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07/17/201210Sean McDirmidOO type systems and BNFs
07/16/20126hbrandlLattices - Partial orders with infimum and supremum
07/14/20121ikotlerPythonect 0.3.1 released
07/12/201244qzncLanguage Implementation 101
07/11/20121efftinge7 Languages built with Xtext
07/06/20123puredangerEmerging Languages Camp at Strange Loop
07/06/201218giuseppemagWhy languages and not systems?
07/06/201240Sean McDirmidImmediate mode GUIs
07/05/201222w7cookErik Meijer started a discussion on Domain Specific Languages
07/01/20121hbrandlThe verified insertion sort algorithm
06/28/20123True KonradsDSL for Streaming Network Traffic Analysis
06/28/20123True KonradsDSL for Streaming Network Traffic Analysis
06/27/20122Marijn HaverbekeAnnouncement: Compiler/PLT discussion group in Berlin
06/27/20126Paul SnivelyMechanized λ&lt;sub&gt;JS&lt;/sub&gt;
06/26/201270Matthew MarklandLess is exponentially more: Rob Pike on Go and Why C++ Programmers Aren't Flocking to it.
06/24/201212Luke GorrieACM A.M. Turing Centenary Celebration
06/23/201217YSharpEvolved Turing neural networks - Unorganized machines and the brain
06/22/20124Paul SnivelyHow to Make Ad Hoc Proof Automation Less Ad Hoc
06/20/20123ikotlerPythonect 0.3 released
06/18/2012132oconnor0Null, bottom, etc.?
06/18/20125Paul SnivelyValidating LR(1) parsers
06/18/201212hbrandlFraming: The implementation side
06/14/20124spdegabrielle'FeML: a skeleton of a femto-ML with nothing but polymorphic variants and functions
06/14/201257bryaneddsWhy are exceptions not described as 'purely functional'?
06/14/20125YSharpLooking for more info on precise types
06/13/201238vorov2Type classes in a dynamic language
06/12/20127Jules JacobsUpdating immutable data structures & hybrids from functional to imperative
06/11/20126Allan McInnesGoogle Blockly Lets You Hack With No Keyboard
06/10/20123YSharpJavaScript in the browser : (yet another) bigint calculator toy language
06/09/20123Ehud LammFinally a reason to get an iPad?
06/09/201278Sean McDirmidWhy Do Some Programming Languages Live and Others Die?
06/08/20123Mike AbolazemiThe Arrow Calculus
06/07/201234rmovchanAha! Programming Language
06/05/201241Manuel J. SimoniGraphical languages of the Russian space program
06/04/201226ivanvodisekSynth programming language concept
06/03/20128hbrandlAbstraction wins: An approach to framing and mutability
06/03/20126gascheMatthew Flatt on Racket Submodules
06/03/20122dmbarbourTalents: Dynamically Composable Units of Reuse
05/31/201227Manuel J. SimoniInteractive Tutorial of the Sequent Calculus
05/30/20128ikotlerPythonect (A New Programming Language) Call for Syntax! All feedback and comments are appreciated!
05/29/20124hbrandlOrder structure, an excercise in abstraction and multiple inheritance
05/29/20121Johan Georg GranströmA New Paradigm for Component-Based Development
05/28/201214Sean McDirmidImplementing abstract classes automatically?
05/28/20121gascheCrowd Documentation: Exploring the Coverage and the Dynamics of API Discussions on Stack Overflow
05/26/20121Paul SnivelyTool Demo: Scala-Virtualized
05/24/20129lmeyerovD3: Thinking with Joins
05/22/201255dataangelLanguages with 'unique' programs
05/21/201232Mike AbolazemiLanguages & Niches
05/17/20121hbrandlPredicates, ghost predicates and higher order predicates
05/17/201213Matt MEncoding System Fw in predicative dependent type theory
05/13/20121Mark Dalgarno[ANN] Call for Speakers - FP Days 2012 - Cambridge, October 25-26th
05/08/20125mehryarReducers - A Library and Model for Collection Processing
05/08/201223hbrandlProofs as programs
05/07/201214Sean McDirmidOn the Naturalness of Software
05/07/201214bryaneddsFeather: A Heapless Functional Programming Language
05/05/20122serrasSubtyping and dependent types
05/02/201272Manuel J. SimoniCommon Lisp: The Untold Story
04/30/20121ikotlerPythonect 0.2.0 Release
04/30/20121hbrandlTuples, functions, ghost functions and higher order functions
04/25/20121Sean McDirmidEvaluating the Design of the R Language
04/24/20121hbrandlInheritance and formal verification of software
04/23/20121Tommy McGuireFrenetic
04/21/20121hbrandlSpecification and implementation of modules in Modern Eiffel
04/21/201270Charles TorreWhy and How People Use R
04/16/201213Adam ChlipalaCertified Programming with Dependent Types: home stretch!
04/15/20124Ehud LammIverson's _A Programming Language_
04/14/201215Jules JacobsSymmetry in type systems
04/07/20128Charles TorreReverend Bayes, meet Countess Lovelace: Probabilistic Programming for Machine Learning
04/02/20125ikotlerPythonect 0.1.0 Release
04/02/20121hbrandlPredicate calculus in program verification
03/31/20123Charles TorreErik Meijer: Your Mouse is a Database - Rx and Modern Asynchronous Programming
03/31/20123mikestayNew tutorial blog on category theory for programmers
03/30/2012232lmeyerovQuantitative comparison of unit testing vs. static typing?
03/29/201227Sean McDirmidEscaping the Maze of Twisty Classes
03/28/20127zell08vLearn python to implement a complicated static code analyzer
03/25/20122scottmclBrief Question on extension to ANF IR
03/23/201245raouldRetrospective Thoughts on BitC
03/22/2012162James IryParsing: The Solved Problem That Isn't
03/22/201232bryaneddsHow to Generate (Hard) Real-Time Code from Declarative Programming Languages?
03/21/201283Sean McDirmidDisruptive PLT Revisited
03/20/20122raouldsome Mozart 2 VM code
03/16/20121Morten Kromberg2012 APL Programming Contest is Open
03/15/20122Manuel J. SimoniFiltering system calls with a packet filtering language
03/15/201212Jules JacobsDistributed capabilities versus network latency
03/15/20124Sean McDirmidSoftware Cartography and Code Navigation
03/13/201217Matt HelligeProgramming with Algebraic Effects and Handlers
03/12/201213Pablo BarenbaumReversing operations
03/12/20123Steven StewartGallusWhat work in FRP models programs which can change the type of output and input they have?
03/09/201292giuseppemagReferences about the importance of formalism in programming language design
03/09/20122Manuel J. SimoniExamples of Lisp Code Typography
03/09/201213James IryLanguage mystery: identify the source language to a worm based on its object code
03/08/20123hbrandlReasoning with inductive types
03/06/20122Tim van DeurzenLooking for DSLs for research project
03/06/20121yaxuArtist-Programmers and Programming Languages for the Arts
03/06/20127skallerParametric Grammars
03/05/201225Manuel J. SimoniWhat does focusing tell us about language design?
03/05/201212Sean McDirmidResearch in Programming Languages
03/03/201266Ehud LammInformed dissent: William Cook contra Bob Harper on OOP
03/03/20121Ehud LammAnnouncing Lang.NEXT - A Free Event for PL Designers and Implementers Hosted By Microsoft
03/02/201237Manuel J. SimoniAdding Delimited and Composable Control to a Production Programming Environment
03/02/20129Charles TorreLang.NEXT 2012 - Session Videos Coming Online
02/29/20123Paul SnivelyMilawa on Jitawa: a Verified Theorem Prover
02/28/201244mfidelmanMassive Numbers of Actors vs. Massive Numbers of Objects vs. ????
02/28/20123ad1mtwhy inheritence in OOP?
02/28/201225ad1mtwhy first-class functions
02/28/20127Sean McDirmidBret Victor's Inventing on Priniciple
02/27/20121hbrandlNegation and proofs by contradiction with the proof engine
02/24/20128James IryWhen Formal Systems Kill: Computer Ethics and Formal Methods
02/23/20126Manuel J. SimoniPLT humor on Twitter
02/23/20121dmbarbourSelf-Certification: Bootstrapping Certified Typecheckers
02/22/20126James Iry[Meta] Are we Reddit?
02/20/20121hbrandlIntroduction to the proof engine for static verification of software
02/19/2012154constLong rant on Erlang-style Actors: Lost Dimension
02/18/201215Manuel J. SimoniJulia, a language for technical computing
02/16/ and free to a good home.
02/15/201258James IryA Concept Design for C++
02/15/20122Manuel J. SimoniR7RS public comment period (June 30, 2012)
02/14/201242James IryWhy Concatenative Programming Matters
02/09/20128Charles StewartTeaching challenge: culturally enriching formulae-as-types
02/07/201212Ehud LammEffective Scala
02/05/201212kruhftActive Variables in Common Lisp
02/04/201213Manuel J. SimoniProgramming as collaborative reference
02/03/201212Manuel J. SimoniThe Algebra of Data, and the Calculus of Mutation
02/03/201246Sean McDirmidPeak Abstraction
01/29/201247constEvolution of mainstream programming language paradigms
01/28/201217Paul SnivelyVellvm: Formalizing the LLVM Intermediate Representation for Verified Program Transformations
01/26/201214bryaneddsSyntax Desugaring Algorithm Question
01/26/20127sanityLastCalc: A web-based REPL for a pure functional programming language with a flexible syntax and parser
01/25/20123hbrandlLanguage outline of Modern Eiffel (SW Verification)
01/24/201236Greg BuchholzSTEPS 2011 Progress Report (personal computing in 20kLOC)
01/24/20121jdgallagNon-deterministic versus parallel function application
01/23/20121Charles StewartBeyond pure Prolog: Power and danger
01/19/20125Manuel J. SimoniVisual Studio Achievements
01/19/201225danbstGraphics primitives?
01/17/201295Sean McDirmidcrazy PL idea: prescriptive trait inference
01/16/20122Charles TorreGoingNative 2012 - C++11 Style, Variadic Templates, Concepts, Static If, Memory Model, STL11, VC11 (and beyond) and Clang
01/09/20123Jaroslav TulachUsage of Range Dependencies may not Lead to NP-Complete Problems
01/04/201211yinwang0Register Allocation By Model Transformer Semantics -- need for early comments
01/02/201252Anton van StraatenDeca, an LtU-friendly bare metal systems programming language
12/27/20112lmeyerovRun Your Research: On the Effectiveness of Mechanization
12/27/20117naaskingSeven Myths of Formal Methods Revisited
12/25/201141Sean McDirmidProgrammer Archeologists
12/22/20114Jacques CaretteDependently Typed Programming based on Automated Theorem Proving
12/19/201163James IryCambridge Course on "Usability of Programming Languages"
12/15/201114Charles TorreInterview [Video] -&gt; Simon Peyton-Jones - Closer to Nirvana
12/15/201110Steven StewartGallusWhat is this type of type called?
12/08/201139pgregoryDesigning a languge — what theory is a must?
12/08/20113raouldElm cross-platform functional-reactive
12/07/201118Henry Luo2 Misconcepts About Functional Programming (relating to context and monad)
12/05/20116disnesquickPathological Problems in Parsing
12/03/20117Steven StewartGallusProofs of a type system's safety?
12/03/201150WendellGeneral purpose as a special case?
11/30/20114raouldAbstraction Driven (MDA++)
11/30/20111neelkCRA-W/CDC and SIGPLAN Programming Languages Mentoring Workshop
11/28/20115tilkDelimited continuations for C/C++
11/25/201111HewittActors all the way down
11/24/20113Henry LuoCandle 0.10 Beta Release - introducing a new object notation
11/23/20114DmytroLazyK example doesn't work
11/19/20112Sean McDirmidShare: a programming environment for loosely bound cooperation
11/17/201131Victor EijkhoutModels for distributed parallelism
11/16/20111emery[HIRING] 3 Positions @ UMass Amherst CS Dept, targeting Programming Languages
11/14/20117JeffBFlash and cross platform mobile web technologies
11/14/201136Charles StewartLTL types FRP
11/12/20118raouldmath proofs are more robust than computer proofs
11/10/201155David MinorIs the Expression Problem Fundamental?
11/09/20111Charles TorreSPLASH 2011 Video Conversations on Channel 9
11/07/20118Patrick BrowneHaskell V Java type checking
11/05/201110raouldextending functions vs. extending objects
11/05/201119Kannan GoundanXtend. Yet another "better Java" language; this time from Eclipse. Built with Xtext.
11/01/201131MatsHow to determine your new language is perfect?
10/30/201134naaskingExtensible Programming with First-Class Cases
10/30/201120Paul SnivelyFoundations of Inference
10/30/201133Paul SnivelyThe Experimental Effectiveness of Mathematical Proof
10/28/20113CoHiPerl vs. Random Syntax
10/27/20112Z-BoMicrosoft Roslyn Project whitepaper
10/27/2011179puredanger"We Really Don't Know How to Compute!" by Gerald Sussman
10/26/20113shahbaz"Simple Made Easy" by Rich Hickey and subsequent discussion
10/25/201121Thomas LordJohn McCarthy has passed
10/22/20117Matt MOther free theorems
10/22/20111paulbocaAnnual Peter Landin Seminar: 6 December 2011, 6pm, Covent Garden, London. Speaker: Prof Cliff Jones
10/20/20115Andy WingoThe evolution of RISC technology at IBM
10/15/20118Pavel PModern Shell Language
10/14/201134gasche"Crutches in language design", accidental complexity and feature overlap
10/14/20111Manuel J. SimoniAlexander Stepanov: STL and Its Design Principles (video)
10/13/20112bdencklamachine-ported reference algorithms
10/13/201180Ehud LammDennis Ritchie passed away
10/10/201193vieiroGoogle's Dart announced
10/10/201113Countably InfiniteCan I express variable occurence ranges in logic?
10/10/20116scottmclSimple Question - Beta reduction and pattern matching (compile time, static)
10/07/20111MohamedIBrahimParsers Generators
10/06/201129Douglas McCleanData, Codata, and Their Implications for Equality, and Serialization
10/06/2011127Ehud LammOpen thread: RIP Steve Jobs
10/05/201114Gabriel HorvathF# type providers
10/04/201116bdencklaWhat space does SQL cover, or, why is max so weird in SQL?
10/03/201114AzhLanguage/Compiler design blogs?
10/02/20116cdigginsSECD Machine - RAP?
10/01/20119Denis Bredelet -jidoType safety in libraries
09/30/201116Sean McDirmidCritical Programming Language Design
09/29/20115MohamedIBrahimParsing expression grammar
09/28/201112lmeyerovParallel frameworks for graph processing
09/27/20114raouldFijiVM: Compile Java source to Native with Realtime GC
09/24/20119vorov2Overloading in a dynamic functional language
09/23/20112raouldShen (the next Qi Lisp) released
09/23/201137Peter Van RoyRedesigning the Mozart virtual machine
09/23/20116Gabriel HorvathPiecewise functional programming
09/22/201111Pierre-Alexandre VoyeMetaphors we Program By: Space, Action and Society in Java
09/18/201116Denis Bredelet -jidoWhat Does Functional Programming Mean?
09/17/201158Jules JacobsSample applications for programming languages
09/15/201172Z-BoGoogle's "The Future of JavaScript" internal memo leaked
09/14/20111hbrandlCorrectness proofs demonstrated with natural numbers
09/12/201113Charles StewartThe SAFE Platform
09/10/20116Ohad KammarA Semantic Model for Graphical User Interfaces
09/09/2011163Ehud LammWhat needs to be done?
09/09/201133Charles StewartThe Trouble with Erlang
09/09/20115gascheYield : Mainstream Delimited Continuations; "yield" from different languages compared and formalized
09/08/20115omouseReplicated experiments in computer science
09/04/20117jlasseterBehavioral subtyping and errors
09/04/20114Manuel J. Simoni"Partially evaluating" fexprs?
09/01/201199Manuel J. Simonithe gnu extension language
08/31/201123MatsState of objects
08/30/20114omouse...PHP language research
08/30/201151Henry LuoForum Topics and Story
08/29/20113Mark Dalgarno[ANN] FP Day 2011 - October 14th. Cambridge, UK.
08/26/20112leonardo mSide effect tracking in Haskell and D
08/26/201122Sebastianquite "old" books discussion
08/25/201167Ehud LammOpa
08/24/20111Charles TorreScott Meyers, Andrei Alexandrescu and Herb Sutter: C++ and Beyond (D)
08/24/20114Manuel J. SimoniA Monadic Framework for Delimited Continuations
08/24/201151MatsAsynchronous messaging as integral part of programming language
08/20/201111SebastianCan somebody help me to understand some basic stuff about programming ?
08/19/20118Manuel J. SimoniDelimited Continuations Blues?
08/18/201112giuseppemagNew book on functional programming and games
08/16/20111ted stockwellANN: lingwah - Java parser combinators with support for recursive grammars
08/12/201124Tom PrimožičThe this argument in dynamic programming languages with OO and first-class functions
08/08/201131Henry LuoCandle - a new script language that unifies XML technologies
08/08/201116Tim FoleySpark: Modular, Composable Shaders for Graphics Hardware
08/06/201190Manuel J. SimoniProgramming and Scaling
08/05/20113Francois GarillotHelp finding a (working ?) paper revisiting the Meijer-Fokkinga-Patterson classic
08/03/20114Manuel J. SimoniECOOP 2011 slides
08/02/20111YSharpDynamic Language Embedding with Homogeneous Tool Support
07/28/201136Paul SnivelyLightweight Monadic Programming in ML
07/28/20111Charles TorreDKAL: Distributed Knowledge Authorization Language
07/25/20112scottmclDeveloper Phenomenology vs. Artifact Attributes in Language Design
07/23/20117Charles TorreF*: A Verifying ML Compiler for Distributed Programming
07/22/20117Greg BuchholzClojurescript
07/20/201164M RiccobeneIs it possible to write code that works the very first time?
07/16/20113Sean McDirmidInterview with Scala's Martin Odersky
07/14/20115Ohad KammarLevy: a Toy Call-by-Push-Value Language
07/14/201149Manuel J. SimoniImplementor's guide/tutorial to delimited continuations?
07/14/201174Dominic FoxThe Last Language?
07/11/20116Bartosz MilewskiMonads in C++
07/09/201111Alexander MorouStructural Typing in .NET through Type-Parameters
07/08/20114raouldwhatever became of hyperslices?
07/07/201168raouldKnockout JS
07/06/201110Andy WingoParallel bars
07/03/201117Ohad KammarOf Course ML Has Monads!
06/30/20112Steven ObuaBabel-17 v0.3 is out
06/28/201115Sean McDirmidHow to explain a new programming language?
06/27/201118Andy WingoWhy Programming Languages?
06/26/201131HewittWittgenstein versus Turing on Inconsistency Robustness
06/26/201112HewittInconsistency Robustness 2011 at Stanford
06/26/20113Peter Van RoyAnnouncing Ozma: extending Scala with Oz concurrency
06/23/20114puredangerStrange Loop 2011 - Languages galore
06/22/201136el-vadimomodules are anti-modular
06/22/20113Ehud LammGuidance to avoiding vulnerabilities in programming languages (ISO/IEC 24772)
06/21/20117Andy Wingo50 in 50: Steele & Gabriel at RailsConf 2011
06/21/201131Ray DillingerThe Value Of Syntax?
06/20/20112raouldVisual programming for the higher level architecture
06/16/20112raouldScala's new collections via higher types
06/16/20112raouldYet another take on actors in Scala
06/16/20116Charles TorreC++ AMP - Accelerated Massive Parallelism
06/14/20119BlaisorbladeCatamorphisms and anamorphisms = general or primitive recursion?
06/11/20116constAsyncScala: DSL for coordinating asynchronous processes in Scala
06/09/20111vieiroMapping the monkeysphere
06/07/20112Sean McDirmidWadler's law of language design
06/03/20114raouldJoe Duffy on Concurrency, Parallelism
06/01/20114Allan McInnesSpecification and Verification: The Spec# Experience
05/30/20114acookeAlgebraic ABCs - Extending "types" in Python
05/27/201129giuseppemagAdvice for a young researcher
05/25/20111eeideCFP: PLOS ཇ: 6th Workshop on Programming Languages and Operating Systems
05/24/201139Lavir the WhioletYet another programming language with customizable syntax
05/24/201111Manuel J. SimoniThe Architecture of Open Source Applications
05/23/201181Ehud LammRob Pike: Public Static Void
05/18/20117Kent HoflingJavascript x86 interpreter runs Linux in a browser.
05/18/20112Allan McInnesPassing a Language through the Eye of a Needle
05/17/20113raouldNemerle 1.0 released
05/16/20117Rehno LindequeArtificial Grammar Reveals Inborn Language Sense
05/15/201164Sriram SrinivasanWhy is tail call optimization an issue in GC'd languages?
05/14/20117Paul SnivelyKleisli Arrows of Outrageous Fortune
05/13/20111James IryA Larger Decidable Semiunification Problem
05/13/201119Morten Kromberg2011 APL Programming Contest is Open
05/13/20113Charles StewartAre You Using the Right Axiomatic System?
05/12/20117Tim van DeurzenIn search of inspiration
05/10/201121James IryOne Pass Real-Time Generational Mark-Sweep Garbage Collection
05/04/20119lmeyerovData Representation Synthesis
05/04/201118RafaelEnso: William Cook's new programming model
04/30/20114Ehud LammWhy I invented Kinetic Rule Language (KRL)?
04/28/201119scottmclTypes from imported modules "leaking" into a module's public interface
04/25/201124simk318Iteration function in lambda calculus
04/23/201122Sean McDirmidElephants don't play chess
04/22/201115Alexandre CossetteNomenclature for impure functions
04/22/20115neelkAsynchronous Proof Processing with Isabelle/Scala and Isabelle/jEdit
04/21/20111dmbarbourGeneralized Arrows are Multi Level Languages
04/19/20117vieiroFirst draft of Scheme R7RS small language available
04/16/201146Sean McDirmidCoding at the Speed of Touch
04/14/20117Ehud LammPatterns in Functional Programming
04/13/20119Alexander MorouWide Scope Dead Code Analysis
04/13/201139NoelRedhat's New Language
04/13/20112neelkImperative Programs as Proofs via Game Semantics
04/12/201139lmeyerovBuild Your Own Blocks (BYOB)
04/12/20111marchertasmore of the same
04/12/20111Sean McDirmidFaith, Hope, and Love: An essay on software science's neglect of human factors
04/10/201146Sean McDirmidStaking Claims: A History of Programming Language Design Claims and Evidence
04/08/201110Ehud LammKona
04/08/20113raouldA real game written in Haskell?
04/06/20117fbraunina logic of precedences. Suggestions
04/05/201125Ehud LammHistory of PL
04/03/201116Alexander MorouCompiler framework, insight?
04/03/20116Carter ChengAlgebra of Programming
03/28/201130Sean McDirmidExtensible nesting of classes
03/28/201150James IryFinding and Understanding Bugs in C Compilers
03/28/20118alexberkaSynchronic Computation II
03/25/201123Tobias NurmirantaProgramming on an iPhone
03/24/201112jafingerhutDetermining if a function is effectively pure
03/23/20112M RiccobeneBeyond the concept of coupling
03/20/20117Manuel J. SimoniType-checking Modular Multiple Dispatch with Parametric Polymorphism and Multiple Inheritance
03/19/2011157vrijzBob Harper of CMU is blogging about programming languages and introductory CS education
03/19/201112cdigginsContinuations that store the heap?
03/16/20113Jacques CaretteFunctor is to Lens as Applicative is to Biplate: Introducing Multiplate
03/16/20112bashyalInterview With Albert Gräf - Author of the Pure Programming Language
03/14/20113hbrandlModern Eiffel
03/12/20113scottmclVery Quick Question On "where" vs. "letrec", "letfn", "labels", etc.
03/11/201116Neil TorontoReference request: running out of countably many variable names
03/11/20118loldrupLingua Lambda
03/11/201116Neil TorontoStrict data constructors + non-strict application?
03/10/201112jbclementsSchemas for JSON?
03/10/201126munificentNamespaces for methods?
03/09/20112YSharpDan Vanderboom's Archetype language
03/09/201116dmbarbourAmbient Oriented Programming (AmOP)
03/08/20113Z-BoRule 110 in HTML5 + CSS3
03/06/201141Manuel J. SimoniKeyword and Optional Arguments in PLT Scheme
03/05/20117naaskingLeveled Garbage Collection
03/05/20113Denis WashingtonAgora: The Story of the Simplest MOP in the World - or - The Scheme of Object-Orientation
03/02/20112raouldInfoQ Video + transcript of Mark Miller on making ECMAScript secure
03/02/201122Denis WashingtonObject capabilities for protecting object slots in prototype-based languages?
03/02/20113Charles StewartIEEE changes colour
03/02/20115Greg BuchholzJ language source to be released under GPLv3
03/01/201149HewittMiddle History of Logic Programming
02/28/20111raouldapparently fun datalog system
02/27/20119Jules JacobsCan contracts provide the features of type classes, bounded quantification and effect systems?
02/27/201120Z-BoMemory Models: A Case for Rethinking Parallel Languages and Hardware, CACM, August 2010
02/25/201163raouldInfoQ video + transcript of Rob Pike on Go
02/24/201112andyarvanitisEero, an Objective-C Dialect
02/22/20114pjotrProfiel: Henk Barendregt: Lambda calculus hits the tube
02/20/20115HewittWhat is an Actor?
02/19/20117Manuel J. SimoniTractatus Digito-Philosophicus
02/18/201111James IryThe Habit Programming Language: The Revised Preliminary Report
02/16/20111Tim ChevalierPostdoc position in functional programming research at Portland State University
02/14/20113Manuel J. SimoniExperience with non-linearized superclasses?
02/14/201128munificentExtending Syntax from Within a Language
02/13/20115vorov2Ela, dynamic functional language
02/13/2011122Sean McDirmidMonads vs. Actors
02/09/201111scottmclStrongly Typed Coroutines (minor question)
02/07/20114yaxuVisual language for computer music based on Haskell
02/07/20111Ehud LammScripting with Types
02/03/20111Manuel J. SimoniMacros that Work Together
02/02/20113raouldAgain with the distributed computing: Piccolo
01/31/20111Chad WellingtonPOPL 2011 post-processing
01/31/20112Fred LeMasterRSS feed broken?
01/28/201110Igor SerikovHolistic types
01/27/201110James IryInvertible Syntax Descriptions: Unifying Parsing and Pretty Printing
01/25/20113Z-BoSeeking papers that unify control theory and programming language design
01/25/20112naaskingConcurrent Pattern Calculus
01/22/201143Jules JacobsPoints in the Pattern Matching Design Space
01/21/201182Josh GriggsI've run out of programming languages to study
01/21/20111Charles TorreRalf Lämmel: Going bananas
01/16/20117Ed Earl RossQuines and my mad mind
01/15/20113naaskingParametric Prediction of Heap Memory Requirements
01/15/201161Thomas Lordguy steele on how (not) to think of parallel programming
01/14/201113HewittHow to Program the Many Cores for Inconsistency Robustness
01/13/201120naaskingEvaluation strategies: authoritative reference?
01/11/20113James IryLanguage Virtualization for Heterogeneous Parallel Computing
01/10/201126Ehud LammScala Team Wins ERC Grant
01/08/20118Ehud LammLinear types, anyone?
01/07/2011124Ed Earl RossFast Compilers
01/05/201153naaskingRuntime code generation for partial application?
01/04/20111Ed Earl RossThanks
12/31/20101Douglas McCleanOverlapping instances without chaos
12/30/201017Mike LewisRequest for feedback: Epoch Programming Language
12/30/20102Miguel Garcia - Scala Co...CfP 2nd Scala Workshop, as part of Scala Days 2011
12/29/201046shapThe AST Typing Problem
12/29/20106Z-BoThe IO Monad is 45 years old
12/25/201010Sean McDirmidType systems for structured languages
12/24/201021Ed Earl RossMemory, Actions and Extensible Syntax
12/21/201023James IryThe Semicolon Wars
12/20/201015James IryAzul's Pauseless Garbage Collector
12/20/201039scottmclInteresting Standard Libraries to Study
12/20/201019bryaneddsPrototyping a new language with Haskell
12/16/201013James IryStressed by Distributed Programming? Well, CALM Down.
12/16/201015Roy BattyIBM's Watson plays Jeopardy champion Ken Jennings in February
12/15/201015Dominique DevrieseThe fundamental limitations of parser combinators... and how to fix them.
12/13/201024Thomas Lordyacc death revisited
12/08/201025Manuel J. SimoniSemi-implicit batched remote code execution as staging
12/06/201015Allan McInnesContinuation-Passing C: Compiling threads to events through continuations
12/05/20107Manuel J. SimoniGhosts of Unix Past: a historical search for design patterns
12/03/201044marcoReference Counting vs Tracing Garbage Collection?
12/02/201039Ehud LammHaskell Researchers Announce Discovery of Industry Programmer Who Gives a Shit
11/30/201017windozerlanguages with call by value only (and maybe closures)?
11/29/20101naaskingAutomatic Staged Compilation
11/29/201017Z-BoPure and Declarative Syntax Definition: Paradise Lost and Regained, Onward 2010
11/29/20106giuseppemagRecursion over the structure of a type
11/29/201029James IryYacc is dead
11/28/201047kclancyTolerant vs. Demanding Software
11/28/20103spdegabrielleWhat makes a good book on a language?
11/27/20102Ehud LammThe Triumph of Types: Principia Mathematica's Impact on Computer Science
11/27/201022Ehud LammSeven Languages in Seven Weeks
11/26/20109spdegabrielleA book on Racket?
11/25/20108HewittInconsistency Robustness 2011 at Stanford
11/24/201016puredanger"Future of Programming Languages" panel
11/23/201078HewittWhat is computation? Concurrency versus Turing's Model
11/19/20104Denis Bredelet -jidoAbstract state
11/17/20101Z-BoREQUEST: Java-Genericity Mailing List Archives
11/16/20107Sean McDirmidThe Free-Form Linguistics Revolution in Mathematica
11/15/201090fogusClojure's Solutions to the Expression Problem
11/15/201089Ehud LammA Preliminary Survey on Functional Programming
11/13/20102lmeyerovScan-based Data Parallel Languages
11/13/20107Jacques CaretteDirectly Reflective Meta-Programming
11/11/20104jimdesuterm-typing/operational semantics simulator?
11/09/20101Kent HoflingF# compiler and library source drop
11/09/201013carsongrossGosu Released
11/08/2010106Ed Earl RossLambda the Ultimate seems an Overstatement (not)
11/07/201038Alex RubinsteynClosures without function pointers
11/06/20102Phil MiessComputation Abstraction: Going Beyond Programming Language Glue
11/05/20102naaskingGenerative Type Abstraction and Type-level Computation
11/04/20108raouldyet another paradigm
11/04/20107raouldwhen does debugability break down?
11/04/20102bashyalSawzall Language Open Sourced
11/03/20103paulbocaPeter Landin Annual Semantics Seminar: 6 December 2010, 5pm, Covent Garden, London -- speaker: Prof. John Reynolds
11/02/20109raouldvisual programming of R: Red-R
11/02/201024James IryConservative Logic
11/01/20103Rabi AlamAccelerating Haskell Array Codes with Multicore GPUs
10/30/201057munificentA Self-Checking Type System
10/29/201014Jules JacobsAsynchronous Programming, Monads and Continuations in C#, F# and Scala
10/28/20109Ohad KammarLand of Lisp
10/28/201016Charles TorreProgramming Languages Panel Streaming Live Today (10/28/2010 16:30 PST GMT-7)
10/28/201010zell08vDo you happen to hear about pre-equivalence?
10/27/201010Z-BoComprehensive overview of security models?
10/27/2010122el-vadimoThe Myths of Object-Orientation
10/24/20106rrmLanguages with ANSI Standards
10/22/201010gascheErasure and Polymorphism in Pure Type Systems
10/19/201015shapLooking for pointers: mixfix error recovery
10/19/201058Ed Earl Rossanother new language, Chomsky hierarchy Type-0
10/17/20108bashyalUsing Hackage to Inform Language Design
10/15/20105steven_shawProgramming languages with higher kinds?
10/14/20106Thomas Lord"A Theory of Interprocess Communication" -- Leslie Lamport
10/11/20102mfidelmanwhat platform is LtU built on?
10/11/201015kevemanIntel's Array Building Blocks (was Rapidmind) : What do the purists and pragmatists think?
10/11/2010136ad1mtThe barrier to take-up of language innovation
10/09/20102Manuel J. SimoniFirst-class modules: hidden power and tantalizing promises
10/08/20107YSharpHaskell implementation in Javascript
10/08/201024Bakul ShahA functional-programming view of time
10/08/20107Chris KingFunctional random numbers without threading state
10/07/20105Shrutarshi BasuIs cloning independent of message-passing
10/07/20103David MinorKai
10/04/20109Tommy McGuireTurning down the LAMP: Software specialization for the cloud
10/04/201077el-vadimoDesign Principles Behind Smalltalk
10/03/201029Marc CoramFexprs as the basis of Lisp function application; or, $vau: the ultimate abstraction
09/30/201029Allan McInnesSoftware Development with Code Maps
09/30/20106John NowakWorking around limitations of whole-program monomorphization
09/29/201011Matt HelligeEff - Language of the Future
09/27/20104raouldobj vs. ml vs. coq (fight?)
09/25/201024Manuel J. SimoniOmega - Language of the Future
09/24/20103naaskingHigh-level constructs for low-level C: exception handling, RAII, sum types and pattern matching
09/22/20105Tommy McGuireThorn
09/22/20102Carter ChengStandard RSR5 code repository
09/21/20106johneThe Halting Problem on Turing Machines
09/20/20109Peter Van RoyWhat is the best system for experimenting with and visualizing complex algorithms?
09/19/20105YSharpAn attempt to make languages first class citizens, starting with the syntax
09/18/20107lmeyerovOoO Java
09/18/20104cypofDistributed Transactional Memory
09/17/20103Phil MercurioThyrd at Emerging Languages Camp
09/17/201029Sean McDirmidProgramming with touch?
09/17/20101Ehud LammRSS stats
09/16/201012raouldFunLoft reactive, concurrent programming language
09/16/201079ad1mtNew Dataflow Programming Language
09/15/201027shapMildly Extended MixFix
09/14/201026Manuel J. SimoniGADTs in a dynamically type-checked language?
09/12/201019joshbronsonprinciple of least authority and programming languages
09/11/201020Manuel J. SimoniFortifying Macros
09/07/201034Z-BoIs Transactional Programming Actually Easier?
09/07/20108Z-BoJoe Duffy: A (brief) retrospective on transactional memory
09/05/20104Manuel J. SimoniDo I need a forall if type parameters are syntactically distinguishable from type constructors?
09/04/201028Manuel J. SimoniDependency injection via parameterized types (?!)
09/02/201026Thomas LordJ's concepts rank, composition, and GC
08/31/20102guerrilla_thoughtExamples of encodings in Pure Type Systems
08/30/201058Shrutarshi BasuChoosing a VM for a concurrent language
08/29/20103Allan McInnesAbstract interpreters for free
08/28/201041bashyalSapir-Whorf 70 years on
08/27/20104Thomas StrathmannCS and mathematics dictionary
08/26/201022S. CloverTheoretical Computer Science StackExchange Beta now open
08/25/201013naaskingComputational equivalent of incompleteness theorems?
08/24/201024scottmclArticles on Precise GC with Parametric Polymorphism
08/24/20106giuseppemagReading advice on memory management
08/24/20103scottmclArticles on deforestation of functional array/vector/matrix operations in a strict language
08/24/20106ThomasMahlernew kid on the block: fun4j is a new fp project for the Java VM
08/22/20101fogusClojure 1.2 and Beyond
08/21/201027Shrutarshi BasuUnifying Actors and Objects?
08/18/20109scottmclQuick OT Doc Authoring/Equation Editting Question
08/17/201054marcoThe Grafwegen Hi Compiler named Hic release 0.1
08/17/20103neelkOcaml 3.12 released
08/16/201020scottmclMod sys with external binding of mods to mod sigs, where all mod imports must be sigs only
08/14/201018Ehud LammMiguel de Icaza on Java lawsuit
08/13/201035simcop2387The ideal style/system for namespaces.
08/11/20106loldrupThe most simple concurrent language?
08/11/20101Alex CruiseLightweight Modular Staging: A Pragmatic Approach to Runtime Code Generation and Compiled DSLs (Tiark Rompf, Martin Odersky)
08/11/20106alexberkaSynchronic Computaion
08/10/201023gorauskasCompiler Design Q&A Site
08/09/201012scottmclHow to classify type of ML's exn ? (Naive question)
08/06/20109el-vadimodoes your language need a memory model?
08/05/201022Ed Earl RossLexical Analysis with Extended Identifiers and Disambiguation by Table Look-up.
08/04/201051Paul SnivelyType Classes as Objects and Implicits
08/04/20104Andrew MossCFP: PEPM 2011
08/04/201010neelkWhat Sequential Games, the Tychonoff Theorem and the Double-Negation Shift have in Common
08/03/20108yminskyCUFP 2010
08/02/20103lmeyerovTowards general nested data parallelism
08/02/201082HewittIncompleteness Theorems: The Logical Necessity of Inconsistency
08/01/201026Ed Earl RossLooking for a language like...
07/31/20103BiepCan't search for C#, F#, etc.
07/31/201015shapOverlapping Instances + Functional Dependencies Unsound?
07/30/20102raouldblast from the past
07/30/20102Ehud LammAndroid languages
07/29/201048Alex CruiseDeprecating the Observer Pattern
07/29/20103Mitchell N CharityThe C Object System (COS)
07/28/20109Francois GarillotBook: Pearls of Functional Algorithm Design
07/28/201023Ehud LammIt's been ten years!
07/27/20109Z-BoOSCON 2010 Emerging Languages Camp
07/26/20102Vilya HarveyThe Clay language
07/24/20106AlexBHistory: CPL, the great-grandfather of C
07/23/201010bfraserContainers and Inheritance
07/23/201011NoelThe Mirah Language
07/22/201027Steven Obuapaper: "Purely Functional Structured Programming"
07/22/20101Peter J. WasilkoIBM Programming Languages Day 2010 - Program Now Online
07/21/201010Manuel J. SimoniScribble: Closing the Book on Ad Hoc Documentation Tools
07/20/201027Manuel J. SimoniThe Future of C#
07/16/201017Justin JohanssonIs mathematics invention or discovery?
07/16/20109Patrick BrowneIs lambda calculus a logic?
07/13/20104dpmulliganA simple class of Kripke-style models in which logic and computation have equal standing
07/12/201051dmbarbourGenerative Grammar-based Computation
07/12/201017fogusApp Inventor: Programming for non-programmers... again
07/08/20101raouldDbC for distributed multiparty interactions
07/08/201057NoelThe Rust Language
07/07/201014hbrandlA proof engine for Eiffel
07/05/201026Marc HamannUncle Bob's talk at RailsConf 2010
07/04/20104Ohad KammarHandlers of Algebraic Effects
07/04/20104Manuel J. SimoniWhat's the type of an optional parameter?
07/03/20102lmeyerovTraceable Data Types for Self-Adjusting Computation
07/02/201018neelkAn intuitionistic logic that proves Markov's principle
07/02/20105James W HofmannSimulation language ideas?
07/01/201049Tegiri NenashiLogic programming based GUI framework
07/01/20104Neil TorontoDenotational semantics with other notions of convergence
07/01/20108WarrenWilkinsonForth in Lisp
06/30/20106James IryCompiling Structural Types on the JVM
06/28/201012Ehud LammEvocative metaphor
06/27/20105johnnybThe Halting Problem and Program Proving Algorithms
06/26/20102shahbazAn Eloquent Book
06/25/201034bashyalXtext: An IDE on the cheap
06/25/201077Barry JaySF-calculus
06/24/201030Neil TorontoA lambda calculus with arbitrary set primitives
06/24/201028Manuel J. SimoniHow important is language support for namespace management?
06/24/201066Z-BoWhy Undergraduates Should Learn the Principles of Programming Languages
06/24/20108Ehud LammIntel Concurrent Collections for Haskell
06/24/20103Ehud LammOpenSCAD - The Programmers Solid 3D CAD Modeller
06/23/20102sanityAthena: An efficient in-memory data structure supporting arbitrary boolean queries See README file below for more information
06/20/20106Jacques CaretteA Theory of Typed Hygienic Macros
06/18/201016el-vadimohappy rebirth day, LtU NG!
06/18/20108marcoLooking for a proof that eager reduction is as strong as lazy reduction
06/15/20106True KonradsEvaluating code quality
06/11/20102Z-BoForum "Unread Posts" bug
06/11/20106pdf23dsInterpreter to compiler generator?
06/09/20108clathwellWhy a film about the APL array language family?
06/08/201015bashyalSIGPLAN's first Programming Languages Software Award goes to LLVM
06/08/20102Morten KrombergRosetta Challenge Tasks added to the 2010 Dyalog Programming Contest
06/08/201025NoelRacket Released
06/08/20101Manuel J. SimoniFormal Compiler Implementation in a Logical Framework
06/07/20106neelkTropical Semirings
06/06/201012Matthew WillsonData schema languages
06/06/201018el-vadimosome critiques of the Semat initiative
06/05/20109Ehud LammThe Galois connection between syntax and semantics
06/05/20106Ehud Lammberp
06/05/20103David J BaileyA Brief, Incomplete, and Mostly Wrong History of Programming Languages
06/02/20101Peter J. WasilkoCall for Submissions : IBM Programming Languages Day 2010
06/02/20102Manuel J. SimoniSafer C Code Using ATS
06/01/20101Marlene MillerLambda, The Ultimate TA, Benjamin C. Pierce, ICFP 2009
05/29/201012Paul SnivelyMilawa: A Self-Verifying Theorem Prover for an ACL2-Like Logic
05/28/201011Allan McInnesThe Resurgence of Parallelism
05/26/201021Matt HelligeFunctional Pearl: Species and Functors and Types, Oh My!
05/24/201035Manuel J. SimoniAdding Type Constructor Parameterization to Java
05/24/201011scottmclTypes/Ordering of canonical FP compiler transforms and optimizations?
