Cordalene at the Grand Slam!!!

July 25, 2003
Cordalene plays the Grand Slam in Marlton, NJ!

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Mike Kiley

That vein in his neck is just about ready to explode... Yipes!

Jim and jOe

Power Rocking!

SIDENOTE: Gotta love that basketball net... Was visualizing myself shooting some hoops during the set. *Swoosh* Three pointer! There's the layup... she shoots... she MISSES!! Ohhhh... and the ball smacks bOyle in the head! *sound of whistle*

Announcer: "He doesn't look happy about it, does he Pat?"

jOe setting up his kit

Backstage, at the Grand Slam!! More like the loading dock, but... oh well.
Photo credit goes to Robert D. Young. Thanks!

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