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*Top left is Taffany with her pen of Red Satin that she made sale with at our county show. Her first year in 4-H - 2001.

* Middle at the Top is Tiffany and Bret doing Showmanship at our county show - 2005

*Tiffany and Casli just after they had won Youth Showmanship at the 2006 Collin County Youth Livestock Show

Tiffany took first  and Calsi took Second in the Jr. division 2006

Middle right is Jennifer holding one of her satins at the TRBA State Show with Doug behind her taking care of they satins - 2005.

*Middle Left is Jennifer and Debbie working at one of the tables Youth weekend at the Fort Worth Stock show - 2006

*Bottom is Doug working on control sheet  Youth Weekend at the Fort Worth Stock Show - 2006



 We are located in Farmersville Texas which is North East of Dallas. Between Greenville and McKinney. 

Little did we know that we got our start in rabbits when our Son Bret (being 5 at the time) was a Hoto Mix Bunny at a local Easter Egg Hunt. Bret named him Wazzles. 

Towards the end of 1999/2000 school year Tiffany (in second grade and 7 at the time) decided she wanted to show rabbits in 4-H the next school year.  So I started to look around at all the different breeds of rabbits. There was a family that my husband Doug know through work that raised show rabbits. So we went to see what they had. After looking at the different breeds they had we decided on a little Seal Jr. Jersey Wooly Buck. Tiffany named him Thunder for he looked like a Thunder Cloud. Shortly after that Mickie a Jr.  Broken Steel Mini Lop Buck came to live with us. Since then we have gotten into Satins.

After contacting Gay Simpson who is Mickie's breeder. We were invited to come to a Blue Ridge Rabbit 4-H meeting. We felt right at home from the first meeting and have been with the group for 3 years now. With the help of Gay Simpson, Judy Collinsworth, and Karen Lindwall/Bourg who help us get started showing and teaching us the thing we need to know.

I would like to thank all those who have helped us get a super start in the rabbits. Carolyn Cooney ( Jersey Woolies), Lisa Hunt ( Satins), Gay Simpson ( Mini Lop & Satins), Loretta Karl ( Mini Lops), Jody Bean ( Satins & Mini Lops),  Pearl Nettles ( Mini Lops), Richard & Pat Mallory ( Satins),  Janay Lyons ( Satins), Lindy Cawthon ( Jersey Wooly), Judy Collinsworth (Jersey Wooly),  Debbie Hill (Netherland Dwarf), Karen Lindwall/Bourg (4-H Rabbit Leader ), her kids Melanie (Mini Lops), Matthew, and Andrew. Also to all the Judges that took time to answer all the countless questions and to teach us what we needed to know about our breeds.

I am Jennifer Hoover better know as just Mom. I have been breeeding, raise and show Border Collies for 10 years now.. With the knowledge learned from breeding for excellent temperament, sound conformation, wonder disposition and the most important of all working ability in my Border Collies. I have put that knowledge to work for us in the rabbits. Understanding the difference breeds needs and standards we are striving for quality rabbit for showing that have wonderful temperaments.

We hope that you will take time to look at our site and that you will let us know what you think. Check out the Nest Box to see what rabbits are for sale and when we are expecting our next litters. Yes we will ship rabbits.

The drawn pictures that are found on this web site are drawn by Jennifer and Tiffany Hoover.  The Mini Lop (Mickie) is the drawing that Tiffany did for the 4-H State Show in 2000. She won the Junior Division with her drawing of Mickie. 

We belong to 

ARBA ( American Rabbit Breeders Association)

TRBA  (Texas Rabbit Breeders Association)

ASRBA ( American Satin Rabbit Breeders Association) 

SCRBA ( Stephens County Rabbit Breeders Association)

LSSRBA ( Lone Star Satin Rabbit Breeders Association)

SWRBA ( Southwest Rabbit Breeders Association)

RCNT ( Rabbit Club of North Texas)

ANDRC (American Netherland Dwarf Club)

ONDRC ( Oklomha Netherland Dwarf Club)

TNDRC ( Texas Netherland Dwarf Club)

ABPRS ( Amercian Britannia Petite Rabbit Society)

We are also a registered Rabbitry with TRBA.

We happily work with kids from all over the state of Texas and outside in 4-H and FFA as well at the regular shows.
If you are needing help or have any question please feel free to e-mail or call us.

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