05/22/20101yminskyFunctional Programming at Jane Street
05/21/201031Z-BoAlan Kay's 70th
05/21/201010Ehud LammProgramming CNC machines in Haskell
05/21/20104hannesThe Glasgow Haskell Compiler and LLVM
05/20/20101enewhuisChicago Functional Programmers
05/17/20104bashyalAlgol 58/60
05/17/201016Ehud LammThe War on Spam
05/17/20107Matt MWhat's the name for this model of computation?
05/14/201023James IryThe Right Tool
05/14/20101StevenJenkinsPushing parallel Haskell to the real world
05/13/20107raouldAgileWiki theory/tool outline
05/13/201016scottmclMeans to Limit or Constrain Side Effects
05/12/20104Manuel J. SimoniOn Iteration
05/11/20106giuseppemagStrange function
05/11/201011Mark EvansDesignerUnits
05/11/201057Travis Brown"Critical code studies"
05/09/20106giuseppemagComputing complexity
05/08/201014hbrandlA solution to the catcall problem in Eiffel
05/08/20103dmbarbourUniversal Temporal Concurrent Constraint Programming
05/07/201010Charles StewartSpam filters
05/06/201016Ehud LammCode Quarterly - The Hackademic Journal
05/04/201025Joey AdamsGuppy: trying to make parsing simple, fun, and powerful
05/01/201010zell08vIs there a site to discuss some issues on abstract interpretation?
05/01/20101Morten Kromberg2010 APL Programming Contest is Open
04/30/201011jason stumpfAny research on garbage collection for a pure langauge?
04/30/201039marcosagTyped Lambda Calculus
04/30/20101Manuel J. SimoniUnderstanding hygiene
04/28/201015raouldLinear & Dependent types of ATS applied to the Cairo graphics library
04/27/20106Andries P. HekstraAdd "unit time delay (D)" operator to functional language with random signals instead of random vars
04/26/201087Ray DillingerCapability-based security; how does it work?
04/26/201014Philippa CowderoyThe Monad Zipper
04/26/201050naaskingThe Structure of Authority: Why security is not a separable concern
04/23/201012Ehud LammIn the wild
04/23/20104Z-BoVMKit: a Substrate for Managed Runtime Environments, VEE ཆ
04/23/20106Jean-Marc BourguetModule systems for Lisp like language
04/20/2010215scottmclSeeking thoughtful criticisms of functional programming and languages
04/17/201093NoelSEC interested in formalising contracts ... in Python
04/16/20104Zsolt Szalaihot topics in type theorem
04/16/20103Ehud LammBrians functional brain
04/15/20107raouldVisual programming for movies, games
04/15/201018Matt HelligeMore iPhone PL lockdown... Goodbye Scratch!
04/15/201074James IryseL4: Formal Verification of an Operating-System Kernel
04/15/2010123Manuel J. SimoniHow can C Programs be so Reliable?
04/15/201010bashyalMaxine VM: A VM in Java
04/14/201020Shrutarshi BasuIdeas for a PL-oriented honors thesis
04/13/201031Ray DillingerRepresenting Type Information in Dynamically Typed Languages
04/13/20104Brandon Niemczykbroken - iPhone PL lockdown
04/13/20107giuseppemagGames and Languages
04/12/20103Ehud LammTechnomasochism
04/09/20105eiselekdthreaded and multicode
04/09/20105Austin SeippHoopl: A Modular, Reusable Library for Dataflow Analysis and Transformation
04/09/2010153Sean McDirmidiPhone PL lockdown
04/08/201043raouldsplitting the program into formalizable vs. non-formalizable parts?
04/08/20101Martin JambonOCaml programming at MyLife
04/07/201011shapSpecifying Solvers?
04/07/201021scottmclHigher order functions vs. function arity and calling conventions
04/06/20107bashyalEmerging Languages Conference
04/04/201016neelkA Formal System For Euclid's Elements
04/03/20105Carter Chengrsr6 versus rsr5 for interpreter
04/01/20103HewittIncompleteness Theorems: The Logical Necessity of Inconsistency
03/29/2010113pgregoryGo's proposed panic/recover exception-like mechanism
03/29/20104YSharpFrom type systems to language systems?
03/28/201030bashyalSmall is Beautiful: the design of Lua
03/28/201033Charles StewartCan functional programming be liberated from the von Neumann paradigm?
03/27/20108anwarsFantom language discussion ; what are your thoughts ?
03/26/201010naminTcl the Misunderstood
03/26/20101Michiel HelvensteijnSyntax design brainstorming session
03/25/201051Peter Van RoyWill data-intensive computing revolutionize programming languages?
03/24/20102el-vadimoJean put dire comment on tape
03/24/20103clathwellAda Lovelace Day
03/24/20106neelkjsMath support?
03/24/201014Ehud LammClojure's Mini-languages
03/24/20101Ehud LammFree logic books
03/23/20109Brandon NiemczykCurry Howard and more powerful type systems
03/22/20106Ohad KammarEffectful Code Transformations
03/22/20109Ohad KammarLate Robin Milner
03/19/20101raouldRosette, another Actor language
03/19/2010143Manuel J. SimoniFirst-class environments. Discuss. ;)
03/18/20108NoelBitC is back
03/17/20109andrew johnsondetermining subsumption of regular languages
03/17/2010136shapOn the (Alleged) Value of Proof for Assurance
03/13/20108Michiel HelvensteijnType system design choices
03/13/20101Mark Dalgarno[ANN] Code Generation 2010 program available
03/12/20105Matt BrubeckUrbit: Functional programming from scratch
03/11/201019Z-BoCode Bubbles
03/10/20108Douglas McCleanShould let be generalized?
03/10/20101Stuart BeardA Wiki for LaTeX (LaTiKi)
03/08/2010130Peter MichauxHave tracing JIT compilers won?
03/08/20108raouldFighting Bit Rot with Types (Scala Collections)
03/08/20104giuseppemagMultiple overloads of the bind operator
03/07/201011Josh-MeredithAlternative method for defining statically typed variables
03/05/201016Dr.GEorGELISP basis for computable functions on S-Expressions.
02/28/201063giuseppemagAdvantages of Purity
02/28/201038msimoniExtending the Scope of Syntactic Abstraction
02/27/201020Ray Dillingerlarge-scale programming systems inspired by ecological and market systems
02/26/201016raoulda "thank you" to You
02/26/20104Douglas McCleanUnifying map and mapM through subtyping?
02/26/201035raouldfunctional equivalance?
02/25/201031James IryCan a Biologist Fix a Radio?
02/24/201094raouldplt vs. something else for programming in the large?
02/23/20106malikOperational Research (OR)/ Constraint Programming (CP)using GPUs
02/22/201019naaskingObjects to Unify Type Classes and GADTs
02/20/201099Adam ChlipalaTesting release of a platform for hosting pure functional web applications
02/20/20108Caleb ReachEmbedded Domain-Specific Editors
02/19/20104iainmcginDo you know of any good summer schools on types/programming languages for 2010?
02/17/201034neelkReminder: OOPSLA is now SPLASH
02/17/201047scottmclSmall PL Thought Experiment
02/16/20108Paul SnivelyA Lambda Calculus for Real Analysis
02/16/201019Ehud LammJoe-E: A Security-Oriented Subset of Java
02/16/201010Ehud LammHistorical question
02/15/20102Ehud LammAnalog computing
02/15/20102Anthony CleveCall for Papers - SLE񟭊
02/15/20101Sylvain Le GallOCaml Meeting 2010 in Paris
02/15/201012msimoniRecent Progress in Quantum Algorithms
02/13/201042Allan McInnesA few billion lines of code later: using static analysis to find bugs in the real world
02/13/201012marshallpConstraint Programming Local Search and Numerical Optimization
02/12/20101Z-BoBart De Smet on .NET 4's System.Interactive library
02/12/20108Z-BoGoogle TechTalk: The Evolution of End-User Programming
02/12/20102Ehud LammComputational Semantics with Functional Programming
02/10/20104raouldpurposeful retrograde language design
02/10/20101enewhuisNew Full-time Erlang Jobs in Chicago
02/09/201014Bertrand_MeyerNaNs and reflexivity
02/08/20108giuseppemagMutable objects with monadic methods
02/08/20101neelkResolving and Exploiting the k-CFA Paradox
02/07/201043marshallpWhy prolog is by far the best, most productive, easiest programming language
02/05/20103lmeyerovClutter Toolkit
02/05/201019jason stumpfAlternatives to parentheses for grouping
02/04/20109Z-BoComputational complexity of cascading stylesheets?
02/04/201042neelkContinuity Analysis of Programs
02/04/20101msimoniLunascript (Industrial FRPish PL for web apps)
02/04/20101Tegiri NenashiAlgebraic vs. Coalgebraic methods
02/03/20106michaelwCourse focusing on JIT compilers?
02/03/20105neelkMonads in Action
02/03/20104L SpiceExtreme non-choosiness
02/03/201010John NowakFormal treatments (or examples of) of "function concatenation"?
02/03/20101raouldQi4J released: OO done right?
02/03/201015Carlos ScheideggerHipHop: Facebook runs compiled PHP on its servers
02/02/20105BudsyLISP and parentheses
02/02/201014andrewzboardDepends on what "is" is
02/01/201037Steven ObuaBabel-17 v0.2 spec is out
02/01/201034Z-BoWhat data sets would tell you the most about what sort of programming language to design?
01/29/201036Sean McDirmidDeclarative reactive tables
01/28/201054raouldmore consistent macros?
01/28/20106andrewzboardeval and (infinite) recursion
01/26/20106raouldTRIZ plus Axiomatic Design
01/26/20102Z-BoTwo new tags
01/25/201013raouldare rewrite systems really the bee's knees
01/25/20108andrewzboardOperator precedence
01/25/20103Paul SnivelyDelimited Control in OCaml, Abstractly and Concretely, System Description
01/25/20103Z-BoThe Recruitment Theory of Language Origins
01/25/201030lmeyerovHistorical or sociological studies of programming language evolution?
01/24/201010richkGraph processing
01/24/20101Paul SnivelyScala Days at EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland
01/24/20107Kay SchluehrProject Sikuli
01/22/20101raouldQi-Lisp spawns Kl
01/22/20108Ehud LammClojure 1.1 and Beyond
01/21/201019Bertrand_MeyerThe Theory and Calculus of Aliasing
01/20/201012raouldsee history of things i started (vs. commented on)?
01/20/20101raouldtools to evaporate problems
01/20/201025cdigginsSyntax of Literal Tables (Assocative Collections) and Auto-generated fields
01/20/20106raouldindentation yet again?
01/19/201036guerrilla_thoughtAcademic advice: Mathematics or Computer Science?
01/16/201030Sean McDirmidDeclarative binding vs. composition
01/16/20101Sean McDirmidThe Regiment Macroprogramming System
01/15/20103raouldcatalog of functional approaches to games?
01/14/201050scottmclDiscoverability, Language Features, and the First Step Toward Composition
01/12/201058Wolf LoganQuantum Lambda Calculus
01/12/20102Dave HermanVerified Just-In-Time Compiler on x86
01/11/20101Z-BoScalaModules: a DSL for bringing OSGi to Scala
01/10/20106Peter MichauxScheme from Scratch project
01/09/20101Paul SnivelySyntactic Proofs of Compositional Compiler Correctness
01/09/20101Paul SnivelyA Verified Compiler for an Impure Functional Language
01/09/20106Paul SnivelyCertified Programming With Dependent Types Goes Beta
01/09/201016Z-BoWhy Normalization Failed to Become the Ultimate Guide for Database Designers?
01/08/20109neelkSimplicial Databases
01/07/201024Z-BoRapid Prototyping tools & environments from academia
01/07/20107raoulddoes anybody want to fix wikipedia?
01/07/20102Shin-Cheng.Mu50 years of Advanced Programming – an Anniversary Seminar on Algol 60
01/05/20104jasha123Colorful dominoes game hides an exercise in propositional logic
01/05/20104Andris BirkmanisPhysics, Topology, Logic and Computation: A Rosetta Stone
01/05/201024spdegabriellewondering why C is the language of compilers- when a Scheme subset would seem to be a better fit?
01/05/20103qtvaliAn idea and syntax for "programming language"
01/04/20107sttaftParaSail, a new language oriented toward parallelism and verification
01/02/20103Mokua RichardSelfType and MyType
12/31/20099Ehud LammThe year in review, and What's to come
12/31/20094raouldthe "unread" marker issue
12/30/20092dataangelMetrics or formailizations of "local reasoning"?
12/30/200917raouldmost water-tight real-world language implementation?
12/30/200956Sean McDirmidOpen wiki-like code repository
12/29/20096Sean McDirmidExploration of Program as Language
12/28/200923Steven ObuaIs (probabilistic) non-determinism pure ?
12/26/20093naaskingFunctional Pearl: Implicit Configurations —or, Type Classes Reflect the Values of Types
12/25/20091marcoLazy Christmas Gift
12/24/20093YSharpNeed volunteer help/feedback from stronger academic/competent profiles (on testing T-diags expressiveness with semantics, etc)
12/24/200914Sean McDirmidWard's Wiki
12/24/200910Ehud LammHoliday Fun: How Programming Language Fanboys See Each Others' Languages
12/23/20095Denis Bredelet -jidoA question of metadata
12/23/200949cdigginsParameterized Modules
12/22/20093neelkSemantic types: a fresh look at the ideal model for types
12/22/20091Z-BoEASTL -- Electronic Arts Standard Template Library
12/22/200913msimoniThe AI Systems of Left 4 Dead
12/22/200910Andris BirkmanisSuper and Inner — Together at Last!
12/21/200968scottmclUnfulfilled Promises of Software Technologies? (!)
12/19/20093Carl HewittDirect Inference in Direct Logic(TM)
12/18/200911L SpiceChunked sequences: Lookahead laziness
12/18/20098Anton van StraatenAn Innocent Model of Linear Logic
12/17/200910Z-BoBack to the Future: Lisp as a Base for a Statistical Computing System
12/16/20095Tim FoleyQuestion about the Scalina calculus
12/15/200948Leon P SmithWhy API Design Matters
12/14/20096Patrick BrowneHaskell and logic
12/14/200911scottmclNaive Question? Definition of "Higher Order"
12/14/20095Andris BirkmanisActorScript(TM): Industrial strength integration of local and nonlocal concurrency for Client-cloud Computing
12/13/200936Julian RohrhuberClaiming Infinity
12/12/20091phbfembedding forth
12/12/200914cdigginsMetaprogramming and Heron : Five Years Later
12/11/20093Denis Bredelet -jidoUsing a single stack in the presence of continuations
12/11/200935Leon P SmithThe Development of Sage
12/10/200934scottmclImplementation of Cardelli and Daan Leijen Style Record Systems?
12/10/20096Martin WatsonChucK : A Strongly timed language
12/10/20094Sean McDirmidBSGP: bulk-synchronous GPU programming
12/09/20092raouldLagoona, component-orientation
12/09/200925msimoniDeveloper Guided Code Splitting
12/05/200946scottmclIs Small Still Beautiful?
12/05/200950msimoniDifferentiating Parsers
12/04/200912Sean McDirmidPragmatic declarative event abstraction
12/03/200968Leon P SmithWhy Object-Oriented Languages Need Tail Calls
12/02/20093zerohow to resolve the compatibility issues of libraries.
12/02/200963Ehud LammEleven Theses on Clojure
12/01/200929Tegiri NenashiTop rated programming conferences?
12/01/20095Carter Cheng"Corpus" of lisp/scheme programs which can be used for research
11/30/20093msimoniGo Interfaces
11/29/200929Ehud LammTwo Bits: The Cultural Significance of Free Software
11/28/200912Jacques CarettePattern Calculus
11/27/20093Luke GorriePICBIT: A Scheme System for the PIC Microcontroller
11/27/20095Jelle HeroldLibrary which provides unification of "Type Classes" in Java?
11/27/20091Serguey ZefirovPiSigma, a dependently typed core language
11/26/20091msimoniImplicit Phasing for R6RS Libraries
11/25/20096Obscure HipsterHow to learn about formal top-down approach to software architecture?
11/19/20096scottmclModule Initialization and Ordering - Another Module Question
11/19/200933Wolf LoganReactive Extensions for .NET released this week
11/19/200918Allan McInnesScratch: Programming for All
11/19/200925naaskingConnections between Transactions and Promises/Futures?
11/17/20093Harold LevinSeeking reference for citation in article.
11/16/20096naaskingStatically typed Pratt parsers
11/16/200914scottmclI Seek a Reasonable Survey on the Concept of "Module System"
11/14/200931Adam CThe perfect advanced programming language for the productive industrial developer
11/14/20094Matt HelligeBytecodes meet Combinators: invokedynamic on the JVM
11/14/200923scottmclSeeking nearly anything re: so called language "bootstrapping" process
11/12/200926Scott JohnsonExplanation of Computer Theory for Lawyers
11/10/2009127Srikumar SubramanianGo or Unladen Swallow?
11/10/20093Anton van StraatenScheduled downtime
11/06/200914Leon P SmithState of the art C compiler optimization tricks
11/06/2009116James IryJohn Hughes on Erlang and Haskell
11/05/20093GuySteeleAnnouncing a Fortress blog
11/05/200915bashyalThe Origins of APL
11/05/20096Greg BuchholzHaskell Type Constraints Unleashed
11/02/20093Matt HelligeGilad Bracha on "Atomic Install"
11/02/200977Z-BoOn Understanding Data Abstraction, Revisited
11/01/20093Douglas McCleanBranching constructs in intermediate languages
10/30/20096Ehud LammLiskov's list of papers
10/29/20092bashyalECOOP 2009 Banquet speech
10/29/200910Ehud LammTim Bray on Clojure and Erlang
10/29/200958el-vadimoLiterate Programming: Retrospect and Prospects
10/29/200910Allan McInnesπ: a pattern language
10/28/20092johnwcowanDesperately seeking monomorphic typing
10/28/20091Mark Dalgarno[ANN] Code Generation 2010 Call for Speakers
10/28/20099neelkCausal Commutative Arrows and Their Optimization
10/27/200914andrew johnsonWhat is a Type?
10/27/20092naaskingRetrospective: An Axiomatic Basis for Computer Programming
10/26/20092Vilya HarveyField - a hybrid textual and visual programming environment
10/23/200925Z-BoDesign Patterns 15 Years Later: An Interview with Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, and Ralph Johnson
10/23/20097scottmclType constructors based on capabilities of type arguments?
10/23/20091ekiruTypes for Atomicity: Static Checking and Inference for Java
10/23/20091raouldShannon programming language?
10/22/20092hoangcuong2011Indexing Model ....
10/22/20092Charles StewartHave your AHOS and eat HOAS too!
10/22/20099lmeyerovLanguages and systems for edge-computing?
10/21/20091Carter ChengImplicit functional parallelism papers
10/21/20091fogusThe Risks and Benefits of Teaching Purely Functional Programming in First Year
10/19/200915ade_oshineyeThe design process for Zimbu
10/18/20095Carter ChengTechniques used in Hotspot compilation
10/17/20092marchertasmisc suggestions
10/16/200931Z-BoErik Meijer's MSDN Channel 9 lecture series on functional programming
10/15/20092Aran DonohueIn-Progress MSc on DSL Program Maintenance
10/15/200947Peter MichauxLisps, First-Class Special Forms, Fexprs, The Kernel Programming Language
10/14/20099L SpiceCourse in mathematical logic with applications to computer science
10/14/20098dpmulliganStandard, simple subset of Scheme for experimentation?
10/14/2009109scottmclSeeking broad survey of wide range of concurrency idioms
10/12/200910billtoharaAlgorithms for inferring most specific types?
10/11/200913Allan McInnesSequenceL - declarative computation on nonscalars
10/11/200914naaskingSafe Garbage Collection = Regions + Intensional Type Analysis
10/11/20096Denis Bredelet -jidoRecursive type for yielding function
10/09/20099dpmulliganHaskell in the real world: writing a commercial program in Haskell
10/07/200925naaskingCompilation to C, a definitive guide?
10/06/20092CharlesTorreInterview - Rich Hickey: Inside Clojure
10/05/20091naaskingAbstracting over Type Constructors using Dynamics in C#
10/04/20095dpmulliganICFP 2009 videos
10/03/200926cdigginsA Type-theoretic Foundation for Programming with Higher-order Abstract Syntax and First-class Substitutions
09/30/200913sanitySwarm now based on Scala 2.8, uses delimited continuations
09/29/200912raouldHow to respect language styles while translating?
09/29/20091raouldTimber (O'Haskellish) has been released
09/28/20091David N. WeltonInterview with Joe Armstrong and Simon Peyton-Jones
09/26/20096msimoniShould method names be (module-) scoped?
09/26/20094Adam SoloveIncremental addition of types and contracts
09/26/200931Kay SchluehrWhy Pseudo-Code?
09/23/200918bashyalJVM language summit 2009
09/19/200928msimoniTurning every module into a functor automatically?
09/18/200917morphirContext Driven Scheme Objects
09/18/20095Michal DobrogostICFP 2009 Proceedings
09/17/200925Dave LopezNoop: Google Language for the JVM
09/15/20094msimoniQuotation suggestion doesn't work
09/15/200919Ehud LammCoders at Work
09/13/20095Leo HorovitzLEGO Turing Machine
09/13/200919thomashBackground of call/cc
09/12/20091Poul KroghBNFT (Backus Naur Form Transformation) tool released
09/10/20092raouldA Relational Model of Non-Deterministic Dataflow
09/10/20091Ehud LammL+C Modeling Language
09/10/20093Creighton HoggCategorical semantics for F_\omega
09/10/20095msimoniLua for Apache httpd.conf, again
09/09/200915Manuel J. SimoniCreate Your Own Programming Language (book)
09/06/200923Ehud LammDSL goodness
09/06/200914naaskingSolving the expression problem with type classes
09/05/20093catbertLogic operations on types
09/05/20091Russell WallaceCombinator logic inference
09/03/200910jason stumpfProving running times of algorithms
09/03/20095Ehud LammParallel Performance Tuning for Haskell
09/02/200913Chris RathmanRelations of Language and Thought: The View from Sign Language and Deaf Children
09/02/20096Jaroslav TulachProper Library Versioning no longer NP-Complete
09/01/200910Carlos ScheideggerApple "adds closures to C" in Mac OS X 10.6
08/31/200910Tommy McGuireTransactional Memory versus Locks - A Comparative Case Study
08/31/20092bashyalComputer Code as a Medium for Human Communication
08/25/200948Jaroslav TulachReview NP-complete Library Versioning Problem
08/24/20093Charles StewartExpressive Modes and Species of Language
08/24/20094Patrick DewaneComputer Science/Mathematical Notations
08/21/200910kaveh.shahbazianAccumulating Types in C#
08/21/20095Matt HelligeFunction Interface Models for Hardware Compilation
08/21/200930msimoniScheme to be split into two languages
08/20/20094Charles StewartThe linear bestiary of François Pottier
08/19/200924John CarterWhy determinism matters in language design.
08/19/20092Chad950limit and colimit
08/19/20095ceti331FP, auto-generated code..
08/18/200913Colin KempTheoretical Foundations for Practical Totally Functional Programming, by Colin Kemp
08/18/200917ceti331best superset language...
08/17/200913Peter Michauxsomething strange happened after implementing a first interpreter
08/17/20092Allen McPhersonWorkshop on Non-Traditional Programming Models for High-Performance Computing
08/17/20094Matthew FuchsThe Discrete Event Calculus as a Programming Language
08/17/200947ceti331functions vs procedures..
08/15/200917mikel evinsCategories, the homemade object system
08/14/200917Grant WatsonKinds of Null
08/14/200948Jacques Le NormandEastwest: a new programming language and structure editor
08/14/20093Ehud LammLifted inference: normalizing loops by evaluation
08/14/20091Derek ElkinsWorld's first formal machine-checked proof of a general-purpose operating system kernel
08/13/200935Andris BirkmanisPerl Cannot Be Parsed: A Formal Proof
08/11/200927BigZaphodReceiver knowing the sender?
08/11/20093Ehud LammHa?
08/11/200959NoelThe End of the GPU Roadmap
08/11/20093Tom DuffStepanov and McJones: Elements of Programming
08/11/200927Bertrand_MeyerAvoid a Void: eradicating null-pointer dereferencing
08/10/20094Derek ElkinsHoopl: Dataflow Optimization Made Simple
08/10/20098Gary T. LeavensSeeking examples of programming language knowledge has helped students, companies, etc.
08/10/20091phooliminNew methods for functional style programming in Dao, any comments or suggestions?
08/10/20098Paul SnivelyA Verified Compiler for an Impure Functional Language
08/09/20093dlearyHelp me find a paper please?
08/06/20093raouldVarious binding styles in OO
08/06/20094Paul SnivelyEffective Interactive Proofs for Higher-Order Imperative Programs
08/06/20092Paul SnivelyCertified Web Services in Ynot
08/06/20096James IryObservational Equality, Now!
08/06/20094Gergely BudayFormal methods for safety critical systems
08/05/20094raouldLucid, Gipsy paper
08/05/200933James IryObjects as Modules in Newspeak
08/05/20094James IryVerified Programming in Guru
08/05/200919raouldseeking help: approaches to model based development?
08/03/20095neelkA Functional I/O System (or Fun for Freshman Kids)
08/03/20093James IryProgramming Made "Simple"
08/02/20091Hank ThediekAcademic Commons
08/02/20098James IryCreator of Qi Calls It Quits
07/31/20094Jacques Le NormandO'Caml Structure Editor Toolkit
07/29/20098scottmclParsing user defined operators with precedence/assoc ala ML
07/29/20093Ehud LammGreen: A System for Supporting Energy-Conscious Programming using Principled Approximation
07/28/20091Ehud LammSemanitcs in the real world?
07/28/200941vagDefinition of Functional Programming Language
07/28/200927bashyalNew JDK 7 Feature: Support for Dynamically Typed Languages in the JVM
07/28/20094Chad950very simple haskell question
07/28/200930James IryEvaluation and Usability of Programming Languages and Tools (PLATEAU)
07/28/200912Ehud LammLtU turns 9: The year of the lurkers
07/27/200912Leon P SmithRepresenting Control in the Presence of First-Class Continuations
07/24/200910jimdesu(Very) Simpleminded kind question
07/23/20091Patrick BrowneApproaches to dependent types(DT)
07/22/20091msimoniQuestion on top-level (and other) environments
07/22/200953bluestormResolved Debates in Syntax Design ?
07/21/200910James IryApollo 11 Source Code on GoogleCode
07/20/20091msimoniA Java Fork/Join Framework
07/20/200910Manuel J. SimoniIterators Must Go
07/20/20091drcodeFringeDC Meeting: Introduction to Prolog by Conrad Barski, July 25th 2009 at 1PM
07/20/200937James IryConcepts Get Voted Off The C++0x Island
07/20/200934John CarterSimplicity
07/19/20095Gregory PropfLambda Cube and programming languages
07/18/20096Charles StewartMunkres' Topology
07/18/20091kusimariHuman language and machine language
07/15/20095fbahrProposing a LtU twitter (news) feed ...
07/15/20097Leon P SmithUnladen Swallow: LLVM based Python compiler
07/14/200918Chris RathmanIn the Land of Invented Languages
07/10/20095Ehud LammAnnouncing the new Haskell Prime process, and Haskell 2010
07/10/20097msimoniPhosphorous, The Popular Lisp
07/10/200913Luke GorrieRepRap: the self-replicating machine
07/09/200914Luke GorrieOpen Source for Hardware?
07/09/20098James IryOh no! Animated Alligators!
07/09/20093Dave HermanMitchFest 2009: Symposium in Honor of Mitchell Wand
07/08/20091Isaac GouySoccer-Fun: Teaching Functional Programming
07/08/20092Charles StewartProgramming Satan's Computer
07/07/200945Charles StewartTrade-offs with abstraction
07/07/20093Allan McInnesA Reactive Model-based Programming Language for Robotic Space Explorers
07/04/200910paul_butcherHelp, this is driving me mad!
07/03/20097Leon P SmithTop 200 Blogs for Developers
07/02/20097Will BentonExplaining database query or constraint-satisfaction failures
06/30/200931msimoniModern dynamic linking infrastructure for PLT
06/27/200917raouldsubjective but hopefully less flamebaid-lame
06/26/200910Winheim RaulshA Possible Future of Software Development
06/25/2009143dataangelMost powerful terminating semantics?
06/25/200949John CarterFully Encapsulated Languages? Are there any out there?
06/19/20093msimoniFully-parameterized, first-class modules with hygienic macros
06/19/20099scottmclSSA vs. CPS (and ANF?)
06/18/20091Ilya MirmanImplementation of reducers and other Cilk++ hyperobjects: Peeking Under the Hood
06/18/20099Torsten AndersPeter Van Roy: Programming Paradigms for Dummies
06/18/200952Robb NebbePerlis Languages
06/18/200911msimoniFactor Mixins
06/18/20093Ehud LammMental animation: Inferring motion from static diagrams of mechanical systems.
06/18/20095Chris NichollsTarget Backend for a Uniquely Typed Language
06/17/20099Ehud LammWhy a diagram is (sometimes) worth ten thousand words
06/16/200911Chris RathmanA-Z of Programming Languages: Erlang
06/16/20096Srikumar SubramanianPregel - Large Scale Graph Computing at Google
06/15/200937Chris RathmanHow Does Our Language Shape The Way We Think?
06/15/20091Ehud LammBiological computation (personal message, non PL-related)
06/14/200920faisalvHow important is it to have catchalls and interceptors in a programming language
06/14/200938vagGRS vs LTRS
06/14/20093Z-BoUsability and Human Factors tags
06/12/200931cdigginsPreventing downcasting and adding a universal variant
06/12/200928Ohad KammarSemantics: Logic vs. PL
06/10/200917Ehud LammJob trends
06/10/20093Basile STARYNKEVITCHMalice: J.Pitrat's constraint satisfaction problem solver.
06/10/200910Neil TorontoBridging the informal and the formal
06/09/200918dakuraiA new idea in OOP. Please comment.
06/07/200958Thomas LordA Case for Gestures/Visualizations and Against Concrete Syntax
06/06/200938Leon P SmithThe Myth of the Genius Programmer
06/05/20094Charles StewartLectures on Jacques Herbrand as a Logician
06/04/200912neelkPeter Landin
06/04/20096Douglas McCleanAre extensible records first class patterns?
06/03/20093Greg BuchholzMonadic Constraint Programming
06/02/20092eeideCFP: PLOS ཅ: 5th Workshop on Programming Languages and Operating Systems
06/02/20091neelkTranslation of Tree-processing Programs into Stream-processing Programs based on Ordered Linear Types
06/02/200913Ehud LammGoolgle & IDEs
06/01/20091Mark Dalgarno[ANN] Last chance to take part in Code Generation 2009
06/01/200938Allan McInnesComputing Needs Time
05/31/200914Ehud LammGoing functional on exotic trades
05/29/20094Ehud LammThat old bug...
05/28/200944Ehud LammQuestions Five Ways
05/26/20093Paul SnivelyTim Sweeney on Epic Games' History
05/24/200912Luke GorrieForth Dimensions
05/23/20098Jules JacobsDeriving Functions to Work on Different Types of Data
05/22/20094Tom DuffTracker + spill page = fail
05/21/20092szobatudosBudapest FP Meetup
05/20/20093Isaac GouyF# tip toes into the mainstream?
05/20/20095ezrakiltyAcknowledging the cosmic bonk/oif balance
05/17/200920cdigginsExtension Methods versus Structural Typing of Traits for solving the expression problem
05/17/20092marktA paper on psychology and programming
05/16/20099James IryTypes are Calling Conventions
05/15/20095dmbarbourRandom Topics
05/13/20095Jason DusekObscure question about a remark in "A Tutorial on (Co)Algebras and (Co)Induction".
05/13/200948Peter Van RoyComputer music: a bastion of interactive visual dataflow languages
05/11/20095yangAxum - A .NET language for safe, scalable and productive parallel programming through isolation, actors and message-passing
05/11/200932Srikumar SubramanianWolframAlpha
05/11/200919Srikumar SubramanianC++ Frequently Questioned Answers
05/10/200968Leon P SmithWhy Did M.I.T. Switch from Scheme to Python?
05/08/20098Anton van StraatenA Brief, Incomplete ... History of Programming Languages
05/08/200932mzralyOracle, Sun, and Fortress
05/07/20092Paul SnivelyLNGen
05/07/20092Paul SnivelyAchieving Security Despite Compromise Using Zero-Knowledge
05/07/20091James IryAn Interview with the Diamondback Ruby Team
05/06/20094raouldlatest on linear/uniqueness typing?
05/06/20091Isaac GouyCOMPOSITA - another ETH language
05/05/200969Ehud LammRight on!
05/04/20099Ehud LammAny tips (Logo)?
05/04/20095Basile STARYNKEVITCHdealing with spam?
05/04/20092Allan McInnesPurpose-Built Languages
05/04/200927sidhuStatic typing may require runtime type checking?
05/01/20099derekpLooking for list of programming problems to thoroughly test a language
05/01/200916Isaac GouyConversations with the Creators of Major Programming Languages
04/30/200929Z-BoWhat is the best literate programming tool/environment/research work?
04/29/20091phreda:r4 The colorless colorforth language
04/28/200914arnaud_dYAPL - yet another programming language
04/26/20091Hank ThediekViable System Architecture
04/26/200926Allan McInnesBranching Time vs. Linear Time: Semantical Perspective
04/26/20091Sean McDirmidWhat if Smalltalk were invented today?
04/26/20092Greg BuchholzCoherent Reaction
04/24/20093Justin JohanssonButcher, Baker or CandlestickMaker
04/24/200918raouldIntentional tool released
04/23/20092Leon P SmithPolymorphic Delimited Continuations
04/22/20092spirnew list about PL design
04/22/20099Charles StewartAndrej Bauer on PLD
04/21/200913Jason DusekThe deBrujin Criterion and the "LCF Approach".
04/20/200915metaprogrammerA programming language with extensible syntax
04/18/200923falcon2009 Lang.NET
04/17/200911falconHow to ensure safety when millions of users inject scripts into a running system?
04/17/20091Paul SnivelyA Generic Type-and-Effect System
04/16/20098neelkGeneric Discrimination: Sorting and Partitioning Unshared Data in Linear Time
04/16/20091Hank ThediekChallenges
04/15/20093James IrySemantics of Memory Management for Polymorphic Languages
04/15/20091drcodeFringeDC Formal Meeting- April 18th 12PM Noon- Advanced Common Lisp Features
04/15/200916raouldmultidimensional abstraction?
04/14/20091James IryPractical Implementation of a Dependently Typed Functional Programming Language
04/14/200917James IryScala Lift Off 2009
04/13/20092natecainNew EcmaScript/Javascript specification
04/11/200930James IryADD 50 TO COBOL GIVING COBOL
04/09/20094James IryCapabilities for External Uniqueness
04/08/2009160Lee ChouWhy are objects so unintuitive?
04/07/20098James IryJonathon Shapiro Wraps Up BitC
04/07/20092Ehud LammDetecting Data Race and Atomicity Violation via Typestate-Guided Static Analysis
04/02/200940snedunuriTwitter and Scala
04/02/20098Carter Chengzip in the point free style
04/02/200913Leon P SmithA Computer-Generated Proof that P=NP
04/01/200919Ehud LammLtU: Forum not blog
04/01/200910Anton van StraatenAnnouncing the Haskot
03/31/20095raouldSeeking succnict thoughts on pros/cons of hl language styles
03/30/20095puneetFunctional Programming Project
03/30/200916bashyalSubsumption at all costs
03/29/200915Luke GorriePLOT: Programming Language for Old Timers
03/26/20091Patrick BrowneHaskell's type classes and CafeOBJ's module system
03/24/200918neelkThe Art of the Propagator
03/24/20095Chung-chieh ShanD is for Domain and Declarative
03/24/200912Jaroslav TulachEliminating fuzziness of access modifiers
03/23/20093George MorrisonAutomatic data structure / layout selection?
03/23/20094Charles StewartOpen access at MIT and Harvard
03/22/20095Ehud LammSite problems
03/22/20093Allan McInnesSwift: making web applications secure by construction
03/20/200915John NowakTiered approaches to higher order programming?
03/20/20092Boyko BantchevJ. Schwartz died
03/19/20091vieiroParrot 1.0.0 is out
03/18/20099ArchiloqueRelational database implementation paper ?
03/18/200914Charles StewartMarrying VMs
03/17/20091Ehud LammObject Oriented Concepts survey
03/13/20098Charles StewartLawvere Theories and Monads
03/13/20095Luke GorrieA New Approach to the Functional Design of a Digital Computer
03/13/200925John NowakAdvantages of pointfree?
03/13/200913Luke GorrieA Tiny Computer
03/12/20095Ehud LammBarbara Liskov Wins Turing Award
03/11/20099James IryLanguages and security: a short reading list
03/08/200953Srikumar SubramanianInfluence of cognitive models on programming language design
03/07/200931Luke GorrieLinear Logic and Permutation Stacks--The Forth Shall Be First
03/06/20099phooliminDao, the official 1.0 version is released
03/06/20091neelkA Foundation for Flow-Based Program Matching Using Temporal Logic and Model Checking
03/06/20091Mark DalgarnoCode Generation 2009 - June 16 - 18. Cambridge, UK
03/05/20094Hank ThediekDynamic Logic
03/04/20093Paul SnivelyEnsuring Correct-by-Construction Resource Usage by using Full-Spectrum Dependent Types
03/04/200965Chris RathmanC++ Futures
03/03/20097neelkEquality Saturation: A New Approach to Optimization
03/03/2009104Leon P SmithThe Meta-LtU Thread
03/01/20091Anil MadhavapeddyCFP for Commercial Uses of Functional Programming (2009)
02/28/20099jdgallagimplementing by-value reduction in lambda calculus
02/23/20099rob myersGenerating nested data types at runtime
02/19/200912Matt HelligeDenotational design with type class morphisms
02/18/200917Paul SnivelyDana
02/13/20092Alex RubinsteynDifferences between gradual, soft, and dynamic dependent typing?
02/12/20094Allan McInnesA Machine-Checked Model for a Java-Like Language, Virtual Machine, and Compiler
02/11/200916neelkParameterized Notions of Computation
02/11/20093Ehud LammAdmin notes
02/08/200945Jason DusekOn the (Im)possibility of Obfuscating Programs
02/06/20092Will PearsonProgramming languages for low level autonomic systems
02/05/20091Anton van StraatenLisp Conference, March 22-25
02/04/200923Kay SchluehrWhat is the dual of { } ?
02/04/200910Leon P SmithOpen Recursion
02/04/20098Sam RushingHow best to add a record type to my typed Scheme variant?
02/03/20098Chris RathmanProject Euler
02/03/200930naaskingTagged Arithmetic Optimization
02/02/20091yminskyJane Street Summer Project ཅ
02/02/200935Douglas McCleanRuling out nonsensical data type definitions
02/01/20091Hank ThediekCybernetics and AI
01/30/200912guy_from_chinaI'm from china and I'm working on a new programming language "Zero"
01/30/20093constseeking article on representing cyclic graphs using purely functional data structures
01/28/200971Ehud LammPL Grand Challenges
01/26/20092jdgallaghelp with type theory
01/26/20094David PrattenIntroducing Ambi
01/25/200912shubhamharnalGraduate Programs in Programming Language Design/Research/Implementation?
01/23/200914strogDetailed discussion forum and/or IRC channel?
01/22/20098shapSpecifying semantics and type rules
01/22/20094lmeyerovParsing with error recovery?
01/21/200961raouldTony Hoare / Historically Bad Ideas: "Null References: The Billion Dollar Mistake"
01/21/20093raouldwhat causes really wide pages?
01/21/200921strogNested functions - how many nesting levels are really needed?
01/21/20092Isaac GouyEfficient Interpretation by Transforming Data Types and Patterns to Functions
01/21/20097constExtensible Term Language 0.2.1
01/21/20093Ehud LammUsing Promises to Orchestrate Web Interactions
01/21/200912Ehud LammElephant 2000: A Programming Language for the year 2015 Based on Speech Acts
01/20/20091Ehud LammZiggurat
01/20/20091csellsCall for Speakers: DSL DevCon
01/19/20099Peter MichauxLambda Calculus Notation
01/17/20097Ehud LammPath Feasibility Analysis for String-Manipulating Programs
01/17/200936cdigginsMacro systems
01/16/20096elliskWeird computability problem relating to state + lambda calculus
01/16/20097scottmclCompilation/method resolution with structural subtyping
01/15/200926derekpLooking for papers describing advanced language topics in terms of C programming
01/15/20098Koray CanCWE/SANS TOP 25 Most Dangerous Programming Errors
01/14/20095James IryOn the Strength of Proof-Irrelevant Type Theories
01/14/200938Poul KroghIntroducing Dawn - yet another new language
01/14/20091bashyalHistory of Python
01/13/2009225James IryWhat Are The Resolved Debates in General Purpose Language Design?
01/12/20091Ehud LammZune & Static Analysis
01/12/20095andhowTyped lambda calculii with type-indexed families of functions instead of polymoprhic functions?
01/12/20091Joshua HermanTrying to define a new lisp.
01/11/20092shapSpecifying Solver Behavior?
01/11/20099dpmulliganMonads = lazy, effect types = strict?
01/11/20094falconKodu video game
01/10/20092Ehud LammVerifying Compiler Transformations for Concurrent Programs
01/10/20091yminskyFunctional Programming jobs at Jane Street
01/10/200941marcoUsing coalgebraic structures for traversing ADTs lazily
01/09/20096yminskyJob board on LtU?
01/09/20094Morris JohnsWeb hosting for Haskell/Lisp/Scheme
01/07/20093smitty1eWadler, Findler: Well-typed programs can't be blamed
01/07/20097James IryR in the New York Times
01/06/20091Mark Dalgarno[ANN] Final Call for Speakers for Code Generation 2009
01/06/20092falconAutomatically Generating the Back End of a Compiler Using Declarative Machine Descriptions
01/06/20095naminReasonig about combinators (a lambda-calculus puzzle on composing compositions)
01/05/20091drcodeSaturday January 10th 2009, 2PM: FringeDC Programming Group Formal Meeting
01/05/20095naminJMatch (abstract iterable pattern matching for Java) and the Polyglot Compiler Framework
01/03/20092jamiiCoconut : Haskell code assembly on the cell processor
12/31/200813ellisk"Determinism" of types?
