Please see Jim Weirich's OO Example Code page for a more thorough description. This page is just my repository for the examples that I wrote.

OO Shape Examples

by Chris Rathman

LanguageCompiler            LanguageCompiler            LanguageCompiler
Ada'95  ObjectAda   High-Level Assembly  HLA   Pike  Pike
Alice ML  Alice   Icon  Arizona Univ.   PL/SQL  Oracle 9i
AspectJ  Xerox Parc   [Incr Tcl]  Tcl/Tk   Prolog  SWI-Prolog
BETA  Mjølner   J  JSoftware   Python * Python Org
BrainF*ck  BrainF*ck.Net   Java * JDK   R  R Project
C++ * GCC   JavaScript  Netscape Navigator   REBOL  REBOL
C#  Microsoft   Lua  TeCGraf   Ruby  Ruby
Clean  Univ. of Nijmegen   Mercury  Mercury Project   Sather  GNU Sather
CLOS  LispWorks   Modula-2  M2F   Scheme  DRScheme
COBOL  Fujitsu   Modula-3  SRC Modula-3   Simula  Cim
ColdFusion  Allaire   MultiJava  MultiJava   Smalltalk  Squeak
Component Pascal  BlackBox   O'Haskell  Chalmers Univ.   SNOBOL  Vanilla (docs)
Delphi  Borland   Oberon  Oberon V4   Suneido  Suneido
Dylan * Functional Objects   Object REXX  IBM   Unicon  Unicon
E  ERights   Objective-C  GCC   VBScript  Internet Explorer
Eiffel * SmallEiffel   O'Caml  INRIA   Visual Basic 5  Microsoft
Erlang  Ericsson   Oz  Mozart   Visual Basic .Net  Microsoft
Goo  Goo   PHP  PHP3   Visual Foxpro  Microsoft
Haskell  Hugs   Perl * Perl   XSL  SAXON

* These languages were originally contributed by other authors for Jim Weirich's Shape page. The versions listed here are for my own benefit.

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