Horse Coloring Pages

Below is a list of many coloring pages you can print out on your printer and color.

     Appaloosa     Mare and Foal       Pony Ride     Saddlebred     Leading Pony
     Indian Pony     Pony and Pigs       Circus Pony     Unicorn     Mom and Baby
     Foal #1     Foal #2       The Race     The Winner     Horse Room

Mare and Baby

    Quarter Horse       Bath Time     Horse and Foal

  Quarter Horse Mom

    Sailing High    Little Barrel Racer     Show Jumper     Horse In Stall

  Arabian Costume 

Arabian Costume

   Herd of Horses     Four Horses    Little Pony Rider
     High Jumper Wagon Draft Horses  Draw the Flowers    

Dressage Head

Arabian Winner

Sweet Foal

Arabian Mom 

Rolling in Dirt


Carousal  Horse #1

If you know of or have any horse related coloring pages or have any that may be scanned, please feel free to add them to our list for others to enjoy! A lot of these pages are copyrighted or the drawings belong to someone. Be nice and don't steal them for use other than to print out and enjoy. May they bring you lots of coloring pleasures.

Listed below are some great coloring books children love. Click on them to find out more!

 cover cover

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