12/28/200813scottmclLearning Pragmatics of Implementing a "Modern" Type Systems
12/28/2008139James Iry2008 In Review - What Happened with Programming Languages?
12/27/20081Ilya MirmanCilk++ for Linux now available for download
12/26/200815Jason DusekThe Lambda Cube & Some Programming Languages
12/26/20084Bruno OliveiraA Variation of the Expression Problem and two Solutions in Scala
12/25/20082stratocasterfreakwhich program should I use? Visual Basic, C++ or Delphi
12/24/20086vijaykandyPrinciples or patterns in FP
12/23/20083Henrik TidefeltAnnouncing Shapes, a functional drawing language
12/22/200810naaskingFunctional Pearl: Type-safe pattern combinators
12/22/20083raeckDefining a containing function on polymorphic list
12/22/200832Sean McDirmidTwo Lightweight DSLs for Rich UI Programming
12/21/20083James IryPinS and RWH are Jolt Finalists
12/19/200827Chris RathmanIf Programming Languages were &lt;T&gt;
12/16/200856scottmclAny problems with true union types if all values are tagged? (like in a dynamically typed system, Lisp, etc.)
12/15/200811James IryProgrammable Concurrency in a Pure and Lazy Language
12/14/200813shapPracticality of Exclusively Compiler-Driven Unboxing
12/14/2008125Bruce RennieFundamental Flaws in Current Programming Language Type Systems
12/11/20081Dave LopezJetBrains releases MPS (Meta Programming System)
12/11/200893Ehud LammThe Genuine Sieve of Eratosthenes
12/11/200810Bruce MillerLight(er) Reading Suggestions?
12/11/20085frencheneeszIs it ok...
12/10/200818frencheneeszHow to load/interpret STATIC libraries at runtime.
12/10/20089harrySelf Taught Computer Science
12/10/20087Ehud LammThe programming languages behind "the mother of all demos"
12/09/20081Paul SnivelyType inference for correspondence types
12/05/20087billhailsRFC on an online book
12/05/20087Chris RathmanAMS: A Special Issue on Formal Proof
12/04/20085falconLive programming environments
12/02/20083Daniel YokomizoThe RiSE of Research in Software Engineering
12/02/20086MLstateFP Jobs
12/02/20082ShagufMicrosoft MVP ...
12/01/20085Ehud LammStaging with Delimited Control
11/30/200812purezaRemembering everything - a new(?) idea for a new PL
11/29/20084James IryQi II
11/28/200880Peter Van RoyFunctional building blocks as concurrency patterns
11/27/20084Chris RathmanHOPL III: The When, Why and Why Not of the BETA Programming Language
11/26/200820Chris RathmanClojure: Trampoline for mutual recursion
11/26/200811szobatudosrefereed journal with open access?
11/24/200862marcoNon-standard type theories for FP
11/22/20087A. G. Piskunovyet another oop formalization: class as abstract automata
11/21/200826Chris RathmanGuy Steele & Richard Gabriel: 50 in 50
11/19/20087Michael LesniakCurrent "hot" topics in parallel programming?
11/18/20083Paul SnivelyType-Checking Zero Knowledge
11/17/20084Ehud LammSEP entry on Combinatory Logic
11/14/200822falconMicrosoft PDC "Language" Talks
11/12/200814naaskingFirst-Class Patterns
11/11/20081naaskingModeling Abstract Types in Modules with Open Existential Types
11/10/200846Alex RubinsteynExtensible tuples?
11/09/20084teranceLabyrinth:how to find the exit?
11/09/200863Alex RubinsteynSubtyping + overloading
11/08/20089Lauri Alankoβ, η, ξ ⊢ α?
11/08/200857Isaac GouyThe Origins of the BitC Programming Language
11/08/20084omouseBurst Tries paper
11/08/20081synodinosThe Ioke JVM Language: The power of Lisp and Ruby with an intuitive syntax
11/07/20083Charles StewartCollege Publications
11/07/20082Luke GorrieA Personal Computer for Children of All Ages
11/06/20081Chris RathmanType Checking with Open Type Functions
11/06/200823shapQuestion concerning parameterization over literals
11/06/20085raouldLiquid Metal project, Lime language: Java for FPGA co-processors
11/05/200812elliskA tutorial on implemeting type inference?
11/04/20085Isaac GouyOz/K: A kernel language for component-based open programming
11/04/20081naaskingReflection, Attributes and Parameterization
11/04/200836Lee ChouNew Programming Language Idea
11/01/200845jason stumpfTotal functional language self interpreter?
10/30/200812Darren SmithImplementations of untyped lazy lambda calculus
10/29/200810msimoniFactor: an extensible interactive language
10/29/20081Daniel WeinrebCall for Submissions, for the International Lisp Conference 2009
10/29/200824Ehud LammAutomated Code Review Tools for Security
10/28/200826Adam ChlipalaWeb application shootout?
10/28/200836naaskingDeclarative layout and/or UI languages?
10/26/20081Mark Dalgarno[ANN] Call for Speakers - Code Generation 2009
10/25/20088Adam ChlipalaANN: Ur/Web: Statically-typed metaprogramming for the web
10/23/20086Tim BandReview of Practical API Design by Jaroslav Tulach
10/23/200813robmeyersWhy do OOPLs type objects as classes?
10/22/200818Luke GorrieBEE3: Putting the Buzz Back into Computer Architecture
10/22/200816jim burtonSummary of Dependently Typed Systems?
10/22/20087Charles StewartFω^C: a symmetrically classical variant of System Fω
10/22/20087msimoniAdequate bootstrap for compiler with defmacro?
10/21/200831Isaac GouyMultiple Dispatch in Practice
10/21/20081jurgenvCFP: Language Descriptions Tools and Applications (LDTA 2009)
10/20/200810Dan MonizDesign Concepts in Programming Languages is now available
10/19/20089christopherF in System F
10/19/200814David BarbourA Modular, Verifiable Exception-Handling Mechanism
10/19/200822Ehud LammA bit of Scheming
10/18/20081Ehud LammProgrammer book club
10/17/20086Chris RathmanNotes on Introduction To Algorithms
10/17/20084Ehud LammTwo stories
10/16/200813jdgallagConstructor classes
10/15/200812Pablo BarenbaumIn which sense Joy is functional?
10/15/20083Paul SnivelyOCaml 3.11.0-beta1 Available
10/13/20083levalexOOPSLA 08
10/12/200823NoelNo more tail calls in Javascript?
10/11/200879RanOn the (perceived) equivalence of static and dynamically typed reflective programming languages
10/10/20084ZizekSyntactic/Semantic Control in MDA Framework
10/09/200812Basile STARYNKEVITCHDSL or dialects used inside compilers
10/08/20086srivatsanSwarm- distributed stack based programming language
10/07/20085Chris RathmanHejlsberg and Steele: Concurrency and Language Design
10/06/200817Luke GorrieWorlds: Controlling the Scope of Side Effects
10/06/200827Luke GorrieParsing Expression Grammars
10/05/200815SamKInspiring Papers
10/05/20081drcodeFringeDC Formal Meeting Oct 11th 6PM- Writing a compiler for a functional programming language
10/05/20086neelkLocal Rely-Guarantee Reasoning
10/05/20081Chris RathmanSolutions to SICP Exercises
10/04/200814claudioClojure talk videos
10/01/200820Jason LivesayVisual Programming Language Syntax Formalisms
10/01/20081JeffBC# and Computer World
10/01/20084fanfclosure-based object-oriented programming languages
10/01/200813Sean GillespieLazy Graph Reduction and abstract machines
09/30/200818Ehud LammMicrosoft Oslo
09/29/20084BigZaphodProgramming Languages Aren't
09/29/20085disnesquickCan function pointers be "fixed"
09/29/200831marcoTo CPS or not to CPS
09/29/200822shapHelp with Mixfix in Bison?
09/28/200814shapHelp with N-Ary functions?
09/28/20081thorpeParallelism and threading as a programming model
09/28/20084Daniel RoyWorkshop on Probabilistic Programming in December
09/27/20083Ehud LammJVM Language Summit report
09/26/20088Chris RathmanMISRA C++:2008
09/26/20084Peter McArthurOn a method of expressing by signs the action of machinery
09/26/200811David N. WeltonReia: Python/Ruby style language on top of Erlang
09/24/20085johnwcowanMultiple inheritance with a single global ordering of classes
09/24/20089David Minorhaskell for gpu
09/24/20088Carter ChengSecurity in FP
09/23/20089marcoSpecializing values in a functional language
09/22/20085Brett GibsonA graph puzzle
09/22/20081Giovanni DerettaBoost.Phoenix 2.0 review starts today, September 21st
09/21/20085marcoBest way to interface with C/C++?
09/21/20088Kay SchluehrIntel Ct: C for Throughput Computing
09/20/200818Ehud LammInformation regarding financial crisis
09/20/20082Isaac Gouydependent-types linear-types 101 ?
09/20/20086el-vadimobeyond multi-methods
09/20/20081Sean McDirmidAre you feeling FOOLish?
09/19/20088WendellNarrowing field of languages?
09/19/200822Chris RathmanSimon Peyton Jones Interview
09/19/20088Charles StewartAgentSpeak(L): programming with beliefs, desires and intentions
09/19/200818Jaroslav TulachIs API evolution of exceptions special?
09/18/20084Denis Bredelet -jidoSlug Cola - Losing Big Is Easy
09/18/20084Luke GorrieSourceIDE: A Semi-live Cross-development IDE for Cola
09/18/20081vijayMy personal Scheme
09/18/200812Alex RubinsteynGenericity over tuples
09/18/20082Ehud LammGeneral admin notes
09/18/20085JaapSuterContent Addressable Type Systems
09/18/20081raouldAnother multimedia dataflow programming system
09/18/20082raouldanother multi language learning/overview site
09/17/20081Ehud LammVerifiable Functional Purity in Java
09/17/20081Kannan GoundanA Java-like formalism for control flow analysis.
09/17/20082mikestay"Very linear" lambda calculus
09/17/200815Tommy McGuireThe Transactional Memory / Garbage Collection Analogy
09/16/20085marktIs There a Standard Formalism for Describing Abstract Syntax Trees?
09/16/200820NoelTwilight of the GPU
09/15/200855James IryFirst-class Macros
09/15/200836John StrackePublishing negative results: single-assignment Lisp
09/13/20081Ilya MirmanCilk++ (alpha) docs made public
09/11/200866Ehud LammIrresistible programs
09/11/20083neelkCoinductive proof principles for stochastic processes
09/11/20085Andris BirkmanisA Framework for Comparing Models of Computation
09/10/200815James IryPolymorphic Algebraic Data Type Reconstruction
09/10/20082S. CloverLogic programming and finance
09/08/20086shapSound and Complete Type Inference in BitC
09/08/20085James IryClojure's Approach to Identity and State
09/07/20083Ehud LammPhil Windley's DSL adventures
09/06/20086cdigginsML Closure vs Scheme Closure
09/06/20086happycowCan Lambda do things like arrays and matrixs? If so how?
09/05/20083Charles StewartCompiler Validation through Program Analysis
09/04/200812Andris BirkmanisStock exchanges: language design aspect
09/04/20081jlawScala programming job in Odersky's lab in Lausanne, Switzerland
09/04/200815jimdesudoing letrec with lambdas
09/03/20084James IryCommunicating Scala Objects
09/03/20083jayateerth4cppAvoid -if- in the LOG function
09/02/200816James IryUnchecked Exceptions can be Strictly More Powerful than Call/CC
09/02/20082feradasuggestion navigation/html
09/02/20087frencheneeszReview of a potential pramming language: Lima
09/01/200816Ehud LammGoogle chrome
09/01/200827Charles StewartClosures for C
08/31/200811Brandon NiemczykWhat makes backreferences impossible in a DFA regular expressions evaluator?
08/31/20082neelkUpgradeJ: Incremental Typechecking for Class Upgrades
08/30/20086neelkRelational Parametricity and Units of Measure
08/30/20088Kannan GoundanShould nested types capture type parameters?
08/29/20086Denis Bredelet -jidoDistributed/Parallel language semantics
08/28/200827LjIs COBOL really understandable after 14 years.
08/27/20089Ehud LammFrom Writing and Analysis to the Repository: Taking the Scholars' Perspective on Scholarly Archiving
08/27/200811James IryTowards Hard Real-Time Erlang
08/26/200813Ehud LammReal-Time Concurrent Issues Drive Ada versus Java Choice
08/26/200812solamimHaskell for AI?
08/25/20085Ashley McNeileIs it a Programming Language?
08/24/200835Jaroslav TulachLanguages ready for API Evolution
08/22/20081Tim ChevalierDesign Concepts in Programming Languages
08/22/20086numerodixtype derivation for 'map map', yelp
08/22/20083Alexandre RicherAda, C, C++, and Java vs. The Steelman
08/22/20088raouldHow to do E/DSLs successfully?
08/21/200811robmeyersLooking for an auto-lifting language.
08/20/20087Jules JacobsError Messages in Dynamically Typed Languages
08/20/200824Douglas McCleanLanguages without operator precedence
08/20/200813msimoniFeatures of Common Lisp
08/20/200823Allan McInnesIn Praise of Scripting: Real Programming Pragmatism
08/19/200812Jason DusekOPIS -- Distributed Arrows In O'Caml
08/17/20085Ehud LammMozilla "Ubiquity"
08/15/20081Daniel YokomizoProceedings of the 2008 LLVM Developers' Meeting
08/15/200814AtariFanoutput language for new statically typed language?
08/14/200812Chris RathmanJavaScript harmony
08/13/20084Tommy McGuireContinuation Fest 2008
08/12/20086raouldStaapl: Forth on Scheme for embedded controllers
08/12/200812WendellText Processing by Functional Language?
08/11/200828Erik MeijerProgramming Language Beauty: Look Closure
08/09/200821KUsefullness of constants
08/08/20081Ehud LammESSLLI 2008
08/08/200820raouldBalancing the tension of dev vs. debug?
08/08/20084Ehud LammDifferentiating regions
08/07/200833Ehud LammPatrick Logan on patterns
08/06/200810Ehud LammLightweight Monadic Regions
08/06/20084Erik MeijerMondrian is going to the museum
08/05/20086shapA Question Concerning Effect Types
08/02/200813Chris RathmanJOVIAL: Stand up Schwartz
08/02/200811derekpA subtle extention to Lisp-style macros
08/01/20081Chris RathmanGuy Steele on Programming Languages
07/31/20087Chris RathmanThe Little Books in Oz
07/30/200815Jason DusekTwo Computers & An Ethernet Cable -- Also A Computer?
07/29/20083malkarouriOptimal Algorithm?
07/28/200814naaskingGarbage Collection Representations
07/28/200811Ehud LammHappy Birthday, dear Lambda!
07/28/20082lmeyerovpaper suggestions for some current topics
07/27/200845Sean McDirmidBeyond FRP: physics-inspired programming abstractions?
07/26/20082David PiepgrassA persistent AST for multi-purpose use? (Loyc)
07/23/200814Douglas McCleanType classes and type generator restrictions
07/23/20086Charles StewartPractical Set Theory
07/23/200828raouldFP in D 2.0
07/21/200820marktWhat to do about comments?
07/21/20087Ehud LammA System to Understand Incorrect Programs
07/21/200810Sean McDirmidFunctional reactive programming in C# for WPF
07/20/20081Ehud LammPartial vectorisation of Haskell programs
07/19/20082dataangelLanguage/Interface for a 5-button device
07/18/20088msidEffectiveness of C++ for scientific computing?
07/18/200851Gregory PropfSystems programming in languages other than C?
07/18/200818Spencer TippingMulti-Artifact Languages
07/17/200814Gregory PropfEasiest language to make binding for?
07/17/20088Charles StewartThe Development of Intuitionistic Logic
07/16/200850Eli GottliebPractical Bits of Making a Compiler for a New Language
07/15/200813James IryAda, the Ultimate Lambda?
07/15/20081cbogartHelp with study of functional programmers
07/14/20082metaprogrammerLisp-like language for Domain Specific Languages prototyping
07/14/20082topdotterCreating a markup language compiler
07/11/200817Søren HaagerupIn search for a programming language to replace spreadsheets.
07/11/200812naaskingCatch me if you can: Towards type-safe, hierarchical, lightweight, polymorphic and efficient error management in OCaml
07/10/20082neelkICFP contest starts tomorrow
07/10/20087JamesJustinHarrellParser Generators Supporting Astral Characters
07/10/20082Charles StewartCan reply to a post that one is previewing
07/09/20085neelkFunctional Netlists
07/09/20089Will ThimblebyMISC: An experimental LISP-like language
07/07/20084scottmclOf Generics and Erasure and, of all things, GC and memory layout
07/05/20081Ehud LammLisp's 50th Birthday Celebration
07/04/200820vieiroImplementing fast interpreters
07/03/20081fijalPyPy's prolog-based JIT prototype
07/01/20084neelkNon-Deterministic Recursive Ascent Parsing
07/01/20087Luke GorrieHardware Acceleration of Matrix Multiplication on a Xilinx FPGA
06/29/200822Luke GorrieHardware Design and Functional Programming: a Perfect Match
06/29/20086Adrian Quarktype-checking programs with unknown types
06/28/200834Ehud LammThe hits and misses of Microsoft
06/28/20084Ehud LammHistorical map: round two, the fun begins
06/27/200825Ehud LammRequest for participation
06/27/20087scottmclType system that can type list structure?
06/26/200849Peter Van RoyWhy Multi-Core is Easy and Internet is Hard
06/25/200834Chris RathmanThe A-Z of Programming Languages
06/25/20082Jack WaughImplicitness in Syntaxes
06/24/20082sur707PUSH programming language
06/24/20081Ehud LammProject Coverage
06/23/20081James IryLambda in the Sun - Southern California Functional Programmers
06/23/200812naaskingRevisiting Coroutines
06/23/20082Paul SnivelyUpdate to "Parametric Higher-Order Abstract Syntax for Mechanized Semantics"
06/22/20081drcodeFringeDC Programming Group Formal Meeting- July 12th, 6PM
06/22/200834david yangWriting a new language - ideas?
06/20/20082Isaac GouyA Million Actors, Safe Zero-Copy Communication - for Java
06/20/20087Erik MeijerLASER Summerschool on Concurrency
06/20/200837NoelScaling Type Inference
06/20/20082Daniel YokomizoComputation and the Periodic Table
06/20/200810Charles StewartPure imperative programming
06/18/20081yegorCall for Papers: Symposium on Logical Foundations of Computer Science
06/17/20086scottmclHigher-order type constructor polymorphism vs./and template style specialization
06/17/20086hWndSWI-Prolog FFI Problem: Getting Prolog and C to work together on MacOS?
06/17/20086Sjoerd VisscherAlgebraic Data Types in JavaScript
06/16/20081Erik MeijerVolta Job Opportunities
06/16/20081raouldLiquid Types
06/16/20081Paul SnivelyParametric Higher-Order Abstract Syntax for Mechanized Semantics
06/16/20088JanzoForex trading with functional programming
06/15/20083cdigginsCat Interpreter in JavaScript with Turtle Graphics
06/15/20086marktProgram Visualization: Flowchart Layout Algorithms?
06/13/200863Ehud LammProgramming -- Principles and Practice Using C++
06/13/200817naaskingPreemptive concurrency via compiler-inserted checks
06/12/20081Michael VanierPLT Scheme 4.0 released
06/11/200837jdgallagOn the importance of Turing completeness
06/11/200898mwandFunctional Programming in the ACM CS Curriculum
06/10/20084jdgallagusing foldr to do map
06/09/20083mikestayWhat kind of a category is the blue calculus?
06/08/20086Ehud LammBack to the future
06/07/20085James IryJVM Language Summit
06/06/20081Tim Chevalier2008 ICFP Programming Contest
06/06/20088killprogramOur Own Little Language
06/06/20087scottmclFirst class class objects, class vs. value namespaces, etc.
06/05/20088happycowhelp with understanding combinatory logic
06/04/20087msimoniMap-reduce-merge: simplified relational data processing on large clusters
06/04/20087Leon P SmithComments can effect comments below them
06/04/20084Ehud LammApplied Proof Theory: Proof Interpretations and their Use in Mathematics
06/02/200857scottmclMultiple Value Return - Common Lisp vs. Tuples and destructuring
06/02/200812Ehud LammDead-end theorems
06/01/200830addmoreiceerlang green threads and the CLR
06/01/20084raouldContinuation based I/O with referential trasparency (Hope+) ?
06/01/200812bdencklawhat a type system always proves vs. what it can be made to prove
05/30/200826Chris RathmanTypes Considered Harmful
05/30/20084raould"Recent Posts" functionality?
05/30/20081jbfrymanALTA 2008 - Call for Participation
05/28/20084Basile STARYNKEVITCHMetadebugging (i.e. founding metabugs) methodology.
05/28/200817Daniel YokomizoComputational Thinking
05/27/20086Scott JohnsonDSLs: Embedded, standalone, or both?
05/27/200852Denis Bredelet -jidoSoftware complexity as means of professional advancement
05/26/20082Jim DueyReasoned Schemer in Clojure
05/23/200812jdgallagCategory theory in design
05/20/20087neelkLinear Logical Algorithms
05/20/20089cjhPolymorphic C
05/20/20085Denis Bredelet -jidoGeneric types
05/18/20085Ehud LammProcessing.js
05/17/20088naaskingRegions for Code GC?
05/15/20085neelkLogical Algorithms
05/15/20086Denis Bredelet -jidoHardwired polymorphism
05/13/200817Chris RathmanHOPL-III: A History of Erlang
05/13/20081David B. WildgooseErik Meijer and Bertrand Meyer - Objects, Contracts, Concurrency, Sleeping Barbers and Eiffel
05/12/20088Ehud LammLambda, the Ultimate TA
05/12/200826raouldScala Lift Off Unconference review
05/10/20089jflasseterservice course in logic and logic programming: crazy?
05/09/20085raouldOO via first class enviroments: Bla
05/09/20081Ehud LammDryadLINQ
05/08/20081drcodeFringeDC informal meeting Saturday May 10th
05/07/200834Ehud LammHistory of Logic Programming: What went wrong, What was done about it, and What it might mean for the future
05/07/20082boxintheboxIn what case a system doesn't benefit from MapReduce? Do you know any example which doesn't benefit from MapReduce
05/06/20088Ehud LammLanguage geek at the Maker Faire
05/05/20088neelkAutomatic Generation of Peephole Superoptimizers
05/05/20087Charles StewartArrows generalise monads and idioms
05/04/20087Ehud LammA located lambda calculus
05/04/20083taralStatistical Defect Detection?
05/01/20084msimoniCOLA Brainfuck
04/30/200814J Storrs Hallprogramming languages and facial hair
04/29/20087noisesmithA Cybernetics DSL?
04/29/20086Charles StewartAutomatic Patch-Based Exploit Generation
04/27/20084minhyukis there anybody knows about the origin "Dope Vector"?
04/26/200823ajgargandIs Halting Problem Valid for P?
04/25/20083phooliminDao 1.0 preview version is released
04/25/20084Denis Bredelet -jidoResume using continuations
04/25/200819shlomif2nd Revision of "Thoughts about the Best Introductory Language"
04/24/20089cdigginsOn Presenting Operational Semantics
04/24/20081Antoine ReillesTom 2.6 released : matching constraints, strategic programming with java objects
04/23/200816neelkSpecies: making analytic functors practical for functional programming
04/22/20084Denis Bredelet -jidoUn-filter (or merge) lists
04/21/200866el-vadimoprogram verification: the very idea
04/21/200812Gal AmramM.Sc thesis ideas on the intersection: Artificial intelligence, Category theory, and Programming languages.
04/20/20082naaskingFlexible types: Robust type inference for first-class polymorphism
04/20/20085naaskingFPH: First-class Polymorphism for Haskell
04/20/20082cdigginsHMF: Simple type inference for first-class polymorphism
04/19/20082raouldYAJVML: Qi4j
04/18/200833nobodysbusinessStatic Typing and Expressivity
04/16/20083raouldanother issue/question/hope re: layout
04/16/20089naaskingBreaking region nesting in type-and-effect systems?
04/15/20089naaskingFan Programming Language
04/15/200842Charles StewartThe irreducible physicality of security properties
04/15/200814el-vadimomore power and less verbiage
04/14/20083Matt HelligeAlgebra of programming using dependent types
04/14/20081jbfrymanExtended Deadline - ALTA 2008 CFP
04/14/200824Jonathan SchusterCareer paths and concerns
04/13/20085robertoApplications of formal semantics
04/13/20083scottmclSimple type system oriented question
04/13/20082Ehud LammChris Crawford's 9 Breakthroughs
04/11/20085neelkRegister Allocation by Proof Transformation
04/11/20084Charles StewartMechanizing the Metatheory of LF
04/11/20081sdogoodTyping "let rec"
04/10/200839cdigginsCan local variables assignments be considered pure functional without monads?
04/10/20081msimoniComputing History at Bell Labs
04/10/20085marktContext free grammar for shapes in a 2d grid?
04/09/20084Pablo BarenbaumMinimal set of operators for APL/J like language
04/08/200849Ehud LammSafe and Secure Software in Ada
04/07/200811Matt HelligeSimply efficient functional reactivity
04/07/200816Hank ThediekProving compositions
04/07/200841grom358Static Analysis for Duck Typing
04/07/20084msimoniScheme macro systems
04/03/200816cdigginsRewriting rules for deducing properties of functions
04/02/200832cdigginsErasmus: A Modular Language for Concurrent Programming
04/02/200832Ehud LammApril 1st special: The War of the Worlds
04/01/20084raouldtrying to see forum+frontpage posts in order
04/01/20083viergroupieOverloading in a statically typed functional language
03/30/20084el-vadimothe power of GNU Awk
03/29/200814el-vadimofuture history of logic programming
03/28/200810Denis Bredelet -jidoThis class type
03/28/20084David TellerTeaching oneself Abstract Interpretation ?
03/28/20086raouldtoo much indentation solution?
03/27/200817raouldConcurrent Composition and Algebras of Events, Actions, and Processes
03/27/20081jbfrymanCFP: ALTA 2008 (Architectures and Languages for Throughput Applications)
03/26/200812sanityOngoing work on Supercompilation of Java code (or supercompilation in general)?
03/26/20082Winheim RaulshConstraint Imperative Programming
03/25/200812billpageAlgebraist Network
03/25/20081ekabanovTypesafe DSLs in Java
03/24/20081Rahul NairpLucid original interpreter available.
03/23/200810Serguey ZefirovDependent Types, Generic Programming and Overloading.
03/22/200824Ehud LammCERT C Secure Coding Standard
03/22/20081Allan McInnesAn Interview with Robin Milner
03/22/20085neelkSIGPLAN Workshop on Undergraduate Programming Language Curriculum
03/21/20086Denis Bredelet -jidoRhope a dataflow-based language
03/21/20088Ehud LammWhen Are Two Algorithms the Same?
03/20/200814raouldRelational rather than hierarchical OO packaging?
03/20/200810Daniel YokomizoThe Disciplined Disciple Compiler
03/20/20082AceKnocksReplace heads function in Lisp
03/20/200815Luke GorrieSTEPS Toward The Reinvention of Programming: First Year Progress Report
03/19/200817cdigginsRole of Types in Evaluation Strategy
03/16/20088qweasdzxcLisp creates lisp
03/15/200858naaskingHigher-Order Programming without Closures?
03/15/20081drcodeFringeDC Formal Meeting March 22nd at 1PM- Haskell Spectacular: XMonad, Zippers and More!
03/13/200817JustinTrellisLanguages best suited for scientific computing?
03/13/200816derekpVariation of C's inline conditional
03/12/20085fmstepheProblematic data structure in functional language
03/12/20081naaskingWriting practical memory management code with a strictly typed assembly language
03/11/200813neelkEriskay: a Programming Language Based on Game Semantics
03/11/20086Barun MishraNew to FP
03/10/200814Ravi Mohan[Ask LTU] How to implement concurrent languages ?
03/10/20085chihiroEducational environments to learn programming
03/10/20089bieberbruederC - header files
03/07/200818cdigginsApplied Metamodelling: A Foundation for Language Driven Development
03/06/200814raouldExcel as a different programming paradigm
03/05/20081Matt HelligeSliced Bananas On Opaque Data
03/03/20087naaskingUniqueness Typing Simplified
03/03/20083dcucciaType-safe solution to the expression problem in C#?
03/02/2008125naaskingConfused Deputies in Programming Languages
03/01/200810Matt HelligeHelp John Baez and Mike Stay!
02/29/20089johnwcowanBell-LaPadula and type safety
02/29/20085vcStructural recursion on sets
02/29/20084Ehud LammProgrammers At Work
02/28/20088Matt HelligeData Types a la Carte
02/28/200886BigZaphodIs null needed?
02/27/20086cjhA Question about Overlap
02/27/200819Ehud LammPure, Declarative, and Constructive Arithmetic Relations
02/26/200825raouldexceptions again
02/26/200810naaskingChris Okasaki on Indentation Syntax
02/26/20089Hank ThediekUnion types in Java?
02/25/20085hhm"Don't become a scientist" discussion at HN
02/24/20089neelkFoundations for Structured Programming with GADTs
02/24/20086Daniel YokomizoSoftware Craftsmanship: Apprentice to Journeyman
02/24/20084vishalWhy functional programming matters
02/24/20081Ehud LammNew Members
02/24/200812vishalLearning language design
02/24/20084roy_huPlease help find a paper/tutorial
02/22/20082Tony ClarkXMF 2.0 Open Source
02/22/20088Matt MWhy isn't every front page item on the discussions page?
02/21/20081frostytreesTinyML - Lexer, Parser, Interpreter, and Polymorphic Type Checker in Under 700 Lines of SML
02/21/20085Mike McClurgCan we start an LtU group on CiteULike?
02/20/20088Thomas DaneckerA modular toolchain for parsing and compiling code?
02/19/200828neelkWhen Is A Functional Program Not A Functional Program?
02/19/20081Ehud LammHistory of Lambda-Calculus and Combinatory logic
02/19/200891Matt HelligeGilad Bracha: Cutting out Static
02/18/20089George MorrisonUniform naming
02/17/200847Curtis Wsuccinctness
02/16/20082Robert Sexmith1667 State Machine John Milton
02/15/200812Ethan AubinPL Related Blogs
02/14/200822Anon K. AdderlanRecursive Algorithms that cannot be expresses with Tail-Recursion?
02/14/20084raouldJava the language vs. Java the ecosystem
02/13/20088Ehud LammThe little b language: shared models built from reusable parts
02/13/20085msimoniMACLISP Manual Comes To The Web
02/13/20082bonzinipSake = Rake for Smalltalk
02/11/200819naaskingLisaac: The power of simplicity at work for operating systems
02/10/20085raouldQis of the Future
02/08/200810Chris Okasaki10 Years of Purely Functional Data Structures
02/07/200817raouldLanugages with built-in rules/tests?
02/07/200818raouldLeaning how to judge the right tool for the job?
02/06/20081drcodeFringeDC informal meeting Saturday Feb 9th
02/06/200812Ehud LammProject LambdaCan
02/06/20081msimoniNew OMeta-related material
02/06/200818falcontime as a first class value?
02/06/200812David MinorDoes anyone know of work done on co-data-types?
02/05/20084cdigginsJumbala : An Action Language for UML State Machines
02/05/20089Winheim RaulshJura, a OOMP language and potential DBMS
02/05/200826cdigginsSignals in an OOPL
02/05/200829raouldLatest usability for polymorphism?
02/04/20085Ben L. TitzerAdding Concurrent Constructs to a Language with State
02/03/200842David RyanLanguages and data conversions.
02/03/20089birchbAnnouncement: Genyris Language
02/03/20081cdigginsKermeta Programming Language
02/03/20088darkmage35@hotmail.comFL programming language
02/01/200829cjhA name for this form of variable capture?
02/01/20082neelkRelating Complexity and Precision in Control Flow Analysis
02/01/20088nick cameronBarendregt's Convention
01/31/200822Laurent BruterDon't try FP in industry!
01/31/20081Yaron MinskyOCaml Summer Project
01/30/200865Ehud LammArc is released
01/30/20084chihiroCorrect mathematical symbol to represent "subtype"
01/30/20085chihiro(noob question) method parameters in co-and-contravariance issue
01/30/20086Tim Daly Jr.Interesting old gem: Prop does pattern matching in C++
01/29/200821Paul SnivelyThe YNot Project
01/28/20081Gavin Mendel-GleasonCyclic Proofs for First-Order Logic with Inductive Definitions
01/28/20083neelkA Model for Formal Parametric Polymorphism: A PER Interpretation for System R
01/27/20086Justin LoveFortress Presentation
01/26/200830diegoecheVM's... What's the best?
01/26/20082Greg BuchholzAxioms and Theorems for a Theory of Arrays
01/26/20083n29Question from Pierce's Types and Programming Languages
01/26/200814raouldReally un-mutable Scheme
01/25/20083Ehud LammWaveScript
01/25/20082neelkRecycling Continuations
01/24/200823raouldEmbedded concurrent FPish languages?
01/23/20089Matthieu SozeauType-safe printf using delimited continuations, in Coq
01/22/200878Scott JohnsonHow useful is reflection, anyway?
01/22/20084alixInduction of variadic functions, functions over tuples, etc.
01/22/20083alixNumbers in Smalltalk
01/22/200833Ehud LammThe Design and Implementation of Typed Scheme
01/22/200818cdigginsCompile-Time Execution in an Object Oriented Language
01/20/20082Derek ElkinsThe Logic of Proofs
01/19/20081ArbiterLooking for experienced help
01/19/20086naaskingThe Worst Monad Tutorial... Except For All Those Others.
01/18/200821raouldImpact of OO language style on code
01/18/20084raouldOpen5G web app language/system
01/17/20083rossjudsonBret Victor's Substroke
01/17/20082hardaezI Need some one help me in C programming.?
01/17/20083raouldXL back in the limelight?
01/16/200827Thomas LordFlower: a new way to write web services
01/16/20089Nathan SoboTreetop: Packrat Parser Generator for Ruby
01/16/20085Ehud LammACM Classic Books Series
01/16/20081raouldwhat is GVScript?
01/16/20083Ehud LammSimCity Source Code Released
01/15/200817Jack WaughRuby vs. Smalltalk
01/15/200812el-vadimobeyond programming languages
01/14/200834Winheim RaulshUnderstanding category theory and its practical applications
01/12/20082raouldParallel skeleton libs review?
01/10/20084Allan McInnesEngineering Formal Metatheory
01/09/20082Ehud LammEOPL3
01/08/200877Ehud LammPrediction for 2008
01/08/20081Mark DalgarnoANN: Final Call for Speakers - Code Generation 2008
01/08/20084Daniel YokomizoCall-by-value Termination in the Untyped Lambda-calculus
01/08/200884Ehud LammComputer Science Education: Where Are the Software Engineers of Tomorrow?
01/08/200823Ehud LammIo
01/07/200812Curtis WThe Land of the Terminal
01/07/20086Andris BirkmanisFeatherweight JavaScript?
01/07/20088chihiro(newbie question) Covariance and contravariance
01/04/20084raouldEarly vs. late binding dogma/experiences?
01/04/200817Andris BirkmanisJ&: Nested Intersection for Scalable Software Composition
01/04/200814Ehud LammOpen Multi-Methods for C++
01/03/20089Ehud LammThe worker/wrapper transformation
01/03/20085Ehud LammWhy Did Symbolics Fail?
12/31/20073drcodeFringeDC Formal Meeting- Jan 5th 2008- Presentation by Gary Knott of Civilized Software
12/31/200720Srikumar SubramanianProtium ..
12/28/20079marktProcess Algebras: Whats the point?
12/28/20071naaskingML Modules in C#
12/28/200711Andris BirkmanisNested Schedulers: A Tree Is Not Enough?
12/27/20075Paul SnivelyTheorem proving support in programming language semantics
12/27/20073kaveh.shahbazianModule Level Purity
12/26/20072szobatudosPLT online?
12/20/20074Matt HelligeGenerics of a Higher Kind
12/20/20072Matt HelligeA Dialogue on Infinity
12/18/200711vieiroConcurrency with Scheme
12/18/20076n29Anyone read: Semantics with Applications: by Nielson and Nielson?
12/17/200710Ehud LammClosing the Stage: From Staged Code to Typed Closures
12/12/20072M SandinTable Tool System
12/12/200740Ehud LammAvi Bryant: Ruby IS-A Smalltalk
12/12/200721Ehud LammCUFP write-up
12/11/200715Eric J SchwarzenbachOrigin of the term Multimethod
12/11/200712Charles StewartS has a left inverse
12/10/200728neelkComputation Orchestration: A Basis for Wide-Area Computing
12/08/200781Jason Dusekfunctions, statements, expressions
12/07/20075Jason DusekHaskell, Turned Up To Eleven
12/07/200744RobJellinghausA Growable Language Manifesto
12/06/20075ilSignorCarloWeak normalisation theorem for typed lambda-calculus
12/06/200712Ehud LammHow to write your next POPL paper in Coq
12/05/200721Erik MeijerDemocratizing the Cloud using Microsoft Live Labs Volta
12/05/2007103Givaspoll: syntax
12/05/20077rmlindenConnecting the first steps
12/05/20074naaskingJoe-E TechTalk
12/04/20077Tommy McGuireConcurrency: The Compiler Writer's Perspective
12/04/20078SamKSubtext 2 Video
12/04/20077Ehud LammParametric datatype-genericity
12/04/20073Ehud LammDySy: Dynamic Symbolic Execution for Invariant Inference
12/03/20071Bryan O SullivanParsimony Principles for Software Components and Metalanguages
12/03/200720naaskingQuantifying the Performance of Garbage Collection vs. Explicit Memory Management
12/02/200728naaskingMonadic and Substructural Type Systems for Region-Based Memory Management
12/02/20072doublecEvolutionary Programming and Gradual Typing in ECMAScript 4
11/29/200712alixfoundations for J, APL etc
11/29/200711Ehud LammLogic for Philosophy
11/26/20075James W HofmannWhat have I created?
11/26/20076ilSignorCarloDerivation trees for lambda-calculus
11/26/20073Paul SnivelyOCaml Light: A Formal Semantics For a Substantial Subset of the Objective Caml Language
11/25/200715naaskingA survey and discussion of taming effects
11/24/20075Ehud LammThe Carnap Programming Language
11/20/20075NoelInductive Synthesis of Functional Programs: An Explanation Based Generalization Approach
11/20/200781Ehud LammSamurai - Protecting Critical Data in Unsafe Languages
11/19/200798kaveh.shahbazianWhat are the properties of "Functional Programming Languages"?
11/17/200711Marc HamannWell-typed programs can't be blamed
11/17/20071alixIncluding life-cycle processes for generated code in a pi-compiler
11/15/200715Ehud LammDavid Pollak on lift
11/14/20074Ehud LammPLT Redex operational semantics for Scheme
11/12/20075Anton van StraatenGenerative Code Specialisation for High-Performance Monte Carlo Simulations
11/12/20073Charles StewartCSLI lecture notes made freely available
11/10/20071neelkNEXCEL, a Deductive Spreadsheet
11/10/20078Ehud LammCaja: Capability Javascript
11/07/20075Luke GorrieIdioms for Composing Games with Etoys
11/07/20078Luke GorrieSqueaky Tales
11/06/200741Akhilesh MritunjaiUniversal Type System
11/06/20071drcodeFringeDC Informal Meeting Saturday Nov 10
11/06/200727Matt HelligeDependent Classes
11/06/20075Dave HermanECMAScript Edition 4 and Backwards Compatibility
11/05/20071neelkNatural Deduction for Intuitionistic Non-Commutative Linear Logic
11/03/20075Ehud LammOn the origins of Bisimulation, Coinduction, and Fixed Points
11/02/20075neelkOnline Learning of Relaxed CCG Grammars for Parsing to Logical Form
10/29/20072luke[ANN]: Open Quark Framework for Java, version 1.7.0 released
10/29/200731dataangelPL research & grad schools?
10/29/200716Ehud LammTechnometria: Google Web Toolkit
10/27/200717paul_butcherSearching for a quote
10/26/20072manolyahi about scheme programming language....
10/25/200763Ehud LammGödel, Nagel, minds and machines
10/25/20074Mark HoemmenPRNG tutorial: request for comments
10/25/20073Gavin Mendel-GleasonCo-Logic Programming
10/25/200711sciomakoOn DSL, Smalltalk and FP
10/25/20078Thomas LordXQuery language design issues
10/24/2007143naaskingOn the Importance of Purity
10/24/20073angchanyyDifferent results in the unit root test. Why?
10/24/200716Mario B.The simplest mechanism with Turing-equivalent power to date ...
10/23/20071Ehud LammOn One-Pass CPS Transformations
10/23/20072Matt HelligeAnybody at OOPSLA?
10/22/20076Sriram SrinivasanIn Honor of Per Brinch Hansen (1938-2007)
10/22/200768doublecECMAScript 4 overview paper
10/21/20071falconMicrosoft and PLT
10/21/20072Ehud LammEngineering Software Correctness
10/19/20071Mark Dalgarno[ANN] Call for Speakers - Code Generation 2008
10/19/200723msimoniThe End of an Architectural Era (It's Time for a Complete Rewrite)
10/18/200718Pinku SuranaAny multi-threaded interpreters?
10/18/20071neelkPrivacy and Contextual Integrity: Framework and Applications
10/17/20074msimonibinpac: A yacc for Writing Application Protocol Parsers
10/16/20074Isaac GouyLearning Programming with Erlang
10/14/200719Isaac Gouygrammars as a shared executable specification for language processing tools
10/12/20073Peter J. WasilkoMorphic in your Browser
10/12/20072daYZmanObject level unification
10/10/2007118Luke FlemmerExamples of large-scale functional language projects
10/09/20072Isaac GouyFunctional Programming - A Secret Weapon for Software Testing - John Hughes
10/07/20071RafaelGoogle Tech Talk on the CMU Natural Programming Project
10/07/200738Allan McInnesIt's Time to Stop Calling Circuits "Hardware"
10/05/200760Hank ThediekComputing is a Natural Science
10/05/20073Thomas LordIntroducing the XQVM programming language.
