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Pepper's Ghost at The Point
October 22, 2004

As usual, Pepper's Ghost put on a great show at the Point in Bryn Mawr. I arrived early and got a front row seat. Had dinner and a piece of blueberry pie, then settled back to wait for the show to start. As people filed in, and the line at the counter grew longer and longer, I could taste the anticipation in the air. The wait was well worth it. There's something magical about seeing Pepper's Ghost at the Point. The energy is warmer, the sound is incredibly clear. It's just... impossible to describe. I only hope my photos capture some of what I've been priveledged to witness.

        From this Fan:
        You stand before us, full of life and joy.
        It spills out like a river, washing over us,
        Bathing us in euphoria.
        Time and place are irrelevant - I am
        Fully absorbed in the moment, but still aware
        Of how my cheeks ache from smiling.

        Thanks for another great show!

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Note: All photography by Kim Gutjahr Copyright 2004