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The League of Celtic Nations joined the Amarillo Public Libraries for our 2003 National Tartan Day activities!

League of Celtic Nations

Our President, Taylor Norman, gave two presentations on Scottish Heritage in honor of TARTAN DAY.

The first presentation, on
"History of the Gaelic Language, the Ancient Language of the Celts"
with a tie in to the Celtic Nations of today was held Monday, April 7th,2003 at the Amarillo East Branch Library

The second presentation, on
"A Celebration of Scottish Heritage"
with a mix of Scottish History and History of Highland Dress. was held Wednesday, April 9th, 2003 at the Amarillo Central Library (meeting rooms).

Yes, as as all our events, we collected canned food for the HIGH PLAINS FOOD BANK!

April 6 was designated TARTAN DAY by a Resolution passed by the U.S. Senate March 20, 1998.

This resolution reads:

WHEREAS April 6 has a special significance for all Americans, and especially those Americans of Scottish descent, because the Declaration of Arbroath, the Scottish Declaration of Independence, was signed on April 6, 1320 and the American Declaration of Independence was modeled on that inspirational document; and

WHEREAS this resolution honors the major role that Scottish Americans played in the founding of this Nation, such as the fact that almost half of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were of Scottish descent, the Governors in 9 of the original 13 States were of Scottish ancestry, and Scottish Americans successfully helped shape this country in its formative years and guide this Nation through its most troubled times; and

WHEREAS Scottish Americans have made monumental achievements and invaluable contributions that have led to America's preeminence in the fields of science, technology, medicine, government, politics, architecture, literature, media, and visual and performing arts; and

WHEREAS there are more than 200 organizations throughout the United States that honor Scottish heritage, tradition and culture, representing the hundreds of thousands of Americans of Scottish descent residing in every state; and

WHEREAS those numerous individuals, clans, societies, clubs, and fraternal organizations join us in recognizing the great contributions of the Scottish people to this state and nation; now therefore

BE IT RESOLVED BY THE U.S. SENATE that we hereby designate April 6, each year as National Tartan Day, in recognition of the immense contributions made by Scottish Americans.