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04/24/2012Python decoratorsWhy and How People Use R
02/23/2010Not so suited for CPOperational Research (OR)/ Constraint Programming (CP)using GPUs
02/23/2010What equations?Operational Research (OR)/ Constraint Programming (CP)using GPUs
02/24/2010CP variables contain sets of valuesOperational Research (OR)/ Constraint Programming (CP)using GPUs
12/03/2009Languages vs. featuresEleven Theses on Clojure
07/08/2009For some purposes, they areMost powerful terminating semantics?
07/04/2006High-Level Nondeterministic Abstractions in C++High-Level Nondeterministic Abstractions in C++
05/29/2006Local consistencyConstraint Programming
05/29/2006Propagation is incompleteConstraint Programming
02/20/2006More general initializer lists to comeStroustrup: A Brief Look at C++0x
02/21/2006NopeStroustrup: A Brief Look at C++0x
02/20/2006If C++ had a proper typeSpecifying C++ Concepts
02/21/2006ConceptsSpecifying C++ Concepts
02/06/2006Constraint solver?Unix as programming language
02/06/2006Now I understandUnix as programming language
12/09/2005Another linkPractical: Designing a graph matching language.
12/07/2005Erlang semanticsEnvisioning a New Language: A Conversation With Victoria Livschitz
08/09/2005Felleisen style semanticsSimpler representation of operational semantics?
08/05/2005Sorting, sorting, sortingObjective scientific proof of OOP's validity? Don't need no stinkun' proof.
06/30/2005C++ implementation of dimensionsHungarian Notation vs The Right Thing
06/14/2005Too easy....Sudoku

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