10/04/20075neelkDerivation and Evaluation of Concurrent Collectors
10/03/20073michael-figCOLA and Open, extensible object models
10/03/200713Chris RathmanThe Manticore Project
09/30/200722Ehud LammLeave of absence
09/28/200718neelkWitnessing Side-Effects
09/27/20071neelkShape Analysis with Structural Invariant Checkers
09/27/200712msimoniOMeta: an Object-Oriented Language for Pattern Matching
09/27/200711erichFPGA CPUs
09/27/20071Rohan HartImplicit Ownership Types for Memory Management
09/26/20074Isaac GouyPascal-P compiler annotated text
09/25/20073bendSTM is which kind of concurrency?
09/24/20076Chris RathmanThe Future(s)
09/24/200714Ehud LammOLPC to sell to public
09/24/200728Ehud LammTim Bray and Erlang
09/24/20071luke[ANN]: Open Quark Framework for Java, version 1.6.1 released
09/23/20074Ehud LammFair cooperative multithreading, or: Typing termination in a higher-order concurrent imperative language
09/22/20074Ehud LammCode Splitting for Network Bound Web 2.0 Applications
09/21/20077sciomakoWhich Journals/Conferences to keep track of?
09/19/20073mentalAllowing Unsafe Rules in Datalog?
09/19/200710ilSignorCarloLambda Calculus: fixed point theorem help
09/19/20079SamKDecayed Memoization
09/18/20071drcodeFringeDC Formal Meeting 1PM Saturday Sept 22nd
09/18/200724Chris RathmanBinary Lambda Calculus and Combinatory Logic
09/18/200730kaveh.shahbazianUniqueness Types Instead STM
09/17/20076soapdogOn creating an ad hoc assembly interpreter to aid studying
09/16/200715renaudOnline video course on monads
09/14/20075cdigginsReconstructing Abstractions
09/14/20073mohan_vbhStutter Invariance
09/13/200755Ehud LammMinimal FORTH compiler and tutorial
09/13/20079Ingo WechsungExtending HM type inference -- would this be possible? Or even desirable?
09/13/20076cdigginsCompositional type systems for stack-based low-level languages
09/12/200714Ehud LammDivaScheme
09/11/200716sciomakoQuestion about the Monad associativity law
09/10/20071Ehud LammEfficient, Correct Simulation of Biological Processes in the Stochastic Pi-calculus
09/08/20071Isaac GouyCompile-time meta-programming in Metalua and Converge
09/08/20077viergroupieGenerating useful errors in a functional stream parser
09/07/20072Tiark Rompf[ANN] Vodka: Join concurrency, multimethods and generators (thesis project)
09/07/20071Anton van StraatenZipper as Insecticide
09/06/20071Ehud LammJon Udell on CoScripter
09/06/20076echinuzExamples of Categorical Semantics for Languages with Dependent Types
09/05/200771sciomakoQ: Modularizing SQL?
09/04/20072Ehud LammSqueak by Example
09/04/200731Ehud LammTagless Staged Interpreters for Simpler Typed Languages
09/03/200713Ehud LammRob Pike on Concurrency and Message passing in Newsqueak
09/03/20072jurgenvCFP: 8th international workshop on Language Descriptions, Tools and Applications (LDTA 2008)
09/02/200713Ehud LammNo Name: Just Notes on Software Reuse
09/01/200721Andris BirkmanisEscape from Zurg: An Exercise in Logic Programming
09/01/20071Ehud LammLifting Abstract Interpreters to Quantified Logical Domains
09/01/20073Derek ElkinsThe work of Atsushi Ohori
08/30/20071lukeANN: Open Quark (CAL language) 1.6 Released
08/29/20072Ehud LammBarker & Szabolcsi: New directions for proof theory in linguistics
08/29/200736NoelR6RS Validated
08/29/200710Andris BirkmanisHistory of causes as object identity
08/29/20071SamKSimon Peyton-Jones Haskell Video
08/28/20071Ehud LammEstablishing Object Invariants with Delayed Types
08/27/200760Hank ThediekWhat is a state?
08/25/20076olweFogotten Book Title
08/25/20077Andris BirkmanisA functional correspondence between evaluators and abstract machines
08/25/20072Andris BirkmanisVamOz: Visual Abstract Machine for Oz
08/25/200713Ehud LammD Programming Language Conference
08/25/20074neelkTheory and Practice of Constraint Handling Rules
08/24/20076neelkBeyond Pretty-Printing: Galley Concepts in Document Formatting Combinators
08/24/20077paddy3118Duck Typing advocated where?
08/23/200723Isaac GouyAn Accidental Simula User, Luca Cardelli
08/22/20072Isaac GouyNewspeak, an experimental language in the style of Smalltalk
08/22/20074neelkStatus Report: HOT Pickles, and how to serve them
08/22/20077Michael StoneDeclarative Assembler
08/22/20076kaveh.shahbazianThread-safe Singleton in C#
08/21/20076Ehud LammCommercial Users of Functional Programming 2007
08/21/20071neelkTaming the IXP network processor
08/19/200765Peter Van RoyDiagram showing all programming paradigms and their relationships
08/19/20074Attila SzegediNu - new LISP like language atop of Objective-C
08/19/20071neelkUser-level transactional programming in Haskell
08/18/200714cjhA question on free variable capture.
08/17/20078neelkCompiling with Continuations, Continued
08/17/200731sciomakoTools for (PhD) Researching
08/16/20078neelkAnalyzing the Environment Structure ofHigher-Order Languages using Frame Strings
08/16/20072msimoni(Alice ML + monads - value cells) &gt; Haskell?
08/16/20079sciomakoType Theories
08/15/20072neelkValidity Invariants and Effects
08/15/20074Greg BuchholzMetaobject protocols: Why we want them and what else they can do
08/14/20071neelkMorphing: Safely Shaping a Class in the Image of Others
08/14/20077Kay SchluehrSkipping C - SPE and synthetic programming in Python
08/14/20071Koray CanComputing Kazhdan-Lusztig-Vogan Polynomials for E8
08/13/20078Ehud LammGoogle Python Sprint 2007
08/13/20074Ehud LammLtU beer party - Jerusalem
08/13/200715neelkMetaprogramming with Traits
08/12/20078neelkGenerational Real-time Garbage Collection
08/12/200730javiadipcreating my own programming language
08/11/200734neelkGarbage Collection Without Paging
08/10/20071neelkRelationally-Parametric Polymorphic Contracts
08/10/20072cookiezGood real world example on map/reduce/filter
08/09/20072Ehud LammJVM Languages group
08/09/20074neelkGuaranteed Optimization
08/08/200729Ehud LammRalph Johnson: Erlang, the next Java
08/08/20078Ehud LammExperience Report: Scheme in Commercial Web Application Development
08/08/20073Ehud LammDomain-Specific Aspect Languages
08/08/20075neelkCloning-Based Context-Sensitive Pointer Alias Analysis Using Binary Decision Diagrams
08/07/20076naaskingUnifying functions and functors
08/07/20075neelkResources, Concurrency and Local Reasoning
08/06/200711Andris BirkmanisApache Camel routing rules: a DSL?
08/06/20071neelkRealization of natural language interfaces using lazy functional programming
08/03/20077naaskingFirst-class Polymorphism
08/03/200716Ehud LammAmazon Flexible Payments Service
08/02/200720tbullSyntactic abstraction? (newbie question)
08/01/200712jimdesucontinuations and trampolining
08/01/200759kaveh.shahbazianMonad Description For Imperative Programmer
07/31/20074Philippa CowderoyThe Karmasphere DP language
07/30/20072Dominic FoxExtending Java with Yield
07/28/200712Peter A JonssonTesting first year programming students
07/28/200738Ehud LammLtU turns 7: The year of spam
07/27/200717Andris BirkmanisSeam from PLT perspective
07/25/200712Isaac GouyComprehensions with ‘Order by' and ‘Group by'
07/24/200710MaxApocalypse - the empire strikes back
07/24/20071Scott JohnsonScientific Method: Relationships among scientific paradigms
07/24/20074Ehud LammLiskell
07/22/200715Isaac GouyWrapping the Cloud with .NET
07/22/20075Ehud LammLambda: The Semantics Tool
07/22/200712kaveh.shahbazianInstantiation of classes in wrong place leads to wrong structures ... (reminder)
07/22/20073Jeffrey WinterQuestions on an improved CPS mechanism for JavaScript
07/21/200717Ehud LammBest LtU humour
07/21/200735Isaac GouyLanguage Nirvana - Simon Peyton-Jones
07/20/20073Ehud LammJoe Armstrong DDJ interview
07/20/20073neelkICFP contest in progress!
07/18/200739Ehud LammOr is it now?
07/14/200767kaveh.shahbazianWhoever does not understand LISP, is doomed to reinvent it.
07/14/20071Isaac GouyiTasks: Defining Interactive Work Flows for the Web
07/14/200711vputzCurrent "best books on FP"?
07/13/20078Philippa CowderoyAngloHaskell 2007 - date and venue confirmed
07/13/20073Jason DusekErlCaml
07/12/200715OleKristensenType inference for free?
07/12/20072Antoine ReillesTom 2.5 released: the way to do pattern matching in Java
07/11/200727Ehud LammA Natural Axiomatization of Church's Thesis
07/11/20071Rob ZinkovPretty Printers for Lightweight static Types
07/11/20078Ehud LammLambda Animator
07/10/200717Chris RathmanHOPL-III: Statecharts in the Making
07/09/200715cdiggins[ANN] YARD 1.0: C++ Template Metaprogramming Parsing Framework
07/09/200737Greg BuchholzSimply Easy! (An Implementation of a Dependently Typed Lambda Calculus)
07/09/20075Allan McInnesThe PIllars of Concurrency
07/09/20073Charles StewartTheorem proving support in programming language semantics
07/09/20072Ehud LammMultiscale Scheduling, Integrating Competitive and Cooperative Parallelism in Theory and in Practice
07/09/20077Denis Bredelet -jidoWhy Events Are A Bad Idea (for high-concurrency servers)
07/09/20072skallerExtensible Languages
07/09/20072J Storrs HallCilk, OpenMP, or what?
07/07/200756Isaac GouyThe Evolution Of LINQ And Its Impact On The Design Of C#
07/06/20076stevechyTail call experiment
07/06/20074Nathan SoboQuestion regarding relationship of propositional logic to category theory
07/06/20073Chris RathmanHOPL-III: Modula-2 and Oberon
07/05/20071Ehud LammDesigning High-Security Systems: A Comparison of Programming Languages
07/04/200728Denis Bredelet -jidoAsynchronous calls and error handling
07/02/200713Albert GraefQ tutorial
07/02/20077Ehud Lamm.NET-oriented metaprogramming framework for rapid compiler development
07/02/20071Stefan HoldermansRegistration for the 10th ICFP Programming Contest is open
07/02/200727Robert PickeringGood Language Design Principals for Scripting Languages
07/01/20076Andris BirkmanisBranching affordance?
06/30/20073Andris BirkmanisCLL: A Concurrent Language Built from Logical Principles
06/29/200747raouldForth in hardware ("not dead yet")
06/29/20073Luke GorrieCMU AI repository
06/29/20079cjhThe feasability of Haskell in Scheme
06/29/200718Luke GorrieThinking Forth & Starting Forth
06/28/200717Anton van StraatenHaskell web store
06/28/20079raouldLanguage lifecycle?
06/27/20073raouldSimple ADT-based "side-band" state?
06/27/200713Ehud LammSingularity: Rethinking the Software Stack
06/25/20074sidhuThe dream of Church and Curry realized?
06/25/200711cdigginsFully Inferable Languages
06/24/200720Isaac GouyPirahã living-in-the-present language
06/24/200710Isaac GouyLanguage Support for Fast and Reliable Message-based Communication
06/22/200749Barak A. PearlmutterStanding on each others' feet
06/21/20077Chris RathmanHOT Pickles
06/20/20074neelkApplication-specific foreign-interface generation
06/20/200720chrisseatonKatahdin: Modifying your programming language as it runs
06/20/200737Mark EvansPython 3000 Status Update
06/19/20078Mark EvansPython in Pardus Linux
06/18/200737bieberbruederPLs and large scale development
06/16/20072lukeANN: Open Quark Framework for Java (CAL Language) 1.5.0
06/15/20076Achilleas Margaritisautomatic program parallelization for multicore cpus as a software problem
06/15/20078rhatWhat next?
06/14/200722raouldDistributed Objects vs. Messaging
06/13/200724doraitCarnap Programming Language
06/12/20071Ehud LammC++ Historical Sources Archive
06/12/200712neelkDerivatives of Regular Expressions
06/10/20072seanWTF: A DSL for hand-written 4-function calculators
06/09/20078Ehud LammSolving a Sudoku with one SQL-statement
06/09/20078Ehud LammUser names
06/08/200755Dave HermanECMAScript Edition 4 Reference Implementation
06/08/20072neelkA Functional Description of TeX's Formula Layout
06/08/20074James HagueEvaluating High-Level Distributed Language Constructs
06/07/200710Derek ElkinsTrickles: A Stateless Network Stack for Improved Scalability, Resilience and Flexibility
06/05/200753Chris RathmanHOPL III: Evolving a language in and for the real world: C++ 1991-2006
06/04/200712sigfpePartial evaluation applied to high speed lighting preview
06/04/200715cdigginsTyped callcc in a stack-based language
06/03/20075johnwcowanHow the Chicken Scheme compiler works
06/03/200712Jason DusekMerging Functions, Modules, Classes, the whole nine yards...
06/02/20077Ehud LammAutomated Whitebox Fuzz Testing
06/02/20079Alan EliasenIM IN UR COMPUTER, HAXIN UR CODE
06/02/20071OlegCONTEXT07. Delimited contexts in OS
06/01/20072Daniel ZingaroCorrectness of Parsers
05/30/2007101chinu"Practical" advantages of lazy evaluation
05/30/20074naaskingNear-Concrete Program Interpretation
05/30/20073neelkType-sensitive control-flow analysis
05/27/20076Chris RathmanLambda in C# 3.0
05/26/20071magnusNested data parallelism in Haskell (video)
05/25/20071poluxTom: Piggybacking rewriting on java
05/25/20077AhnfeltDoes these constructs solve the expression problem?
05/24/200710cdigginsCurrying != Generalized Partial Application?!
05/24/20073Charles StewartSynthetic Computability
05/24/20077Ehud LammFestschrift for John C Reynolds's 70th Birthday
05/23/20072J Storrs HallError messages
05/23/20073raouldDbC + OPascal == Chrome
05/23/200710raouldPicky libraries, picky languages?
05/23/20072bosReal-World Haskell, the book
05/23/200732chinufunction overriding workaround in dynamically typed languages
05/22/20071cdiggins[ANN] Cat v0.14 and MetaCat Programming Languages
05/21/20071Philippa CowderoyAngloHaskell 2007
05/21/20071ExcaliborFunctional Programs as Linked Data
05/20/200711Kay SchluehrWhat is a "domain specific language"?
05/19/200770Luke GorrieSocial Processes and Proofs of Theorems and Programs
05/19/200712MarkMDelegating Responsibility in Digital Systems: Horton's "Who Done It?"
05/18/20074shlomif[Meta] Bad Usability Problems in LtU
05/17/200714cdigginsWhat's in a name: eval vs apply.
05/17/20072Ehud LammOffline discussions
05/16/20071const[ANN] AsyncObjects Framework (Java)
05/16/20072Stephen TaylorTwo lectures at the British Computer Society in Covent Garden on Friday 18 May
05/14/200720raouldHow to make the static represent the dynamic?
05/14/20072Ehud LammLocal Reasoning for Storable Locks and Threads
05/11/20074naaskingExpressing usage constraints within the language
05/11/20072Isaac Gouychecking oo code against detailed specs
05/10/20074neelkPickler Combinators
05/10/200731segphaultSun's new JavaFX Script language
05/09/20072eeideCFP: PLOS གྷ: 4th Workshop on Programming Languages and Operating Systems
05/09/20076rossjudsonF3 is now openjfx
05/09/200724Ehud LammLC for kids (alligators, oh my!)
05/09/200737Charles Stewart"The language of the future is javascript"
05/09/20071Andris BirkmanisFoundations Of Temporal Query Languages
05/09/20073neelkThe PLT Scheme weblog
05/07/20073cdigginsType-Safe Casts
05/07/20071Isaac GouyFormalizing and extending C# type inference
05/07/20071drcodeFringeDC Informal Meeting- May 12th, 6PM
05/06/20077Ehud LammThe Expression Problem Revisited
05/06/20073Ehud LammThe expression problem, Scandinavian style
05/06/20072Anton van StraatenPLAI in print
05/05/20076Derek ElkinsFunctional Pearls
05/04/20072procyonPoint free pi calculus
05/03/20075neelkTowards efficient, typed LR parsers
05/03/200711pantagruelRules of good declarative language design
05/03/200726jsnxFunctional Object-Oriented Programming
05/03/20074Ehud LammCombining Total and Ad Hoc Extensible Pattern Matching in a Lightweight Language Extension
05/02/200720lambdatheorySICP picture
05/02/200753mansuIs Integer wrapping an exceptional condition?
05/02/200787Sean McDirmidMicrosoft's new Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR)
05/02/200720Sean McDirmidDynamic interactivity in Mathematica 6
05/01/20072David MinorRubato - Composing Music with Functorials
04/30/20076NoelAutoBayes -- A DSL For Bayesian Networks
04/30/200781Wouter SwierstraThe Monad.Reader
04/27/20073lukeOpen Quark (CAL language) 1.4.0 Released
04/25/200739Anton van StraatenArc in action (a.k.a. it's aliiiiive!)
04/25/20077Chris PerkinsGoogle Tech Talk: Phil Gosset discusses parametric polymorphism and girard-reynolds isomorphism
04/24/20073Scott JohnsonAsynchronous sequential processes/Theory of Distributed Objects?
04/24/20073neelkDecidability of Higher Order Matching
04/23/20072Daniel EhrenbergFormalizing a minimal subset of concatenative languages
04/22/200722Anton van StraatenAlmost invisible upgrade
04/21/200721Chung-chieh ShanFrom abstract interpretation to small-step typing
04/20/20073cdigginsModular Verification of Assembly Code with Stack-Based Control Abstractions
04/20/200743guevenWhy is there not a PL with a mathematical type system?
04/20/20072Charles StewartLight Logics and Optimal Reduction
04/20/200710Chris RathmanChurch's Thesis and Functional Programming
04/19/20076Oliver MooneyActors vs. Reactive Objects
04/16/20078falconEasylanguage: domain specific language for trading stocks
04/16/200719Paul SnivelyCourse on Interactive Computer Theorem Proving Based on Coq
04/15/20072Jeff NowakowskiPersonal messages
04/14/200719Ehud LammTwitter and Rails brouhaha
04/14/20071Ehud LammAbstract Interface Types in GNAT: Conversions, Discriminants, and C++
04/14/20079Charles StewartPCF and LCF
04/13/20071neelkA Logic for Parametric Polymorphism
04/13/2007149shlomifThoughts about the Best Introductory Language
04/13/20071Chris RathmanHOPL-III: The Development of the Emerald Programming Language
04/12/20073Brandon MooreStream Fusion
04/11/20071cdigginsInferring Types for Higher Order Instructions in Stack Languages
04/11/20074neelkThe Structure and Value of Modularity in Software Design
04/11/20071Isaac GouyHigh Performance and Generality - Functional Programming
04/10/20074neelkRZ: a tool for bringing constructive and computable mathematics closer to programming practice
04/09/20073naaskingExtensible Pattern Matching via a Lightweight Language
04/08/20073Luke GorrieA Temporal Logic Language for Context Awareness in Pointcuts
04/08/20077kaveh.shahbazian"Declarative" or "Functional"
04/07/20071grantF# 1.9.1 released
04/07/20074Jim AppleEarly Programming Languages (A Logic Puzzle)
04/07/200712Jim AppleCforall
04/07/20074Jim AppleYesno
04/07/20072Jim AppleAldor going open source
04/07/200738Hank ThediekDeliverable code?
04/07/200719cdigginsWhy can't you push instructions in MSIL/JVML
04/05/20073neelkPutting functional database theory into practice: NixOS
04/04/20075technophobicgeekGenerators/Iterators and lazy evaluation
04/04/20071Paul SnivelyVerifying Semantic Type Soundness of a Simple Compiler
04/03/20072yaxuLive coding festival and conference
04/02/20074Peter ScottGood parallel algorithms books?
04/02/20071neelkTowards a Mechanized Metatheory of Standard ML
04/02/200711Jacques CaretteInteractivity considered harmful
04/02/200711cdigginsTerminology: Thunking vs Quoting
04/01/20073William DavisDefining Types not as Classes but as Mathematical Sets
04/01/20079Anton van StraatenMutable variables eliminated from .NET
03/31/20074Gavin Mendel-GleasonPutting functional database theory into practice: NixOS
03/30/20071Chris RathmanHaMLet-S and Successor ML
03/28/200727Anton van StraatenExpect New Major Language Within Five Years
03/28/20075James HagueTangible Functional Programming
03/28/20077chinuLALR grammar of C++
03/27/20074Derek ElkinsType Directed Concurrency
03/26/20078raouldMapping language style to ancillary issues?
03/26/200711Ehud LammR6RS Ratification
03/25/20072Ehud LammPaul Cohen has died
03/24/20077cdigginsFunctions shouldn't be lists, functions should be cast to lists
03/23/20072Koray CanHave to spell out Standard ML from now on...
03/23/200736Sean McDirmidLiving it up with a Live Programming Language
03/23/200722Matt HelligeNo Ifs, Ands, or Buts
03/22/200736Paul SnivelyA Real-World Use of Lift, a Scala Web Application Framework
03/22/200714Paul SnivelyA Certified Type-Preserving Compiler from Lambda Calculus to Assembly Language
03/21/20078neelkThe New Twelf Wiki
03/21/20071Ehud LammThe new Ada is officially published
03/21/20078Matt HelligeA Topos Foundation for Theories of Physics
03/20/20071pasalicGPCEགྷ Call for Papers
03/20/20074cdigginsAbstract Data Type Usage Analysis
03/20/200710Carlos ScheideggerJohn Backus has passed away
03/19/20074derekpQuestion on categorizing a language
03/17/20072PatTracing in DrScheme
03/16/20075neelkAn Intensional Type Theory: Motivation and Cut-Elimination
03/16/200710naaskingVirgil: Objects on the Head of a Pin
03/16/20071drcodeWashington DC- FringeDC Haskell/Scheme Presentation March 24th
03/15/200712Jeff NowakowskiSubject headings
03/15/20076Ehud LammGoogle Summer of Code
03/15/200712Jack WaughSyntax Solicited for Imperative-flavored Concurrent Language with Keywords
03/14/20074Ehud LammSeparation Logic courses (Reynolds)
03/14/20071cdigginsTyping a Functional Stack-Based Language
03/13/200728James HaguePico Lisp: A Case for Minimalist Interpreters?
03/13/20071neelkScalable Statistical Bug Isolation
03/13/20078Ehud LammOrder of the Science Scouts Badges
03/12/20079Jacques CaretteCFP: Programming Languages for Mechanized Mathematics Workshop
03/12/200716Ehud LammPiraha Exceptionality: a Reassessment
03/12/20079Ehud LammBeautiful Code: Leading Programmers Explain How They Think
03/12/20077Paul SnivelyConcoqtion: Indexed Types Now!
03/12/200714NoelThe Current Practical Limit of Static Typing
03/12/20075Brent FulghamXMLisp: Ingenous, or Monstrous?
03/10/20075Bret VictorIntel Research PL Seminar Series
03/10/200722Ehud LammWhat's up with Lua?
03/10/20073neelkExpressing Heap-shape Contracts in Linear Logic
03/10/200712Ehud LammGilad Bracha on tuples
03/09/20071Ehud LammCrossTalk: Secure Coding Standards
03/09/200710J Storrs HallAutomatic Programming
03/08/20074neelkStatic Typing for a Faulty Lambda Calculus
03/08/20074dbfakenBlending static and dynamic typing
03/08/200711Ehud LammLightweight static resources
03/07/20072ashish_normicaSuse 9.3, vc++, automated buid
03/06/200739SamKImplementation Inheritance
03/05/200732Luke GorrieKourier is now live
03/04/20074MTaylorHow to Evaluate Lambda Expressions
03/03/20075neelkPropositions as [Types]
03/02/200720cdigginsNon-Applicative Functional Languages
03/01/200711Dave Lopez"Recent Post" funkiness
02/27/20079Ehud LammEd Felten: Why Understanding Programs is Hard
02/26/20072James HagueFinite State Machines in Forth
02/26/20073cdiggins[Req. for Comments] Cat: A Typed Functional Stack-Based Language
02/25/200712Holgly MorganBehaviour Diffing
02/25/20071Derek ElkinsAn Analytical Approach to Programs as Data Objects
02/25/200727Luke GorrieOn the fact that the Atlantic Ocean has two sides
02/24/200723Luke GorrieThe Computer Revolution Hasn't Happened Yet
02/24/200726phooliminDao, a new programming language
02/24/20078Holgly MorganLiterature on recovering grammars?
02/23/20077Marcin StefaniakHow do you call such a design pattern
02/23/20076Ehud LammReal Haskell projects query
02/22/20076James HagueActors that Unify Threads and Events
02/21/200716Will ByrdDanFest 2004 videos online
02/21/200720causticTypes vs classes: what is the difference?
02/21/20074neelkUsing Category Theory to Design Implicit Conversions and Generic Operators
02/20/20077cdigginsEffects in Types
02/20/20073cmcknightLISP implementation for mobile phones?
02/20/20078neelkThe Design and Implementation of a Dataflow Language for Scriptable Debugging
02/19/20072Ehud LammShape analysis for composite data structures
02/19/200720ZombywufDimensional analysis typing
02/18/200716Hank ThediekAutomata-Based Programming
02/18/20072Dave BauerHas anyone commented on Combined Object-Lambda Architectures?
02/17/20074smclemonUnexpected lisp setf behaviour
02/16/200713Jeff CutsingerLisp webcomic
02/15/200711neelkLowering: A Static Optimization Technique for Transparent Functional Reactivity
02/15/20077marcoHow to teach Functional Programming... in Flash???
02/14/20071Mark Dalgarno[ANN] Code Generation 2007 Programme available
02/14/200719Dave HermanThreads in JavaScript?
02/13/200747Brent FulghamRegular Expression Matching Can Be Simple And Fast
02/13/200733skallerEasy to learn and use
02/12/20075neelkLightweight Fusion by Fixed Point Promotion
02/12/20072Matt HelligeGradual Typing for Objects
02/12/20072Greg BuchholzAutomatic termination proofs for programs with shape-shifting heaps
02/12/200732Peter Van RoyAlmost everything happened in the Golden Age, right?
02/11/20078Ehud Lamm50 years of “Syntactic Structures”
02/11/2007100J Storrs HallReactive Programming
02/10/20071neelkThe Missing Link - Dynamic Components for ML
02/10/20071Niels HoogeveenComplex networks and human language
02/10/20073Ehud LammThe Landscape of Parallel Computing Research: A View from Berkeley
02/09/200715orbitzBetter language tools
02/09/20073ggaughanA relational language extension for Python
02/09/200715tomluSeeking suggestions on how to unify the environment, free variables, and current activation record for closures
02/08/200711raouldSMP Erlang vs. Haskell vs. ML
02/08/20071Niels HoogeveenType-Level Computation Using Narrowing in Omega
02/08/2007124Ehud LammPatrick Logan on Software Transaction Memory
02/08/20072vintermannCompile time garbage collection
02/07/200710raouldEmbedded ML?
02/07/20073lukeOpen Quark (CAL language) available under BSD-style license
02/07/20074Daniel YokomizoProving the correctness of reactive systems using sized types
02/06/20071raouldIterative contract development?
02/06/200725James HagueProgramming Shorthands
02/06/20076Ehud LammACM Queue: Realtime Garbage Collection
02/06/20072neelkProgramming Parallel Algorithms
02/06/200727Wolf LoganOpinions on _Theoretical Introduction to Programming_?
02/06/20071Kannan GoundanStronger relationships between structures
02/05/200734neelkTermination Checking with Types
02/05/20071shrijoshi24How to decide the direction of program analysis?
02/04/20075Jim AppleState of the Union: Type Inference via Craig Interpolation
02/03/20076dbmcclainDiscussion of the Design and Use of NML
02/03/20074Jim AppleRZ for Constructive Mathematics in Programming
02/02/20076neelkSeparation Logic: A Logic for Shared Mutable Data Structures
02/02/200763Isaac GouySteps Toward The Reinvention of Programming
02/02/20072Ehud LammJean Ichbiah passes away
02/02/200714Anton van StraatenMeta-Compilation of Language Abstractions
02/02/20072Ehud LammOn Decidability of Nominal Subtyping with Variance
02/01/20077Ehud LammGeneric Programming, Now!
01/31/20079Maxbrainstorming dataflow language visualizations
01/31/20076cdiggins[RFC] Cat: A Typed Functional Stack Based Language
01/31/200716MTaylorWant to do undergraduate research, but CS dept is weak...
01/31/200715neelkFirst Class Relationships in an Object-oriented Language
01/31/20076Peter J. WasilkoThe Accessibility of PL Research Papers on Mobile Devices
01/30/200710JeremiahLooking for extra-basic reference on PL theory
01/30/20071grustPLAN-X 2007: Proceedings available for download
01/29/200758Pavel MinaevWhat is a "fully featured closure"? Request for comments.
01/28/20074neelkPasquale Malacaria, "Assessing Security Threats of Looping Constructs"
01/27/200710Ehud LammRalf Lammel: Stop dysfunctional programming
01/27/20071Ehud LammProgramming the Greedy CAM Machine
01/25/20071Boyko Bantchev''The Paradigms of Programming'' online
01/23/200736Greg BuchholzTotal Functional Programming
01/23/20071Paul SnivelyOtt--a tool for writing definitions of programming languages and calculi.
01/22/20079grantSoftware Composability and the Future of Languages
01/21/200713Luke GorrieLCA2007: Concurrency and Erlang
01/21/200710msimoniCompiling tail-calls to simple C?
01/20/200713doughF3: New statically typed scripting language for java
01/20/200716seancharlesHave I Missed Something ?
01/19/200714Anton van StraatenScheme: Second R6RS draft published
01/19/20079Andris BirkmanisLocus Solum: From the rules of logic to the logic of rules
01/19/20071Chris RathmanHOPL-III: The Evolution of Lua
01/18/20073James HagueInteractive Haskell Documents
01/17/20071thgibbsExtracting Queries by Static Analysis of Transparent Persistence
01/17/20074uchchwhashGreat Expectations: Java Virtual Machine
01/16/20074Scott JohnsonSPAM report
01/16/20071pateWill Rubinius be an Acceptable Lisp
01/16/20072Lucius Gregory MeredithHelp with a little geometric hackery...
01/15/20072Andris BirkmanisBeauty in the Beast
01/15/20075NoelAnnotated POPL 2007 Program
01/13/200722Ehud LammNinety-nine Lisp Problems
01/12/200718tlareywiIntellisense for dynamic languages
01/12/20078A B CarterFinding Landin's "The Mechanical Evaluation of Expressions"
01/12/20074cdigginsOn Presenting the Semantics of Cat Formally
01/11/20076Chris RathmanBerkeley Webcast Courses
01/11/200726Denis Bredelet -jidoCall by push-value
01/10/20071drcodeFringeDC Informal Meeting- Jan 13th
01/10/2007186szobatudosWhy people don't use functional programming?
01/09/20071Matt HelligePreliminary Fortress Interpreter
01/09/200714dbfakenInterlanguage Migration: From Scripts to Programs
01/08/20071Lucius Gregory MeredithProofs and puddings -- or, how pure is the pure lambda calculus, pt 3
01/08/20075Daniel SlaneyEta-expansion of abstractions outside the lambda-calculus
01/08/20073Andris BirkmanisExtending the Multilisp Sponsor Model
01/07/20072Andris BirkmanisA Dynamic Continuation-Passing Style for Dynamic Delimited Continuations
01/06/20071AlpTA Web of Code
01/06/200726Ehud LammSimon Peyton Jones: Beautiful concurrency
01/06/200719uchchwhashI want to learn Smalltalk
01/05/200710JamesLitsiosAre Frames and Slots anything more that OO with a different name?
01/05/20078Ehud LammCharming Python: Decorators make magic easy
01/04/200716Matt HelligeMatching Objects With Patterns
01/04/200716Andris BirkmanisCan referential transparency be bad? (puzzle included)
01/03/20072David MedlockD 1.0 finally released
01/03/200719Andris BirkmanisDerivatives and dissections of data types
01/03/20074Greg BuchholzMissing style for &lt;quote&gt;?
01/03/20072procyonType inference and unification algorithms
01/02/20071stevechyNotes on category theory and the pi calculus
01/02/200717akravetsLambda The Ultimate comes to SecondLife
01/02/20077MatteoQuestion About Computational Complexity
01/02/20073Andris BirkmanisSurvey of delay constructs in logic/constraint PLs?
01/01/200779Luke GorrieWhy numbering should start at 0
12/31/20067John DeTreville"Limits to implicit parallelism in functional application"
12/31/20063Robbert van DalenPostfix lambdas
12/31/200616johnnybMetrics for Programmatic Complexity?
12/27/20063Lucius Gregory MeredithReference and reasoning -- or, how pure is the pure lambda calculus, part 2
12/26/200619Brent FulghamAgentSheets: End-User Programing (and Secret Lisp Success Story!)
12/26/20067GravenTheme styles
12/25/20063dmstat1GAs v. GPs
12/25/200612Ehud LammMore Haskell in Java 7 or 8?
12/24/200613A B CarterQuestion about closures and higher-order functions
12/24/20061Hank ThediekUnderstanding State
12/23/20064Ehud LammSeymour Papert injured in traffic accident
12/23/20063Ehud LammData Parallel Haskell: a status report
12/23/20061Ehud LammPublic service announcement: "LtU Books" In India
12/23/20062Ehud LammThe Joins Concurrency Library
12/23/200611Lucius Gregory MeredithQuotation and evaluation -- or, how pure is the pure lambda calculus?
12/23/20061cdigginsA modern eye on ML type inference - Pottier 2005
12/21/20061Matt HelligeSeminar: Classical vs. Quantum Computation
12/21/200611raouldA Usability question: Too much typing?
12/21/200615Andris BirkmanisComparing Approaches to Generic Programming in Haskell
12/21/20069Ehud LammMisc items
12/21/200621Andris Birkmanis(Even more) theorems for free?
12/20/20063Ehud LammExtending Prolog with Incomplete Fuzzy Information
12/20/20063cdigginsModeling and Typing Combinatory Calculus
12/20/20064James HagueBit Stream Programing in Erlang
12/19/20065Chris RathmanScheme interpreters written in Standard ML?
12/19/200635James HagueThe Role of Composition in Computer Programming
12/19/20069Chris KingFunctional Reactive GUI for O'Caml
12/18/200611Ehud LammTeaching Discrete Mathematics via Primary Historical Sources
12/18/20063simon langleyBooks available
12/17/20065doublecCompiling Factor to Javascript
12/17/200647Tom PrimožičWhy do we need finally in try?
12/16/20065Luke GorrieElements of Interaction
12/16/20061Luke GorrieAn Axiomatic Basis for Computer Programming
12/15/20068Srikumar SubramanianTheorem proving and patents ...
12/14/20067James HaguePractical Type Inference Based on Success Typings
12/14/20064Koen Van DammeConcurrency and dominators
12/13/20062Isaac GouyAttempto Controlled English (ACE)
12/13/20063Gregory PropfCompile to binary in common lisp?
12/13/200618Srikumar SubramanianExpressive lisp ...
12/12/200620Ehud LammJava Open Review Project
12/12/200614cdiggins[Redux] The Polyadic pi-Calculus: a Tutorial (1991) Robin Milner
12/12/20067jonathan h.path-sensitive dataflow analysis. How?
12/11/200611adamarthurryanexcitement in language research?
12/11/20061Michael DorfmanLambda expressions in VB.NET
12/11/20064Henning GüntherOptimal map API
12/10/200635cdigginsThe Problem with "dup" and "swap" in Stack-Based Languages
12/10/20068cdigginsYubNub for Programming Language Research
12/10/20063Denis Bredelet -jidoContinuations and freeing the stack
12/10/20061Ehud LammACM Queue: Unlocking Concurrency - Multicore programming with transactional memory
12/08/200624Isaac GouyCommercial Users of Functional Programming 2006
12/07/20061Denis Bredelet -jidoeskimo: experimenting with skeletons in the shared address model.
12/07/20067cdigginsNatural Deduction Reading for Beginners
12/07/20069Denis Bredelet -jidoDate format in the forum
12/07/200610Luke GorrieDirectness and liveness in the morphic user interface construction environment
12/07/20063Luke GorrieBack to the Future
12/07/20067Ehud LammBjarne Stroustrup: The Problem with Programming
12/07/20061Ehud LammWhy Lisp is Different
12/06/200612Bryan TurnerTyping a function which includes its axioms?
12/06/20066cdiggins[Redux] A Syntactic Approach to Type Soundness (1992)
12/06/200611dbfaken"Folding"/FP traversal over trees
12/06/20063Kay SchluehrLanguages with first order types and partial evaluation
12/06/20066Ehud LammPVS goes open source
12/06/200616cdigginsThe Cat Language Kind System
12/05/20063Luke GorrieSelf-Reproducing Programs in Common Lisp
12/05/20063Luke GorrieT: A Dialect of Lisp
12/05/20062pateBenchmarking and Statistics
12/05/20065atbusbookBreaking the Abstraction Ceiling
12/05/20061James HagueParser combinators in Factor
12/04/20068Ehud LammInteresting project to modularize Squeak
12/04/200653Chung-chieh ShanProgramming (language) puzzles
12/03/20062Isaac GouyErlang vs C++ for Robust Telecom Software
12/03/20062Ehud LammA Garbage-Collecting Typed Assembly Language
12/02/200614cdigginsHow to write a Programming Language Paper?
12/01/20067jimdesuPractical Laziness
12/01/20061James HagueRecursion Parallel Prolog
12/01/200610Curt SampsonStephen Wolfram forecasts the future
12/01/20064Allan McInnesA reflective functional language for hardware design and theorem proving
12/01/200629cdigginsSK Calculus not Consider SeKsy?
11/30/20061naaskingDistributed Meta-Programming
11/29/20061Anton van StraatenOutage
11/29/20065Isaac GouyPossibly the world's shortest APL interpreter
11/29/20067Chris RathmanCheat Sheet
11/28/200643Isaac GouyC++ has indeed become too "expert friendly"
11/28/200619Jim AppleMechanized Metatheory Model-Checking
11/27/20067rhatNew Object Model Demo
11/27/20069raganwaldRequest for feedback: hobbyist post on "the significance of the meta-circular interpreter."
11/27/20061Jim AppleThe Theory of Parametricity in Lambda Cube
11/27/20062Peter A JonssonA Complete, Co-Inductive Syntactic Theory of Sequential Control and State.
11/27/200680Ehud LammThe Future of LtU
11/26/200614Ehud LammJava Generics and Collections
11/26/20061Ehud LammRalph Johnson: Language workbenches
11/24/20065gennethProofs that do things
11/23/20068Ehud LammGrammar Visualization
11/23/20063peter steinerPeyton-Jones and Harris discuss STM (1h video)
11/23/200624cdigginsProgramming Language Research Search Engine
11/22/20061drcodeSunday November 26th - Lisp/Scheme Presentation in DC
11/19/20062mmcHigher order insertion sort - HELP PLZ
11/19/20066Jim AppleModular Type Classes
11/18/200613Hank ThediekOOP language extension
11/18/20069cdigginsif Records - Labels = Tuples then Rows - Labels = what?
11/18/20067jidoThe replay bug
11/17/200656Kay SchluehrDe-Scheming MIT?
11/17/20062perehow convert state macine to petri net?
11/16/200626citylightAbstractly typed languages
11/15/20067Chris RathmanVideo: The Scala Experiment
11/15/200611dbfakenHaskell -&gt; Javascript converter, kind of
11/15/200639Paul SnivelySecond Life Faces Threat to its Virtual Economy
11/15/200611Ehud LammSun Open Sources Java Platform
11/15/20061Ehud LammCan Abstract State Machines Be Useful in Language Theory?
11/14/20066rossjudsonF3 - Functional GUI Development for Java
11/14/200618cdigginsType Difference
11/13/20063Ehud LammWriting A Lisp Interpreter In Haskell
11/13/20062coreyt1111Anyone know Prolog here?
11/11/200680Kay SchluehrFunctional programming and software engineering
11/11/20065Luke GorrieTesting Telecoms Software with Quviq QuickCheck
11/10/200620Chris RathmanSICP Translations
11/10/20067raouldRandom "if it bends it is funny, if it breaks it isn't funny" line of thought
11/10/200654Denis Bredelet -jidoDodo
11/09/20061janek37Leszek - a new esoteric programming language
11/08/20064Ehud LammBusy, busy, busy
11/08/20063cdigginsThe Type of a Recursive Combinator
11/07/20061derurarunning a sample of lisp program
11/03/20063Ehud Lamm"Proof-Directed Debugging" Revisited
11/02/20063MarkMOrc, a simple and expressive process calculus
11/02/20063Andy KishCompiler with easily retargetable and flexible back-end?
11/01/200616Ehud LammA rationale for semantically enhanced library languages
11/01/200621Thomas_CType inference and union types
11/01/200645Charles StewartProcess calculi for transactions
10/31/200621raouldCode generation vs. dynamic/introspective languages
10/31/20069Allan McInnesA stackless runtime environment for a Pi-calculus
10/30/200615kaveh.shahbazianBest Introduction To Monads For Newbies (& Especially Imparative Minds) I'v Ever Read!!!
10/29/20067ricky_clarksonMonitoring whether a function happens
10/28/200665purezaWant to learn something new
10/28/200672Peter Van RoyFuture of software design?
