Nothing More Than The Slayer Bond

Chapter Three

Buffy struggled out of the shower, feeling better for having the hot water wash the mud and yuck away, and soothing her back a little as her Slayer healing did its best to repair whatever damage had been done there.

She stiffly wrapped a white towel around her, which ended just above her knees, noting that it wasn’t your usual stringy motel type towel. She guessed that Faith must have bought it herself, then wondered how she got the money to.

It wasn’t like there was anybody around to give her an allowance. The council certainly didn’t hand out money, and Faith had never said anything about a job. The thought worried Buffy; not daring to imagine what Faith did for money, but feeling very concerned suddenly at how she managed to survive.

She wanted to rush back into the other room and make sure Faith was eating right. Ask her if she got by ok, or if she needed anything. Wrap her up in a hug and apologise for not thinking about it sooner.

Of course, Buffy realised that Faith would freak out on her if she did such a thing, having no doubt that the independent girl would keep stuck behind her wall of pride and obstinacy.

Stopping short of making a fool of her, Buffy took a second to make sure she was completely covered. Faith hadn’t placed any spare clothes in the bathroom, so she had to slowly make her way into the other room with only the towel around her.

She was still feeling somewhat dizzy with a head full of new ideas about Faith, and the relationship they could have, as more than just friends. And still thinking she should try her best not to let Faith know, or realise how she felt about her, in order not to make some kind of huge mistake.

But then she guessed that if she could see that Faith had an attraction to her, then the brunette would probably have seen the way she was reacting too. Could see the fire inside she had for her.

The realisation that Faith, the self-assured sex addict, probably knew just how wanted she was by her, had Buffy standing with her hand resting on the doorknob, her chest straining to allow her to breathe as she gripped the towel tight at the front.

She wasn’t sure if she could handle being in the same room with Faith right now with the way things seemed to be developing between them. In fact, she was pretty sure she couldn’t handle the whole thing. Being there, and liking Faith in that way. Losing interest in Angel for her. It was all so much. Maybe too much to deal with.

Swallowing down the uncomfortable lump in her throat, Buffy opened the door, her back still causing her to wince a little as she left the heat of the bathroom.

Faith was up and off the bed before Buffy could even process the fact that she had changed into a very short pair of shorts, and a tee shirt that left some of her midriff exposed.

She stopped moving, her stomach flipping again as it had done earlier, the pounding in her chest clearly telling her that she could no longer deny that she was indeed ‘into’ Faith, in much more than the kind of way she would normally be for one of her female friends.

There was just something about the younger girl. A temptation she couldn’t seem to resist, or at least certainly not any longer anyway.

Buffy allowed her eyes to wander over the other girl’s athletic frame, knowing it must have been obvious what she was thinking, but unable to make her eyes obey her demand for them to look elsewhere.

It didn’t seem to matter though, as Faith shifted towards her, just the smallest of smiles gracing her lips. Her brown eyes looking unexpectedly warm in the soft glow from the bedside lamp, as it lay a soft sheen of light around them.

“You wanna put these on?” Faith asked, picking up a pair of jeans, and a tee shirt from her bed.

It took Buffy a moment to speak with the way the quiet tone of the other girl’s voice seemed to have her shivering with its seductive burr. “Umm, yeah, thanks.”

Buffy removed a hand from the death grip it had on her towel and reached out for the clothes. Her fingers brushed against Faith’s as she took them, causing them both to look up from the items and into one another’s eyes. If there had been gas in the room, they would both have been blown sky-high the sparks between them were that intense.

It was blatant, obvious, and unmistakable. The tension between them palpable as they stood in the centre of the sparsely lit room, their fingers touching softly under the offered clothing, eyes locked in defiance of the certain fear and unfamiliarity of such feelings.

Buffy knew she had to break the eye contact. Had to move so it didn’t become silly and awkward. She was fast falling into the dark gaze of the other Slayer. Feeling herself pulled forwards by some kind of invisible force she had never felt before.

It was like something was whispering to her to step that bit closer. To drop the clothes. Drop the towel even, as her body suddenly ached to be touched. To be touched by Faith’s strong hands. Have her fingers possessing her, and lips blazing trails over her sun kissed skin.

A car passing close by outside, its headlamps bathing them both in a glittering dazzle of light before it swept past, shook them from their places. Buffy looking down to the jeans and tee shirt, finally pulling them away. Faith letting go and running what Buffy now knew as a nervous hand through her hair.

