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Well Here I told you I would make a section helpin you out with muh words.....so here ya go......

Here ya go..the word on the left is muh word, and the one on the right is the word it means...~S~.

1. muh=my

2. jus=just

3. outta=ought to


5. ya=you

6. 'scuse=excuse


8. somfin=something

9. 'preciate=appreciate

10. 'bout=about

and if there are more I'll be sure to come back and put 'em on...

Also here are what some of muh abbreviations (sp) I have on here mean too, but ya might know what they are if you chat or maybe if your jus so damn smart..but for ya'lls who don't well there....

1. ~gglz~=giggles

2. ~L~=laugh...

and if there are more I'm sure I'll put 'em up too