10/27/20066Vassily GavrilyakContinuations, yield, ES4
10/27/200645Matt HelligePractical OCaml
10/27/20061cdigginsCat Version 0.9
10/26/200630Ehud LammRuby 2.0 News
10/26/200610dbfakenGrowing interest in Smalltalk?
10/25/200612cdigginsThe Type of 42
10/25/20066Greg BuchholzGADT vs. Type Classes
10/23/20061Matt HelligeHolodeck games and CCCs
10/22/20063DanielMyersClorox - AJAX shared memory
10/20/200634Dave HermanSpecifying ECMAScript via ML
10/19/20066hutornyQuestion on terminology
10/19/200610Felicia Li SvillingConstraint based hybrid typing and the Curry Howard Isomorphism
10/18/20066David Rajchenbach-TellerSystem-level Static Analysis
10/18/200628Boyko BantchevRalph Griswold died
10/17/20065raouldFP vs. JSP
10/17/20062cdigginsOn Publishing
10/17/20061Ehud LammComputer Aided Formal Reasoning (@ Nottingham)
10/17/200614D.G.GaevDelevoping a new language...
10/15/20062Dave HermanDelimited Control for PLT Scheme
10/15/200658Ehud LammGood Ideas, Through the Looking Glass
10/13/20061Matt HelligeA Madman Dreams of Turing Machines
10/13/200613NoelFlapjax - Functional Reactive Ajax
10/13/20061Anton van StraatenLogFun - Building Logics by Composing Functors
10/12/20062zrxerLanguages With Some Form of Implicit Subtyping
10/11/200618Chris RathmanRun time type checking
10/11/20062hshahProgramming in R
10/10/20063mgrickenModified javac That Processes Annotations on Local Variables
10/09/200632Ehud LammThe US Torture Bill as C code
10/09/20061Ehud LammScott Rosenberg: Code Reads
10/08/20061Ehud LammA Stepper for Scheme Macros
10/08/200611Ehud LammA Very Modal Model of a Modern, Major, General Type System
10/06/20066Ehud LammDebugging Backwards in Time
10/06/20061Leland McInnesAutoTest - Automated contract based testing for Eiffel
10/05/200612Chris RathmanAssembly language for Power Architecture
10/05/200616Jacques CaretteGoogle Code Search
10/05/20063Antoine ReillesTom 2.4 Released
10/04/20067David N. Weltoncall by ? and mental models
10/03/20065dataangelRelationship between access modifiers and type
10/02/200612Ehud LammAn Incremental Approach to Compiler Construction
10/01/200674Ehud LammTim Bray: Dynamic-Language IDEs
09/30/20064Jim AppleArrows, like Monads, are Monoids
09/30/20063Ehud LammKnock knock...
09/30/20065Ehud LammComputational Thinking
09/29/20068AlexandreWhich Java compiler for a student/research project?
09/27/200616BenMoseleyBusiness Objects Quark - Haskell meets Java
09/27/200618Tommy McGuireMachine Obstructed Proof
09/26/20065dbfakenICFP proceedings / Scheme workshop
09/24/200610MJ StahlWhat Makes Erlang Processes Tick?
09/24/200623Kay SchluehrIs "post OO" just over?
09/23/200621cdigginsDesigning a Programming Textbook
09/23/20061Ehud LammRuby metaprogramming techniques
09/23/200611Logan CapaldoSSA + Type Inference = "Compile time" dynamic typing, "runtime" static typing?
09/22/20064Ehud LammHandling multiple concurrent exceptions in C++ using futures
09/21/20064Ehud LammMarc Andreessen: A Web Odyssey
09/20/200616Ehud LammLectures on the Curry-Howard Isomorphism
09/19/20065Davor CubranicPeakStream - a multi-core stream processing model
09/18/200665citylightWhy Johnny can't code
09/18/20067DougRansomYield Prolog
09/17/20061Isaac GouyCleanJ - Concurrent Clean on Java VM
09/16/20062Ehud LammSamurai - Protecting Critical Heap Data in Unsafe Languages
09/16/20062Bruce RennieCorrections to be made to the Papers page
09/15/20064Ehud LammSecPAL: Design and Semantics of a Decentralized Authorization Language
09/14/200615Dave HermanDraft R6RS available
09/14/20063Ohad KammarFixed-Point Induction
09/12/200611Isaac GouyAppleScript - a story worth telling
09/12/20064raouldNeophyte question: detecting deadlock, livelock, races etc.
09/12/20064grantStrongtalk goes open source
09/12/200610drwhiteConcurrency made easy?
09/12/200616Srikumar SubramanianmuSE - an embeddable scheme dialect
09/11/200615Erik MeijerDynamic Languages Symposium Program Online
09/10/200636serrasParser that allow syntax extensions
09/09/20061Jim AppleFolds, Church Encodings, Builds, and Short Cut Fusion for Nested Types: A Principled Approach
09/09/20061Per VognsenRewriting Haskell Strings
09/09/20068Ehud LammMisc News
09/08/20061w7cookOOPSLA 2006 Call for Participation
09/03/200610cdigginsSmall Value Set Types
09/03/20061Jacques CaretteTopology in Programming Language Semantics
09/03/20061drcodeFringeDC- New Washington DC Organization for Fringe Programming Languages
09/02/200612cdigginsConstant Values as Types
09/01/20061Ehud LammVacation
08/30/200618Paul SnivelyGradual Typing for Functional Languages
08/30/20061Ehud LammReflective Program Generation with Patterns
08/29/200627Hank ThediekDynamic Semantics
08/29/20062grantJoe Armstrong's Blog
08/29/20061peter steinerdesign docs links c/c++
08/29/20062Ehud LammLightweight Static Capabilitites (II)
08/28/20061hutornyA new PL for embedded applications
08/28/20062Paul SnivelyThe Daikon Invariant Detector
08/27/20061cathperRuby: Prelude - a Haskell-like functional library
08/27/200626dataangelImplementing arrays
08/26/200611Robbert van DalenThe whole Enchilada
08/25/200614cdigginsMulti-Stage Languages
08/25/2006117lumpynoseunchecked exceptions are like runtime type checking?
08/24/200621raould"Language Oriented Programming" Meta Programming System
08/24/200612bendwhat are the differences between erlang process and pthread threads?
08/23/20063mcguireDeclarative Networking: Language, Execution and Optimization
08/23/20069falcongenerating interpreters, IDEs, etc., from simple specifications?
08/22/20067Jim AppleESC not just for Java any more
08/22/20062Ehud LammVerified Software: Theories, Tools, and Experiments
08/22/20069raouldwidth still fixed?
08/20/20062Hank ThediekEscape sequence for XML
08/19/20068Ehud LammTechnometria: AJAX Progress and Challenges
08/19/2006160el-vadimoClosures for Java or money back
08/19/20061Erik MeijerLASER Summerschool
08/18/20061Hank Thediek3APL
08/18/200613raganwaldCan a dynamically typed language support type inference?
08/17/20065Anton van StraatenDecomposing lambda - the Kernel language
08/17/20065Ehud LammEarly retirement?
08/17/20063naaskingPure Pattern Calculus
08/15/20064jsnxhelp with [Barendregt & Barendsen, 1994]
08/14/20065Olaf ConijnDSLs and AOP
08/13/20063Ehud LammLisp Machine Manual
08/13/20065snk_kidHow to make a *truly* better alternative to C++
08/13/200614Mario B.Programming Languages in the Markup World
08/12/20069kaveh.shahbazianLambda Calculus In Java
08/09/20068Matt HelligeRevisiting Google's MapReduce
08/09/20062cdigginsOn Mixing Static Typing, Dynamic Typing and Values
08/09/20066rhatPMD with CLOS-style Method Combination
08/08/20063Matt HelligeComonadic Functional Attribute Evaluation
08/08/2006124Jack WaughOracles
08/08/20062Ehud LammCellML
08/08/20062Niels HoogeveenIvor, a proof engine
08/08/200681Ben AtkinLisp Lovers, how would you fix Lisp or bring it up to date?
08/07/200614Curtis Wautomatic theorem proving
08/06/20066cdigginsExpressing the Type of a While Loop
08/04/200611Ehud LammeWeek: Sun Digging Deep for Dynamic Language Support
08/04/200613John CarterThe Killer Application for Concatenative Languages
08/03/20065Matt HelligeSoftware Extension and Integration with Type Classes
08/03/20061ashishkhset-based 3-tier Client Server programming
08/03/20061cdigginsOverloading : Why do some languages leave it out?
08/03/20065kimlee83Lisp Beginer seeking for advice
08/02/20061Ehud LammBusy, busy, busy
08/02/20061michael-figOcean implementation begins
08/02/200618dataangelCovariance and typing
08/02/200613cdigginsCat Programming Language: Slides from Lang. NET 2006
08/01/200612n8allanManaging missing information through Condition Propagation
08/01/20062mouhebtheory of category
07/30/200635Srikumar SubramanianLisp sans (((paren-theses ((hell)))))
07/30/200613dataangelPolymorphic replacement
07/27/20066Ehud LammLtU turns six!
07/27/20065Ehud LammThe solution to all your troubles...
07/27/200614Matt HelligeGenerics as a Library
07/25/20061feeleyErlang Workshop 2006
07/25/20061Ehud LammTim Bray: On Ruby
07/24/20065Andris BirkmanisInterface Automata
07/24/20067tawRLisp - Lisp naturally embedded in Ruby
07/23/200617Paul SnivelyLightweight Static Capabilities
07/23/20063Paul SnivelyConcoqtion: Mixing Indexed Types and Hindley-Milner Type Inference
07/22/200638Ehud LammCost of provably-correct code
07/22/200610Kay SchluehrGamma formalism
07/21/200615Niels HoogeveenA type-correct, stack-safe, provably correct, expression compiler in Epigram
07/20/200636coffeemugErlang concurrency: why asynchronious messages?
07/20/200610Ehud LammRevealing the X/O impedance mismatch
07/20/20061Ehud LammNew blog: A Fistful of Languages
07/19/20064Ehud LammA Comparison of Ada and Real-Time Java for Safety-Critical Applications
07/19/20061Ehud LammLeaky regions: linking reclamation hints to program structure
07/18/2006121Curtis WAdvantages of Soft Typing
07/15/200612Morris JohnsPredicting programming course success from a single entrance exam
07/14/200622Chris RathmanHOPL III and the History of Haskell
07/14/200617Niels HoogeveenA Core Calculus for Scala Type Checking
07/14/200689dataangelOOP Parallel class hierarchies
07/14/200612Rys David McCuskercomputerhistory's History of LISP
07/13/20063Ehud LammScheme simulator for quantum computation
07/13/20061Ehud LammA brief survey of quantum programming languages
07/13/200634Johan TibellWriting an interpreter, targeting a VM or writing from scratch?
07/13/20063Paolo MartiniEncoding Information Flow in Haskell
07/12/200614Matt HelligeEvent-Based Programming without Inversion of Control
07/11/20062Ehud LammNATIVE: The Programmatic Natural Language
07/11/20066soapdogCan anyone here help a newbie on language interpretation, want book reference and possible sample code.
07/10/200611Andris BirkmanisSocially Responsive, Environmentally Friendly Logic
07/09/200612Ehud LammAbstracting Allocation: The New new Thing
07/09/200613Anton van StraatenCommunity enforcement discussion
07/07/200638Anton van StraatenFailure-oblivious computing
07/06/20067Ehud LammCLPython - an implementation of Python in Common Lisp
07/06/200619NoelProgramming Languages and Lambda Calculi
07/04/200632dataangelDSLs and operator associativity/precedence
07/04/20066Boyko Bantchevonline literature on CPL?
07/04/200615uchchwhashLexical structure of scripting languages
07/04/20061zayenzHigh-Level Nondeterministic Abstractions in C++
07/03/20061Ehud Lamm2006 ICFP Contest registration opens
07/03/200610Tom72006 ICFP Programming Contest registration opens
07/03/200636Achilleas MargaritisA new implementation of recursive-descent parsing?
07/02/20068Danny AyersPluvo : new hybrid scripting language
07/01/20061Ehud LammThe First 10 Prolog Programming Contests
07/01/200636Ehud LammAmusing question
06/30/20066falconIntroduction to Concurrent Programming with Stackless Python
06/29/200614Niels HoogeveenGottfried Wilhelm Leibniz
06/28/20063Ehud LammPLT Scheme GC Technology
06/27/200623raouldOxymoronic? "Safety-critical development guidelines for real-time Java"
06/27/200612pmouginArticle: Exploring Cocoa with F-Script
06/26/200618Ehud LammR6RS Status Report
06/26/20063Bryan TurnerNanopass Compiler Framework
06/26/200615Ehud LammSecuring the .NET Programming Model
06/25/200655Ehud LammLtU: Policies document
06/25/20062Ehud LammMicrosoft Robotics Studio
06/22/200610Chung-chieh ShanDelimited dynamic binding
06/22/2006117Achilleas MargaritisPetition for adding garbage collection to C++.
06/22/20065Ehud LammPLT web server used in "real life"
06/22/20062Dominic CooneyRuby .NET compiler released
06/21/200645Peter J. WasilkoRules for Developing Safety-Critical Code
06/21/2006114dataangelWhat are the real benefits of FP?
06/20/20066Niels HoogeveenCharles Babbage Institute
06/20/20062Niels HoogeveenA Mobility Calculus with Local and Dependent Types
06/18/200617Ehud LammVariance and Generalized Constraints for C# Generics
06/17/20064Erik MeijerLang .NET Symposium Registration Now Open
06/17/20061cdigginsCat version 0.2
06/17/200613Chris RathmanWhat is the Meaning of These Constant Interruptions?
06/17/20061Ehud LammScheme2Js
06/16/200668snk_kidThe OO barrier
06/15/200614Peter ScottDataflow programming for PIC microcontrollers
06/15/20069naaskingApplied Type System vs. Epigram
06/15/2006104Karsten WagnerWhy only 'minimal' languages
06/15/20068Matt HelligeThe Semicolon Wars
06/15/20061Ehud LammIFIP WG 2.2 Anniversary Meeting
06/14/200622natHLVM - High Level Virtual Machine toolkit for dynamic languages
06/13/20066snk_kidA thought on the design of new low-level languages...
06/13/20061JamesLitsiosGenerative and Transformational Techniques
06/12/200625Bryan TurnerChurch-Turning is False?
06/12/20065Greg BuchholzML Modules and Haskell Type Classes: A Constructive Comparison
06/12/20062Peter A JonssonFormal verification of a C-Compiler frontend.
06/12/20061Ehud LammTechnical Work on Ada 2005 Standard Completed
06/11/200610Isaac GouyAlloy - The Book
06/10/200617Frank AtanassowInform 7: A relational DSL for interactive fiction with natural language syntax
06/10/20063Matt EstesA DSL based Web Framework.
06/09/200614Peter J. WasilkoHuman Factors Research On Programming Language Syntax
06/09/200632Isaac GouyA Brief History of Scala
06/08/200666Ehud LammLtU: blog not forum!
06/08/200632Ehud LammJoshua Bloch: "Nearly All Binary Searches Broken"
06/08/20065MJ StahlLinear Types vs. Uniqueness Typing
06/08/20067James McCartneyassistance with some data flow terms
06/07/200683VorlathWhy Are ALL Programming Languages So Low Level?
06/07/20068Sean McDirmidSuperGlue
06/06/200626SamKCommon Lisp Exception Handling
06/06/200615Dave HermanPublic resources for ECMAScript Edition 4
06/05/200610ralabateWhat is covariant signature transformation?
06/05/200617Jeff NowakowskiEmail/news interface
06/05/20062Andris BirkmanisScrap your Nameplate
06/05/20061Andris BirkmanisNested commits for mobile calculi: extending Join
06/05/200616Rys David McCuskeremulation for Erlang style processes
06/04/20066Paul SnivelySage: A Programming Language With Hybrid Type-Checking
06/04/20064Ehud LammThe Origins and Nature of Computation
06/02/20064raoulvpTrying to get embedded python co-routines to work
06/02/200612Andris BirkmanisContinuations for Parallel Logic Programming
06/02/20067doublecHop: a Language for Programming the Web 2.0
06/01/200699Klaus OstermannRelevance of Curry-Howard
06/01/20061Ehud LammDesigning Components with the C++ STL
06/01/20069Dave HermanJavaScript 2 and the Future of the Web
06/01/20065Ehud LammAda UK Conference 2006 (slides & videos)
06/01/20063Ehud LammOz has macros!
06/01/200658Mike SmithType checking and logical errors
05/31/200621Ehud LammThe Weird World of Bi-Directional Programming
05/31/200622Ehud LammJavascript department
05/31/200628andrew cookeNarrative Javascript
05/31/20067raouldTimor: adding "qualifying" and "attribute" types to the OO realm.
05/30/200626danmcbyet another noob via "little lisper" and scheme
05/30/20066doublecNarrative Javascript
05/30/200619Anton van StraatenType inference for Python
05/29/200696Bruce RennieFirst Class Values, Types as values within a Programming Language
05/29/20062Thomas SuttonNamespaces, scoping, etc.
05/28/20066cdigginsCat Language Download, Sources, and Introduction
05/28/20061Wolf LoganMicrosoft Phoenix Framework
05/27/2006249Isaac GouyBuried Treasure - No Fluff Just Stuff
05/26/20062raouldRavenscar Profile?
05/26/20061claudioBlackBox Component Builder has been open sourced
05/26/200615Adam KStealing language features for fun and profit in Ruby
05/26/200616Chris RathmanConstraint Programming
05/26/200615Ehud LammLinspire chooses Haskell as preferred language
05/26/200610kenhirschLinspire chooses Haskell as preferred language
05/26/20067Andris Birkmanis"New story" template
05/26/20065Jim AppleBackwards debugging
05/25/200625Chris RathmanSoftware ideals and history
05/25/20062suresh7708Segmentation Fault
05/24/20066Andris BirkmanisSyntax, Semantics and all that Stuff
05/24/20065Ehud LammTransactional memory with data invariants
05/23/200617Jeff NowakowskiEditing posts
05/23/20062Nicolas CannassehaXe 1.0
05/23/20063obsidianOrca chosen as default Syllable scripting language
05/22/20062andrew cookeEasyExtend - Python MetaProgramming
05/22/200616Ehud LammCode Generation Network
05/22/20061Ehud LammMicro-Kanren
05/21/20063doublecContinuations and MicroThreads on Mono
05/20/20069Luke GorrieErlang/OTP release with multiprocessor support
05/20/20064Niels HoogeveenAutomath
05/20/20061Niels HoogeveenAlan Turing
05/20/200647Ehud LammGilad Bracha: Will Continuations continue?
05/20/20065Ehud LammDepartments in need...
05/19/20069Logan CapaldoQuestion about Lazy-ness and algorithmic runtime analysis
05/19/200654vesa_karvonenEthnographic Study of Copy and Paste Programming Practices in OOPL
05/18/200623Jess AustinGoogle Web Toolkit
05/18/20061Ehud LammLibrary-Centric Software Design LCSDག
05/17/200619raouldThe World's Most Maintainable Programming Language
05/16/200646Ehud LammPaul Vick: BASIC principles
05/14/200616Allan McInnesThe Problem With Threads
05/14/2006129falconruby vs python
05/13/200617cdigginsThe Cat Programming Language
05/13/200627Mike HearnNon-null references?
05/12/20064Matt HelligeJumbo Lambda Calculus
05/12/20066Isaac GouyLINQ May 2006 Preview
05/11/20063gmolreally simple list/newline oriented language
05/11/200610Chris RathmanThe case for Semantic Analysis
05/11/20061snk_kidLinks to research on/in ....
05/11/200619Andris BirkmanisBuilding Interpreters by Composing Monads
05/11/20062cdigginsOptimization - Symmetric Reductions
05/10/200612Ehud LammBlock performance in Ruby
05/10/20065Greg MorrisettCyclone 1.0 released.
05/09/20065Niels HoogeveenThe three dimensions of proofs
05/09/200611cdigginsParameteric Polymorphism from a C++ Perspective (good or bad?)
05/09/20063kabelFortress Spec 0.903
05/09/20067Jim AppleMathLang
05/09/20064jesuswaffleThe Push Programming Language
05/09/200663coffeemugThe Nature of Lisp (a tutorial)
05/08/20062mansuLinks for Programming Language course videos
05/08/200619Ehud LammComputer Science Looks for a Remake
05/08/20062Paul SnivelyHashCaml--an extension of the OCaml bytecode compiler with support for type-safe marshalling and related naming features.
05/08/20061Paul SnivelyCol--an O'Caml syntax extension for easier manipulation of flat records, objects or tuples and conversions from/to CSV file
05/07/200623Niels HoogeveenMultidimensional Virtual Classes
05/07/20064Ehud LammA Hacker's Introduction to Partial Evaluation
05/06/20061shrogersAPL Quote Quad Call for Papers
05/06/200618cdigginsDesigning a Type Notation for a Stack Based Functional Language
05/05/20065Andris BirkmanisTyped Concurrent Programming with Logic Variables
05/04/200639JeremyOpen data types and open functions
05/04/20063Chris RathmanMax messages per page?
05/03/20061Luke GorrieSERIES
05/03/20066Luke GorrieA note on distributed computing
05/03/200687Josef SvenningssonYour favourite editor/IDE
05/03/20061Andris BirkmanisA Monadic Semantics for Core Curry
05/02/200642shaprProofs are Programs: 19th Century Logic and 21st Century Computing
05/02/200619abayleyFunctional Relational Programming: Out of the tar pit
05/02/20063cdigginsFilter-Reduce Optimization
05/01/200610fkruegerPatterns of Integer Usage
05/01/200610AvdiNatural Language Programming for Interactive Fiction
05/01/200611Klaus OstermannThis Is the Title of This Story, Which Is Also Found Several Times in the Story Itself
05/01/20065Ehud LammLinks: Web Programming Without Tiers
05/01/20061falconhow can PLT experts help improve the web?
05/01/2006216John CarterWhat do you believe about Programming Languages (that you can't prove (yet))?
04/29/200636cdigginsFolding neither Left nor Right (or how to avoid overspecifying the solution to a problem)
04/28/20068xyzzyFirst-Class Traces
04/28/20061Antoine ReillesTom 2.3 Released
04/28/200619shaprA Language-Based Approach to Unifying Events and Threads
04/27/200615Ehud LammRethinking Linguistic Relativity
04/27/20066David N. WeltonImplementation of Hecl
04/27/200623Ehud LammOberon Script. A Lightweight Compiler and Runtime System for the Web
04/26/200615doublecChuck - Concurrent audio programming language
04/26/200630Chung-chieh ShanHow do Java generics correspond to System F-(omega)?
04/25/200615Chris RathmanBuild your own scripting language for Java
04/25/20068Ehud LammJ2ME
04/25/20061Ehud LammI miss you guys...
04/25/200614Ehud LammDeconstructing Process Isolation
04/22/20061Ehud LammACM Queuecast: systems on a chip
04/21/200619Robbert van DalenThe fundamental difference between Sets and Lists?
04/21/20065Ehud LammNew Common Lisp FAQ
04/21/20066shapTinyScheme Revived
04/21/20065Isaac GouyDynamic Software Updating for C
04/21/200618Logan CapaldoFunctional single argument style object oriented programming
04/20/20064dbfaken"Down with Lambda-Lifting"
04/19/20065James McCartneyThe content of this field is private and only visible to yourself
04/19/20061Ehud LammComparing XSLT and XQuery
04/18/200644Erik MeijerLang .NET 2006
04/16/200621Chris RathmanE Thesis: Robust Composition
04/13/20063gennethSystem F with Type Equality Coercions
04/13/20066Ehud LammThe Essence of the Iterator Pattern
04/12/200648mfeathersFlexible Addition of Static Typing to Dynamically Typed Programs
04/12/20062Ehud LammJRuby
04/09/20068MacTexWard Cunningham podcast: Smalltalk, little languages, XP, typing and future of software
04/09/200622Erik MeijerFunctional Programming Has Reached The Masses; It's Called Visual Basic
04/08/20069Ehud LammFlexible Exception Handling (in Smalltalk)
04/06/20061Isaac Gouy"Stretch" languages
04/06/20064Ehud LammMicrosoft Atlas
04/06/200618Kay SchluehrPython 2.5a1 released
04/06/200615John EikenberryEiffel Studio adds GPL version
04/05/200633el-vadimopublic vs. published interfaces
04/04/20061L G Meredithmonadic constraint programming?
04/04/200618alanineany functional language without GC?
04/03/200635Jim ApplePurity in PLT
04/03/200610Ehud LammNative delimited continuations in (byte-code) OCaml
04/03/200633Noelfoldl and foldr
04/02/20068Jim AppleDisruptive PLT, 4 years later
04/01/20068Chris RathmanThe Reasoned Schemer with Oz
03/31/200616Jayson MinardPHP 6 picks up GOTO and COMEFROM
03/30/200611Charles StewartUniform Proofs as a Foundation for Logic Programming
03/30/20061Ehud LammClass decorators in Python
03/30/20068shaprTransactional Memory with data invariants (draft sequel to the STM-Haskell paper)
03/29/20068Martin Odersky[ANN] Scala-2
03/29/200649Neil MaddenClass hierarchies and Ontologies
03/29/200622Riaan Moll"Semi-complete" Boolean Evaluation?
03/28/20066Leon P SmithThe R Project
03/28/200614Johan TibellType Inference in Object Oriented Languages
03/28/20067Nathan SoboMessage Passing vs. Multi-Methods; Mixing the two?
03/27/20066Niels HoogeveenA virtual class calculus
03/27/20069falconlogic/constraint/relational programming?
03/27/20062DegussaMatlab problems
03/27/20068tblanchardObjectiveCLIPS Updated
03/26/200617gmolhelp from language people
03/26/20063Jim AppleGeneric Haskell II
03/26/20064Ehud LammContributing Editors?
03/26/20061Anton van Straaten[admin] Domain lookup issues fixed
03/25/200664hawflakeExtremely static language?
03/24/20065Ehud LammGoogle Reader and "continuations"
03/23/200612Tiago SimoesI "got" imperative programming throught data binding
03/22/20066hawflakeMultimethods in a latently typed language?
03/22/200611Erik MeijerGoogle Magic
03/21/200642Ehud LammGosling vs. Dynamic Languages
03/21/20063Christophe PoucetProblem with forum listings
03/21/20063Thomas SuttonEssential Language Support for Generic Programming
03/21/200610Josef SvenningssonUsing continuations in Web applications is patented
03/20/20069dataangelReversible generators
03/20/20064bdencklasublanguages of CTM's Oz
03/19/20061Ehud LammLambda Calculus course (Oxford)
03/17/20066raouldBack button & scroll position
03/16/200618Ehud LammDesign Patterns as Higher-Order Datatype-Generic Programs.
03/16/200622kruhftThe Problem With Parsing - an essay
03/16/200625Tim ChevalierSocial science research about programming language adoption?
03/15/20061snk_kidDiesel a successor to the Cecil language
03/15/20062Ehud LammJOT: On The Next Move in Programming
03/15/200681falconProgramming: 50, 100 years from now
03/15/200621raouldACM Queue: On Usability of Programming Languages
03/12/20064cdigginsContract Verification and Structural Subtyping of Interfaces
03/12/200612Vladimir SlepnevHalf-baked idea: mini-language for vector processing
03/12/200617akopaVirtual Machines, Language Runtimes, and the Future of Objective C
03/12/20065Michael StoneChoosing Conferences
03/11/200613Ehud LammACM Queue: A Conversation with Steve Ross-Talbot
03/11/20061marcoilFirst Class Copy & Paste
03/10/200623mansuVisualisable Languages
03/10/20065Matt HelligeDSLs: How and When?
03/09/20066MordeithLanguage Design Tips
03/08/20068Dave HermanACL2 in DrScheme
03/08/200631Anton van StraatenScheme Language Steering Committee Report to the Community
03/07/20061Edson ManoelNew Fortress Release
03/07/20066falconStrongly typed quantities in Java
03/06/20066Andris BirkmanisActive Libraries and Universal Languages
03/03/200646Ehud LammWhen is one thing equal to some other thing?
03/03/200611Charles StewartTowards Applicative Relational Programming
03/02/200626Allan McInnesLiteratePrograms wiki
03/02/200612Ehud LammLife and Times of Anders Hejlsberg
03/02/20063Ehud LammDo us proud, Dave!
03/02/20065Dave HermanA Tail-Recursive Machine with Stack Inspection
02/28/20068andrew cookeThe Theory of Classification - A Course on OO Type Systems
02/28/200636Kay SchluehrTail call elimination decorator in Python
02/27/200610keithbMcBride Derivative paper
02/27/200613Ehud LammJon Udell: Multi-language runtimes
02/26/20067OwcACompiler Technology for Scalable Architectures
02/26/200615Ehud LammLeak Free Javascript Closures
02/26/20067Ehud LammAn Expressive Language of Signatures
02/23/200612johnnybEffects on stability/exception handling of massively parallel programs
02/23/200628Todd CoramRich resource site for the programming language "K"
02/23/20068Ehud LammNorman Ramsey: CS257 - Programming with Concurrency
02/23/20063Andris BirkmanisHundreds of Impossibility Results for Distributed Computing
02/22/20062akravetsFortress Programming Language
02/22/200630cdigginsSignature Based Polymorphism, Structural Subtyping and Duck Typing
02/22/200635Ehud LammIntroduction to the Java EE 5 Platform
02/21/200620bokelsource code conversion
02/20/20064Peter NuttallIs there a formal basis for generators?
02/20/20061Ehud LammDynamic Plug-In Linking, Loading, & Dispatching with Ada 2005
02/19/200628Ehud LammStroustrup: A Brief Look at C++0x
02/19/200624Ehud LammSpecifying C++ Concepts
02/18/2006121Erik MeijerGilad Is Right
02/17/20061w7cookOOPSLA 2006 Call for Contributions
02/16/200617DougOrleansAccidental Syntax
02/16/20068Ehud LammFission for Program Comprehension
02/16/200611EwanThe C Family of Languages: Interview with Dennis Ritchie, Bjarne Stroustrup, and James Gosling
02/16/20062schluehkDebug-Edit-Compile cycle
02/16/20061Todd CoramThe SPIN model checker and Promela
02/14/20064cdigginsConcatenation Operators in Unimperative
02/14/20068SamKHaskell video lectures online
02/13/20068Derek ElkinsChu Spaces
02/13/200638Ehud LammInterval Computations
02/11/200618Matt HelligeType theory question...
02/11/2006123Ehud LammGuido: Language Design Is Not Just Solving Puzzles
02/11/200619Derek ElkinsInterval Datatype
02/11/20061Luke GorrieECLM 2006
02/10/200621Koray CanIs STL algorithms doing damage to the cause?
02/08/200613Ehud LammSociology of a Language Construct
02/07/200615Klaus OstermannHow are GADTs useful in practical programming?
02/07/20061Paul SnivelyA constraint-based approach to guarded algebraic data types
02/07/20061Paul SnivelyConstraint-based type inference for guarded algebraic data types
02/07/200619Ehud LammProgramming Languages: Application and Interpretation
02/07/200619Ehud LammeWeek: 'Exotic' Programming Tools Go Mainstream
02/06/200613Jeff Cutsingerhypothetical question
02/06/20061Ehud LammA Guide to PLT Scheme Contracts
02/05/200613constExtensible Term Language
02/05/20065Ehud LammInverse typechecker and theorem proving in intuitionistic and classical logics
02/03/200620Charles StewartCombinators for contracts
02/03/200648Todd CoramUnix as programming language
02/02/200613Jim AppleA New Haskell and those anxious to change
02/02/20061Jim AppleType Refinements for Programming Languages
02/02/20061Jim AppleThe essence of ML type inference
02/02/20066Jim AppleG'Caml comes of age
02/02/2006198Per VognsenThe Next Mainstream Programming Languages
02/01/200631Jonathan AllenWhat is a monad, why should I use it, and when is it appropriate?
02/01/20066steven_shawIs the .NET platform embracing quotation and macros?
01/31/200634SamKPackaging Data And Methods
01/31/20065mvwEverything Your Professor Failed to Tell You About Functional Programming
01/31/20062Matt HelligeRobert Harper Named as ACM Fellow
01/31/200619NoelNaked Objects
01/31/200613cyarvinU, a small model
01/31/200647Joel ReymontWeak vs. strong typing
01/30/200623raouldline breaks?
01/30/20061xyzzyLambda the Ultimate Macro
01/30/20069cdigginsA-Posteriori Subtyping: Which Languages?
01/29/2006129xyzzyLambda the Ultimate Set Comprehension
01/29/20062Scott JohnsonProposed Wikipedia Programming Language Theory topic
01/28/20064Jeff NowakowskiBlockquote color
01/28/20063Isaac GouyDan Ingalls 7 Smalltalk implementations video
01/28/200619Ehud LammPyPy
01/26/20063Charles StewartRho calculus
01/26/20066Ehud LammMyHDL
01/26/20063Ehud LammJavascript Inheritance
01/25/200633John CarterPromising OS's from a Programming Language Perspective
01/25/200617raouldProgramming Language transformation?
01/25/20062Ehud LammPiDuce
01/24/200651Erik MeijerBeyond LINQ: A Manifesto For Distributed Data-Intensive Programming
01/24/20061Olivier LefevreA Formal Language for Analyzing Contracts
01/23/20067Ehud LammWadler's Blog: Penn, PADL, POPL, and Plan-X
01/23/20064Koray CanLambda the ultimate peer review
01/23/20061Satrajit ChatterjeeDr Jekyll and Mr C
01/23/20069Ehud LammHaskell is not not ML
01/23/200616Ehud LammHaskell vs. Erlang, Reloaded
01/22/200679marcoChoice of OS of LtU readers
01/22/200620Ehud LammInfrastructure Announcement
01/22/20064Mark EvansSemantic Distance: NLP Not a Resource Sink
01/21/200617andrew cookeRebol - Dialects, Spreadsheets
01/20/200645andrew cookeWhat is a Proposition?
01/19/20061bdencklaSequentiality, laziness, Haskell, and cyclic block diagrams
01/19/200617mjstahlReferentially Transparent Scheme
01/18/2006100Ehud LammLisp is sin
01/18/200617Ehud LammSpring School on Datatype-Generic Programming 2006
01/18/200617Matt HelligeScala 2
01/17/20061Charles StewartProgramming a compiler with a proof assistant
01/17/200626Todd CoramGAWK (GNU AWK) for AI?
01/17/200610Luke GorrieProject Oberon
01/15/200637Ehud LammPaul Vick: Language Design & Paying the UI "Tax"
01/13/20064Scott JohnsonPi-calculus and mobile system books
01/13/200622EwanNew for Python 2.5
01/13/20061cdigginsImplicit Behavioral Subtyping
01/12/200611Jonathan AllenWhat is considered source code?
01/12/20066Neil MaddenTowards the best collection traversal interface
01/12/200618falconFunctional libraries for Java
01/10/200640Ehud LammTim Bray: Don't Invent XML Languages
01/09/20061Nicolas CannasseNext Neko Features ?
01/08/200610Todd CoramNew language for kids: Scratch - Logo meets Squeak Smalltalk?
01/07/200658dataangelSingleton classes really that bad?
01/07/20065Ehud LammJava Subtype Tests in Real-Time
01/06/20068jesuswaffleEffect Systems?
01/06/20063Andris BirkmanisConstraint Programming
01/06/20065Ehud LammLego Mindstorms NXT Robotics Announced
01/05/200613Babar K ZafarClassic CS Texts
01/03/200620Jillis ter HoveStroustrup talking about C++0x
01/02/20066Serguey ZefirovDataflow languages and hardware - current status and directions
01/02/20061Ehud LammFortran articles online
01/02/200649Todd CoramThe new old or The "Return" to Concurrency
01/01/20063Simon HainesFavourite Use of Embedded Interpreters?
12/31/200522Chris RathmanAuld Lang Alice
12/31/20058Andrei FormigaRealistic Functional Programming in the Java Platform
12/30/200537Koray CanReturn of the Global Variables?
12/30/200523Matthew MorganGuy Steele on Language Design
12/29/200564Andrei FormigaJoel Spolsky views on CS education
12/29/200522Ehud LammAccelerator: simplified programming of graphics processing units for general-purpose uses via data-parallelism
12/29/200510Mark EvansMind Mappers
12/29/20057lmeyerovDuck typing vs Structural Subtyping
12/28/20055Ehud LammLanguage affects 'half of vision'
12/26/20059Elizabeth DanielCan anyone help me solve this Sudoku?
12/23/20054Jillis ter HoveBack to Basic
12/23/20054Andris BirkmanisAn Operational Foundation for Delimited Continuations in the CPS Hierarchy
12/22/20051raouldUnderstanding the Dynamic Nature of a Program
12/22/200521Peter Van RoyInsights on teaching computer programming
12/22/200510Chung-chieh ShanThe undergraduate language course: what to do?
12/22/20053Chung-chieh ShanExceptional syntax
12/21/20057Ehud LammBeyond "Beyond Java" etc.
12/20/20051Ehud LammWell?!
12/20/200512Ravi Mohan[Newbie] Where can I learn about VM / C interfacing?
12/18/20055Ehud LammThe Behavior of Behavior
12/17/20054Ehud LammChickenfoot
12/17/20059Ehud LammG-Men Called on W-Hats for WMVD
12/16/20056Todd CoramRevisiting AWK
12/16/200524Mike SummersVirtual machine implementation and dynamic languages
12/16/200518Curt SampsonCountering Trusting Trust through Diverse Double-Compiling
12/15/200523Ehud LammThe Haskell Programmer's Guide to the IO Monad --- Don't Panic
12/15/20054Ehud LammThe MetaC Language
12/15/20051Isaac GouyThe Smalltalk Report 1991-1996
12/14/200515MJ StahlTradeoffs between Unique Types and Monads
12/14/20051Jim ApplePolymorphic Regular Tree Types and Patterns
12/13/200524shaprDjinn, a theorem prover in Haskell, for Haskell.
12/13/20052bscarrBBC Radio 4 Programme about the History and Development of AI
12/13/200510Matt HelligeTop N Papers 2005
12/12/20052Florian HarsLogging in from "recent posts"
12/11/200516mansuIs this a new programming paradigm
12/11/200516Toby HuttonCPS without GC?
12/11/20053Ehud LammFrege's Contribution to Philosophy of Language
12/11/200527Ehud LammBack to the future...
12/10/20054Jim AppleGeneric views
12/09/200528andnaessTypes and reflection
12/08/20052Isaac GouyContinuations from Generalized Stack Inspection
12/08/20054pkhuongPractical: Designing a graph matching language.
12/07/20051Paul SnivelyModule Mania: A Type-Safe, Separately Compiled, Extensible Interpreter
12/07/20051Paul SnivelyClassicJava in PLT Redex
12/07/200511James HagueActual programs written in FP or FL?
12/07/20051Sriram SrinivasanWorkshop on Synchronization and Concurrency in OO languages
12/07/20051Ehud LammFusion in less space
12/06/200530Ehud LammEnvisioning a New Language: A Conversation With Victoria Livschitz
12/05/20055Jim AppleWhat is polytypic programming?
12/04/20051Jim AppleUlf's Home-Page of Programming Language Design
12/03/20056Matt EstesFormal Frustration...
12/03/20051Ehud LammLisp Books online
12/02/200554raouldThe breaking point of language usability?
12/02/20058Ehud LammMisc Links
12/02/20054Jim AppleAre we missing out on fancy types?
12/01/20052Ryan WisneskyInternship advice
11/30/200511Ehud LammLock-Free Data Structures using STMs in Haskell
11/30/200526jimdesuConjunction types
11/30/200510dataangelNew languages for OS level programming?
11/30/20058Andris BirkmanisDo we talk types over the phone?
11/30/20056dav0Battle of the Languages II
11/29/20053Andris BirkmanisGhost bumps
11/29/200523mjstahlThe building of robust software
11/28/20053Todd CoramInteresting Logo Site: Elica
11/28/20052Ehud LammJohn Vlissides
11/27/200512mansuNetwork Transparent languages
11/26/200514dataangelGetting started in language design -- reading material?
11/26/20056Jim AppleSystematic search for lambda expressions
11/25/20053Jim AppleMonads are an idiom, but Idiom isn't a monad
11/25/200517shaprCollection of links to monad implementations in various languages.
11/25/20051Ehud LammNew category for Ruby posts
11/24/20058Ehud LammGeneralized Algebraic Data Types and Object-Oriented Programming
11/23/20054remco greveProgramming language inventors quiz
11/23/20053Niels HoogeveenGADT's revisited
11/22/200563Ehud LammCode Reading
11/21/20055Andris BirkmanisIn the beginning was game semantics
11/21/200516David TellerDependent types: literature, implementations and limitations ?
11/20/200521Matt HelligeMonads in Ruby
11/20/20052Ehud LammFORTRAN 25th anniversary film online
11/19/20052ramses0Feedback on post?
11/19/20051Mark EvansRagel State Machine Compiler
11/18/200519Ehud LammFelleisen: How to Design Class Hierarchies
11/17/200567segphaultRuby the Rival
11/17/20055Ehud LammThe X10 Programming Language
11/17/200521GivasFortress Specs Updated: 0.785
11/17/200515shaprWhat good is Strong Normalization in Programming Languages?
11/15/200510Matt HelligeExtensible Records With Scoped Labels
11/11/20051Cremieux AlainA Generator for Type Checkers
11/11/200530falconAlgebra Of Programming (Bird, De Moor)
11/10/20058Nicolas CannasseNeko 1.1 Released
11/10/200519Andris BirkmanisPutting Curry-Howard to Work
11/10/200543Riaan MollCaSe SenSitIviTy! What is its purpose in programming language syntax?
11/10/200514Mark EvansOCaml 3.0.9
11/09/200542Paul SnivelyBattling Bugs: A Digital Quagmire
11/09/200510Niels HoogeveenThe Role of Type Equality in Meta-Programming
11/09/20054Ehud LammSoftware Factories at OOPSLA 2005
11/09/20051Ehud LammPDC videos online
11/09/20059Ehud LammOOPSLA 2005: Io, a small programming language
11/09/200510Dave LopezPrototype based OO
11/09/200518Riaan MollClassification according to type vs function - An anecdote
11/08/20058raouldCan one avoid monads?
