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From service repair to regular maintenance, we have years of experience with Lennox Industries, Trane, and most other major brands of air conditioning/heating equipment.

Service Options
  • 9 Point Inside System Check
  • Check Filters
  • Check Drains
  • Indoor Fan Motor
  • Indoor Capacitor
  • Indoor Evaporator Coil Check (if accessible)
  • Visual inspection of copper lines
  • Visual inspection of entire unit and duct work
  • Thermostat Check
  • Verify no "rubbing" of any pieces to ensure holes are not created

  • 9+ Point Outside System Check
  • Check Condensor Coil
  • Check Refrigerant
  • Compressor Evaluation (this is the single most expensive piece of entire system)
  • Check Contactors
  • Check Capacitors
  • Check Fan Motors
  • Check Fan Motor Bearings/Oil (if applies)
  • Clean Condensor Coil if needed
  • Check Copper Lines
  • Visual Inspection (Lawn mowers can damage unit, copper tubing, cause freon leaks, etc)
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  • Military Discounts
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Regular maintenance is the key to saving money in the long run. If a compressor goes out, it usually costs as much as buying a whole new unit ... so a veteran who knows how to get 5 more years out of a compressor is better than having your equipment go out when you can least afford it. Service or Maintenance Contracts is one way to spot trouble and correct it or ensuring you get the maximum life out of your overall system. If a compressor lasts for 20 years, you've just saved at least 1 replacement system.
  • Service Contracts
  • Maintenance Contracts
  • FREE New Installation Estimates
  • New Air Conditioning Installation
  • New Heating Unit Installation
  • Change Out of Equipment
  • Condensor Change Outs
  • Gas Furnace Work
  • Heat Pump Work


You just can't outdo someone who has 25 years experience at doing the right thing ... saving customers money ... and educating on the best way to maintain a $ 5-8,000 part of your home.
We know its important for you to know who you are trusting with your equipment so here are a few facts regarding Hershul's Air 1 Company:
  • 25 years experience with a top notch air conditioning/heating company who set a high standard on personal service
  • Air 1 is Bonded
  • Air 1 is Insured
  • N.A.T.E. Certified (Hershul takes annual refresher courses to maintain certification)
  • EPA Certified
  • Hershul Smith's Lic # TACLB57565E (Hershul takes annual refresher courses to maintain certification)
  • Serving Ft Worth and all surrounding areas


Company History

Hershul Smith has had 25 years of experience in an industry where you don't want to take a chance with your air conditioning system that may have cost you up to $5 - 8,000. Here is Hershul's story ...
Hershul began his career at the Fort Worth Trade School wanting to become a mechanic but found his love for the science of air conditioning and heating. And for 28 years, all his customers are glad he did.
Once he received his graduation from Trade School, he worked for United Refrigerant for 10 years before migrating to HVAC Technical Company. He was employed 5 years servicing all brands of air conditioning equipment before joining Muncy Heating & Air Conditioning. He was employed by John Muncy for 13 years and has recently struck out on his own to continue a legacy of satisfying customers throughout the Metroplex.

When you call someone up to take a look at your $ 10,000 air conditioner, its comforting to know you've got someone who has seen just about everything in the last 28 years. Experience = Fix It The First Time = Low Cost.

After all, there's too much money tied up in a system to put a band-aid on something when a veteran knows how to really solve the problem.

Customer Testimonials

We have a 25 year record of bringing satisfaction to our customers ... but don't take our word for it. Talk to a few of our greatest fans!
  • Tim and Carey Johnson (Fort Worth, Tx) .... We highly recommend Air 1 Air Conditioning & Heating for any services you may need. We have had the privilege of being able to speak personally with the owner, Hershul Smith, on more than one occasion and have never been disappointed. Mr. Smith and his staff have always been professional, courteous, timely, knowledgeable, honest, and reasonably priced.

    Our central air and heat unit located inside the house was the original unit dating back to 1977 and was giving us problems as you can imagine. We were not in a position to update the system so Mr. Smith promptly came each time we called for help and patiently worked on the dinosaur of a unit. On one occasion, Mr. Smith received a frantic call for help as we had a situation wherein the air conditioner unit dumped water all over a hard wood floor that had been installed hours earlier that day. Mr. Smith installed equipment and sensors to shut off the system if water was detected to avoid another occurrence. Shortly thereafter, we decided to upgrade the system.

    Mr. Smith was extremely helpful in explaining our options and giving us suggestions as to the size and type of unit that would work best for our home. In addition, he made suggestions on things we could do to be more energy efficient although we never felt we were being pushed into buying anything we didn't want. Once our selections were made, Mr. Smith ordered and installed the new unit and we subsequently reduced our electric bill in half. Obviously, we can't say that will happen for all customers but it was our experience.

    On another occasion, we called Mr. Smith on behalf of our adult daughter who had been seriously ill in the hospital for a week and was dismissed on a holiday weekend only to arrive to a blistering hot home in the summer. Mr. Smith and his family arrived promptly to review the situation and was able to get the unit working through the weekend. Once he obtained the appropriate parts, he returned to finish the job. We so appreciated his kindness and efforts in that situation especially since it was during an unusually busy summer period when everyone is in need of service.

    The services we have obtained through Air1 Air Conditioning & Heating and Mr. Smith are top notch all the way. We would NEVER call anyone else. They do a GREAT job!

  • David and Valerie McDaniel (North Richland Hills, Tx) Years ago, my wife and I purchased a house we really did not like but it was in an area where we wanted to live. The main problem was that the house had only window units for air conditioning. Hershul was just learning the air business and we let him outfit us with a complete heating and air unit.

    A couple of years ago, we expanded our living room and the original system was unable to keep up with the extra cooling requirements. We again called on Hershul to design and install a new unit. The new efficient system has been providing excellent service for our heating and cooling needs the past couple of cold winters and extremely hot summers.

    I would recommend you allow Hershul and Air 1 be your first and only call for professional air conditioning service. David and Valerie McDaniel

Contact Information

Whenever you need us, please give us a call so we can make sure you are comfortable.
However, I may be up in an attic that's 120 degrees so it may take a few minutes for me to get back with you.

Hershul prefers a phone call 817.377.2471

but if needed, send an

Special Offer

Please look here for future SPECIALS! We usually send a postcard for "winterizing" your system


Get ready for Texas Heat Special (before it hits 100 degrees!)
Our "Getting Ready For Summer" Package includes ...
  • System Check

  • Refrigerant Check ... always important to have your system up to standard because ... we tend to have hotter than normal weather in Texas!

  • Filters ... if you're filters aren't changed frequently, it can choke off needed air capacity and eventually lead to the ruin of your compressor. (I've changed filters that have looked worse than a tar pit)

  • Air Intake ... Is your unit getting enough air coming in to properly cool your home?
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