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From Lygumai Revision List, 1858:


1. Erukhim (age 38, as of 1858) married Feyge

- Taube (age 8, as of 1858)

And in same household were:

Iosel RESNIK (age 39 as of 1858; son of Wulf) married Freyde (age 35 as of 1858; daugh of Chaim) [probably related to Jenny Feige RESNIK and Naomi Krona RESNIK who married Isaac LEGUM -- see Isaac Legum Family Tree -- and Simon LEGUM -- see Simon Legum Family Tree -- respectively. And see Resnik Family Tree]

Erukhim is probably the same as the following Yerochak. (Note that the family trees of each of the children of Yerochak are accessed below via links to their respectives webpages):

Yerochak LEGUM married Frieda (or Jacob and Fannie) (May have originally been Savel, which would suggest that the family may have originated in Shavel/Siauliai, the closest major city to Ligum and Pakroy.)

1. Isaac (see Isaac Legum Family Tree) married Jennie Fay RESNIK (see Resnik Family Tree)

2. Abe (see Abe Legum Family Tree) married Channe BALSER (see Balser Families Genealogy)

3. Aaron (see Aaron Legum Family Tree) married Annie (or Dora Willis? according to Barry Mann)