11/08/200516Matt HelligeThe Reasoned Schemer
11/08/20051Ehud LammBusy, busy, busy
11/08/200526David B. HeldType Nomenclature
11/06/20054Luke GorrieDon Knuth: Musings and More
11/05/20059mjstahlHow does Lisp do that?!?
11/04/200522Jeffery WalkerProgramming Language Names
11/04/20055Luke GorrieTutorial on Good Lisp Programming Style
11/04/20059Allan McInnesSlashdot asks: "how would you improve SQL?"
11/04/20058xamdamiPod-compatible SICP
11/03/20054bdencklaA + b * c in Brian Meek's "The static semantics file"
11/03/20055Andris BirkmanisJakarta Commons Monad, er, Chain
11/03/200513StuartBruffElegant Method of binding a function variable
11/02/200515Derek ElkinsGeometric Algebra
11/02/20053Daniel SlaneyCurry/Howard and Disjunction
11/02/200515Luke GorrieSmalltalk case-statement
11/01/20053Anton van Straaten[Site] Network issues
10/31/20056kruhftParsing and syntax reordering
10/31/20051mattias waldauWaste your CPU-resources on programming challenge
10/30/20055Paul SnivelyAlloy: A Simple Structural Modeling Language Based on First-Order Logic
10/30/200538jesuswaffleThe Type-System-Feature-Creep Death Spiral
10/29/200572Ehud LammDoes Visual Studio Rot the Mind?
10/29/20052Ehud LammNew blog
10/28/2005127Ehud LammOOPSLA 2005 Reports
10/28/200531Ehud LammAn Overview of the Singularity Project
10/28/200512Ehud LammMap of LtU readers
10/27/20055Klaus OstermannFinding Application Errors Using PQL: A Program Query Language
10/27/200537Ehud LammJust What is it that Makes Martin-Lof's Type Theory so Different, so Appealing?
10/26/200513Laurent BruterWould LISP/FP help here?
10/26/20053raouldPre-LINQ: rich object management in your PL
10/26/20055Ehud LammLowering the barriers to programming
10/25/200510Charles StewartJournal "Logical Methods in CS"
10/25/20051el-vadimoMicrosoft Command Shell (msh)
10/24/200577David B. HeldWhy Lists?
10/24/20057falconIncremental algorithm help
10/21/20054Matt HelligeTerminology proposal
10/21/200531Ehud LammLinear types for aliased resources
10/21/200545Ehud LammWhat do you mean by studying "programming languages"?
10/20/2005113falconBruce Tate: Technologies that may challenge Java
10/20/200527Ehud LammC#: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow: An Interview with Anders Hejlsberg
10/20/20052kilratiSelfish reference begging
10/19/20054Ehud LammLarry Wal: State of the Onion
10/19/200513Ehud LammMultigame A Very High Level Language for Describing Board Games
10/18/200551Greg BuchholzBest default sequence?
10/18/20051Ehud LammModular Checking for Buffer Overflows in the Large
10/18/20054Ehud LammCommercial Users of Functional Programming (CUFP)
10/18/20053Scott JohnsonTest post
10/17/200581mjstahlObject Oriented Programming + Referential Transparency
10/17/200511Ehud LammMechanizing Language Definitions
10/14/20051bdencklaTranslational vs. denotational semantics
10/14/20051raould(from 2004) Possibly faster Haskell
10/14/200533raouldTerritorial Exception Handling
10/14/20055Erik MeijerLINQ BOF at OOPSLA
10/13/200511ade_oshineyeImplementing Higher Order Messages
10/13/20051Ehud LammSyntactic Abstraction in Component Interfaces
10/13/20057Jacques CaretteNew GUI paradigm
10/13/200560Sebastien PierreExpressions vs Statements
10/12/20057Peter Van RoyAmerican lecture tour gets real
10/12/200593Andris BirkmanisFormal methods for O/R mapping
10/10/20057Kevin LipePLT and College
10/10/200531rossjudsonMacros/Syntax vs. AST manipulation
10/10/20056JamesLitsiosFormal methods used in developing "profitable" software
10/09/200588naaskingThe Church-Turing Thesis: Breaking the Myth
10/08/20052NukleoProblems with Embedding Eclipse/Prolog in VC++
10/08/200522shaprZipper-based file server/OS
10/07/20052bdencklaLiterature on commutative lifted boolean operators
10/07/200533Ehud LammXNHTML
10/06/20054Scott JohnsonVirtual Machine books
10/06/20052Ehud LammControl-Flow Integrity
10/06/20051Anton van Straaten[Admin] Probation
10/05/200520riciScoping based on control flow graph
10/05/20051raouldTypes and Proof Carrying Code: Mobius
10/05/20054Andris BirkmanisCombining computational effects
10/05/20053ruin8rInteresting old promotional video for Intentional Programming
10/05/200513raouldStatic type inference & late binding?
10/04/20051Ehud LammMIT CADR Source Snapshot Released
10/04/200511Sean LeatherChapel: "Solving the parallel programming problem"
10/03/20056shaprNumber-Parameterized Types by Oleg Kiselyov
10/03/200514Nathan SoboQuestion: Graceful error recovery during parsing
10/01/20053Hank ThediekDebuging state.
10/01/200522ade_oshineyeThe English-Likeness Monster
09/30/200515AlasdairScottIvory, an experimental declarative programming system
09/30/200573el-vadimo"The Anatomy of a Loop"
09/29/20054Isaac GouyActive Objects with Syntax Directed Dialogs
09/29/200522Ehud LammInvokedynamic
09/29/200523Ehud LammLtU etiquette
09/29/20053Ehud LammPropositional Satisfiability and Constraint Programming: A comparative Survey
09/27/200523raouldLooking for FP Debuggers
09/27/20057Luke GorrieICFP Programming Contest 2005 Results
09/27/200580Ehud LammLtU: Style and Focus
09/26/20053andrew cookeNetKernel - XML processing pipeline
09/25/20054Stuart DavisSearching For Derek Elkins
09/23/200519Nathan SoboNon-Lisp, natively extensible?
09/23/200532raouldAbstractions considered harmful?
09/23/200530Anton van StraatenContinuations library for Java
09/23/20052Ehud LammA Type Discipline for Authorization Policies
09/23/20051Dave HermanChannel 9 Videos on VB
09/23/20052Ehud LammXQuery Implementation in a Relational Database System
09/23/20054Erik MeijerXLinq: XML Programming Refactored (The Return Of The Monoids)
09/22/200546raouldWhat is Intuitive?
09/22/20056Allan McInnesLogix: Multi-Language Programming
09/22/20059el-vadimoMondo bizarro
09/22/20058Ehud LammSelect/From versus From/Select
09/22/200549letdinosaursdieRuby: Language of the Programming Übermensch?
09/22/200532Ehud LammDon Box: Scheme Is Love
09/22/20055Ehud LammVisual Haskell
09/22/20051Isaac GouyCategories for Software Engineering - recommend?
09/22/20055mansuTable Oriented Programming
09/21/200513shaprThe essence of Dataflow Programming by Tarmo Uustalu and Varmo Vene
09/21/20055raouldLive update of source with inferred type?
09/21/200516Jim AppleDynamic vs. Static Typing - A Pattern-Based Analysis
09/21/20057Brandon J Van EverySeaFunc meets Tues. Sept. 27th
09/21/200518Tim SweeneyGood languages with simple grammar
09/20/200527Matt HelligeDynamic typing in OCaml
09/20/200531Ehud LammRPC Under Fire
09/18/200513Matt OConnorFunctional multi-method programming language
09/16/20051Philip WadlerFLOPS 2006
09/16/20054Ehud LammHaskell's overlooked object system
09/16/20059Ehud LammGuest Blogger Erik Meijer
09/15/20055Greg BuchholzGarbage Collection as a Lazy Algorithm
09/15/2005150David B. HeldMost Productive FP Lang?
09/15/20054Erik MeijerVisual Basic 9 Interview on DDJ
09/15/20051James HagueIs REBOL a pure functional language?
09/15/20058ChrisNemerle and C# 3.0
09/15/20056citylightCategory theory
09/14/20051Anton van StraatenAn Operational Semantics for R5RS Scheme
09/13/20053Patrick LoganPerl and Haskell
09/13/20053tmoertelAre you using delimited continuations?
09/13/20051Allan McInnesBuilding Compilers by Combining Algebras
09/13/200546Erik MeijerVisual Basic and LINQ
09/13/20055Ehud LammGeneric implementation of all four *F* operators: from control0 to shift
09/13/200514Andris BirkmanisGenetic algorithms vs. genetic programming - PLT perspective?
09/13/20051Matthew MorganPlugging Haskell In
09/12/20052Ehud LammTwill: an extensible scriptlet language for testing web apps
09/12/20058Ehud LammDistributive laws for the Coinductive Solution of Recursive Equations
09/11/20053olpaXSieve: XSLT + Scheme
09/09/200512Scott JohnsonTwenty-First Century Compilers
09/09/20055Andris BirkmanisAsynchronous Exceptions in Haskell
09/09/200593letdinosaursdieHaskell and creative freedom
09/08/20051Ehud LammMore forum spam
09/08/20051Ehud LammA Bialgebraic Review of Regular Expressions, Deterministic Automata and Languages
09/07/200550Robbert van DalenPersistent functional databases
09/07/200511Carter T SchonwaldCombining Theorem Proving and Programming
09/06/20051Ehud LammEtech 2006 CFP
09/05/200517Ehud LammThreads Cannot be Implemented as a Library
09/05/20052akallioCalling imperative code from declarative?
09/05/200520Ehud LammGuido van Rossum: Building an Open Source Project and Community
09/05/20054Ehud LammJExamples
09/04/20054Ehud LammJon Udell: The riddle of asynchrony
09/03/200529Isaac GouyApple: procedural -&gt; OO -&gt; AOP -&gt; advanced procedural
09/02/200519Isaac GouyOO Language Engineering for the Post-Java Era
09/02/200519Todd CoramSystem programming using FP
09/01/200520Ehud LammRuby on Rails: An Interview with David Heinemeier Hansson
09/01/20057Ehud LammContextL
08/31/20054Chris RathmanREXX Introduction
08/31/20051Ehud LammLaziness Without All the Hard Work
08/30/20058Andris BirkmanisReal-life use case - which PLs support it nicely?
08/29/20053Isaac GouyLearning to Program with Alice (not Mozart/Oz ML)
08/29/2005104Nathan SoboYearning for a practical scheme
08/29/20053shaprBig O complexity for abstractions?
08/29/200562Ehud LammTim Bray on Ruby
08/27/200526mansuDoes Abstraction add Fuzziness?
08/27/20057senthilA section on Books
08/27/20059andrew - CODeDOC 2002
08/27/20059Anton van StraatenNew Server
08/25/20057Neil MaddenDeikto user interface in Erasmatron storytelling engine
08/24/20059Ethan AubinFiltering Threads
08/23/20055Matt HelligeScalable Component Abstractions
08/23/200533Klaus OstermannShould Computer Science Get Rid of Protocols?
08/23/200549Leon P SmithIvory Towers and Gelfand's Principle
08/22/200516Greg BuchholzFunctional anti-memoization
08/22/20051Ehud LammThe birth of the FORTRAN II subroutine
08/22/200519Ehud LammWhen to create syntax?
08/22/20053Ehud LammJon Udell: A conversation with Jonathan Robie about XQuery
08/21/20051vslMetaPlatform 0.0.1
08/19/20057C GFormal semantics for working programmers
08/19/20051meltsnerAmber: Eiffel/Ruby inspired language for the Parrot VM
08/19/200510Isaac GouySawzall - a popular language at Google
08/18/20052pmouginObjectiveCLIPS Released
08/18/200519Nicolas CannasseNeko 1.0
08/16/20057dbfakenLarge imperative code --> functional
08/16/200550andnaessForum usability
08/13/200547Frank Atanassow'Information and Computation' Open Access
08/12/200522dbfakenInvariants/Contracts vs. types
08/12/20052el-vadimoPlease help add entries to
08/12/200531C GSyntax Design
08/11/200512Greg BuchholzLarger Subroutines == Fewer Defects
08/11/20052Andris BirkmanisRigour is good for you and feasible: reflections on formal treatments of C and UDP sockets
08/11/20051Andris BirkmanisJavaMonads
08/10/20056Anton van StraatenConcrete Abstractions on the web
08/09/200523David B. HeldExpressivity
08/09/20057Kevin LipeAardappel and visual programming
08/08/20059falconSimpler representation of operational semantics?
08/08/2005110ChrisConcatenative Language Kont
08/08/20054Andris BirkmanisGuarded Induction and Weakly Final Coalgebras in Dependent Type Theory
08/08/200512Andris BirkmanisCoupling of concepts - good or bad
08/05/200550Chris RathmanHave scripting languages peaked?
08/05/200548Anton van StraatenOverloading - Syntactic Heroin?
08/05/20053Riaan MollSo what's Right and what is Wrong with the GNU GPL?
08/04/200510Andris BirkmanisTrampolining Architectures
08/04/2005220Riaan MollObjective scientific proof of OOP's validity? Don't need no stinkun' proof.
08/04/200511Per VognsenA Lisp to JavaScript Compiler in 100 Lines
08/03/20052Isaac GouyBigloo.NET: compiling Scheme to .NET CLR
08/02/200550NoobProgrammerMercury Vs Prolog
08/02/200528dan_A Java/Python hybrid?
08/02/20057Andris BirkmanisCausal Nets
08/02/20052Frank AtanassowA Case for Formal Specification
08/02/20055Cory BloydThe Simplicity of Concurrency
08/01/20053Andris BirkmanisProgramming Paradigms of the Andorra Kernel Language
08/01/20056Thomas SuttonLanguage Evolution applied to PLT
08/01/20056Alan EliasenNew Fortress Specification
08/01/20051Thomas SuttonParsing expression languages
08/01/20052arthur.amshukovConcrete Parse Tree to AST
07/31/200512Ehud LammVacation
07/31/20052Ehud LammFast and Loose Reasoning is Morally Correct
07/31/20051Jim AppleGoF get SIGPLAN award
07/30/200556Chris RathmanAn interview with Chris Date
07/29/200515Andrei FormigaMore on the "generics are evil" meme
07/29/20052kilratiDeleting my Post
07/29/20057kilratiA question about subtypes inference
07/29/20055Ehud LammSlides for ' Programming in Haskell'
07/29/20051rhatCTM Author American University Tour
07/29/20058Greg BuchholzLanguage support for generating functions?
07/28/20059Ehud LammA Typed Intermediate Language for Compiling Multiple Inheritance
07/28/200517Peter Van RoyCTM tour during the week of Nov. 7
07/28/200511ehrlichML without GC
07/27/200522Ehud LammHappy Birthday, dear Lambda
07/27/20056Chris[Fun, crass] The Daily WTF
07/27/200513axilmarA software engineering problem: how would functional programming solve it?
07/26/20055cuishitai4-color theorem
07/26/20056Andris BirkmanisConcurrent Clustered Programming
07/26/20052Naveed FakharSoftware Re-engineering Techniques and Reverse Engineering of Object-oriented Code ( Java language)
07/25/20053Andrei FormigaType and Effects systems and Lucassen's Thesis
07/24/20053Ehud LammLazy linear algebra
07/24/20051Ehud LammKay no longer at HP
07/23/200518Andris BirkmanisAdbmaL
07/23/200524Ehud LammACM Queue: Security Problem Solved?
07/21/200512mjstahlConcerning introspection and compilation.
07/21/20056johnnybThe Limits of the Semantic Extensibility of Computer Programs
07/21/200513Andris BirkmanisThe Complexity Zoo
07/20/20051rsmudgeSleep, scripting language for Java apps, released
07/19/200576Isaac GouyOn the Revival of Dynamic Languages
07/19/200533Ehud LammGrady Booch: Software Engineering Grand Challenges
07/19/200517axilmarConversion of 'functional' to 'imperative' algorithms: is it possible?
07/18/200513David N. WeltonEconomics of Programming Languages
07/17/20051Andris BirkmanisA Concurrent Lambda Calculus with Futures
07/17/20051Ehud LammAbstract interpretation for constraint handling rules
07/17/20053Ehud LammAutomatic type inference via partial evaluation
07/17/20051Ehud LammA Plan for Pugs
07/17/20053Kevin LipeEsolang Extravaganza
07/17/20051skybrianMethod inlining as a macro system
07/16/20051Serguey ZefirovDiaGen and DiaPlan
07/16/200520Ehud LammTermite: a Lisp for Distributed Computing
07/14/20053Ehud LammGeneral Purpose Cellular Automata Programming
07/12/20052Nicolas CannasseMTASC Slides
07/12/20053Ehud LammSISCweb
07/12/200530Peri HankeyThe Language Machine - a toolkit for language and grammar
07/11/20052SamAnyone know what's going on with scsh?
07/11/20051Ehud LammLuke?
07/11/2005101Isaac GouyStatic Typing Where Possible, Dynamic Typing When Needed
07/10/20057Ehud LammClassic LISP books online
07/10/20058jakobihansData is code
07/09/20052Ehud LammILC 2005 Slides and Audio
07/09/20058Chris RathmanESL Design
07/07/200513segphaultParrot 0.2.2 Released
07/06/20056OvidDynamic Languages Journal?
07/06/20053Jim AppleThe New C Standard
07/05/20059Ehud LammThe design of C++0x
07/05/20052Jeff CutsingerMalbolge figured out?
07/04/20053sebastienXSL and DSL code refactoring
07/03/20054Ehud LammSpam
07/03/20056Andris BirkmanisDesign Concepts in Programming Languages
07/03/20051Ehud LammA Theory of Distributed Objects
07/03/20059Ehud LammSqueak tutorial
07/02/200518Ehud LammBehaviour: Using CSS selectors to apply Javascript functionality
07/02/20056Ehud LammLanguage Workbenches: The Killer-App for Domain Specific Languages?
07/02/20053Ehud LammA Typed, Compositional Logic for a Stack-Based Abstract Machine
06/30/200532marcoMartin Fowler on Language Workbenches and DSLs
06/30/20051Andris BirkmanisLambda-mu
06/30/20057falcon"typed" files OR xml OR meta information for delim. files.
06/29/200514Matt HelligeOrganizing papers...
06/29/200551NoelHungarian Notation vs The Right Thing
06/29/20052Andris BirkmanisA Formulae-as-Types Interpretation of Subtractive Logic
06/28/20051marcoDyna: a weighted dynamic logic programming language
06/28/20051Matthew MorganGHC Survey Results
06/28/200552Anton van StraatenGenerics are a mistake?
06/27/20053Andris BirkmanisRevisiting coroutines
06/27/200517Jim AppleDead Languages
06/27/20053Jim AppleA Typeful Approach to Object-Oriented Programming with Multiple inheritance
06/26/20051Ehud LammLispNYC's proposed Summer of Code projects
06/26/200527cdigginsFunctions as Classes: Which languages?
06/26/200510bdenckla"dynamic" generative programming?
06/25/20051Cyril KonopkoMPS-based editor for Epigram programming language.
06/23/20054Philip WadlerScottish Programming Language Seminar
06/23/20057Greg BuchholzStatic Types vs. Partially Evaluated Latent Types
06/23/200540Ehud LammHow To Read a Paper
06/23/20054bdenckla"applicative" vs."functional"
06/22/200511Andris BirkmanisA Monadic Framework for Subcontinuations
06/22/20052Ehud LammThe Underhanded C Contest
06/22/20053Andris BirkmanisCrystal Scheme: A Language for Massively Parallel Machines
06/22/20051Ehud LammBacktracking, Interleaving, and Terminating Monad Transformers
06/20/200551johnnybWhy recursing is better than looping
06/20/20052Ehud LammTypeCase: A Design Pattern for Type-Indexed Functions
06/20/20054Isaac GouyA Call to Arms
06/19/20055Ehud LammYubNub
06/19/20056Ehud LammBook stats
06/18/200524Isaac GouyJavaScript 2.0: Evolving a Language for Evolving Systems
06/18/20052Ehud LammAccurate step counting
06/18/200544andrew cookeEmbedded Languages in Java
06/15/20053NoelKeep Blogging Worker Bee!
06/14/200517Ehud LammTim Bray: On Threads
06/13/20058Andris BirkmanisTransducer Composition and CPS
06/13/200516Ehud LammJava Generics, Arrays, and Comparables
06/13/20051David B. WildgooseOff Topic Humour: New Programming Language C+-
06/12/20053Chris RathmanVB8 Language Specification
06/11/200523Ehud LammSudoku
06/11/20058chien012Multilinguals learning computer languages faster than monol.
06/11/200514Matthew MorganLinks Demos
06/11/20055neoakutNew C++-like language for Windows
06/10/20051Jeff CutsingerHP's Dynamo
06/10/20057B LeeClasses or prototypes
06/10/200513Ehud LammConnecting The Dots
06/09/20054Andris BirkmanisBottom-Up beta-Substitution: Uplinks and lambda-DAGs
06/09/200530Dominic FoxHappy Birthday, PHP...
06/08/20056Chris RathmanCongrats in order
06/08/20053Ehud LammXQuery 1.0 and XPath 2.0 Formal Semantics - Last Call
06/08/20052Andris BirkmanisOn Evaluation Contexts, Continuations, and the Rest of Computation
06/07/20051olpaReusing XML Processing Code in non-XML Applications
06/07/200510falconData locality and data structures
06/07/200537Peter J. WasilkoWhat will Apple's move to Intel mean for Alternative Language Communities?
06/07/200518Hank ThediekA question I have been meaning to ask.
06/06/200516Andris BirkmanisFrom shift and reset to polarized linear logic
06/05/200516Ehud LammBidirectional fold and scan
06/05/20054Amir MichailOpen Source Developer Rankings & Their Applications
06/03/20051el-vadimoEvolving the Java Platform
06/03/20053Andris BirkmanisAvionics Control Systems DSL from 1994, by Doug Lea
06/02/200520Ehud LammAdam Bosworth: Ajax reconsidered
06/02/200513Klaus OstermannVariables as Channels
06/02/20052segphaultA Core Calculus of Metaclasses
06/02/20054sebastienNew extension for the TXL language : ETXL
06/01/200526jimdesuBasic(er) Simple(r) Type Theory(?)
06/01/20055Ehud LammLtU needs you!
05/31/20058Dmitri KondratievToday's Status of Functional Programming Languages for Verification Tools ?
05/30/20051robby2005 ICFP Programming Contest
05/30/200540Hank ThediekWhat is so bad about compiling?
05/28/20051Ehud LammThe Essence of Data Access in Cw
05/28/200519Mark EvansJudy Stores
05/27/20053Ehud LammScrap your boilerplate with class: extensible generic functions
05/27/20053TuchoConference in Vancouver
05/27/20058falconPure bigraphs: structure and dynamics (by Robin Milner)
05/27/200517neelkShort examples of complex use of state?
05/26/20054kilratiData flow analysis on functional Language
05/26/200515Ehud LammGenerics: The Importance of Wildcards
05/26/20051falconPure bigraphs: structure and dynamics (by Robin Milner)
05/26/20051falconPure bigraphs: structure and dynamics (by Robin Milner)
05/26/20057MtnViewMarkContext Free: Grammars as Graphics
05/26/20054NoelPLT Needs You!
05/26/20056Ehud LammLisp or Erlang
05/26/20056Ehud LammDifferentiating Data Structures
05/26/20054Amir MichailCompetitive Collaborative Specification of GUI Applications through User Test Cases and Merit-Based Conflict Resolution
05/24/200510michaelsDSL Error Handling in an Object Oriented context
05/23/20052Ehud LammJon Udell: Tools for dynamic languages
05/23/20056Paul McJonesArchiving LISP history
05/22/200560Mark EvansHaskell for C Programmers
05/21/200523Ehud LammParameterized Unit Tests
05/20/20052Dave BenjaminFirst public release of PyPy
05/19/20056Philip WadlerThe Essence of Programming: Reynoldsfest at MFPS
05/19/200515Philip WadlerTwo Thank Yous for Peter van Roy
05/19/20051chri1753LLVM 1.5 released with tail call optimization
05/19/20055Andris BirkmanisFunny characters inference
05/19/200522rmalafaiaTail recursion
05/18/200516DanxAST intermediate representations
05/18/200521Chris LattnerLLVM 1.5 has been released!
05/17/20054marcoCyc Knowledge Server
05/17/20056ChrisModern Language Features of Visual C++ 2005
05/17/200523Chris RathmanGrassroots computing languages hit the big time
05/17/20051Ehud LammEditors on Vacation
05/16/20058falconResources related to logic?
05/15/20052Ehud LammImplicitly Heterogeneous Multi-stage Programming
05/14/20052Ehud LammParallel Programming with Matrix Distributed Processing
05/13/20056falconAdvanced Types in Qi
05/13/20053Ehud LammLanguage-based security for mobile code, with applications to smart cards
05/13/20051Ehud LammDtracing Python
05/13/20052Thomas SuttonThe logic of communicating on channels
05/12/200517yuhongA question about COBOL!
05/11/20051Jim AppleApplied Type System
05/11/20051Peter Van RoyDesign Philosophy of Distributed Programming in Mozart
05/11/20051Jim AppleThe Epigram Blog
05/11/20057Ehud LammPython Challenge
05/11/20058Ehud LammCellang
05/11/20051Ehud LammFunctional and Declarative Programming in Education (FDPE05)
05/10/20051Ehud LammA type discipline for authorization policies
05/10/20052Marc HamannSaunders Mac Lane 1909-2005
05/10/200516citylightMore sites like Lambda
05/10/200536Ehud LammWhy Dependent Types Matter
05/10/20051Ehud LammTYPES Summer School 2005
05/07/200542Ehud Lammsubtext: Uncovering the simplicity of programming
05/07/200514Morris JohnsBest route for new language to be self-hosting
05/06/200510Jim AppleGADTs + Extensible Kinds = Dependent Programming
05/06/20051Jim AppleExistential Types == Guarded Types
05/05/2005175Achilleas MargaritisLet's make a programming language!
05/04/20058Ehud LammSpec#
05/03/20059Luke GorrieWhy do computers stop and what can be done about it?
05/02/20053Andris BirkmanisGeneric Accumulations: Battery-powered Bananas
05/01/2005103rwuytsCall for Papers: ACM Symposium on Dynamic Languages
04/30/200521Peter SchombertWhat makes Centum a bad language?
04/30/200520Allan McInnesThe long tail of programming languages
04/30/20051Ehud LammAlphaWorks: Pattern Modeling and Analysis Tool for Java Garbage Collector
04/30/20055Andris BirkmanisLambdascope
04/29/200566tmoertelFrom Perl Monks: "pissed off about functional programming"
04/28/20059Ehud LammAOP blog and aosd discussion
04/28/20059Matthew MorganR6RS Scheme Status Report
04/28/200520pakumar21Memory fault and segmentation faults
04/27/20053el-vadimoOO runtime graphs are scale-free
04/27/200538Dave HermanThe Fortress Language Spec v0.618
04/27/20054Doug AuclairTwo papers on combinators
04/26/20052Ehud LammCall to and for editors
04/26/200542falconExpressivity of lisp/scheme but speed of assembly/C/C++
04/26/20056mjstahlImplementing a Lisp Editor - Would like some advice.
04/25/200517shaprRichard Hamming - "You and Your Research"
04/25/20054Andris BirkmanisRestructuring Partitioned Normal Form Relations Without Information Loss
04/25/200535Nicolas CannasseVirtual Machine and Runtime Framework
04/24/20052Ehud LammFORTRAN pilot project
04/23/200512Andris BirkmanisSapir-Whorf again?
04/21/2005164David WaernWhy do they program in C++?
04/21/20051Andris BirkmanisConstructing Sequent Rules for Generalized Propositional Logics
04/21/200538Ehud LammComputer generates verifiable mathematics proof
04/21/200513Ehud Lamm2005 Programming Languages Day at Watson
04/20/20052Ehud LammAda 2006 Documents
04/20/20051andrew cookeXJ - XML Enhancemets for Java
04/20/200512Tayssir John GabbourQi 6.1 released
04/20/20051David TellerEncodings (wikipedia)
04/20/20053Ehud LammJhc
04/20/20051Ehud LammSemantic Streams: a Framework for Declarative Queries and Automatic Data Interpretation
04/19/200517Daniel YokomizoWhy Dependent Types Matter
04/19/20058Ehud LammRelating FFTW and Split-Radix
04/19/20051Andris BirkmanisDatatype Laws without Signatures
04/19/20051Ehud LammY in haskell
04/18/20057Martin PomijeHow much better is the second edition of "Essentials of Programming Languages"?
04/18/20058beevAnyone remember Russell (the language, that is)?
04/18/20054Andris BirkmanisWhat happened to Charity?
04/17/200520casOn the Unusual Effectiveness of Logic in Computer Science
04/17/200519gmolChemistry, Graph Tranformation and Programming Languages
04/15/20055SamIs EOPL available as an e-book anywhere?
04/15/20053Dave HermanSam Ruby: Continuations for Curmudgeons
04/15/20051shaprThe Glasgow Haskell Compiler Survey - GHC needs your feedback!
04/15/20056Andris BirkmanisGarbage collecting computations
04/15/20058Ehud LammHow widespread are inhouse DSLs?
04/14/20051shaprChris Coyne's Context Free Design Grammar, and SCIgen - Randomly generated CS papers.
04/14/200514Andris BirkmanisDenotational semantics of a DSL?
04/14/20052Chui TeyTuring Extender Language (TXL)
04/13/20051Andris BirkmanisCogPrints - if you believe PLs are languages
04/13/20053Tim DockerWhat makes a forum topic "active"?
04/12/200561Philip WadlerLinks
04/11/200527casDominus talks about HO Perl
04/10/200520Ehud LammLanguage Design 101
04/10/20054Andris BirkmanisPremonoidal categories and notions of computation
04/08/200526Ethan AubinLinks Slides
04/08/20051meltsnerJPred -- predicate dispatch for Java
04/08/200548Ehud LammComputerworld Development Survey
04/07/20052Bryn KellerMetaKlaim
04/07/20057Bryn KellerOmega
04/07/20052Bryn KellerMetaphor
04/07/20055Daniel YokomizoTwo requests
04/07/20053Ehud LammHigher-Order Perl
04/06/20051Chris RathmanHigher order functions - Lambda for the rest of us
04/05/20056shaprPugs, Practicing the Theories.
04/05/20053santoemmaWhy is down
04/05/200511Ehud LammJon Udell: Languages and environments
04/05/200523ibuckleyLisp-Stat does not seem to be in good health lately.
04/04/200563falconMechanics of designing and implementing a language
04/03/20056Andris BirkmanisRecovering resources in the pi-calculus
04/02/20052Andris BirkmanisGames for Logic and Programming Languages: Etaps'05
04/01/200523NoelFold Must Fold!
03/31/20056Mark EvansStarlog
03/31/20053Dominic FoxPython metaprogramming with decorators
03/31/20052Andris BirkmanisFAQ typo
03/30/20053Derek ElkinsFun: HaWiki Quotes Page
03/29/2005218el-vadimoexpressivity of "idiomatic C++"
03/28/20059neadamthalProgrammatic nature of subatomic make up
03/28/200515Ehud LammHow to remove a dynamic prompt: static and dynamic delimited continuation operators are equally expressible
03/27/20054Ehud LammNew Dan Friedman book coming up??
03/27/20052Chris RathmanBook: The Standard ML Basis Library
03/26/20056Andris BirkmanisProper tail reflection?
03/23/200510bdencklaPost new comment vs. reply
03/23/20055Ehud LammPython: Generator methods
03/22/200512bdencklaSpeed and semantics in CTM Chap. 1
03/22/200523Dominic FoxUCPy: Reverse Engineering Python
03/21/200515RajeshKannanScript Vs Java
03/20/20053Ehud LammA Tutorial on Proof Theoretic Foundations of Logic Programming
03/20/20054andrew cookeWheat - A Language for Web Sites
03/20/20055ydewitBest Common Lisp IDE?
03/19/20056awwaiidPerl6 - PUGS
03/19/200572ade_oshineyeAccording to Allen Holub programming is now a liberal art. When did this happen?
03/19/200513Andris BirkmanisReflection in Java: how are they getting with it?
03/18/20052shaprReproducing Programs implement Lazy Lists
03/18/200516Greg BuchholzHalting program density?
03/17/200511Ehud LammGrady Booch: AOSD keynote
03/17/200580Andrei FormigaThe fate of reduce() in Python 3000
03/17/20052Ehud LammThe POPLmark Challenge
03/17/20056Ehud LammInside Software Factories
03/17/200514Ehud LammWill Wright Presents Spore... and a New Way to Think About Games
03/17/20055Luke GorrieOnline computer science archives
03/17/20053cas2nd CfP: Structures and Deductions
03/16/20051el-vadimoGrady Booch's keynote on software complexity at AOSD
03/16/20051Anton van StraatenFoundational Calculi for Programming Languages (intro)
03/15/200532Ehud LammOCaml vs. C++ for Dynamic Programming
03/15/200523SudarshanEmbedding one language in another
03/15/20053meltsnerXactium -- "lightweight language engineering" ??!?
03/14/200526Chris RathmanInterview with Donald Knuth
03/14/20058Dave HermanA New Approach to Abstract Syntax with Variable Binding
03/12/200512Ehud LammFortress focuses on the needs of scientists
03/11/20052Ehud LammRequest
03/11/20052Ehud LammInterview with Adam Dunkels
03/10/20051Mark EvansLanguage Luminaries Meet in Europe on April 6
03/09/200553bdencklaExploiting parser ambiguity
03/09/200561Ehud LammEducational Pearl: Automata as Macros
03/08/20053Andris BirkmanisLinear Forwarders
03/07/200536Andris Birkmanis&mu;ABC: A Minimal Aspect Calculus
03/07/20051Ehud LammDe-typechecker: converting from a type to a term
03/07/20051Josef SvenningssonPhil Wadler's blog
03/05/20059Ehud LammJavaScript and domain specific Languages
03/04/200525Brent FulghamAdobe Releases Adam and Eve
03/04/20056Dustin MulcaheyOpen problems in category theory and computing science
03/03/20053olpaFind with XPath over file system
03/02/20057francisWanted: platform-independent Standard ML
03/02/200518Ehud LammBuilding a Modern Computer From First Principles
03/01/20052Andris BirkmanisLinearly Used Continuations
03/01/200520shaprIssue One of The Monad.Reader, monthly Haskell eZine
02/28/20052Peter J. WasilkoIn Memoriam :: Jef Raskin
02/28/20052renoxA paper on the Implementation of Lua 5.0
02/28/200515Anton van StraatenNew RSS Feed(s)
02/26/20052Paul McJonesAlex Stepanov's papers
02/25/200511Ehud LammEmbedded Interpreters
02/25/20059Ehud LammProof and Counterexample
02/24/20053Ehud LammNick Benton: Simple Relational Correctness Proofs for Static Analyses and Program Transformations
02/24/200511Danny AyersSPARQL Query Language for RDF
02/23/200540BigZaphodJournals and papers?
02/22/20059Andris BirkmanisSpecial characters' input methods
02/22/200510ydewitDesigning and Implementing DSL languages: recommended reading?
02/22/20053Andris BirkmanisI am not a number: I am a free variable
02/21/200538Ehud LammDon Box: Teaching my kids to program
02/21/20051Ehud LammBusy, busy, busy
02/19/20051Isaac GouyIBM Programming Languages Day
02/18/200529Dmitri KondratievWhat are The Atoms of Programming Languages?
02/17/20052Ehud LammFunctional Geometry
02/16/20057Dominic FoxDefining new infix operators in Python
02/15/20056Ehud LammBarbara Partee: Reflections of a Formal Semanticist as of Feb 2005
02/14/20056Dominic FoxSOAP considered canonical
02/14/20052Andris BirkmanisThe Kell Calculus
02/12/20056Ehud LammThe Little JavaScripter
02/10/200532Matt EstesStupid Question.
02/09/200524Ehud LammCode Generation with Python, Cog, and Nant
02/09/200573Ehud LammACM Queue: A Conversation with Alan Kay
02/09/20052Ehud LammPerl6 vs Java vs Python, or, Java sucks! and the NIH Fallacy
02/09/200523Andris BirkmanisThe HM system does not have principal typings for all terms
02/08/20054Andris BirkmanisThe Church Project
02/07/200585playergiroTransparent Persistence
02/07/20051Danny AyersWorkshop on Scripting for the Semantic Web
02/07/20054Ehud LammPython Optimization Surprises
02/06/20055Andris BirkmanisPi-ple rights oppressed
02/06/20052Andris BirkmanisComparing the Expressive Power of the Synchronous and the Asynchronous pi-calculus
02/05/200510Ehud LammCTM wiki
02/05/20055Ehud LammAmazon Web Services in Scheme
02/04/20051shaprThe Monad.Reader, Haskell eZine
02/04/20055Sriram SrinivasanProtocol languages
02/03/20052Ehud LammRegion Streams: Functional Macroprogramming for Sensor Networks
02/03/20056Ehud LammOpenSpice
02/03/200515Klaus OstermannA question for the theory guys
02/02/20051Ehud LammThe JCP EC rejects JDO 2.0
02/01/200511ChrisGCC Wiki
01/31/200512cdigginsUnimperative Programming Language - Teaser
01/31/200531James HagueAvoiding worst case GC with large amounts of data?
01/31/20055Andris BirkmanisA Type System Equivalent to Flow Analysis
01/29/20053Andris BirkmanisThe pi-Calculus in Direct Style
01/29/200511Ehud LammC++ OR mapping - cross platform and db
01/28/20053Scott JohnsonGlossary of abbreviations on LTU
01/28/20052Ehud LammStatus of XQuery in the .NET Framework 2.0
01/28/20051Ehud LammACM Queue: How Not to Write FORTRAN in Any Language
01/27/20051Ehud LammPoly* type inference tool
01/27/20053Amir MichailFeedback Sought on Software System Design and Implementation Course
01/26/200532Alexandre RicherBitC, a new OS implementation language
01/26/200546Matt EstesLangauges and Hardware...
01/24/200587Kevin Greer"Popular vs. Good" in Programming Languages
01/24/20059Ehud LammImplicit parallel functional programming
01/24/20052Andris BirkmanisAPL link is broken
01/23/20053Peter J. WasilkoSad News - Ken Anderson Dies Unexpectedly at a Conference
01/22/20052Andris BirkmanisO'Haskell - a functional object-oriented concurrent PL
01/21/200566Ehud LammGetting Started
01/21/20053Neil MaddenDesign Docs - Tcl TIPs
01/20/20051Ehud LammPrinciples of Program Analysis
01/20/200596Ehud LammOOP Is Much Better in Theory Than in Practice
01/19/20051Ehud LammAn Introduction to Jython
01/19/20052Ehud LammNormal-order direct-style beta-evaluator with syntax-rules, and the repeated applications of call/cc
01/19/20051Ehud LammPython "Monkey Typing"
01/18/200511Greg BuchholzDynamic Eager Haskell
01/18/20059Josef SvenningssonAdvanced Topics in Types and Programming Languages
01/17/20052Ehud LammXPath, XML, Python
01/16/20053casProcess algebra needs proof methodology
01/15/20052titusJVM-based scripting languages poll
01/14/200510Chris RathmanCommentary on Standard ML
01/13/20051Isaac GouySanta Claus in Polyphonic C#
01/13/200511Dominic FoxIntroducing Comega
01/12/20055Jacques CaretteIncompleteness in semantics and parallel-or
01/11/20051Ehud LammNon-determinism in functional languages
01/10/20057Ehud LammTwo misc. items
01/09/200524Dave HermanThe Four Questions
01/07/2005106Ehud LammIan Bicking: The challenge of metaprogramming
01/07/20056Chris RathmanImplementation of FPL
01/06/20054Ehud Lamm2005 Bloggies
01/06/20051Ehud LammDSL-specific editors
01/06/200513Andris BirkmanisJoCaml
01/06/20051Ehud LammAsynchronous Middleware and Services
01/06/200519Jefferson HeardSpeech-to-text friendly programming languages
01/06/200510Andris BirkmanisNon-Deterministic Interaction Nets
01/05/200517Ehud LammLinks (Wadler)
01/05/200515Ehud LammComposable memory transactions
01/05/20051Ehud LammGuido: Adding Optional Static Typing to Python -- Part II
01/05/20053Derek ElkinsLinking comments
01/02/200516andrew cookeSPARKAda
01/01/20051Ehud LammXQuery and XSLT as declarative languages
01/01/200565ade_oshineyeThe Free Lunch Is Over: A Fundamental Turn Toward Concurrency in Software
12/31/20041Ehud LammACM Queue: Languages, Levels, Libraries, and Longevity
12/30/20042Ehud LammXQuery in Relational Database Systems
12/30/200419Andris BirkmanisPL for interactive simulation
12/29/20045Anton van StraatenDanFest 2004 - in honor of Dan Friedman
12/29/20043LucyHello!!!! Im Lucy
12/29/20046Ehud LammPascal-FC
12/29/200410Dave HermanUse Continuations to Develop Complex Web Applications
12/28/20045Chris RathmanAn Invitation to SETL
12/27/200432Chris RathmanNew Year's Resolutions
12/27/20048Ehud LammPython is... slow?
12/26/20041Ehud LammLinux Clustering with Ruby Queue: Small Is Beautiful
12/26/20045Ehud LammIntegrating support for undo with exception handling
12/26/200410Peter J. WasilkoNon-English-Based Programming Languages
12/23/20046cdigginsANN: YARD Parser
12/23/200411Chris RathmanAdding Optional Static Typing to Python
12/23/20041HeikoWenglerANN: Harmonia-Mode Program Analysis Plug-in for XEmacs
12/23/20041andrew cookePolyglot and Nested Inheritance
12/22/200423Chris RathmanAlice Through the Looking Glass
12/22/200411el-vadimoReading SICP for fun and profit
12/22/20045Chris RathmanCoroutines in Lua
12/22/200493Zhu Chongkaithe Chinese natual language
12/21/20042Chris RathmanBack to the language roots
12/21/20046Daniel YokomizoModelica: Modeling of Complex Physical Systems
12/20/20043Chris RathmanHume Programming Language
12/18/200420Ehud LammAbsence
12/18/200413ihamsaHM-style type inference with non-unique selectors?
