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06/07/2006So... prefix notation comingPublic resources for ECMAScript Edition 4
03/22/2006If in a hundred years, orProgramming: 50, 100 years from now
01/28/2006VapourPromising OS's from a Programming Language Perspective
01/14/2006The underscore has special meNew for Python 2.5
08/29/2005Syntax shmintaxTim Bray on Ruby
06/30/2005wow. just wow.Hungarian Notation vs The Right Thing
06/19/2005I didn't mind so muchJavaScript 2.0: Evolving a Language for Evolving Systems
06/20/2005Yes I saw thatJavaScript 2.0: Evolving a Language for Evolving Systems
06/11/2005I wrote a C++-like languageNew C++-like language for Windows
02/26/2005thought you saidProof and Counterexample
12/29/2004*hem hem*An Invitation to SETL
12/24/2004English retains this a bit in some wordsthe Chinese natual language
12/10/2004is there anythingCasting SPELs in Lisp
12/15/2004how about 'anon' or rather thCasting SPELs in Lisp

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