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Greetings and welcome to the wonderful make-believe-world I like to call... "Fan-dalene" (trademark pending). The main purpose of this glorious site (stop laughing) is to share photos, play some games, share stories, and to basically work the web for the just and worthy cause of promoting our most fav band, CORDALENE.

Alas.... Cordalene is no more..... .......C'est la vie, no? .......In memoriam, then.....


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Regarding Updates...
I try to post pictures within a week after a show, so check back here every so often - see links under "Updates" to the right. Please be patient, though, I *do* have a day job... On occassion, I've also posted pictures from other bands. I hope you will enjoy those too!

Let's Have Some Fun, Shall We?
I started CordaleneFanFotos.com because of my love and enthusiasm for the band, their music, and to share my experiences with like-minded fans. Which probably means YOU. :) This site is for your personal enjoyment and amusement. It's a pleasure to be able to share these photos with you - just please be considerate and note all photo credits, as appropriate (NOT for commercial use without prior written consent - bands excluded, of course). Thanks!


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Cordalene plays the M-Room, May 4th

Pepper's Ghost at the Grape on Oct 8th

Persona CD Release Party, Sept 5th

Cordalene plays World Cafe Live on Sept 9th

Cordalene at the Millcreek Tavern, July 30th

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