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Identifying Daisy

Daisy is a doll that was used as a premium for 3 subscriptions and $4.50 to the Ladies Home Journal in 1911. There were a total of 26,000 dolls made. The original order was for 5,000 dolls to be made by the JD Kestner doll company in Germany.  This doll was a Kestner 171 head with a composition body.  Simon and Halbig also supplied dolls that are marked Heirich/Handwerck Germany 1.

It isn't a Daisy unless:

bullet  It is 18 inches tall.
bullet  Has Blonde Hair (usually Mohair)
bullet  Has Blue Eyes (usually sleep)
bullet  The Bottom Lashes are painted straight down.
bullet  Has a Ball-Jointed Kestner Body
bullet  An Open Mouth with 4 Teeth
bullet  Upper Lashes are Mohair

Pictures of Daisy

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The following dolls are owned by Betty Fronefield

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The Daisy in the box is marked -- Germany, Heinrich Handwerck, Simon & Halbig 1
She is in a box marked -- "Genuine Handwerck Doll" , HANDWERCK's BEBE COSMOPOLITE  She is completely original and has not been played with.

She is 18 inches tall and wearing the original dress as pictured in Ladies Home Journal. In her box was pattern 6511 - "Lettie Lane's Most Beautiful Doll  In Her Party Clothes." This was the final pattern offered by LHJ for Daisy.

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This Daisy is the Kestner 171 model.
She is marked -

G 1/2 made in 7 1/2

Her clothes are old and could have been sewn using one of the Daisy patterns. She is wearing a human hair wig that appears to be original to the doll.
Her shoes are not old.





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This is the Kestner 171 wearing the S&H wig. Big difference.

The "underwaist" and "drawers" are made using vintage fabric and lace from pattern 5954 for Lettie Lane's doll. The underwaist should be tucked into the drawers, however I left it out to show how the underwaist was sewn.

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