12/16/200412tonygThe Memory Pool System: Thirty person-years of memory management development goes Open Source
12/15/200410NoelKiller Props for Computer Scientist!
12/13/20047Chris RathmanChoosing a Language for Interactive Fiction
12/13/20041Chris RathmanHow birds learn songs
12/13/20041Andris BirkmanisAlgebraic Semiotics
12/12/200428Ehud LammTim Bray: Sun & Dynamic Java
12/12/20043Chris LattnerLLVM 1.4 Released
12/11/20041pantagruelL Programming Language & System (distributed, secure[capability based], functional)
12/10/20041Jim ApplePrototyping Generic Programming using Template Haskell
12/09/20041pantagruelArt, Craft, and Design in Software Development
12/09/20043Ehud LammPyPy wins a funding contract with the EU
12/09/200425Ehud LammCasting SPELs in Lisp
12/08/200410SphereOfDestinyLazy evaulation and combining user streams
12/08/20046andrew cookeWhat is Universal about the Representation of Color Experience?
12/08/20041Ehud LammAn Algebraic Theory of Polymorphic Temporal Media
12/07/200416Ehud LammLogix: Multi-Language Programming
12/07/20048Matt OConnorMisspelling.
12/05/20041Ehud LammCLR Generics and code sharing
12/04/200444cdigginsDefinition of Type
12/04/20041nikboydMetaphors Power Software Development
12/04/200415Danny AyersScheme on the CLR
12/04/20041Ehud LammGrady Booch: Microsoft and Domain Specific Languages
12/04/20041Derek ElkinsPurely Functional Programming for Sensor Nets
12/03/20043Ehud LammCool Python "spreadsheet"
12/03/20043Ehud LammLazy K
12/03/20046sridhar_v13Phenomenology of Languages and Language Design
12/02/200422Mark EvansRDF Elevator Pitch
12/01/200411David N. WeltonDownwardly Scalable Languages
12/01/20042Ehud LammVHS
12/01/20041Mark EvansSciPy 2004 Papers
11/30/20044andrew cookeMemory Pool System back from the dead
11/29/20041Ehud LammErlang REPOS 1.0
11/29/20041Ehud LammBitsavers' Archive
11/28/20048Ehud LammPractical Common Lisp
11/28/20041Ehud LammOO Programming Styles in ML
11/27/200428Ehud LammThe IDE Divide
11/26/20043Ehud LammDenotational Semantics: A Methodology for Language Development
11/26/20041Ehud LammEdublog Awards
11/26/20044cdigginsMaking C++ more Object-Oriented
11/25/20047Dominic FoxDarcs: an open source version control system implemented in Haskell
11/24/20041Ehud LammJon Udell: interview with Ward Cunningham and Jack Greenfield
11/24/20041Ehud LammPython, metaprogramming, and macros
11/24/200429Matthew MorganLL4 Program and Abstracts
11/23/20043claudioPLaSM - functional language for computing with geometry
11/23/200421Mark EvansRDF and Databases
11/22/20041Scott G. MillerSISC 1.9.4 Released
11/22/200416meltsnerLittle language for use within Java, suited for users to define "rules"
11/20/20041Andrei FormigaGoogle Scholar
11/20/200413Ehud LammRelease of Python 2.4, release candidate 1
11/20/20045Ehud LammExtending Ruby with C
11/18/20041Andrei FormigaCIL (C Intermediate Language)
11/18/200420Dave HermanSkribe 1.2b released
11/17/200432drcLanguage Oriented Programming
11/17/200411Mark EvansCalculemus 2005
11/16/200418Matthew MorganMulti-Return Function Call
11/16/20042Geoff WozniakNatural Programming Languages
11/16/200412rgrigSwitch statement design
11/15/20042Andris BirkmanisCall Processing Language
11/14/20041Ehud LammGeneric Functions have Landed (Python)
11/14/20041Ehud LammThe Xtatic experience
11/12/20044Ehud LammACM Queue: There's Still Some Life Left in Ada
11/12/20043shaprHaskell Communities and Activities Report, Seventh Edition, November 2004
11/11/20041Matt HelligeParameterized modules in Erlang
11/11/20042shaprThe Essential Haskell Compiler
11/11/20044lombyMerging Languages
11/11/20043David B. WildgooseGiving Bugs the Boot
11/10/20042Ehud LammQuick update
11/09/200415Tim DockerLanguage comparison experiment
11/07/20042pantagruelNcl : ncar command language
11/06/20047Matt EstesIdeas about a language.
11/04/20043israelrtIntrospection in Python
11/04/200410shaprRSS feed for forum or responses?
11/04/20043Jim AppleGbeta
11/04/20046Ehud LammPredicate Dispatch in the news
11/04/200414Ehud LammWhere is everyone?
11/01/20041Ehud LammOOPSLA essays track
11/01/20045Ehud LammAmusing
10/31/20047Jillis ter HoveDesign By Contract in C
10/30/20041Ehud LammEWeek: Programming Legends Debate .Net, J2EE
10/30/20047Ehud LammEnd Users to Shape Effective Software
10/29/20049Chris RathmanThe 90 Minute Scheme to C compiler
10/29/20048Ehud LammCall-by-Name, Call-by Value and the Lambda Calculus
10/28/20041Ehud LammCache decorator in python 2.4
10/27/20048pantagruelProgramming challenge
10/27/20047Ehud LammMicrosoft and DSLs @ OOPSLA
10/27/20042Ehud LammStatic Analysis for Security
10/26/200416mwandScheme Language Standardization Process: R6RS Progress Report
10/26/200429Thomas SuttonGMail accounts
10/26/20046Ehud LammSun to add JFluid profiling tool to Java Studio
10/26/20046tofupupGrad School [Master's Programs]
10/24/20043Philip DorrellAlgorithmically Unbounded Journal of Mathematical Truths
10/24/20041Luke GorrieThe DIALYZER: a DIscrepancy AnaLYZer for ERlang programs
10/23/200432Toby DonaldsonWhat's a definition of "type" that beginners can understand?
10/22/20043Luke GorrieCADR Lisp Machine emulator
10/22/20049Dave HermanOnline Bibliography of Partial Evaluation Research
10/22/200414shrogersDr. Kenneth Iverson Passes Away
10/22/20046cdigginsHeron Language Specification
10/20/20042Ehud LammRalf Hinze: An algebra of scans
10/19/20046Andris BirkmanisWhitespace
10/18/200416rreyeltsJob / Resume postings
10/18/200420David B. WildgooseMapReduce - functional programming in the REAL World
10/18/200416David N. WeltonTwo Languages (high+low level) vs One Language
10/17/20042andrew cookeForum Topics broken?
10/17/20046Ehud LammPlaying the Minesweeper with Constraints (MOZ 2004)
10/17/200431Ehud LammProgramming for non-programmers
10/16/20043Peter Van RoyMOZ 2004 talks available
10/16/20045Danny AyersF#, a functional language for .Net
10/16/20045Fernando RodriguezDovetailer?
10/15/20044Jim AppleIBM's Object REXX open sourced
10/15/200414dkondrDistributed Functional Programming
10/14/20044shaprOOHaskell - Haskell's overlooked object system
10/13/200418jchengSun ships "extensible" Java compiler?
10/13/20049Fernando RodriguezErlisp: Common Lisp Meets Erlang
10/13/200413Dominic FoxRel: an open source implementation of Date & Darwen's Tutorial D
10/12/200411Chris RathmanStatistical programming with R
10/12/20043Timm MurrayLooking for a Solid Definition of DSL
10/12/20044Dominic FoxCroquet Project Releases Initial Developer Release
10/11/200420francisInteresting? closure/object idea
10/11/20041Ehud LammLL4 Call for Presentations
10/10/20042Henrik ArroWriting a DSL for Java
10/10/200423Chui TeyLanguage design: Escaping escapes
10/09/20045shaprSucc Zeroth International Obfuscated Haskell Code Contest Results
10/09/20043Ehud LammJotSpot
10/09/20042Ehud LammGoogle Print (and Computable Functions)
10/08/20043Chris RathmanUpdated LtU Archive Index
10/08/20042Dave HermanProceedings of Scheme Workshop 2004
10/08/200420andrew cookeLaszlo - So good, I had to change my underwear
10/06/20045Ehud LammResearch ethics
10/06/20049Michael WalterPaul Graham's invited talk at ILC 2003
10/06/200419shaprHouse , hOp - the Haskell Operating System
10/06/20047Chris RathmanTemplates vs. Generics
10/05/200421Ehud LammKen Shan: Shift to Control
10/05/20042el-vadimoAway from interpreter hacking and toward enhancing stdlib
10/03/200453marcoShoot-out: most annoying compiler error message
10/03/20042Andris BirkmanisWill Kodak kill Java?
10/02/20041Ehud LammJBoss Aspect Oriented Programming
10/02/200429Ehud LammProbabilistic languages for kids?
10/01/20041Ehud LammPatterns in qmail
10/01/20042Bryn KellerGeneralized ADTs in Haskell
10/01/20045Dave HermanLooking for an old conversation on Clean
10/01/200416Ehud LammJ2SE 5.0 released
09/30/20046ccshanGalois: high assurance software
09/30/20045dtauzellUsing continuations for web programming
09/30/20049Ehud LammIntroduction to E4X
09/29/20043Tim SweeneyMonads in various languages
09/28/20046tomaco"The Silver Bullet"
09/28/200410Ehud LammWikiTalk
09/27/200422Ehud LammJava and coolness, a discussion
09/27/20041Andrei FormigaICFP Contest Results
09/27/20049Ehud LammACM Queue: Schizoid Classes
09/25/20049Andrei FormigaGreat Works in Programming Languages
09/24/200410Chris RathmanProgramming Language Popularity
09/24/20042Chris RathmanSmalltalk 80: Green Book
09/24/20045Chris RathmanThe Language of Biology
09/23/20042Albert Y.C. LaiPersistence (lack of) again
09/23/20045cdigginsMetaprogramming in Heron
09/23/200410Thomas SuttonReferences for Beginners in PL Theory
09/23/20041ecavazosFree video lectures presented by Kay, Lampson, Ingalls, ...
09/23/200416Dan MonizSh
09/23/20041Manu SimoniL. Röder's Intentional Programming Presentations
09/21/20045Dan MonizFresh O'Caml
09/21/20044casA tutorial on graph transformation
09/21/200420Matt EstesQuestions about Semantics.
09/20/200434Frank AtanassowDijkstra on analogies and anthropomorphism
09/17/200418Albert Y.C. Lai"... because common people think like so-and-so..."
09/16/20047andrew cookeLooking for Classic Types Thread
09/16/20043Ehud LammBusy, busy
09/16/20041Scott G. MillerProgramming as Relaxation: Ant Wars
09/15/20045casCL vs scheme
09/14/20045Greg BuchholzFaking it (even better)
09/14/200460Brent FulghamnewLisp: A better Lisp/Scheme Fusion...
09/13/20045Ehud LammGenerics for the masses
09/13/20041cdigginsYet another programming language forum
09/13/20041Vitaly LugovskyDomain Specific Languages hierarchy discussion
09/12/200419Ehud LammUse real names
09/12/200425Ehud LammMore from Udell on typing
09/10/20042andrew cookeA Functional Quantum Programming Language
09/10/20041Andris BirkmanisReflection in logic, functional and object-oriented programming: a Short Comparative Study
09/10/20044Andris BirkmanisA Debugging Environment for Lazy Functional Languages
09/10/20043Ehud LammA simple equation solver using attribute access and introspection
09/08/200411Danny AyersDescription Logics in Literate Haskell
09/08/20041Danny AyersSAT 3 Proof with E Prover via OWL
09/08/20048Andris BirkmanisSecuring reflective towers
09/06/20047David B. WildgooseDatabase File System
09/06/20047Ehud LammCombining lazy and eager evaluation of terms
09/06/20041Ehud LammErlang tutorial
09/04/200412Dave HermanThe Human-Language Interface
09/03/20041Dominic FoxPythologic - Prolog syntax in Python
09/02/20041Isaac GouyLinguistic Reuse
09/02/20046bitwizeMusical programming and languages
09/02/200414Dominic FoxA Deeper Look At Metafunctions
09/01/20048Ehud LammSchematics Scheme Cookbook
09/01/20044Ehud LammGvR: Rejecting the J2 decorators proposal
09/01/20049Mark EvansIn Search of the Ideal Programming Language
09/01/200415Mark EvansTed Nelson's ZigZag
09/01/20043Mark EvansNonsense Generator
09/01/200443Francis McCabeHigher order versus Object order
08/31/20041Ehud LammSRFI 40: A Library of Streams
08/31/200417Ehud LammPLaneT
08/31/200413Frank AtanassowApple Flunks First Grade Math
08/31/20047Isaac GouyLean Software, Software Jewels & Software Tools
08/31/20044Ehud LammWhat's up guys?
08/30/200410Ehud LammDemonic Nondeterminacy: A Tribute to Edsger Wybe Dijkstra
08/30/20042Ehud LammHigher-order module system of ML is actually possible in Haskell
08/27/20045andrew cookeAmazon Associates (+ other advertising)
08/27/200435Martin DeMelloMultidimensional arrays
08/27/20043Chui TeyMicrosoft's Software Factories and DSLs
08/26/200420Anton van StraatenWhy type systems are interesting - part III: latent types
08/26/20048shapr"Types and Reflection" by Lauri Emil Alanko
08/26/20044andrew cookePartial trig functions
08/26/200411Ehud LammGrid Computing & the Linda Programming Model
08/26/20042Ehud LammSubcontinuations
08/26/20044Dominic FoxCandygram: Erlang Message Passing Semantics in Python
08/26/20049Matt EstesTree programming languages
08/25/20041Isaac GouyWhich comes first, language or thought?
08/25/20046Ehud LammImplementing Declarative Parallel Bottom-Avoiding Choice
08/24/20041Mark EvansA Conversation with Manfred von Thun
08/24/20041DefilerDynamic Programming Languages + VLIW/EPIC
08/23/20042andrew cookeEvery language you never wanted to know
08/22/20049Marc HamannProblem with posting
08/21/20041Ehud LammVacation
08/21/20047Ehud LammGoedel's Theorem and Theories of Arithmetic
08/21/200454Ehud LammNew result re "linguistic determinism"
08/20/200422Andris BirkmanisIntroduction to computability logic
08/20/200416Andris BirkmanisThe Origins of the Turing Thesis Myth
08/19/200414Ehud LammError handling strategies
08/19/20048Patrick SchultzGrad School advice
08/18/20045Brent FulghamNotes from a Concurrency-Oriented Junkie
08/18/20043Ehud LammGraham Hutton: Programming in Haskell
08/18/20041Peter Van RoyPreliminary call for participation to MOZ 2004
08/17/200418Luke GorrieErlang the Movie
08/17/20045Ehud LammWell, that's one way of doing it...
08/17/20042pantagruelCompaq WebL
08/16/20044Michael MounteneyHierarchy destruction in Ada
08/16/200445Peter Van RoyThe right default: concurrent components with message passing
08/14/20043Frank AtanassowNew Recent posts
08/14/20044Ehud LammPython Decorators
08/14/20041Chris LattnerLLVM 1.3 is released
08/13/20047bzhouCω vs. Erlang?
08/13/20042Andris BirkmanisType Theoretical Foundations for Data Structures, Classes, and Objects
08/12/20049Luke GorrieWhy compiler optimizations are interesting
08/12/200469Matt HelligeNew Paul Graham thing...
08/12/20041pantagruelLPFML, Xml language for linear programming
08/11/20043Ehud LammScrap more boilerplate
08/11/200419Andris BirkmanisCall-by-what?
08/11/200415Danny Ayers"Your" RDF Query Language
08/10/20042Luke GorrieProgramming as an Experience: The Inspiration for Self
08/10/20042Matt HelligeQuick question...
08/10/20044Ehud LammMzTake: A Scriptable Debugger
08/09/20045Andris BirkmanisConstraint-Based Type Inference for Guarded Algebraic Data Types
08/09/200424Ehud LammUdell: A strategic vision for dynamic languages
08/09/200411Ehud LammPLs and SE
08/09/200492Ehud LammWhy type systems are interesting - part II
08/09/200426Frank AtanassowMorrow & First-class Labels
08/09/20041Luke GorrieSketchpad: A man-machine graphical communication system
08/09/20047Luke GorrieDynamic Languages Wizards panel videos (rerun)
08/08/20045doublecSlate 0.3 released
08/08/20041Daniel YokomizoAdding a parent link to posts
08/08/20041Frank AtanassowFirst-class labels for extensible rows (draft)
08/08/20042Frank AtanassowFolding Recent Posts
08/08/20041Ehud LammSlideshow: Functional Presentations
08/08/20045Ehud LammMore content
08/07/20045Frank AtanassowBreve: a 3D simulation environment
08/06/20041Ehud LammSimulators: Virtual Machines of the Past (and Future)
08/06/20041Bryn KellerAcute: high-level programming language design for distributed computation
08/06/20041Ehud LammDan Sugalski: Implementing an Interpreter
08/06/200413Ehud LammEliminating Array Bound Checking through Non-dependent types
08/05/200410Bryn KellerNo asterisks, please
08/05/20048Ehud LammA Visual Environment for Developing Context-Sensitive Term Rewriting Systems
08/04/20042Ehud LammTyPiCal: Type-based static analyzer for the Pi-Calculus
08/03/200438Andris BirkmanisTail of Nil and Its Type
08/03/20041Isaac GouyOberon Day @ CERN 2004
08/02/200412Matt HelligeAnother minor usability gripe...
08/02/200416Andris BirkmanisHTML guidelines
08/02/200410Luke GorrieAlan Kay: The Early History of Smalltalk
08/01/200418Ehud LammPartial Continuations
08/01/20046Ehud LammCategory Theory for Dummies - slides available
07/31/20041Ehud LammIntroduction to MDX Scripting in Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Beta 2
07/31/20041Ehud LammThree interesting discussions
07/31/20044Daniel YokomizoCookie expiration
07/31/20043Jonathan GraehlTechniques for JIT (parallel?) compilation of straight line numerical code
07/29/20042Oliver HornIronPython: First public version released
07/29/200410Ehud LammFrancis Crick (1916-2004)
07/29/200419James HagueHistory: Array languages
07/29/20043pantagruelMind the Gap
07/29/20046Florian HarsVyper is missing
07/29/200424Ehud LammUdell at OSCON: IronPython news
07/28/20041Ehud LammNew feature
07/28/20041Ehud LammParallel Programming with Control Abstraction
07/27/20043Andris BirkmanisA Functional Semantics of Attribute Grammars
07/27/20041Mark EvansMozart Oz 1.3.1 Released
07/26/200413Mark EvansIcon Language Implementation and Unicon News
07/26/20044Ehud LammA Methodology for Generating Verified Combinatorial Circuits
07/26/200418Chris RathmanDerrida's Machines
07/25/20044Ehud LammHTML editors
07/25/20041Jim AppleThe Sphere Online Judge
07/24/20044Ehud LammGrady Booch on software archeology
07/24/20045Ehud LammType systems and software evolution
07/23/20042Mark EvansEclipse C/C++ Dev Tools 2.0 Released
07/23/200411mjstahlHaving trouble with 'purity'
07/23/20044Andris BirkmanisKeywords per post?
07/23/200417Christian StaudenmeyerMila
07/23/200414Bryn KellerHaskell Functional Programming Bookstore
07/23/200414Dominic FoxIntroducing o:XML
07/23/20046Matt EstesDatabase Theory and Type systems/Programming Languages.
07/21/200411Ehud LammIt's the language, stupid. Or is it?
07/21/20046Dominic FoxPyCLIPS - expert systems shell in Python
07/21/200425Mark EvansThe C++ Source Journal
07/20/20045Ehud LammStreaming Representation-Changers
07/20/20041Ehud LammRoutine Maintenance
07/20/20046Ehud LammInfo needed
07/19/20048Bryn KellerWobbly types
07/19/20042shaprEpigram - incremental interactive typechecking
07/19/20046Ehud LammCw
07/19/20044Andris BirkmanisPapers' repositories
07/18/200458Frank AtanassowEmbedding Prolog in Haskell
07/18/200418Mark EvansFormatting hints from Mark
07/17/20041Alexandre RicherLua book available online.
07/17/200411Ehud LammJDeveloperAOP
07/17/20049Andris BirkmanisFantazies on "final"
07/16/200416lennonNew CLR Language: Boo
07/16/20043Ehud LammSnowball: A language for stemming algorithms
07/16/200427aelijCω Preview Available
07/15/20044John HeronAOP Without The Buzzwords
07/15/20044Ehud LammCrash-Only Software
07/15/20046Dave HermanLl-discuss's new home
07/15/20041Dave HermanFull abstraction is not very abstract (via comp.lang.scheme)
07/15/2004188Anton van StraatenWhy type systems are interesting
07/15/20041Luke GorrieAn Interview with Donald Knuth
07/15/20041Ehud LammTheoretical Pearl: Church numerals, twice!
07/15/20049andrew cookeSummary of techniques / approaches / models / languages for parallel computation
07/15/20042Jim AppleLooking for the source of a quote
07/15/200418Anton van StraatenFunctional programming in Java
07/15/20044Mark EvansOCaml Release 3.08.0
07/14/200417James HagueOld computer science and technical books worth searching for
07/13/2004175Ehud LammExplaining monads
07/13/20041Anton van StraatenReflections on reflection - Henk Barendregt
07/12/20044Ehud LammTwo books
07/12/20042Ehud LammAlt.lang.jre @ IBM developerWorks
07/12/20041Luke GorrieMaking Asynchronous Parallelism Safe for the World
07/12/200415Luke GorrieRichard Feynman and the Connection Machine
07/11/2004103Keith DevensUnderstanding continuations
07/11/20041Anton van StraatenFunctional programming with GNU make
07/11/20048Ehud LammWhat's up guys?
07/10/20042Chris RathmanSun R&D efforts
07/09/20043Frank AtanassowUser profiles
07/09/20041Ehud LammGenerics in Visual Basic 2005
07/09/20043Dominic FoxBossa, a framework for scheduler development
07/09/200423Mark EvansNew Chip Heralds a Parallel Future
07/08/20042Ehud LammEric Gunnerson's JavaOne report
07/08/200430Ehud LammDatabase Abstraction Layers and Programming Languages
07/08/20041Ehud LammType-Based Optimization for Regular Patterns
07/08/200412Wolfgang MeyerSlashdot: "Favourite Programming Language Features?"
07/08/20043Mark EvansUniversal Business Language XML
07/06/20041Ehud LammLogical Methods in Computer Science
07/05/200410Ehud LammEarly history of Fortran
07/05/20042Ehud LammFunctional Objects
07/05/20046Ehud LammRetrospective: The Essence of Compiling with Continuations
07/05/20048mjstahlHolding onto JavaScript's past
07/05/20048Luke GorrieILC2002 Proceedings and Videos
07/03/200421Ehud LammAn interactive historical roster of computer languages
07/03/20042Isaac Gouy 000The Role of the Study of Programming Languages
07/02/20046Ehud LammOpen-sourcing Java
07/02/20045Ehud LammBlogrolls
07/02/20042Andrei FormigaVisual Studio Express
07/02/20043Ehud LammWe are not the only ones doing it...
07/02/200410Danny AyersXsRQL (and other RQLs)
07/02/200419Mark EvansInternational Components for Unicode 3.0 Released
07/02/20044Luke GorrieTypes in CMUCL
07/01/20045lennonThe Language Wars are Dead; Long Live the Language Wars!
07/01/20041Luke GorrieA soft-typing system for Erlang
07/01/20044Dan MonizMono 1.0 Ships
07/01/20042Chris RathmanAttribute-Oriented Programming with Java 1.5
07/01/20043Oliver HornECMAScript for XML (E4X) Specification
07/01/20041Ehud LammEditors Ahoy!
06/30/20041Ehud LammMulti-stage Programming in MetaOCaml
06/29/200410Andris BirkmanisNets: Petri vs Lafont
06/29/20047Ehud LammEnumerating the Rationals
06/28/200418Ehud LammThe DSL, MDA, UML thing again...
06/28/200444NoelPragmatic Programmers Interview
06/28/20045Keith DevensPoplog
06/27/20041Ehud LammCategory Theory and Computer Science (CTCS'04)
06/27/20042Ehud LammProgol
06/27/20041Ehud LammThe orientation message
06/26/200413Ohad KammarElementary Category Theory
06/25/20041megaczGmane hosting?
06/25/20041Peter Van RoyMozart/Oz conference MOZ2004 - final CFP
06/25/20048Dominic FoxFabian Pascal on XQuery
06/25/200415Chris RathmanWhiteboard with Anders Hejlsberg
06/25/200423Neil MaddenIs "type" a fundamental intrinsic property of values?
06/25/20041Isaac Gouy 000Microsoft Phoenix
06/24/20041Ehud LammAn Invitation to Ada 2005
06/24/200424Ehud LammDebugging Functional Programs
06/23/20049Klaus OstermannSome stupid questions on denotational semantics
06/23/20041Ehud LammSapir: Language, An Introduction to the Study of Speech
06/23/20041Ehud LammZing (MSR)
06/23/20049Ehud LammIn the Spirit of C
06/22/20046citylightBinary relations
06/22/20041Isaac Gouy 000The Language List
06/22/200410Isaac Gouy 000Languages Poster
06/22/20042andrew cookeTunes create context like language
06/22/200414Dominic FoxXPython
06/22/200410Sebastian Bergmann1st International Workshop on Interpreted Languages
06/22/20041Ehud LammShorts
06/22/200419WouterAbstractionless programming
06/21/20047Ehud LammCode Generation Netwrok
06/21/200420Matt HelligeSite usage question...
06/21/20041Ehud LammConstraint-Based Type Inference for Guarded Algebraic Data Types
06/21/200422Luke GorrieInteractive Programming
06/21/20044Martin DeMelloTheme previews
06/20/20041Ehud LammLight-Weight Instrumentation From Relational Queries Over Program Traces
06/20/20045Ehud LammTim Bray: Languages Cost
06/20/200452Ehud LammThe site discussions forum
06/18/200420Ehud LammWelcome to the New, Improved LtU!
06/20/20041Ehud LammWe have moved!
06/19/20042Shae ErissonEuroHaskell 2004
06/18/20041Ehud LammICFP Accepted papers
06/18/20041Ehud LammCog
06/17/20041Ehud LammCog code generator
06/16/20041Ehud LammOur new location (not active yet!)
06/15/20044Aelij ArbelAnders Hejlsberg - What's so great about generics?
06/15/20042Ehud LammBe advised
06/15/20043andrew cookeFuture of Lambda?
06/15/20041Ehud LammAnders Hejlsberg - Tour through computing industry history at the Microsoft Museum
06/14/20042Daniel YokomizoRoles of Variables
06/14/20042Ehud LammEuroPython'2004 Slides
06/14/20045Isaac GouyAdding Wildcards to Java
06/14/20047Ehud LammNo new items?
06/13/20047Chris RathmanExtensible Code Generation with Java
06/13/20041Ehud LammAn Introduction to the XQuery (and XPath 2.0) Type System: The Impact on XQuery and XPath
06/11/20043Brent FulghamSlow News Day: How About Some Benchmarks?
06/11/20043andrew cookeMeta Math - new Chaitin Book
06/09/20041Ehud LammRobert Kowalski's publications
06/09/20046Ehud LammHow an idea becomes a C# language feature?
06/08/20046Frank AtanassowToonTalk
06/07/20041Ehud LammOnLamp: Paul Graham on Hacking
06/05/200411Mark EvansAxiom Computer Algebra System
06/03/20042Mark EvansRT++ Higher Order Threads for C++
06/02/20041Dan ShappirTowards a Natural Theory of Programming Languages
05/31/20041Ehud Lamm25 Years of CSP
05/31/20046Ehud LammThe view from the left
05/31/20043Ehud LammNew vector language: Glee
05/31/20041bryan rasmussenPOOSL: Parallel Object-Oriented Specification Language
05/31/20043Ehud LammWard Cunningham - Do you get religious about programming languages?
05/30/20047Dan ShappirCatching Uncaught Exceptions in JDK 1.5
05/29/200410Ehud LammNullable Types
05/27/20041Chris RathmanPerl - Periodic Table of the Operators
05/27/20041bryan rasmussennew Vector Language: Glee
05/26/200410Noel WelshContinuations in Java and Java-based Web Frameworks
05/25/20041Ehud LammSyntax-rules Primer
05/25/20045Ehud LammHoliday
05/25/200414Andris BirkmanisTuring completeness is not?
05/24/20047Ehud LammAFP 2004
05/24/20042Ehud LammPointcuts and Advice in Higher-Order Languages
05/23/200422andrew cookeCase Study in Practical Language Use
05/23/20042Ehud LammNice collection of quotes
05/22/20042Chris RathmanLua Shines
05/22/20041Andris BirkmanisThe First Report on Scheme Revisited
05/21/20041Ehud LammA Security Kernel Based on the Lambda-Calculus
05/20/20041Mark EvansLiveType Font Constraint Programming
05/20/20046Frank AtanassowSPARK and high integrity software
05/19/200420Peter Van RoyThe SkyNet Virus: Why it is Unstoppable; How to Stop it
05/19/20044Ehud LammUntangling the balancing and searching of balanced binary search trees
05/17/20045Andris BirkmanisHaskell-Coloured Petri Nets
05/16/20042Luke GorrieLisp Machine Progress Report
05/16/200412Luke Gorriepbook
05/15/20045Peter Van RoyAspect-Oriented Programming for Distributed Systems
05/15/20041Ehud LammThe GNU 64-bit PL8 compiler
05/14/20041andrew cookeComposing Monads using Coproducts
05/14/20042Frank AtanassowComposing Monads using Coproducts
05/14/2004166Chris RathmanThe Case for First Class Messages
05/13/20044Ehud LammXSLT 2.0 in System.XML V2.0 ?
05/13/20045andrew cookelate binding and self reference
05/13/20048Ehud LammSelective Open Recursion: A Solution to the Fragile Base Class Problem
05/13/20041Ehud LammMoiell (aka Leoll++)
05/12/20044Mark EvansA Type Theory for Memory Allocation and Data Layout
05/12/200410Ehud LammExtensible Programming for the 21st Century
05/11/20048Chris Rathmanlambda-calculus and types
05/10/20046Ehud LammUdell discusses XBRL
05/10/20042Ehud LammThe Haskell Road to Logic, Maths and Programming
05/09/200416Chris RathmanWhy Learning Assembly Language is Still a Good Idea
05/09/20043Chris RathmanP# - Prolog compiler for .Net
05/07/20043andrew cookeSpreadsheet structure discovery
05/07/20045Ehud LammObject-Oriented Programming Enhancements in Ada200Y
05/06/20044Ehud LammminiKanren: A declarative applicative logic programming system
05/05/20043Dominic FoxPike 7.6 Released
05/05/20042Ehud LammLambda Lifting
05/05/20041Daniel YokomizoThe Theory of Classification
05/05/200411James HagueProgramming as if Performance Mattered
05/05/20046Ehud LammProlog and Mercury Compared
05/04/200421Ehud LammTim Bray: Jython
05/03/20043Chris RathmanSoftware safety by the numbers
05/03/20042Ehud LammSpike in erlang
05/03/20045Andris BirkmanisA Generic Component Framework for System Modeling
05/02/20043andrew cookeEnjoy the Soundness
05/01/20044andrew cookeProgramming in dc
04/29/20047Ehud LammSpecial Topics in Domain Specific Languages (course)
04/28/20041Kragen SitakerNew version of Self released
04/28/20044Ehud LammWhen and How to Develop Domain-Specific Languages
04/28/20043Ehud LammA Practical Theory of Programming
04/28/20041Ehud LammInterpretation of the curry-howard isomorphism
04/27/20041nate foster2004 ICFP Programming Contest Announced
04/27/200445Ehud LammUdell: Radical software customization
04/25/20041Mark EvansGlobus Project for Grid Computing
04/25/20044Mark EvansPOOMA
04/25/20044Ehud LammRefal programming language
04/25/20042andrew cookeExcel examples
04/23/200413Mark EvansWolfram's Future Math
04/23/200434Luke GorrieGrowing a Language
04/23/20041Ehud LammA Modal Language for Effects
04/22/20041Mitchell N CharityLinj - creates Java code from CL derivative
04/22/20047Ehud LammUML and DSLs
04/22/200431Ehud LammVC++ Security Checks at Runtime and Compile Time
04/21/20048Ehud LammAlan Kay to receive Turing Award
04/21/20042Danny AyersRDFEngine
04/19/200411Patrick LoganTunneling Variables
04/19/20044Ehud LammCalculating the Sieve of Eratosthenes
04/19/20046David B. WildgooseComega (C Omega) Language
04/18/20043andrew cookeMS C++ Compiler Freely Available
04/18/20041Ehud LammIJCAR 2004 Tutorial Program
04/17/20041Ehud LammApocalypse 12: Perl 6 OO
04/16/200418Keith DevensApocalypse 12 is out
04/16/20045Danny AyersFractal Music (and a Personal Introduction)
04/15/20045Mark EvansMozart Oz 1.3.0 Released
04/15/20041Jim AppleWhy, Krakatoa and Caduceus: Software proof
04/15/200437Brent FulghamPoplog
04/15/20047Ehud LammValidating the Unit Correctness of Spreadsheet Programs
04/13/20042Toni Apriandotest
04/12/20041Mark EvansOpenStack Collaborative Computing
04/12/20044Chris RathmanDraining the Language out of Color
04/11/200413andrew cookeCircular references
04/11/20045Chris RathmanThe Sound of Mathematics
04/10/20041Neel KrishnaswamiKANREN -- logic programming in Scheme
04/08/20047Chris RathmanJava to gain multitasking improvements
04/08/20041Chris Rathman1st European Lisp and Scheme Workshop
04/08/200425Noel WelshDating Design Patterns
04/07/200435Chris RathmanImpedance mismatch: RDBMS and PLs
04/07/20041Chris RathmanNew Language Features in C# 2.0, Part 1
04/07/20044Chris RathmanNarcissus: JavaScript in JavaScript
04/06/20046Chris RathmanTeach Yourself Scheme in Fixnum Days
04/05/20043Ehud LammPlay nice...
04/04/200411andrew cookeSimple scripting language
04/02/20042Ehud LammApril Second...
04/02/20042Ehud LammCCSL Tutorial
04/01/20043Chris RathmanTaming the x86 beast
04/01/20042Fred SpiessensMaking Oz capability-secure
04/01/20041Danny AyersSemantic Web scripting languages
03/30/20047Dan ShappirEric Lippert does SimpleScript
03/30/20042Mark EvansCilk
03/29/20041Ehud LammXQuery Normalizer and Static Analyzer (alphaWorks)
03/28/20045Albert Y. C. LaiWhat does Hello World show?
03/27/200417Ehud LammThe Logic Programming Paradigm and Prolog
03/26/200445Isaac GouyDying Tongues
03/26/20041Ehud LammA Eulogy for HyperCard
03/26/20043Ehud LammK.R. Apt: Principles of Constraint Programming
03/26/20048andrew cookeProthon
03/26/20043Isaac GouyDomain-Specific Modeling Languages
03/26/20044Luke GorrieImplementing Distributed Systems Using Linear Naming
03/26/20042Luke Gorriedistcc: a fast, free distributed C/C++ compiler
03/26/20041Ehud LammNew department: parallel and distributed languages and paradigms
03/25/20042Ehud LammXC#
03/25/20043Ehud LammStatic Type Inference (for Python) with Starkiller
03/24/200416Mark EvansParallel-Concurrent Programming Dept.
03/24/20044Chris RathmanScripting with Free Software Rexx implementations
03/24/20043Ehud LammTwo impromptus--or how Python helped us design our kitchen
03/24/20042Ehud LammPyCon Papers
03/22/20041andrew cookeGame Theory and Constratint Programming
03/19/200420Chris RathmanWhy I Like PLT Scheme
03/18/20047Mark EvansCross-language future of open source desktops
03/18/20042Ehud LammY derived
03/17/20041Isaac GouyBad Engineering Properties of OO Languages
03/17/20041Isaac GouyPost-Java Era : Back to Dynamicity
03/17/20042Peter Van Roy'Concepts, Techniques, and Models' is a real book
03/16/20046M.J. StahlMin-Maxing languages
03/16/20043andrew cookeLearning FP Through MultiMedia
03/16/20041Ehud LammGibbons: Metamorphisms and streaming algorithms
03/16/20046Dan ShappirThe Fault Tolerant Shell
03/15/20043M.J. StahlPL Points of View or Why we do that thing we do?
03/14/20044M.J. StahlPL Points of View
03/12/200410M.J. StahlDressing up Self in JavaScript
03/12/200418Ehud LammBruce Eckel on Java generics
03/11/20041Ehud LammHistory of Programming Languages Seminar (Felleisen)
03/11/200417Ehud LammSite Availability
03/10/200410Matt EstesIntroduction to (Formal) Type Systems
03/10/20042James HagueJ is free again (as in beer)
03/09/20049Chris RathmanVideo lectures on SICP
03/09/20043Ehud LammC++ Expression Templates
03/09/20041Ehud LammC++ Template Metaprograms
03/09/20041Ehud LammNew Department
03/08/20043Ehud LammGuaranteed Optimization for Domain-Specific Programming
03/07/20043Mark Evansxtc - eXTensible C
03/06/20042Ehud LammFun and Games with Multi-Language Development
03/05/20042Mark EvansPyCon 2004 Talks
03/05/20042GordonWeakliemMetaprogramming, Toast and the Future of Development Tools
03/05/20041Ehud LammVector
03/04/20044Bryn KellerPractical Aspects of Multi-Stage Programming
03/04/20041Mark EvansEclipseCon 2004 Presentations
03/03/20047Andrei FormigaCategories for Everybody
03/03/200417Chris RathmanBook Review: Purely Functional Data Structures
03/03/20043Ehud LammProof Theory of Martin-Lof Type Thoery - And Overview
03/01/20047Mark EvansEidola Language
03/01/20048Manuel SimoniBerkeley Visionaries Prognosticate About the Future
02/29/20041Keith DevensThe Vector
02/28/200421Dan ShappirEvery Language War Ever
02/28/20046andrew cookeA Prolog Introduction for Hackers
02/28/200414Patrick LoganWaldo on "Types"
02/28/20044andrew cookePolymorphic Variants
02/27/20042Patrick LoganOpen-source C compiler targets FPGAs
02/27/20044Ehud Lamm2nd edition of Code Complete
02/27/20044Mark EvansMIT Theta Language and Thor Distributed OO Database
02/25/20046andrew cookeMonads in Scheme
02/23/20042Jim AppleControl operators
02/23/20043Ehud LammPython 'for' as Scheme 'let'
02/22/200421Ehud LammCLR Hosting
02/21/20049Ehud LammFinalization (CLR)
02/20/20048Patrick LoganNemerle
02/19/20042andrew cookehOp - Haskell Micro-Kernel
02/19/200413Mark EvansMicrosoft Xen On Track to Debut as 'X Omega'
02/19/20041Ehud LammBasic Principles of Code Access Security
02/19/20043Ehud LammEnvironment Classifiers
02/18/20044Patrick LoganWhy's (Poignant) Guide to Ruby
02/18/20049Mark EvansInterview with Intel's C++ Compiler Team
02/18/20044Dan ShappirDDJ, March 2004, Programming Languages
02/17/20042Patrick LoganUsing SimCity to teach recursion
02/16/200425Ehud LammElements of Basic Category Theory
02/15/20041Andris BirkmanisElements of Basic Category Theory
02/14/20041andrew cookeHancock - a TIA DSL?
02/13/200441andrew cookeThe Next Move in Programming (Livschitz interview)
02/13/20041Patrick LoganMartin Fowler on Domain Specific Languages
02/13/20044andrew cookePackrat Parsing
02/12/20041Ehud LammGenerics in the CLR (MSDN)
02/11/20048andrew cookeHistory of Lua
02/11/200411Ehud LammUdell: Programs that write programs
02/11/20042Ehud LammTwo more Hebrew tutorials
02/11/20041Andris BirkmanisCollaborations+CrosscuttingConcerns
02/10/20048John FraserWhy is Ada Special?
02/10/20049Patrick LoganOCaml, an Introduction
02/10/200413Ehud LammSoftware Fault Prevention by Language Choice
02/09/200427Mark EvansLtU FAQ Update
02/09/20045M.J. StahlEmbedding Lisp/Logic for Robotics
02/07/20044Mark EvansPLT Spy - Python in Scheme
02/06/200420Bryn KellerDarcs
02/06/200410andrew cookeCurrying of Complex Interfaces
02/06/20042Ehud LammBuilding Collaboration into IDEs
02/06/20042Noel WelshMidland Graduate School 2004 / APPSEM Spring School 2004
02/05/20047andrew cookeDesigning a "Business Layer"
02/05/200411Ehud LammGraphPath
02/05/20045Ehud LammScope, generators and list comprehensions (Python)
02/05/20041Ehud LammWhat's New in J2SE 1.5 Beta 1 Release
02/04/20048Ehud LammCLR Design Choices
02/02/200411Mike SummersData as code
01/31/200414Mark EvansSina Language and Composition Filters
01/30/20042Mark EvansGraphite DSL for Advanced Typography
01/30/20041Mark EvansReal-Time OO Conf. - ISORC 2004
01/30/200431Ehud LammNew Scientist interview with Alexandra Aikhenvald
01/29/20043Mark EvansDrafting Legislation Using XML
01/29/20042Ehud LammApology
01/28/20049andrew cookeImplicit params in Haskell
01/27/20041Patrick LoganTCLP is a type checker for Prolog dialects
01/26/20049Eray Ozkural (exa))Programming OOP Pattern Libraries
01/26/20044Ehud LammAnders Hejlsberg interview on Generics in C#
01/25/200449Ehud LammReading Styles ( Idiomatic Lisp and Idiomatic Scheme )
01/25/20041Ehud LammPlayful, streamlike computation
01/24/200412Luke GorrieSqueak: a Language for Communicating with Mice
01/23/20041Ehud LammTesting the C# compiler
01/23/20047Ehud LammUdell on licensing and lock-in
01/23/200422Luke GorrieWhy Events Are a Bad Idea
01/23/20043Matt Brubeck"Why Events Are A Bad Idea"
01/21/20041Mark EvansMathematics of Program Construction Conf. 2004
01/21/200412Patrick LoganMicro Autonomous Underwater Vehicles and Smalltalk
01/21/200412Luke GorrieThe Art of Unix Programming
01/21/20043Patrick LoganAlgorithmic complexity of evaluation: lazy, eager, pure and impure
01/21/20041Ehud LammGreat links
01/20/20041Jim AppleFreshML - abstract syntax manipulation
01/20/20043Jim AppleAlgorithmic complexity of evaluation: lazy, eager, pure and impure
01/19/20041M.J. StahlJava Syntactic Extender
01/19/20044M.J. StahlReflection-Oriented Programming
01/19/20041Ehud LammWhat is a Purely Functional Language?
