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Monsters #001-031
Monsters #032-062
Monsters #063-093
Monsters #094-124
Monsters #125-155
Monsters #156-188
NPC Parties

Beatrice's Party

Jessica, Beatrice, Elaine

Hilda, Ivonne, Miriam

Bubba's Party

Zapp, Bubba, Tao

Jayjay, Melk, Dahla

Firuz's Party

Murunau, Firuz, Shahra

Gordon, Roquud, Walt

Fyura's Party

Gehring, Fyura, Hell

Iceman, Menga, Zippers

Ghost's Party

Blade, Ghost, Rose

Saint, Maestro, Lily

Gyaran's Party

Christine, Gyaran, Arios

Fay, Lescoff

Higgins' Party

Bagree, Higgins, Makreen

Royal, Francis

Ranka's Party

Suria, Ranka, Micky

Agashi, Enmyou, Ken

Richard's Party

Alexis, Richard, Wilfred

Rebecca, Robin, Taquin

Susaou's Party

Leila, Susaou, Sukune

Jiraiya, Ojinu

Tanya's Party

Cheryl, Tanya, Cassandra

Selena, Emma, Marin

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