They both stood in awkward silence again. Not a sound risking to interrupt the tension in the room. Looking from the clothes to Faith, Buffy then placed the garments onto the bed, her heart thumping through her chest, hands shaking slightly from more than just the chill in the air.

She knew there was no doubt now that Faith wanted her. That Faith hadn’t been joking when she had flirted or risked some playful teasing during sparring. There was pure desire in the deep defenceless depths of her eyes. A wanton lust in the way she licked her lips whilst watching Buffy.

Daring to defy her own better judgment, feeling unusually willing to lay down her self-righteousness in the face of something that could be so good, Buffy began to unwrap the towel from around her bruised body.

She didn’t stop to question whether or not she was crazy, or suffering some side affect to the drug Giles had given her. She didn’t want to acknowledge the fact that she was feeling emotionally as well as physically weak right now, and all kinds of vulnerable and likely to make huge errors in judgment.

She was sure she wasn’t misjudging the way Faith seemed to be stalking her with her eyes, waiting for the towel to drop, for all barriers between them to be kicked down. It was starkly obvious that Faith wanted her as her gaze lingered on Buffy’s hands as she pulled apart the now damp towel.

But then, just as Buffy was about to be standing naked in front of Faith, the younger girl turned her eyes from her, her body following suit as she presented her back to Buffy. “Sorry, I’ll look away. Just umm, let me know if you need a hand getting into those.”

Buffy was shocked. Once again taken aback by the way Faith was acting towards her. It was so unlike her. So. . .adorable.

With her towel now shrugged down to her waist as she held onto it, Buffy let out a soft breath she hadn’t realised she’d been holding. Her whole body wanted Faith to turn around, to take her, and to show her what it felt like to be truly touched. She could feel herself becoming wet with the thought alone, but clearly Faith wasn’t ready for that. Or maybe she was just unsure about what was happening, Buffy thought.

It was easy to forget how young Faith was with all the stories she told. All the bravado that held her apart from everybody else. But that bravado was gone right now, and she was just a pretty 16 year old. . .with a great body, Buffy had to acknowledge in her head.

In fact, she had to acknowledge a damn sight more than just calling Faith pretty too, but she was beginning to get too cold to be arguing with herself over pedantic little things like how hot and irresistible Faith was.

She looked down to the carpet for a second, instantly regretting doing so as she realised she was barefoot and the short pile was probably crawling with all kinds of nasty things. Shaking the thought of slimy green ick pustules appearing on her feet because of the grotty carpet, she moved to the bed, sitting down heavily as she rattled her brain for ways to get what she wanted, ways to get Faith, and not screw up their friendship in the process.

She had to have a backup plan worked out just in case she had gotten things incredibly wrong. Or maybe just in case Faith wasn’t interested in being with her even if she was attracted to her.

Maybe just dropping her towel in front of Faith had been a little extreme, Buffy realised; her mind ticking through everything she could do to keep the dark Slayer from throwing up all her walls again. She didn’t know how they had fallen in the first place, but was immensely glad they had. She liked seeing the soft side to Faith that she clearly kept hidden to most people.

Pulling on the long dark red tee shirt Faith had placed on top of the jeans for her; Buffy looked over at the younger girl as she stood with her arms folded patiently by the dresser in front of the wide window.

She could see the defined muscles in her back at the bottom of her cut off top, and she instantly wanted to know just how soft the skin there was. It looked like silk, and her fingers were practically itching to know its texture. To know how Faith would react to the touch.

Buffy knew right then that she couldn’t just let whatever it was between them slip back to the way it had been before the council’s little test. She had to have more than just the tension and the subtle teasing. She wanted more, and was pretty used to getting what she wanted.

“Umm, Faith? I was just thinking.” Buffy kept her eyes locked on Faith’s back, waiting for flinches, or any kind of reaction to let her know she had asked the wrong thing. “Could I maybe stay here tonight? I mean. . .it’s late and I don’t wanna get my mom out of bed, or. . .” She didn’t get to finish her sentence before Faith turned around.

“Sure. . .I guess. As long as you don’t snore or nothing,” she said, her gestures all ‘icy Faith‘, yet her walls still not able to hide that she was at least just a tad pleased at Buffy’s request.

“Thanks.” Buffy watched Faith for a second, as she seemed to struggle for what to do with her arms and hands.

Once again, Buffy was surprised to be thinking of Faith as sweet and cute rather than hot and sexy. . .but she couldn’t help it as she witnessed the display of sheer self-consciousness from the usually overtly self-assured girl.

