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An Ethical Evaluation

This Web Page is devoted to an evaluation of physician assisted suicide, removal of life support, and other forms of euthanasia with a Christian veiwpoint.

...The record of a previously noble life is precisely what makes it sheer insult to allow death in pitiful degradation. We may not wish to 'die with our boots on,' but we may well prefer to die with our brains on�. I have preferred chloroform to cancer.
--Frances Perkins Gilman

Evaluation Works Consulted Hippocratic Oath
Special Thanks to
Mrs. Fredna Stuckey
Meghan Bender
Daniel Wynja
LeTourneau University's Spring 2001 Engl 1023-04 class
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All third person masculine pronouns are used for the lack of a unisex alternative. It in no way shape and/or form implies any inequity between men and women in the medical proffesion.