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... Through Baptism,
Confirmation, a time away,
A personal crisis,
re-engaging the Church,
and Finally,
To Father Keith Hathaway.

Fr Hathaway
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National Vocation Awareness Week

National Vocation Awareness Week occurs from November 1-7. Teachers, catechists, homeschoolers, parish vocation chairs and committees may all incorporate into lesson plans ideas to promote this event. Resources are available on the Serra US web site under "Vocations." Or search for resources by typing: "National Vocation Awareness Week.

Vocation Stories

What do an Eagle Scout, backpacking in the mountains, and an Easter/Christmas family have to do with answering Our Lord's call?
Ten thousand feet, fifty pounds of backpack on your back, stepping gingerly on some rocks next to a mountain stream barely wider than the length of your leg ... and the unthinkable happened to a boy foolish enough to think he could go against the training of his Philmont Ranger - "stay off the wet rocks". Slipping on moist rocks, he went sideways into water barely deep enough to come up to his ankles. The rushing water was upon him as he went from surprise to drenched before he could get the backpack off and shake off some water. He shouted to no one in particular "Stupid!" as the bone chilling cold was soaking up any warmth his body could muster. He was in trouble!

He was 17 years old, a veteran Eagle Scout and experienced enough to know better. All his clothes were wet so he built a fire and tried to dry off. What he did not know is that Hypothermia can disorient your thinking and the errors he was making were contributing to his condition. However, Our Lord was looking after him as another group of Boy Scouts came across him as he was going into shock. A warm cabin, dry clothes, a blanket, and warm fluids were all part of the prescription toward good health.

"I thought I was going to die" were the thoughts running through his mind as his friends looked after him. He rummaged through his backpack and found a Bible and a rosary that the Philmont Chaplain offers to every Scout at base camp before they head into the mountains for 10 days. Keith Hathaway found comfort in the words of the Bible and inner peace in the prayers of the Holy Rosary. His rehabilitation became less and less about the physical recovery and more and more about the spiritual renewal.

Circa 2007. Seminarian Keith Hathaway (Far Right) listens to the testimony given by Fr Rocco at the Church in Chimayo, NM. Later, Keith also related his story of conversion to a pilgrimage of Boy Scouts and several were moved to consider a vocation.

His parents were surprised when he began going to church. Keith invited everyone in his family to go with him and succeeded in convincing his sister to join him. Eventually, the whole family would join him. During the next several years, Keith enrolled in RCIA, read the Catechism of the Catholic Church, participated in parish activities, and received the Sacrament of Confirmation. Keith was at St Jude so often that they began asking him if he had ever considered becoming a Catholic priest. Discussions with Father Kyle Walterscheid, attending diocesan discernments, and talking to priests led him to the 2006 decision to give his life to Christ. Holy Trinity Seminary, studies at Theological College, and a pastoral year at the Immaculate Conception parish in Denton led to his ordination during May 2015.

Father Keith Hathaway now takes his faith journey to St Joseph's Catholic Church in Arlington, Tx for his first experience as a shepherd of Our Lord's Church.

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