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Texas FTWW Radio Organization's CB&DX Radio Website Awards for year 2000

The Following Websites Are the World's Best for the year 2000!

This is some of the Awards that the below winners can have!

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The following websites are the best top 5% CB Radio webpages in the world

The winners have permission to place on their websites any of the TFTWWRO Gold or other Awards


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This CB RADIO Net Ring is owned by Texas FTWW Radio Organization

2001 Gold WebStar CB Radio Winners

The websites below have won several prizes and awards.Send E-Mail to the TFTWWRO if you don't find an award you like.Take All you want.Please link back to this page.

  • Your own Gold WebStar Club
  • More about your club of Elite Winners
  • Awards
  • Awards
  • Awards
  • Awards
  • Awards
  • Awards
  • Awards
  • Our Winners of the awards for the year 2000 are listed below.The Awards above are just a few that they won.

  • Puldin HAM & CB Radio Club(Papa Charlie)
  • Indonesian DX Club ( IDXC Homepage )
  • Silverthorn Radio Club
  • West Wales,UK. HAM&CB Coastal Breakers (163 Division)
  • The Defpom Website
  • Sierra Fox DX Group
  • The Dew-Drop INN--Radio Room
  • HAM Radio links: Homebrew related
  • Delta Kilo International 11 Meter Radio Group
  • Back-Yard-Radio (eBay View)
  • Sandusky CB Club
  • TexasFTWWRadioO's 101 Free Items
  • The Solway Pirates CB/QSL Club-Ayr Branch(Number 1 in South West Scotland)
  • NW7US Amateur Radio Command Center
  • IDXC.ORG-Indonesian DX Club
  • AC6V's Amateur Radio & DX Reference Guide
  • National Communications Magazine
  • Whiskey Delta International Side Band Club
  • Radio Pinoy
  • Radio Subject Library
  • $$ 965's Station Site
  • Rocky Mountain Survival Group
  • VA3WM Swap & Shop
  • You want a BIG Radio? DAVEMADE Amplfiers
  • Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Depot
  • Boat Anchors Manufacturers (Plenty of good Radio Information)
  • The NorCal QRP Club
  • RC Web Directory (The Ultimate Guide to Radio-Control Modeling on the Web)
  • CB&HAM-Hobbies and Crafts ( The How to do it page )
  • Scan Shack
  • R&R Communications
  • KO6YQ's HAM Radio Index
  • Newsgate Web Server
  • Life Local Information for Essex(Over 10,000 Organizations -Add Yours today)
  • WA8PHD website
  • ZS1 Six Metre Homepage
  • Glenn/AA5PK's Home Page
  • Family Radio Service (FRS) Information Page
  • Bexar County REACT Team #4950
  • The Official Website of W3AM
  • Alfa Charly DX Group
  • Apex Audio Online-Wholesale Audio and Electronics
  • The SSB Network
  • Knights CB Radio Home Page
  • CB Radio Modifications
  • CB Radio Resources on the 'Net
  • Firestik CB Radio Antennas and Acessories
  • Mustang CB Radio Social Club Perth Western Australia
  • Palco Electronics Sells CB Radios at Discount Prices
  • CB City
  • How to buy a CB Radio & More Information
  • (TELREN)Talkabout Two Way Radios/Scanners/CB Radios
  • CB Radio Resources Page ( Nice place to place your link)
  • CB Radio.Com ( Cb Radio & Communications Products )
  • Stewart Electronics
  • Ken's Electronics has Cb repair parts& tuneup manuals and CB Radio Schematics
  • SLC Distributing ( Has CB Radios and too much to list )
  • White Cliffs DX Group
  • Ontario Dx Association
  • Raper's Ham Radio Corner
  • Radio Monitors of Maryland
  • WD4HIM Bruce Orlando, Florida
  • The Underground World of Bonnie Crystal
  • River Oaks Car Stereo
  • Dragon Distributing
  • Australian Communications Authority
  • DLC West
  • Galaxy
  • Radio-Locator
  • R.L. Drake Company
  • ARRL, The national association for Amateur Radio -- Helping Hams Get Started Since 1914.
  • The WWW Virtual Library: Amateur Radio
  • Don't Let Them N.A.B. OurAirwaves
  • Free Radio is a Relief
  • Dominical Letter
  • WhidbeyNet Internet Services
  • Best of the Web.Com
  • GRIPPO Guby Network(Noticias Radio)
  • Raper Enterprises Inc.
  • Canadian Biker ( Table of Contents )
  • Ben's Beginner Guide for Scanners
  • Radio Monitors of Maryland
  • Amateur Radio @ TUHH ( Amateurfunk TU Hamburg Harburg
  • WD4HIM HAM Links
  • The Underground World of Bonnie Crystal
  • River Oaks Car Stereo ( CB Radios )
  • Spanish Language Resources on the Internet
  • Radios in the Classroom ( Digest 99-3 )
  • LLL Reptile & Supply
  • Dragon Distributing
  • Australian Communications Authority
  • Jamiee/CB GB Online
  • Galaxy: Amateur Radio
  • The WWW Virtual Library: Amateur Radio
  • Radio-Locator
  • R.L. Drake Company Home Page
  • ARRL Web: Welcome to Amateur Radio ( HAM Radio )
  • TAPR Packet Radio
  • Don't Let Them NAB Our Airwaves
  • Cat & Mouse ( Tracking CB Game )
  • Grand Valley State University Amateur radio Council
  • Bowling Green State University ( Popular Press Catalog )
  • DX Communications-CB Radio
  • Listen to Scanner Frequencies all over New York!
  • Using your VHF Radio on Lake Ontario
  • Uniden Online ( Company Locations )
  • Astro-Wings Radio Control Club Charity Fun
  • KB4UCE Eddie's Frequency Page
  • Martin Luther University Amateur Radio Club DL0MLU
  • Getting started in Storm Chasing
  • CB Shed on Hwy 69
  • GVU's 6th WWW User Survey Collected Datasets
  • Radio Manager Mini 32
  • Sportsline USA
  • Novice Notes online
  • Ron's HAM Radio Page
  • Radio 101
  • Muir Communications
  • Zentralschweiz CB Club
  • How the Radio Works
  • 757's CB Page

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    Wednesday, January 03,2001

    The TFTWWRO's Awards for the year 2000

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    Here are some of your awards and prizes listed below!

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  • TFTWWRO's Free award's and free things for you!
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  • TFTWWRO 1997 Awards
  • The winner's awards website 1998
  • The Radio and top 5% Awards websites for the year 2000
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  • TFTWWRO at GeoCities
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  • The Moffitts
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