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The picture above is the moon goddess and I thought it would be cute for the front page so get over it.... :P

***UPDATED 5-21-01***

~sits down in a chair all sleepy like, curled up in the chair with blankets pulled over me and my teddy held close to me~

Hiya people! Welcome to my somewhat tireless, boring site. See there won't be a lot on here because I have a web site that already has everything about me, but I'd figure I'd make one for this special handle of mine....but then again maybe it will have quite a few things on here...~lil smile~....

Ummm tryin to think of some warnings...I should give...~thinkin~...~song playin to the tune of Jeporady~ dun dun dun dun dun dun...Ahhh...~sits up in chair~...Main warnin is some of the words on here jus might not make since to ya or maybe the will...and you jus think I'm a complete idiot cause I can't spell But I do that on purpose jus cause..thats how I talk to muh friends...well usually...anywayz...~scratches chin~...maybe I outta put up a page that tells what the words are and how I say 'em jus so ya know..and give me a break I'm a from Texas so that's my 'scuse and I'm a stickin to it....~sweet lil grin~...~lays back down in chair~..Enjoy the rest of my site, and come back ofen cause I do update it every once in awhile...~nods~..

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