Cordalene Crossword Puzzle


Print out and complete the grid. All the words in this puzzle are related to Cordalene and music in some way. Answers to the crossword can be found on this site, the Cordalene website, or the Message Board. Now.... GO!

1. Producer of the upcoming full length CD
2. Name of Jamie’s dog; also a unit measure for weight
3. Venue where they first played together in 2002
4. Jim’s plays an _______ Jack Cassidy.
5. For the storage and transport of musical instruments
6. “This City is a _________”
7. Free shows in New York City!
8. Message board girl!
9. The 'Last Song' I write...
10.In March of 2004, Cordalene went on their first tour to ______
11.Radio station call sign
12.What did Cordalene name their van?
13.“Back Where I ______”
14.Cordalene opened for ________ Planet at the TLA
16.Cordalene has covered “Breaking the Dawn” by ____________ ______ Club
17.Sherlock’s sidekick
18.Song on the 2003 Warped Tour CD
19.‘This’ is more than just okay...
20.Pretty much anyone can play ____ guitar
21.Blue CD release party was at the ________
22.All CDs have been released on this label
23.Photographer Christine _______
24.Photographer Earl ________

First 10 to complete this puzzle:
1. The MB Girl

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