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09/14/2008How about 6502 figForth?Irresistible programs
08/13/2008Why do people try to improve on Forth?Staapl: Forth on Scheme for embedded controllers
08/06/2008Speaking of Algol 58 ;)JOVIAL: Stand up Schwartz
07/27/2008RE: Systems programming in languages other than C?Systems programming in languages other than C?
07/07/2008Virtual Machine ShowdownImplementing fast interpreters
07/07/2008Re: Bizarre statementsImplementing fast interpreters
06/29/2008Forth, APLRequest for participation
06/29/2008OCaml, Erland and Haskell are "industrial", and where is Algol?Request for participation
09/22/2007Forth and Lisp (1.5)/SchemeMinimal FORTH compiler and tutorial
01/02/2007"hypothetical" questionhypothetical question
10/05/2005Squeak -- bah! Try Ruby :)Yearning for a practical scheme
06/26/2008Re: Let's make a programming language!Let's make a programming language!

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