01/19/200452Christophe de DinechinConcept programming
01/18/20043Dave BauerProcessing: A language for visual arts
01/18/20042Jim AppleMacros for C++?
01/18/200427Ehud LammThe Lambda ethos
01/17/20042Darius BaconBook on game scripting interpreters
01/17/20041Serguey ZefirovThe Language Construction Kit
01/16/20049Robert Holwerdateaching programming; any research or results?
01/16/20041Isaac GouyKlaus Wirth & Typeless Euler
01/16/200415Ehud LammDSL for financial contracts
01/16/20042Olivier LefevreDSL for financial contracts
01/15/20042Ehud LammBrian Harvey books available online
01/15/20041Matt HelligeBrian Harvey books available online
01/13/20043Patrick LoganLisp Machines
01/13/200410Ehud LammEric Gunnerson on language design at Microsoft (well, sort of)
01/13/20043Ehud LammCombining Generics, Pre-Compilation and Sharing Between Software-Based Processes
01/13/20041Ehud LammCW'04 Advance Program
01/11/20043Ehud LammFxCop & DSLs
01/11/20041Ehud Lammcategories study group
01/11/20041Ehud LammLearn Prolog Now!
01/09/20041Erik MeijerThoughts From The Head
01/09/200415Luke GorrieMFA in Software: trial run
01/08/20041Patrick LoganPython versus Parrot challenge, the Pie-thon
01/08/20048Patrick LoganThe Behavior of Behavior
01/08/20045Ehud LammDSL Implementation in MetaOCaml, Template Haskell, and C++
01/08/20043Ehud LammErik Meijer on LtU
01/07/20041Ehud LammML-like Inference for Classifiers
01/07/200417Christian LindigWhy Objects Have Failed
01/06/20044Mark EvansModel-Based Integration of Embedded Software
01/05/20042Patrick LoganFree Smalltalk Books
01/04/20042Patrick LoganContinuations: Haystack and Python
01/03/20045Patrick LoganCanonware Onyx
01/03/20045Ehud LammContinuations (and call/cc) in Haskell
01/01/20042Ehud LammONLamp: What I Hate About Your Programming Language
12/31/20031Ehud LammHappy New Year!
12/31/20031Ehud LammPolyglot: extensible compiler framework
12/30/20035Adam KeysPerl as a community DSL
12/30/20032Isaac GouyAspects, Quantification & Obliviousness
12/30/20035Ehud LammXMLSpy XSLT designer & end users
12/29/20033Patrick LoganLython
12/29/20031Isaac GouyHierarchy of Needs (adapted to Design)
12/29/20035Isaac GouyBach & Software Composition
12/28/20032Ehud LammPEP 323: Copyable Iterators
12/28/20031Ehud LammPresentation slides for secure C Library
12/28/20037Ehud Lammpython - spidermonkey
12/28/20031Ehud LammVB.NET Critique
12/28/20031Ehud LammColor Cognition and Language
12/28/20036Ehud LammKai von Fintel: Essential Readings in Semantics
12/24/20031andrew cookeData Structure + Algorithm Survey (Caml)
12/24/200322Eric MuttaA VB.NET Critique
12/24/20035Ehud LammA Comparative Study of Language Support for Generic Programming
12/24/200312Ehud LammConcepts: Design choices for template argument checking
12/24/20032Ehud LammChangeable class in Avalon
12/23/20031Ehud LammVersioning XML Vocabularies
12/22/20032Ehud LammShort Cut Fusion is Correct
12/22/20035Luke GorrieResearch Publication Modes Need to be Reengineered
12/21/200311Luke GorrieBrookGPU
12/20/20034Mark EvansSun MSFT Java C# CLR Big Picture
12/19/20034Ehud LammPostScript control structures
12/19/20037Chris RathmanSun Invites IBM, Cray To Work On New Computer Language
12/19/20034Chris RathmanStarLogo: Give the Gift of Learning
12/19/200315John SkallerFeature wishes may be granted
12/18/200312Mark EvansTwisted Matrix Networking for Python
12/17/20033Ehud LammProgramming Languages: Application and Interpretation
12/16/20033Patrick LoganThe Sound of Lost Productivity
12/15/20033Patrick LoganOver and Under in a Box
12/15/20031Ehud LammJWIG: Java Extensions for High-Level Web Service Development
12/15/200346Ehud LammReading, Writing, and Code
12/15/20031Ehud LammThe Big Bang Theory of IDEs
12/14/20036Brent FulghamComments Requested on SML-Based Graphics DSL
12/14/200318Ehud Lamm100 prisoners and a light bulb
12/12/20035Patrick LoganHugunin's IronPython
12/11/20031Isaac GouySmalltalk-72 Manual
12/10/20034Ehud LammErlang/OTP User Conference (euc'2003) Proceedings
12/10/20036Ehud LammXML for End Users
12/09/20031Ehud LammUnderstanding Aspects
12/09/20034Matt HelligeBook opinions?
12/09/20033Andris BirkmanisThe Java specs in a formal way
12/09/20034Ehud LammAdding Apples to Oranges
12/08/20031Ehud LammWhat is missing from or broken about XAML?
12/08/20036logarithmLanguage Construction
12/08/20035Ehud LammDSL in Software Development and Releation to Partial Evaluation
12/07/20031Ehud LammKnuth: Selected Papers on Computer Languages
12/07/20031Ehud LammnesC: A Holistic Approach to Networked Embedded Systems
12/07/20031Ehud LammLogic Programming in the Context of Multiparadigm Programming: The Oz Experience
12/06/200329Ehud LammA Clockwork Orange: Nadsat
12/04/20038Patrick LoganFrappe: Functional Reactive Programming in Java
12/04/20031scruziaDon Knuth Book Tour!
12/04/200328Ehud LammPython Scripting Everywhere
12/03/20036Brent FulghamTransparent Language Implementation and Design
12/02/20033Ehud LammThe Revised C++ Language Design Supporting .NET
12/01/20031Ken HirschStanley Lippman's C++ Blog
12/01/200329Andris BirkmanisEvents and Continuations
12/01/20031Ehud LammA Self-Study Course in Squeak
12/01/20031Ehud LammParentheC
12/01/20033Ehud Lamm50 Questions for a Language Designer
11/30/200340Patrick LoganDynamic Properties
11/29/20032Andris BirkmanisA Logic for Shared Mutable Data Structures
11/28/20036Ehud LammInterview with Robin Milner
11/28/20032Ehud LammMeijer: On The (Non) Value of Programming Language Research
11/27/20034Manuel SimoniLambda Calculus
11/27/200312Luke GorrieWhy Functional Programming Matters
11/27/20034David B. WildgooseThe dominant paradigm
11/26/20031Dominic FoxInterview with Robin Milner
11/26/20033Ehud LammDSL for bookmarklets
11/26/200314Ehud LammIs it time for another guest blogger?
11/24/20033Manuel Simoni50 Questions for a Language Designer
11/24/20035Patrick LoganThe JPie Interactive Programming Environment
11/24/20031Ehud LammLanguage Relativity (one more time)
11/23/20032Ehud LammThielecke: Contrasting exceptions and continuations
11/22/200315Patrick LoganOn Garbage Collection
11/22/200323Isaac GouyAntipathy to Type Systems
11/21/20037Ehud LammAnother milestone
11/21/200316Ehud LammPyLogo
11/20/20035John CarterFPGA's, Soft Cores and Custom CPU's.
11/20/200311Andris BirkmanisControl handling primitives
11/20/20031Ehud LammAn Unbounded Spigot Algorithm for the Digits of Pi
11/19/20031Ken ShanEuropean Summer School on Logic, Language and Information
11/18/200317Ehud LammTowards the best collection API
11/17/20031Ehud LammWeb Architecture: Extensible Languages
11/17/200310Ehud LammCoplien: Teaching OO
11/16/20039Ehud LammA Survey of Object-Oriented Concepts
11/16/200313Dan ShappirViewing code - how much is just right?
11/14/200330Manuel SimoniNotes on Programming in C
11/13/200313Chris RathmanIntroducing Continuations
11/13/20032Patrick LoganLanguages by people in
11/12/200327Luke GorrieMaking reliable distributed systems in the presence of software errors
11/12/20032Ehud LammVital: A Visual Interactive Typed Applicative Language
11/12/20035Ken MeltsnerO'Reilly blog entry on battling VMs
11/12/20039Chris RathmanAda and Java: real-time advantages
11/12/20031Ehud LammExercises in Coalgebraic Specification
11/11/20035Brent FulghamYou call that a Monad? This HERE's a Monad.... And a Shell.
11/11/20033Drew BagnellXL?
11/11/20032Ehud LammDylan Evans: Computer Illiteracy
11/10/20032Mark EvansWhat does C have in common with a scalding cup of coffee?
11/10/20036Patrick LoganProceedings of the Scheme Workshop 2003
11/10/200313Ehud LammCoalgebraic Reasoning about Classes in Object-Oriented Languages
11/09/20031Isaac GouyDines Bjorner Software Engineering textbooks
11/08/200317Ehud LammLonghorn Command Shell ("Monad")
11/07/20031Ehud LammFirst WinFx "application" written in SML
11/07/20035Bryn KellerLLVM Compiler Infrastructure Project
11/07/20037Chris RathmanSQL Server "Yukon" Beta 1 Transact-SQL Enhancements
11/07/200323andrew cookeLL3 Webcast
11/07/200310Chris RathmanConverting Common Lisp to Dylan
11/06/20035Karl ReitschusterInterfaces : a special construct of OO-Languages like Java/C# or only a crook?
11/06/20039Luke GorrieEMACS: The Extensible, Customizable Display Editor
11/06/20032Dan ShappirThe JScript Type System, Part One
11/05/20033Mark EvansShape Theory
11/05/20039Ehud LammEditors, Ahoy!
11/05/20034Ehud LammPEP 289: Generator Expressions - Accepted for Py2.4
11/04/20032Isaac GouyMS PDC Session slides
11/03/20033Ehud LammAlgebraic Specification: some old history, and new thoughts
11/03/200322Ehud LammBertrand Meyer on Software Quality
11/01/20031Ehud LammA case study in class library verification: Java's vector class
11/01/200322Peter Van RoyNonalgorithmic programming
11/01/20034Ehud LammIdeas for a master's thesis related to Python
11/01/20033Ehud LammA big thank you to Peter Van Roy
10/31/20032Isaac GouyClean System 2.1 is released
10/31/20038Carl ManasterZero Button Testing
10/30/20037Ehud LammCLR Panel notes
10/28/20033Ehud LammIntroduction to the Base Class Libraries (.Net)
10/28/20031Isaac GouyLonghorn CodeDOM
10/28/20039Ehud LammLonghorn Markup Language (code-named "XAML") Overview
10/27/20039Isaac GouyXAML the future of UI programming?
10/27/200383Peter Van RoyMacros vs. Higher-order Programming
10/24/20033Mark EvansGroovy Language
10/24/200322Mark EvansX2EE Revamps J2EE
10/24/20033Ehud Lamm1983-1993: The Wonder Years of Sequential Prolog Implementation
10/24/200316Ehud LammC# Language Specification 2.0 (new features)
10/24/20031Isaac GouyC# Language Specification 2.0 draft
10/24/200328Patrick LoganConceptual Integrity in Erlang
10/23/20032Patrick LoganOpen Programming Services for Virtual Machines: The Design of Mozart and SEAM
10/23/20032Ehud LammDan Friedman: Object Oriented Style
10/22/20032Mark EvansEvolution of a Programmer (Joke)
10/22/20031Ehud LammPeter Van Roy: Expressiveness versus execution speed
10/22/200323Peter Van RoyState and modularity
10/21/200345Peter Van RoyExpressiveness versus execution speed
10/21/20033Mark EvansMagic Omega and the Limits of Mathematics
10/21/20036Mark EvansTwo-column LtU home page?
10/21/20031Ehud LammFlow Java: Declarative Concurrency for Java
10/21/20038Peter Van RoyDistributed programming made easy
10/21/20031Ehud LammPeter's first three posts
10/21/200321Peter Van RoyConcurrency-oriented programming
10/21/200335Peter Van RoyTeaching programming
10/21/20037Ehud LammPeter Van Roy here on LtU
10/20/200322Ehud LammErik Meijer: Visual Basic Programmers Love Anamorphisms
10/20/20031Kory MarkevichVisual Basic Programmers Love Anamorphisms
10/20/200313Ehud LammDynamically scoped functions vs. AOP
10/20/200333Ehud LammB. Stroustrup: Serving the C++ Community
10/20/20036Dan ShappirType Safety in a Dynamically Extensible Class Library
10/19/20033Ehud LammAdvanced Functional Programming wiki @ Harvard
10/19/20034Ehud LammA Research C# Compiler
10/19/20035Ehud LammBlack-Scholes in Multiple Languages
10/18/20032Patrick LoganGenetic Evolution of Novel Entities Through Composite Abstractions
10/15/20031Patrick LoganHydroJ: Object-Oriented Pattern Matching for Evolvable Distributed Systems
10/15/20031Ehud LammPDC: Designing the CLR
10/15/20033Ehud LammThe Future of .NET Languages
10/15/200315Ehud LammProgramming with Rectangles, Triangles, and Circles
10/15/20031Dan ShappirThe Philosophy of Ruby
10/14/20033Ehud LammPapers in Coalgebra Theory and Applications
10/14/20033Ehud LammPL/I and Multics
10/14/20036Ehud LammAdmin notices
10/13/20031Jesse JonesScarlet Language
10/13/200346Ehud LammStroustrup's C++ Style Sweet Spot
10/13/200310Patrick LoganA Revolution in Logic?
10/13/20031Isaac GouyC++ Style Bjarne Stroustrup
10/13/20031Ehud LammA Tutorial on Proof Theoretic Foundations of Logic Programming
10/11/20037Ehud LammA gentle introduction to TLG, the Curry-Howard correspondence, and cut-elimination
10/10/200313Manuel SimoniAlice
10/09/200314Ehud LammSpreadsheet Languages
10/08/20031Patrick LoganThe SOUL Logic Meta Programming Tool
10/08/20035Isaac GouyEvaluating API usability at Microsoft
10/08/20036Ehud LammExcellent tutorial on Scheme macros
10/07/20039Ehud LammDomain-specific and general-purpose aspects of spreadsheet languages
10/07/20035Ehud LammProofs and Types
10/07/20032Ehud LammHistoric Documents
10/05/20033Frank Atanassow"Proofs and Types" available online
10/02/200312Ehud LammCLR Exception Model
10/02/20031Isaac GouyHistoric Documents in Computer Science
10/02/200347Ehud LammTuples + Objects + Infosets =Too Much Stuff!
10/02/20032Ehud LammHaRe -- The Haskell Refactorer
10/02/20031Ehud LammLambda tutorial
10/01/200369Ehud LammOO Best Feature Poll
10/01/20033Ehud LammSelf-application as a fixpoint of call/cc
09/30/20038Ehud LammGlossary page on Lambda?
09/30/20031Ehud LammGlossary
09/30/20032Ehud LammDefinitional Interpreters for Higher-Order Programming Languages
09/28/20035andrew cookeDeriving a grammar from source
09/28/20032Ehud LammIota and Jot: the simplest languages?
09/27/20032Ehud LammDouglas Adams: Frank The Vandal
09/26/200316Patrick LoganReadable Java 1.5
09/26/20031DanLightweight Languages 3 call for presentations online
09/25/20032Patrick LoganSmalltalk Reports
09/23/200325Luke GorriePhilip Greenspun: Lisp diehards = Holocaust deniers
09/22/200324Patrick LoganMoving Away From XSLT
09/18/200330Dejan JelovicJScript is a Functional Language
09/18/20032Ehud LammVacation
09/15/20036Patrick LoganContinuations Reading Group
09/15/20034Ehud LammBest PL tutorials?
09/15/20038Frank AtanassowBest PL tutorial/intro?
09/12/200323Ehud LammWhither Self
09/12/20033Ehud LammFuture of Haskell discussion @ Haskell Workshop
09/11/200314Mark EvansInherited Traits - Classes Like Never Before
09/11/20032Mark EvansPython's Beachhead in OpenOffice: PyUNO
09/11/200312David B. WildgooseReversible Garbage Collection (and more)
09/10/200310Ehud LammMetaclass programming in Python, Part 2
09/10/20031Ehud LammFunctional Pearl: A fresh look at binary search trees
09/09/20031Mark EvansDeclarative Meta-programming
09/09/200315Dejan JelovicInside every API is a programming language struggling to get out
09/09/200318Ehud LammTrivia: Programming Language Naming Patterns
09/08/20037Ehud LammDP-COOL 2003 Proceedings
09/07/20031Mark EvansDP-COOL 2003 Proceedings
09/06/200324Ehud LammImplementing Business Rules in the BC4J Framework
09/05/20034Patrick LoganScheme in the Real World: A Case Study
09/04/20033greg travisLooking for B. Moura dissertation
09/04/20035Andris BirkmanisNo "theory of types" in legal systems
09/03/200322Patrick LoganWhy don't more people use Prolog?
09/02/200314Manuel SimoniFelix: The power language for C++ programmers
09/01/20037Patrick LoganMobile Applications Need Scripting Too!
08/31/20031Chris RathmanKata Two: Iteration, Recursion and Continuations
08/31/200322Chris RathmanUsing Ruby
08/31/20032Isaac GouyBare metal Smalltalk
08/29/200311Ehud LammThe Little Haskellist (once again)
08/28/200310Ehud LammXQuery 1.0 and XPath 2.0 Formal Semantics
08/27/20031Andris BirkmanisLet C = Q in OCL
08/27/200321Ehud LammUsing an Abstracted Interpreter to Understand Abstract Interpretation
08/27/20032Ehud LammLisp books mini reviews
08/26/200312Manuel SimoniTranslating human language to database query language
08/26/200333Ehud LammDynamic languages and virtual machines
08/26/20031Ehud LammSet-Theoretic and Other Elementary Models of the LC
08/25/20034Ehud LammPerl 6 Essentials / Chapter 1 / Project Overview
08/25/20036Ehud LammMaybe Erlang is OO after all?
08/24/20039Ehud LammGuest Bloggers on LtU?
08/23/20037Ehud LammPatterns in Datatype-Generic Programming
08/21/20035Chris RathmanMemoization in Java Using Dynamic Proxy Classes
08/19/20031Isaac GouyC language history
08/18/200350Chris RathmanThe Trouble with Checked Exceptions
08/18/200310Ehud LammClosures and mutability
08/18/20033Chris RathmanOracle PL/SQL Best Practices
08/13/20035Ehud LammQuiz: Language inventor or serial killer?
08/13/20033Ehud LammCodata and Comonads in Haskell
08/12/20031Kimberley BurchettN3 -- a notation for writing RDF
08/12/200314Ehud LammAll About Monads
08/11/200311Ehud LammUdell: Symbol grounding, XML, and RDF
08/11/200316Ehud LammCalculating Functional Programs: maximum segment sum
08/10/200312Ehud LammThe Design of Parallel Programming Languages
08/10/20031Ehud LammProof methods for corecursive programs
08/09/200314Manuel SimoniPatterns of Software
08/07/20032Patrick LoganSeven Paradoxes of Object-Oriented Programming Languages
08/07/20035Ehud LammRegion-Based Model Abstraction
08/06/200332Daniel YokomisoHow to make a FPL successful
08/06/20031Ehud Lammamb and Quantum Computation in Scheme
08/04/20038Matt Hellige[meta] RSS feed questions...
08/04/200338Ehud LammUdell: Test before you leap into development
08/04/200359Ehud LammJDO Architectures
08/04/20031Ehud LammTerm rewriting system for code generation, and its termination analysis
08/04/200310Ehud LammCalling LtU editors
08/03/20031Dan ShappirJavaScript with Continuations and its use in Apache Cocoon
08/02/20038Robert SayreJavaScript with Continuations and its use in Apache Cocoon
08/02/200315Ehud LammDemo of VB "Whidbey"
07/31/20038Ehud LammTheorems for free!
07/30/20037Vladimir IvanovicThe Pragmatic Language
07/30/200327Ehud LammExegesis 6
07/29/200312Chris RathmanHappy Birthday LtU
07/28/20036Chris RathmanGregor Kiczales on Aspect Oriented Programming
07/28/20032Ehud LammXML and Data Binding
07/27/200336Chris RathmanThe Little MLer
07/26/20031Ehud LammA Type System Equivalent to Model Checking
07/25/20033Isaac GouyWhat Would You Ask Anders Hejlsberg?
07/24/200346Ehud LammJava Is a Language for the Masses
07/24/20034Ehud LammUSENIX2003: A Logic File System
07/23/20036Ehud LammMicrosoft Forges Ahead With New Compiler Technology
07/22/20034Chris RathmanMessage Object Oriented vs Function Object Oriented
07/22/20033Sam GentileChange user info?
07/22/200333Dan ShappirAre delegates the moniker of .NET?
07/21/20035Chris RathmanTypes and Programming Languages: TNG
07/20/200321Dan ShappirWindows security flaw - buffer-overflow
07/19/20031Ehud LammDatatype Library Language (XML)
07/19/20032Ehud LammCode Reading: The Open Source Perspective
07/18/20037Chris RathmanAdaptation in HOT Languages
07/17/200342Chris RathmanThe Power and Philosophy of Ruby
07/16/20039Bryn KellerGodiva - a Very High Level Dialect of Java
07/16/20031Chris RathmanReconciling OO and Haskell-Style Overloading
07/16/20031Isaac GouyTypeless Language Pattern Matching
07/15/200310Andris BirkmanisInvocations as objects
07/15/200367Marc HamannAre Higher-Order Type Systems Too Hard?
07/15/20037Marc HamannProgramming Linguistics
07/14/200316Isaac GouyCategory Theory for Beginners* (slides)
07/14/20034Ehud LammObject-Oriented Style
07/14/200319Ehud LammNeal Stephenson's USENIX keynote
07/13/20031Isaac GouyLost in Space
07/12/20032Ehud LammThe PILER Decompilation System
07/12/20033Ehud LammSQLX
07/12/200361Ehud LammJef Raskin: The Woes of IDEs
07/11/20038Chris RathmanPartial Types in C#
07/08/20036Ehud LammWeb Services Federation Language (WS-Federation)
07/07/20034Chris RathmanJOVIAL References
07/07/20031andrew cookePractical type inference for arbitrary-rank types
07/06/20031Ehud LammAnother busy week
07/04/200334Ehud LammLinguistic Universals and Particulars
07/03/200313Ken ShanCDuce: a programming language adapted to the manipulation of XML documents
07/02/200310Chris RathmanMug Shots
07/02/20031Ehud LammFlow Caml
07/01/20033Isaac GouyCLAIRE: Combining Sets, Search and Rules to Better Express Algorithms
07/01/20031Ehud LammA Pointless Derivation of Radixsort
06/30/20032Dominic FoxD4 - A Relational Query Language
06/30/20034andrew cookeFAD - A Functional Analysis and Design Methodology
06/30/20033Manuel SimoniUsing, Understanding, and Unraveling The OCaml Language
06/29/20031Anton van StraatenCompilation of Functional Programming Languages using GCC -- Tail Calls
06/29/20032Ehud LammWhy use RDF instead of just XML
06/29/200314Dan ShappirRSS vs. Echo
06/29/20032Ehud LammConstructive Computation Theory. Course notes on lambda calculus
06/28/20039Ehud LammPerl 6 Design Philosophy
06/27/20031Isaac GouyVesta System Description Language
06/26/20031andrew cookeOO Weed Languages
06/25/200310Isaac GouyOO Weed Languages
06/25/20031andrew cookeTypetool
06/23/200338Dan ShappirCharming Python: Using combinatorial functions in the itertools module
06/22/20035Ehud LammATC in Ada and in Real Time Java (RTSJ)
06/21/20033Ehud LammCAESAR project
06/19/20033Manuel SimoniLogic for Computer Science: Foundations of Automatic Theorem Proving
06/19/200313andrew cookePoint Free Style
06/18/20031andrew cookeFun project
06/18/20038andrew cookeICFP 2003
06/18/200330Dan ShappirConcepts, Techniques and Models of Computer Programming
06/16/20037Manuel SimoniCroquet: A Collaboration Architecture
06/16/200312Bryn KellerModern Static Typing: Less Code, Better Code
06/15/200310Dan ShappirThe Little Coder's Predicament
06/14/20034Dejan JelovicJames Gosling on Jackpot
06/13/200314Ehud LammSun, Zend push scripting for Java
06/12/200315Dan ShappirWith
06/12/20031Ehud LammHoare: The Emperor's Old Clothes
06/12/20033Isaac GouyC.A.R. Hoare 1980 ACM Turing Award Lecture
06/12/20035Ehud LammNext week
06/11/20032Ehud LammInfoworld: XML querying proposed as Java standard
06/11/20031Ehud LammA syntactic approach to type soundness
06/10/20031Ehud LammMacros as Multi-Stage Computations
06/10/20031andrew cookeSun urges Java research with new license
06/09/20031Ehud LammExtensible Syntax with Lexical Scoping
06/09/20036Ehud LammEfficient coroutine generation of constrained Gray sequences
06/08/20031Manuel SimoniPrinciples for Computer System Design
06/08/20033Manuel SimoniTowards a new model of abstraction in the engineering of software
06/08/20037Dan Shappira new programming language called Lingo
06/08/20038Manuel SimoniMOP/AOP Talks (Kiczales)
06/07/200343Ehud LammTPK Algorithm in Different Programming Languages
06/05/20032andrew cookeA declarative debugger for Haskell 98
06/05/20031David B. WildgooseSoftware Complexity
06/05/20035GlenArs Digita ( ) Study Group
06/04/20033Kimberley BurchettContinuations as UI elements
06/04/20033andrew cookeFront Page
06/04/20032andrew cookeUnification on Stateless Objects
06/03/20035Kory MarkevichType-safe Covariance in Eiffel
06/03/20031Ken HirschFugue: A Protocol Checker for the dotNET CLR
06/02/20032Manuel SimoniAdenine: A Metadata Programming Language
06/02/200323Dan ShappirShrink-wrap developers: what programming language?
06/01/20033andrew cookeHow-To Guide for Descriptors
06/01/20031Isaac GouyPython Success Stories
06/01/20037Ehud LammScripting Languages For Java
06/01/20033Dan ShappirPreview of Java 1.5
05/31/20031Isaac GouyOO late-binding semantics
05/31/200312Ehud LammDavid Mertz: Multimethods
05/31/20033Ehud LammSite speed
05/30/200317Toby ReyeltsEvolving a programming language
05/30/20031Ehud LammMixin Modules and Computational Effects
05/29/20038Ehud LammWhat's Wrong with XML APIs
05/29/20033Ehud LammVariance in Java Generics
05/29/20033Toby ReyeltsVariance in Java Generics
05/28/200314Kimberley BurchettErlang is Icky
05/28/20031Neel KrishnaswamiDesigning and Implementing Combinator Languages
05/28/20038Ehud LammCLR Memory Model
05/28/20031Ehud LammEXSLT: Enhancing the Power of XSLT
05/27/20033andrew cookeThe Fun of Programming
05/27/200310Kory MarkevichWhat's wrong with C++ templates?
05/27/20033Ehud LammSeven (give or take) Smalltalk Implementations
05/25/200317andrew cookeNaked Objects
05/24/20034Patrick LoganTiny C Compiler - with dynamic code gen
05/23/20037Martin DeMelloCoroutines in C
05/23/20031BootsMicrosoft Includes C# and ML Hybrid in .net
05/23/20037andrew cookeArticle on F#
05/23/200312andrew cookeSite speed
05/23/20035andrew cookeDescription Logics in Data Management
05/23/200315Ehud LammIdentity crisis
05/22/20034Marius Amado AlvesHigh Level Language = Virtual Machine
05/22/200313Ehud LammTim Bray: The History of RDF
05/21/20032Ehud LammDestructors, Finalizers, and Synchronization
05/20/20035Ehud LammModule Concept For C++
05/18/200317Dan ShappirThe Tragedy of the API
05/18/20033Isaac GouyBCPL history, design, user guide
05/18/20031Ehud LammA Foundation for Embedded Languages
05/17/20036Ehud LammTools for rules
05/15/200317Dan ShappirLanguage Once Was Key-Now It's Design
05/15/20036Ehud LammUsing Memory Errors to Attack a Virtual Machine
05/14/20032Dejan JelovicDynamic Languages on CLR
05/13/200314Dan ShappirWhat I Hate About Your Programming Language
05/13/200310Dejan JelovicMother Tongues of Computer Languages
05/13/20031Matthew MarklandWhat I Hate About Your Programming Language
05/13/20035Dan ShappirMicrosoft DirectX High Level Shading Language
05/12/200323Isaac GouyLanguage Myths Again
05/12/20037Dejan JelovicWeblog on CLR Implementation
05/12/200318Dan ShappirDon Box on C# generics vs. C++ generics
05/11/20032Ehud LammDevils and Angels, via Monads
05/11/20032Ehud LammA Hacker's Assistant
05/10/200318Ehud LammJoshua Bloch interview on new features in Java 1.5
05/10/20031Kimberley BurchettJava 1.5 New Features
05/09/20038Ehud LammTim Bray: Language fermentation
05/08/20031Ehud LammA Language for Bi-Directional Tree Transformations
05/05/200348Dan ShappirThe New C++: Trip Report, October 2002
05/05/20031Ehud LammA bit about LtU being a community weblog
05/04/20032Ehud LammXeLda: Enforcing Dimensional Consistency in Spreadsheets
05/04/200314Dan ShappirYes, Bob, I too want to work in a dynamically typed language
05/02/20034Ehud LammEarliest Uses of Various Mathematical Symbols
05/01/20031Ehud LammFunctional Programming with Apomorphisms / Corecursion
04/30/20034Ehud LammA structural approach to reversible computation
04/30/20037Dan ShappirFindBugs - A Bug Pattern Detector for Java
04/30/20031Dan Shappir80x86 ASM for ASP.NET
04/29/20033Ehud LammPopular Math
04/29/20035Isaac Gouy#Smalltalk - another .Net language
04/29/200318Dan ShappirUnifying Tables, Objects and Documents
04/28/20032Tim SweeneyDavid McAllester's "Ontic" Language
04/28/20033Dan ShappirJXXX Compiler Service
04/28/20033Dan ShappirSchemix - A Scheme In The Linux Kernel
04/27/20031Ehud LammHow to make a fast curry: push/enter vs eval/apply
04/26/20037Ehud LammAlan Kay's talk at O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference 2003
04/24/20031andrew cookeRecovery Oriented Computing
04/22/20033andrew cookeScapy - network DSL in Python
04/22/200328Ehud LammPython Metaclass Programming
04/22/200317Bryn KellerLojban
04/21/20031Ehud LammHaskell Wiki
04/19/20034Chris RathmanDissecting Unlambda Birds
04/16/20032Kimberley BurchettACCU Spring Conference
04/15/20033Ehud LammSelectors Make Analysis of case-lambda Too Hard
04/15/20034Ehud LammSpam
04/14/20033Kimberley BurchettMore weblogs to read
04/14/20038andrew cookePyCon 2003 Papers
04/13/20031Ehud LammSeveral interesting books for sale
04/13/20037Darius BaconProgramming language booksale
04/13/20033Ehud LammSelling a language
04/12/20033Chris RathmanThe Next 700 Programming Languages
04/11/20031Ehud LammPaul Graham: The Hundred Year Language.
04/11/20031Toby ReyeltsThe One Hundred Year Language
04/10/20031Ehud LammLtU indexes
04/10/20034Chris RathmanLambda The Ultimate: Topic Index
04/09/20031Vladimir IvanovicThe New Jersey Programming Languages and Systems Seminar Series
04/09/20031Patrick LoganHandling Failures In Erlang
04/09/200343Patrick LoganHundred Year Language
04/09/20035Ehud LammComputer Languages for Secondary Education
04/08/200321andrew cookeDPROG
04/07/20031Ehud LammImplicit Parameters: Dynamic Scoping with Static Types
04/07/20035Luke GorrieCSP book online in PDF
04/06/20031Dominic CooneyUnifying Tables, Objects and Documents
04/06/20031Ehud LammPutting Failure in Context: ADTs of Computations & Contexts
04/06/20035Dan ShappirC# Programming Language Future Features
04/05/20031Noel WelshA Framework for Programming Embedded Systems
04/05/200323Patrick LoganInsecure Macho Love
04/05/20031Ehud LammXML Shallow Parsing with Regular Expressions
04/04/20038Dominic CooneyIs the current crop of statically typed languages giving static typing a bad name?
04/04/20033Ehud LammGlowing review of Shared Source CLI Essentials
04/04/20034andrew cookeContinuations
04/03/20033Michael Vanieropen source visual programming environments?
04/03/20034Michael VanierToward an architecture for quantum programming
04/03/200319Ehud LammJ. McCarthy: Towards a Mathematical Science of Computation
04/01/20038Dan ShappirJavascript with native XML support
04/01/20031Chui TeyJavascript with native XML support
04/01/20032Ehud LammCopying and Comparing: Problems and Solutions
04/01/20036Noel WelshYahoo! Store Switches Back to Lisp
04/01/20036Dan ShappirSilly Style Guides
04/01/20034Dan ShappirNewCode, a secure PL
04/01/20032Dan ShappirWhitespace
03/31/20031Isaac GouyBulk types for functional programming
03/31/20032Ehud LammEscape Analysis for Java
03/28/20035Ehud LammBook and Course in Constraint Programming and Reasoning
03/27/20031Ehud LammStrategies for learning new languages
03/26/200310Anton van StraatenJava object models debated
03/26/20037Ehud LammFunctional Images
03/25/20031Ehud LammAn abstract view of programming languages
03/24/20031Ehud LammLecture Notes on Algorithmic Information Theory
03/24/200319Dan ShappirEnvironment, scripting, and behavior
03/24/20036Ehud LammRepresenting Monads
03/23/20035Dan ShappirVisual Basic .NET 2003 Language Changes
03/23/20031Dan Shappir101 Perl Articles
03/23/20037Dan ShappirHungarian Notation
03/22/20034Dan ShappirC++ Templates: The Complete Guide
03/22/20034Ehud LammBertrand Meyer: Review of Liberty's Programming C#
03/21/20034TjTexts on concurrency?
03/20/20034Ehud LammGetting started with JML
03/18/200333Dan ShappirXML Is Too Hard For Programmers
03/18/20038Ehud LammScreamer: a Common Lisp library for non-determinism
03/18/20031Ehud LammTarski's fixpoint theorem - history of use
03/18/20033Ehud Lamm1995 SQL Reunion: People, Projects, and Politics
03/17/20032Ehud LammCrenshaw: Let's build a compiler
03/17/20031Isaac GouyI/O in Three Programming Paradigms
03/17/20033Ehud LammAn AWK to C++ Translator
03/14/20038Brent FulghamLogic/Object Oriented Fusion
03/14/200314Ehud LammMixing paradigms (Python)
03/14/20031Ehud LammSelective Memoization
03/12/20032TanyaJava and C++ and object-oriented paradigms
03/12/20032TanyaFunctional and logic paradigms...
03/12/200348Dan ShappirIs Inheritance a Pillar of OO?
03/12/200358Brent FulghamSmall Time Languages
03/12/20031Ehud LammThe SPARK Approach to Safety and Security - sample chapters
03/11/20032Ehud LammTcl Core Team Interview
03/11/200316Ehud LammLarry Wall: Apocalypse 6
03/11/20038Noel WelshLisp powers Jak & Daxter at Naughty Dog
03/11/200312Ehud LammChecked and unchecked exceptions in Java
03/10/20035James HagueGlee: A new array language
03/10/20036Ehud LammDefensive programming in erlang
03/09/20038Mike BibbyMiranda
03/09/20033Ehud LammCopying, Cloning, and Marshalling in .NET
03/07/20034Ehud LammWhen Is it OK To Invent New Tags?
03/07/20031Ehud LammServer problems
03/06/20031Patrick LoganExploring CSP
03/06/20031Ehud LammDomain Theory
03/06/20031Ehud LammDomains and Denotational Semantics: History, Open Problems
03/05/20039Ehud LammByte Code Engineering Library
03/04/20031sean[Template Meta-|Generic] Programming
03/04/20031Ehud LammA Survey Of Rewriting Strategies
03/04/20034Ehud Lamm6000 messages ago
03/04/20031Ehud LammCDuce
03/03/20031Isaac GouyCDuce
03/02/20038Ken ShanCall-by-name is dual to call-by-value
03/01/20031Dejan JelovicControl Transfer in Operating System Kernels
03/01/20032M.J. StahlConfused about what Macros could be.
03/01/20036Ken ShanLinguistic side effects
03/01/20033Ehud LammParallel Functional Programming: An Introduction
02/27/20031Ehud LammNotes on "Algebra of Programming"
02/27/20031Ehud LammLanguage Evaluations
02/27/20033Carson ReynoldsLanguage Evaluations
02/26/20032Brent FulghamClean Now Available under LGPL License
02/26/20031Lennon Day-ReynoldsClean now available under LGPL license
02/26/20032Brent FulghamThe O'Ciao Approach to OO Logic Programming
02/26/200325Dan ShappirTools for the short hike
02/25/20031Isaac Gouynon-null types in an OO language
02/25/200336Ehud LammY Store now C++
02/24/20033Ehud LammJungerl: A jungle of Erlang code
02/23/20032Isaac GouySuperx++
02/23/200324Ehud Lamm"My C++ Experience/Disaster"
02/23/20031Dan ShappirPython 2.3a2 was released on February 19, 2003
02/20/20033Ehud LammChecking polynomial time complexity with types
02/20/20031Ehud LammTrees with parent "pointers"
02/18/20036John FraserFinite State Machines in Forth
02/18/200323Ehud LammErlang: A Case Study of Technology Introduction
02/18/20032Ehud LammThe essence of compiling exceptions
02/17/200310Manuel SimoniOpen Implementations and Metaobject Protocols
02/17/20032Ehud LammEvolution of Indo-European Languages using ASP
02/16/20036Isaac GouyContrary Accumulator Generator
02/16/20031Ehud LammAnswer set programming and plan generation
02/16/20033Ehud LammLearning Haskell portal
02/14/20032Ehud LammLanguage Features for Executable Patterns
02/14/20032Shae Erisson0th IOHCC - Obfuscated Haskell Contest
02/13/200310Manuel SimoniDesigning Reusable Classes (PDF)
02/13/200311Patrick LoganWard Cunningham: Testing, Types, and More
02/13/200315Manuel SimoniPaul Graham: Accumulator Generator
02/12/200319Noel WelshApache vs. Yaws
02/11/20037Ehud LammWearing the hair shirt: a retrospective on Haskell
02/10/20038Michael VanierMore on static vs. dynamic typing
02/10/20031Ehud LammThis here being a community weblog...
02/10/20031Ehud LammNew Tunes site
02/09/ and its review site updated.
02/08/20031Ehud LammA Taxonomy of Program Transformation
02/08/20033Ehud LammPartial Evaluation (slides)
02/07/20035Ehud LammJon Udell: Shipping the prototype
02/07/20036Ehud LammWhy We Refactored JUnit
02/06/20032Ehud LammMatthias Felleisen:The Human Language Interface (ppt)
02/05/200311Ehud LammEd Felten: Programs vs. Data
02/05/20031Ehud LammSXSLT presentation, types, and XQuery
02/05/20036Ehud LammRebel with a Cause
02/04/20031Ehud LammProof Theory mailing list
01/31/20032Ehud LammBertrand Meyer: Proving Program Pointer Properties
01/29/20031Ehud LammS#.NET Tech Preview Release Information
01/29/20034Ehud LammWhat a URI identifies
01/28/20032Chris DoubleDynamic Languages on .NET
01/28/20031Ehud LammConstraint Logic Programming: A Survey
01/28/200375Ehud LammGuido van Rossum: Programming at Python Speed
01/27/20031Ehud LammOleg: Formalization of two Puzzles Involving Knowledge
01/25/20036Ehud LammMSDN: C# and Java - Comparing Programming Languages
01/25/20031Isaac GouyBlue & BlueJ
01/23/20033Noel WelshUsing Redundancies to Find Errors
01/22/20031Ehud LammNetLogo
01/22/20036Ehud LammInhouse training
01/22/20032Ehud LammESSLLI 2003 - 18-29 August
01/21/20038Noel WelshHow Java's Floating Point Hurts Everyone Everywhere
01/20/20031Ehud LammTyped Logical Variables in Haskell
01/17/200312Michael VanierProgramming languages will become OSs
01/16/200311Michael Vanierjava vs. C# speed comparisons?
01/16/20032Ehud LammA Custom Image Viewing Game for an Autistic Child
01/16/20031Ehud LammRewriting as a practical optimisation technique
01/15/20031Ehud LammThe Year in Scripting Languages
01/14/20033Michael VanierEsoteric computer languages
01/14/20031Dejan JelovicAlgoVista
01/14/20034Dan MonizElle
01/14/200314Ehud LammJava and Pointers
01/14/20031Ehud LammIntroduction to Managed C++
01/13/20031Ehud LammSource Code Formatter
01/13/20032Bryn KellerRefill - A Generative Java Dialect
01/13/20037Ehud LammRecursion Theory and Joy
01/12/20033Michael VanierThe D programming language
01/12/20031Ehud LammApple uses XML but shuns SVG