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The Satin is classified as a large size breed. Senior bucks and does must be 8 months or older and bucks ate to weigh 8 1/2 to 10 1/2 pounds. Where does are to be 9 to 11 pounds. The ideal weight for a buck is 9 1/2 pounds and the does is 10 pounds. Intermediate bucks and does are to be 6 to 8 months and the weight is to be for bucks is not over 9 pounds. Does are not to be over 9 1/2 pounds. Juniors are under 6 months of age and are to to weigh over 8 1/2 pounds. Pre-Juniors age limit is 3 months and the weight is not over 6 pounds.

Pre-Juniors are to be judged primarily for meat and fur quality, but also to teach the breeders how to cull young stock. Pre-juniors are separated by variety, and in to buck and doe classes.

Juniors and Intermediate which exceed maximum weight limits maybe shown in s higher age classification. No animal may be shown in a lower age classification that it true age. 

Color to correspond to the color variety requirements.

The different color that are recognized are as follows:

Color Group: Black, Blue, Otter, Red, Copper, Chinchilla, White, Chocolate, Siamese, and Californian.

Pattern Group: Broken are to included any recognized variety (except white & Californians) of the breed in conjunction white. Colored sections of the broken are to match, as closely as possible to the standard for the color variety. 

General Body Type : The body is to be of medium length, with depth that approximate width throughout its entire length. It is to taper uniformly from the hindquarters to the shoulder. Top body view (when viewed from the side) should start immediately behind the ears with a deep shoulder and rise continuously to a high point over the center of the hips, and then fall in a smooth curve downward to the base of the tail. It should form a back,lion and hindquarters that are full and smooth, and well rounded. Size and shape of the head and ears are to be in proportion to the general conformation for proper overall balance. Bone is to medium length and straight, with rather short legs. Ears are to be well furred and carried erect. Eyes are to be bright and bold.

Faults are as listed in the ARBA Satin breed description.

Fur : There is two basic difference in Satin Fur. (1) a finer diameter hair shaft and (2) a more transparent hair shell. Satins appear m ore brilliant in color compared to normal fur breeds. The sheen is due to the clarity of the glass like hair shell and its ability to reflect light. The coat should be well balanced, with uniform length. The fur should be set tight to the skin, without breaks due to moulting, and free from mats and stains. It must have an appearance of distinct,glossy, lustrous sheen.

There are two official fur classes: Colored Satin Fur - All varieties except white an California. White Satin Fur Class - Is for Whites and Californian. 

Faults and Disqualification are listed in the ARBA Satin Breed description.

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