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Hello Everyone. My name is Raymond "Chock" Chitty. That is me in the pic below here. I have a Country & Western Band called "The Ranch Hands Band". We play dances for VFW & Senior Citizens Dances. We play all kinds of Country & Western Swing. Within this site you will mainly find pictures of my band, friends & guests, at the various places we have played & see what it is like. Well, if you would like to book my band in the local area, contact me at (903) 677-5542 or email me at & I will get back with you when I get a chance. Id like to thank you for coming & checking out my website & hope that you enjoy what you find within. Thanks and Have A Nice Day. Bye.(While you are here, please take the time to sign my Guestbook below. Thanks!)

All this would not be possible w/out the help of my sweetheart Joyce!

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Band Pictures
Pictures of Friends & More
Some of the original Ranch Hands
Our Friend Miss Texas 1995
A Union Member Too
My Immediate Family
Mom, Dad, & their Children
Then & Now
Gone to the Dogs
Luke's Last B-day Party
Kaufman County Senior Citizens Dance
Chitty Family Reunion 2001 (SLIDESHOW)
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