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Carly Jarmon, Miss Texas 1995

I have known Carly Jarmon since she was about 7 or 8 years old. Her dad Woody Jarmon and I worked together for several years before my retirement in 1991. I worked for & with him! He is owner & Mgr. of a Fire Protection Co., Green Fire of Dallas. He and I would go to look at jobs and he would say, "Carly has a pagent close by," so we would sneak in the back and watch her perform. She has won about every pagent she has entered. She has many, many throphies. She is now married to Bengie Gill, former baseball player for the Texas Rangers, and at last count has a big baby boy about 8 months or so old. Joyce and I are very proud to have known such a GREAT person as Carly. SHE HAS MADE TEXAS PROUD!

Joyce's signed picture

Miss Teen Dallas 1991

Miss Teen Texas 1992

Me & Joyce w/Carly

Me & "Woody Jarmon"

Me & Carly again

Carly w/my daughter Melony & friend

Group of Pics

Me singing w/Carly

Carly w/Mae Murray on Left & Mable Parker voted "Mississippi Queen" for 100 years in 1940.

Carly at Official Opening of the Kaufman Country Livestock Show & Fair 1996

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