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Kibbe Coat of Arms

The Kibbe Family History

Kibbe Coat of Arms

The Kibbe family has a long and illustrious history in America. From the first settlers from England to the Texas revolution to the present day, Kibbes have been involved with making America great. This page is dedicated to a small part of that history, and to my ancestors to whom I owe all. Most of the information contained here was taken from "Kibbe Genealogical Notes" By Doreen Potter Hanna.

The Following is my male lineage from one generation into England
Edward Kibbe 1585 - ?
Edward Kibbe II 1611-1694
Elisha Kibbe 1683-1735
Isaac Kibbe 1683-1766
Isaac Kibbe II 1731- 1779
Gauis Kibbe 1765-1821
William Kibbe 1813 - 1878
William Gaius Kibbe 1842-?
Joseph Everard Kibbe 1864-?
Joseph Everard Kibbe II 1893-1975
William Richard Kibbe 1918-1974
Charles Gaius Kibbe 1951-present
Charles Gaius Kibbe II 1972-present

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