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Toeth's Game Show Insights
Toeth's Game Show Insights
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Interview with Barker Beauty, Claudia Jordan

Claudia Jordan

TGSI= Toeth's Game Show Insights, CJ= Claudia Jordan

TGSI: Have you done any similar work prior to joining The Price is Right?

CJ: I haven't done any other gamseshows before TPIR. But I have done a lot of other jobs. Over 200 print bookings, 11 National TV commercials, many music videos guest starring roles on a couple of TV shows and a couple cameos in some movies. One with Al Pacino comming out this summer called "Simone". I was also a finalist in the Miss USA pageant in 1997 (Miss Rhode Island).

TGIS: How did you obtain the job?

CJ: I just went to the big open call they had for the job. There were hundreds of pretty girls there. I thought it was a long shot. But that's how I do best, long shots. My entire career has been getting lucky in a series of LONG SHOTS.

TGSI: Were you a regular viewer of The Price is Right before you got the job?

CJ: I really didnt watch the Price is Right much at all. Only a few times. My mother did though. When she arrived here from Italy years ago she was a regular viewer. I didnt watch much tv growing up. I was more of an outdoors type of kid.

TGSI: What was your favorite moment in the shows' history?

CJ: My favorite Price is Right moment??? Well. That's easy! The day they annouced me as a permanent Barkers Beauty! There are countless days that I laugh and really enjoy my job cause there are so many funny moments. Especially the back stage antics with Me & Nikki!

TGSI: How is it being able to work with Bob Barker?

Claudia and Bob Barker

CJ: Bob... well..... we don't get to interact much with him. He is a very good host and is witty every day with the contestants. He has so much experience. Rod Roddy is a great announcer! I think he is so sweet! A real nice guy, too!

TGSI: Although it may look simple on TV, did they have any rehearsals to learn how to present the prizes?

CJ: Yes, we rehearse every day for an hour and show everything before we tape, its more for the camera guys than for us. We pretty much got it down! :)

TGSI: What is your favorite Price is Right game?

CJ: My favorite games are Plinko cause you can win cash, and everyone loves it. And also ITS IN THE BAG, another game that you can win cash in cause I like how Bob toys with the contestants and leaves them in suspense. Good build up!

TGSI: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

CJ: In my spare time I try to go to as many auditions as possible. I am constantly looking for work. I would like to host my own show one day. I also run every day and love to shop and cook. I am a pretty good cook. I have three cats that I take care of (my kids) and they are Nuetered!

TGSI: Those are all the questions. Thank you for your time! : )

CJ: Thanks........ Claudia.
(This interview was completed via e-mail 7/02/02.)

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