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Rusk, Texas Volksmarch 05/11/2002

Rusk is in Cherokee County. Doing this volksmarch brought my count of Texas counties to 92. We did the 5K so we would have time to catch the Texas State Railroad for a ride to Palestine and back.

The walk started at the Rusk Elementary School on Hwy 84. The school was open so we could use their facilities.

The walk started out by circling the school. We were amazed by this huge tree stump near the playground.

This nice restored home was on both the 5K and 10K route. The routes split here.

This footbridge holds the record for the longest footbridge in the nation.

Historic marker for the bridge.

The bridge was long, but it wasn't very high off the ground.

Rusk has a large number of magnolia trees. Here is a close up of a bloom.

As we were finishing up, Mary, Phyllis and Frank were signing up to start.

Click here if you would like to see the train pictures.

We went back to Rusk after the train ride and did the middle of the walk so we'd have a 10K.

This is the entrance to Bonner Park.

Historical marker for the park.

These steps lead up to an empty field!?

We followed the trail to a Catholic Church. We found red AVA ribbon the trail sweeper missed, since the walk was already over we went ahead and took it down.

We found a new use for the AVA tape.

Pretty roses in the cemetary.

Reading an inscription.


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