightly, just enjoying the sensations the younger girl was silently causing. Her hands were clasped between her crossed legs, keeping the tee shirt covering her modesty. Keeping herself from touching the strong thighs either side of her.

She was quickly becoming lost in the soft caressing of her hair. Lost to the warmth trickling through her. To the way she could feel small touches to her skin, teasing her body into a place that required more.

More from Faith. And more from herself.

Clearing her throat a little as she was finding her voice to be much more husky than normal, Buffy forced herself to take hold of the fact she wanted Faith right now as much more than her friend. She didn’t want to scare her away, however, so thought she’d better test the water a little. “Faith?” Buffy’s voice was low and soft in the quiet of the room.

“Yeah, B,” Faith mumbled, as she replaced the towel in her hand for her comb, going about gently easing it through Buffy’s hair.

Buffy barely restrained a sigh with the feel of Faith’s fingers doing just as much brushing as the comb, as she gently worked out tangles from her damp hair. She couldn’t believe Faith was being so gentle with her, but it felt so nice. A simple act made intimate by the fact that Faith was now virtually pressed against her. The warmth from her body heating Buffy up and begging for her to lean back into the other girl.

Certain that Faith wasn’t tense in a way that suggested she might bolt for the door, Buffy continued. “Faith, why are you doing this?” She paused, not so much waiting for an answer as much as trying to work out what she wanted to say. And where she was headed.

Faith’s hands also paused for a second. “What do ya mean, B? You want me to stop brushing your hair?” Faith’s tone sounded unlike her. Like she was trembling inside. Worried about making a wrong move maybe.

“No.” Buffy practically whispered, and Faith resumed brushing, the comb discarded altogether as she stroked her fingers affectionately through damp locks. “I mean, why are you helping me out like this? Without teasing me, or…I dunno, just…” She stalled, losing her train of thought as caring fingers swept back her hair from her temples, trailing down until they stopped at the top of her shoulders, not resting there, but moving to timidly rub over tired muscles.

Buffy relaxed instantly despite the tension of the situation. Faith’s hands gently kneading her shoulders. Her scent enveloping Buffy in its intoxicating allure. Her thumbs pressing into just the right areas, with just the right amount of pressure to cause a soft moan of approval, before the younger Slayer rattled her out of her haze of pleasure.

“Just what, B?” Faith asked.

Buffy felt tingles all over her shoulders where the other girl was busy touching her with dexterous fingers, massaging away any doubt about going further with Faith. Eliciting a soft sigh before she answered the other girl.

“It’s just that you’re not usually so bothered about me getting hurt, and you’re not using this whole lack of Buffy-strength thing to your advantage,” Buffy said, without thinking Faith would react to badly to the question.

She was wrong.

Faith halted in the teasing of Buffy’s shoulders, resting her warm hands either side of her neck. “Is that what you think of me? That I’d kick you when you’re down? Fuck, B.”

She sounded hurt, making Buffy frown and worry that the younger girl would run right back behind her walls. Some definite damage limitation was needed, along with some more attention to her shoulders. “I didn’t mean. . .”

“No, B. . .I know exactly what you meant.” There was no softness to Faith’s voice now. She was angry, and moving her hands away from Buffy, her body shifting on the bed in order to get up.

Buffy didn’t want her to get up and move away though. She didn’t want the hesitant steps forward they’d made to be forgotten, or retracted.

Unclasping her hands, moving one round to gently lay on Faith’s thigh, Buffy turned enough to catch the brunette’s eye. “Wait, don’t stop.” It wasn’t quite the right thing to say she realised, as it sounded like she was being her usual demanding and spoilt self. “Faith, I’m sorry. I’ve just. . .I’ve never seen this side to you before.”

Faith’s mask of indifference crept back over her face, her eyes flicking down to where Buffy had her hand resting on her naked thigh. Her own hands limp at her side.

“If you want me to treat you like shit, B, I can do that. If you get off on it, I’m game for anything,” Faith said, her brow furrowing as she must have realised that she’d given herself away a little.

“Anything?” Buffy asked rather flirtatiously, a sly smile sneaking over her lips.

Faith blinked, looking kind of puzzled. Maybe a little wary. But she didn’t move further away, and that was a good thing as far as Buffy was concerned.

“Umm, I. . .” Faith faltered, looking like she was desperate for a way out of whatever trap Buffy was laying. But she still didn’t move off the bed, much to Buffy’s delight.

“Faith.” The dark haired Slayer looked into Buffy’s eyes, nervousness clear in her pupils as they glinted with the low light of the bedside lamp. “Could you. . .maybe rub my shoulders a little more? It was nice,” she said breathily, not wanting to give herself away completely as she found herself falling into the alluring brown eyes of the other girl.

Faith’s features softened in an instant. Her slightly clenched jaw relaxing at Buffy’s words of encouragement. Her body back to settle directly behind the smaller girl. She shook her head a little wryly, a grin lifting the corners of her mouth as she placed her hands once again on Buffy, causing Buffy to turn back to sitting between her legs.

