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Toeth's Game Show Insights
Toeth's Game Show Insights
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A 2nd Interview with Barker's Beauty, Claudia Jordan.

Claudia Jordan

Toeth: Thanks for doing this 2nd Interview. How has your career been?

Claudia: My career is ok... I would like to be busier.. I had a small part in the Movie "Simone" with Al Pacino and I am looking for some work as a host right now and I may be doing a campaign for Fredericks of Hollywood.

Toeth: I think it's great that The Price is Right has entered it's 31st season. Is it any different from Previous seasons?

Claudia: Yes it is different because Nikki and Heather are no longer there and Rod will no longer be seen on televison. In my opinion those were two very bad decisions. I don't know who made them, but I do not agree.

Toeth: Sorry to hear Nikki is leaving the show. Not long after Heather. I imagine they were good friends. How are you taking it?

Claudia: I am not taking the departure of Heather and the firing of Nikki too well, because I dont know the reason she was let go and neither does Nikki . So that makes it pretty scary for me bacause I dont know what NOT TO DO to keep my job. I really miss the two of them. They were like sisters to me. We had a wonderful friendship... the three of us.

Toeth: It's unfortunate Rod Roddy is encountering another battle with cancer. How is he doing?

Claudia: Rod is recovering, but whey then operated on him they found 3 tumors instead of just one so he is remaining in the hospital much longer than expected. But Rod is a trooper and he will be back to work just as soon as it is humanly posssible. He is great. But his surgery was extremely serious and he was in tremendous pain.

Toeth: You seem to be the only permanent Barker Beauty as this time. Are they auditioning again to find replacements?

Claudia: Yes, new girls are coming to tryout every week. There were a few that I really liked, especially one woman named Lisa Gleave, she is a beautiful model from Australia with a very good attitude.

Toeth: Do you know if there are any plans of new Primetime Specials for 2003?

Claudia: I hear there is talk of taking the show to New York City and taping 6 episodes from Radio City Music Hall. That would be wonderful!!! I hope it happens and that I am still with the show to see it for myself!

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(This 2nd Interview was completed via e-mail 9/27/02.)

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