There was just so much right now that she wanted to know about Faith too. Like everything she had been holding back from thinking, was flooding her mind. Questions about her, about her past, about how she got by, how she felt about them as Slayers, as friends. . .as more.

They were questions she knew she couldn’t ask right out though, because she knew enough about Faith to know she would leap out of the nearest window. No, in fact. . .she’d probably throw her out of the window, Buffy supposed.

So she held her tongue and yawned a little before a shiver ran down her spine with the breeze blowing through the nearby door.

“You wanna, err, get into bed?” Faith asked, fiddling slightly with the hem of her shorts. “You’d be warmer in there.”

“Yeah, thanks. I think I’m pretty beat too, what with all the being rescued and stuff.” Buffy chuckled, as she tried to make light of just how bad she felt about being so weak.

“You want some shorts or something?” Faith turned to her dresser drawer quicker than Buffy could answer her, producing a similar small pair of cotton shorts to her own.

Buffy stood from the bed, still a little unsteady, and took a pace toward Faith, knowing exactly what Faith would be thinking if she was indeed interested in her in a sexual way.

She had no panties on, so it would be so easy for Faith just to move forward to her, to slide her hand up the inside of her thigh to feel the wet sheen now beginning to coat her folds.

Buffy was certainly thinking it, so supposed that Faith would think the very same thing.

She felt the cool air hit her bare pussy just under the bottom of the tee shirt and noted Faith’s eyes as they flicked down. Faith’s pupils flared wide, giving away that Buffy had supposed correctly.

And as Buffy stopped in front of the dark girl, she caught the scent of her own arousal in the air, tainting the heated atmosphere between them. She could smell her own wet pussy, now practically dripping with the thought of Faith sliding her fingers over it. And if Faith’s sudden need to breathe a little harder, a little quicker, was any indication, she could smell Buffy too.

It all terrified the blonde Slayer still, but the need was stronger. The haze of attraction and lust between them was too strong to ignore. And she needed this. Buffy needed to feel hot skin against her own. Warm hands touching her in intimate places, arousing her, and lifting her to heights she had never truly been to.

Buffy knew right then, for sure, that she wanted it to be Faith to make her feel the way she so desperately needed to.

And the small flicker she could see in the deep depths of the other girl’s eyes, pretty much told her that Faith wanted the exact same thing, despite the fact she seemed to be fighting it more than Buffy would ever have guessed she would.

“Here,” Faith said, holding out the shorts for Buffy, who noticed a slight quiver to the younger girl’s voice. Faith must have noticed it too, though, and instantly tried to stand taller, to replace her lost arrogance and confidence. “Just err, don’t go doing any squat thrusts in those and ruining em. I mean. . .your last roll in the hay guy is like…dead. Fuck knows what kinda diseases he could have. His dick could be green an mouldy for all I know. Rotting to pieces with some kinda extinct killer sexual thing.”

Buffy sighed a little. “Faith, that’s gross. And I so do not have any kind of sexual disease thank you very much, and neither does Angel, I hope. No, I mean, I know. . .he isn’t rotting, anywhere.”

“Whatever you say, girlfriend. I just know that I wouldn’t touch it with, well, anything of mine that’s for sure.” Faith laughed into the stillness of the room, cutting the sexual tension between them in two and replacing it with their usual banter, much to Buffy’s dismay.

Buffy rolled her eyes, pouting because she had lost nice-and-kind Faith to nice-and-vulgar Faith somewhere along the line.

“I’m gonna take a shower, princess. Feel free to find the pea.” Faith waved toward the bed as she retreated to the bathroom, her badass persona fully in tact and obviously attempting to work overtime for some reason.

“Find the what?” Buffy muttered, but realised almost straight away that Faith had meant for her to get into bed.

Standing with her hand clutching the small pair of shorts Faith had given her, with her aching body being denied its right for salvation, the stubborn blonde felt like stomping, just a little at least. She knew Faith wanted her. . .or at least was fairly certain, and even though she was scared to death of the implications, and the consequences of doing ‘anything’ with Faith, she just couldn’t back off from the way she felt.

And besides all of that, she liked sweet Faith right now more than bolshy Faith. She needed that side of the other girl in her own emotionally wrought state, to help her through some of the crap that had just been slung at her.

Buffy realised she would have to do something. Would have to find Faith’s buttons, and push them mercilessly. In every kind of way she could.



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