Buffy was wearing her own little grin, even as Faith tried her damnedest to find some snarl to her tone as she told her, “you owe me one though, B.”

There was no malice or conviction to her words though, and the way that Faith seemed to have gone from angry-and-about-to-bolt, to calm-and-rubbing-her-shoulders, made Buffy want to giggle aloud. Not because she wanted to laugh at Faith, but just because she felt giddy with the prospect of badass Faith relinquishing that very title, for her. Even if it was just in a small way, with subtle gestures.

It was better than nothing, and gave Buffy hope.

Enjoying the closeness between them, she sat sighing into the dusty atmosphere of the faded grey room, counting the breaths that Faith took as she softly massaged her shoulder muscles. Her fingers glancing over Buffy’s neck now and then and sending little lighting bolts of pleasure through her, tingling over her nipples, and coursing in rivulets of desire down to her bare pussy, where she knew for sure she was getting wet for Faith. Where she knew for definite now, that she wanted Faith’s attentions more than anything she could remember wanting.

Buffy’s nipples were hard and scraping over the rough cotton of her tee shirt as she attempted to keep her breathing under control. Every inch of her skin begging for her to take it off and lean into the soft, enticing body behind her.

It seemed like doing it would be the most natural thing in the world to her right then, but she didn’t dare take that further step just yet.

It appeared that Faith was getting lost in the flirtation with boundaries herself, however, as she completely relaxed, causing her thighs to fall open a tad more, and her body to squeeze closer to Buffy.

The blonde girl had to bite her lip as soft full breasts nudged her back. The heat of the other Slayer burning into her everywhere they touched. Everywhere Faith’s hands blazed trails of fire as they danced over her. Sharp points, like daggers of undeniable desire pressing into her from behind.

She knew, and could feel that Faith’s nipples were hard. Solid against her, and teasing her with every lungful of air the younger girl took.

Wanting to turn and stroke her fingers over them, and suck them softly into her mouth, Buffy leant back just a little. Just in time to feel the swell of Faith’s breasts pushed back into her more, as the brunette edged closer too. Her hands slowing in their gentle massaging motion. Just her fingers stroking softly either side of Buffy’s throat.

A small and shuddering breath drifted over Buffy’s left ear, indicating clearly that she wasn’t the only one taking pleasure in the situation. That she wasn’t alone in being quietly wooed into the soft rocking motion beginning to develop between them in an attempt to feel more of the other. To rub against each other.

Buffy could imagine that Faith was getting just as wet as her in the intensity of their closeness. She could picture the other girl’s pussy swollen with need, dripping onto her tongue as she spread her folds open. The desire to taste Faith overwhelming any doubt, hesitation, or apprehension.

She wanted the other girl. Badly. And it was obvious Faith was feeling it too. Her thighs brushing against Buffy’s knees as she got as close as she could without literally humping her.

Without thinking, Buffy shifted her hand back to where it had been before, on Faith’s thigh. Her grip meant to reassure Faith that she wanted her there. Wanted more. It didn’t have the desired affect, however, and almost straight away, Faith virtually leapt back. Her hands flying from Buffy as she retreated.

“Yunno, I should get a shower. I’m feeling kinda. . .sticky,” Faith just about stuttered out as she shuffled off the bed, leaving Buffy a mess of want and need. “Sticky from the vamp dusting I mean. Not that I was. . .for anything else.”

Faith was fighting to find her words, and fighting to find her don’t-give-a-fuck attitude, and also her balance as she stumbled over the shorts Buffy had shoved to the floor.

She tripped, all Slayer stealth and poise going out of the window as her foot got trapped in the discarded article of clothing. Cursing like a sailor, her arms flailing, Faith left her dignity at the door and partially tumbled into Buffy’s arms as the older girl shot from her position on the bed to help.

“Jesus, Buffy, are you some kinda fucking peep show act? Leaving your clothes lying about and prancing around in. . .” Realisation seemed to hit Faith that she was now on one knee in front of Buffy, gripping onto her arms as the older girl stood with no panties on, inches away from her nose.

She closed her eyes and took an indignant breath, and Buffy watched an entire showcase of conflicting emotions Faith’s face as she stood up abruptly, attempting to straighten herself out without looking foolish.

It was clear from Faith’s expression that there was desire there. That she wanted Buffy. That her mouth was practically watering from the deep inhalation of her scent she must have gotten. But it was also clear that she was panicking. Clutching onto her resolve to have the upper hand. To be stronger than laying herself open to making a mistake that could cost her more dearly than she probably cared to admit.

So she shot Buffy a look that almost said please don’t play with me, and strode off towards the bathroom.

Buffy could do nothing but watch. Couldn’t think of the right words or actions this time to bring Faith back. Her mind and body so much in a place of wanting Faith that she was unable to shake herself out of the daze she had been led into by Faith’s compassionate attention.

Buffy sighed. Shoulders slumping, as water clunked through the pipes in the bathroom, and the breeze from under the door reminded her that she was apparently peep show material on the clothing front.

Slyly kicking the shorts she was meant to be wearing completely under the bed however, the ever-cunning Slayer formed another plan of attack.



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