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Riding the Train 05/11/2002

They have several steam engines, our engine this morning was Number 300.

Waiting to board.

Ice cream made the wait easier.

It was a warm day, and the ice cream melted fast.

This is a very nice trail with tall pines along the edge of the lake.

They have several styles of passenger cars. We chose the comfortable one with the padded seats.

Our conductor, Duane, came by and punched our tickets. They announced over the speaker that he was celebrating his 64th birthday today. Happy Birthday Duane!

Bunker and Sherry were up the car from us. It was fun trying to keep my balance so I could walk up there and talk to them. They enjoyed the Rusk Volksmarch before riding the train too.

Picture of one of the many trestle crossings.

Waiting for the other train to pass. The couple at the back were from South Africa. They had a great accent.

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After an hour layover they had the engine switched to the other end of the train, and we headed back to Rusk.

This couple from Tyler told us they had done the Volksmarch in Rusk that morning also. It was their first event. Hope they come back for more.

I took advantage of the curve to try and get a picture of the train. They don't like you to put your head out the window!

I think this was the Nueches River.

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