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owdy from the Lonestar state. We hope you come back now, You here?

he Texas Freight Train World Wide World Wide Radio Organization

Howdy from North/Central Texas right on the banks of the Red river. You got operator #13 on the band from Wichita Falls, Texas. How about that DX land, You got a copy on Hayrider in the Long Horn State? This is Operator #13 in the Texas Bad-Lands and we are looking for A long distance radio check..

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The following radio and non-radio web sites were voted the top 5% web sites in the world!

The votes are in and counted. The Number one Radio Web page voted by the TFTWWRO is K9WFY Ron's Home Page

Ron's Award

Please visit his wonderful web site and and sign his guest book too! God bless all you winners.

  • K9WFY Ron's Home Page
  • TFTWWRadio&FFA Org.
  • Voted World's Best CB Radio Web Sites in the Year 2000!!!

    The owner of the sites below should be honored that they are considered the top 5% web sites in the world from 1997 to 2000 !

  • Uncle Jim`s CB Radio Page
  • Voted the number one Radio web page in the world in 1997 by the TFTWWRO

  • Uncle Jim's TFTWWRO's Award in 1997

    The DX Zone was Voted number one Radio site in the world by the TFTWWRO in 1998
  • DX Zone
  • Keith A. Hamblin Trucking Magazine voted number one radio web site in 1999 by the TFTWWRO

    Keith A. Hamblin Internet Trucking Magazine
  • Best Cinnamon's Truck Driver page voted number one radio web site in the world by the TFTWWRO 1999

    Cinnamon's Truck driver page
  • Truck Driver Web Page
  • Romeo Golf ( Radio Geek's ) DX Page
  • Citizens Band Midwest USA
  • TFTWWRO's Radio Friends In Belfast Ireland
  • TFTWWRO's Friends in Colorado
  • CoaxKid
  • Galaxy Radios
  • Lost in the 70's
  • North American Digital Systems Directory
  • Another TFTWWRO web page
  • Online sample license exams!
  • Ham University
  • The QRZ callbook CDROM.
  • International QSL information
  • Latest Solar Images
  • Aurora
  • Bikini .com
  • Las Vegas Live
  • Coax Kid's Left Coast Radio
  • CB'ers Home Page
  • The Cb Guys' Web Page
  • Stewart Electronics...
  • REACT International
  • BH CB SCANNER REPAIR serving the Mid States since 1976
  • Rebzilla's Southern Stompin Ground
  • Welcome to Alabama Radio!
  • Beginners Guide to Ham Radio
  • Nick's Page o' Music
  • Products and Services
  • Ladd's Place
  • Dodgem's CB and Scanner Homepage
  • Wireless Marketing Corporation
  • 2-Way Radio Questions & Answers
  • Howard's Den
  • Cobra electronics
  • The American Electric Chair

  • Click here to see the Day you Die
  • Bill's 2-Way
  • Rangers ( RCI )
  • Radio Club
  • React
  • The White House
  • FBI's Ten Most Wanted
  • Copper Electronics
  • Sports Line
  • Sundance Films
  • Jimmy Buffett
  • Rock Mall
  • Mr. Showbiz
  • 475 Madison Avenue
  • Word
  • Vibe
  • Prettiest Lady on the Internet
  • Tammy's CB Radios and Disc Golf Page
  • Riddler
  • Faces
  • Muchmusic
  • MTV
  • MCA Cyberwalk
  • Paramount
  • Sony
  • TVNet
  • Movieweb
  • ESPNET SportsZone
  • NFL.Com
  • NBA.Com
  • Sports Illustrated
  • SportsLine USA
  • Planet Soccer
  • The WWW of Sports
  • Bill Nye the Science Guy
  • Street Cents
  • Disney Books
  • Disney Records
  • The Disney Channel
  • Seussville
  • Time For Kids
  • Britannica Online
  • The Smithsonian Institute
  • The Louvre
  • The Discovery Channel
  • PBS
  • Shakespeare
  • Time Magazine
  • CNN
  • The Point Cast Network
  • Business Week
  • Financial Times Group
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Time Vista
  • Fortune Magazine
  • Computer Life
  • Hayrider's CB Radios and Home Page
  • No Strokes Disc Golf Club
  • Slugger's Home Page Dog-O-Gram
  • CB City
  • Delta-Kilo Home Page
  • BR-549 CB Radio Home Page
  • Bones CB Radio Page
  • Trucking Info.Net
  • Virtual Texan
  • Bill's 2 Way
  • CB Source
  • CB Radio Operator Web Ring
  • Ken's Electronics
  • CB Radio Discount
  • CB Radio
  • No Brand Name CB Radio Equipment
  • Lee's Electronics
  • The CB Shop
  • CB Radio PowWow Chat Group
  • Access Mobile electronics
  • Roger williams Radio Corner
  • President CB Radio
  • AirWave Radio
  • CB International CB Radio
  • .PULDIN CB & HAM Radio Club
  • The North Shore CB Radio Club
  • UK CB Radio Links
  • Durham Radio
  • FireStik
  • CB RADIO Banner Exchange
  • React Intrnational
  • the Official CB Gazette Web Site/Woody QTH
  • Mudpuppy's CB Radio Page
  • Tyson's CB Radio Pages
  • CB Radio Operators Webring Chatroom
  • The CB GUY
  • Stubby's CB Radio Page
  • 757 CB Radio Page
  • Irving's Family Radio Home Page
  • WD4HIM Radio Web Links
  • VK's on the Internet
  • Citizen Net Homepage
  • CB Page The 70's all over again
  • Wimpee's CB Radio Homepage
  • Power House CB Page
  • Winchester's CB World
  • The Defpom CB and Amateur Radio Pages
  • Amateur Radio Russia
  • World Wide Alfa Tango
  • Alabama Radio
  • Running Eagle's CB World
  • International CB Club
  • Bryan's New Web Page

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    Clubs (Non-specific)


  • Canada: Oliver ARC - VE7OLV
  • Club de Radioamateur des Chercheurs (English)
  • Club de Radioamateur des Chercheurs (French)
  • Canada: HAMBURG - Ham Radio in Saskatoon.
  • BC, Prince George ARC
  • ONT, Kitchener Kitchener-Waterloo ARC
  • Ottawa CANADA's National Capital Region Packet Radio WWW
  • Ottawa Telephone Pioneer ARC
  • Quebec Club Radio Amateur Amos-Region - (French).
  • Quebec, Montreal Montreal/W.Quebec Amateur Packet Radio network

  • Local (non-North America)

    University (North America)

    Some of these may be listed under the wrong city/state - sometimes the web page didn't make the school's location clear.

    University (non-NA)

  • Copper Cactus, J-Pole Antenna plans

  • Antique or Vintage

    ATV & SSTV

    County Hunting

    CW Enthusiasts

  • United States Postal Service - lookup ZIPcodes, rates.
  • Canada: Southern Ontario Frequency Listings
  • HLMS (Anchorage Alaska) realtime AURORAL return plots
  • Radio Mods at OAK
  • Radio Mods at QRZ
  • USENET FAQ's on Radio

  • Governmental Bodies

  • 6-meter frequency list Canada, BC

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