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05/11/2009My understandingWhy Did M.I.T. Switch from Scheme to Python?
04/02/2009math allowed!LtU: Forum not blog
01/05/2007NaturalWhy numbering should start at 0
11/29/2006In theory, theory really refers to theoryCheat Sheet
09/19/2006teach the child how to fishWhy Johnny can't code
09/15/2006Fixed-Point InductionFixed-Point Induction
06/08/2006control freaksWhy Are ALL Programming Languages So Low Level?
04/01/2006discrete mathACL2 in DrScheme
11/12/2005Papers by Bird and generallyAlgebra Of Programming (Bird, De Moor)
11/12/2005I come from a math backgroundCaSe SenSitIviTy! What is its purpose in programming language syntax?
09/28/2005What is Intuitive?What is Intuitive?
03/18/2005The logic of GvRThe fate of reduce() in Python 3000
12/31/2004How about multilingualism?the Chinese natual language
09/23/2004Persistence (lack of) againPersistence (lack of) again
09/24/2004FontDijkstra on analogies and anthropomorphism
09/24/2004theory and practiceDijkstra on analogies and anthropomorphism
09/24/2004"math"Dijkstra on analogies and anthropomorphism
09/17/2004"... because common people think like so-and-so...""... because common people think like so-and-so..."
07/13/2004MonadsUnderstanding continuations
07/13/2004C/Assembler approach carried to its logical conclusionUnderstanding continuations
06/30/2004Set the record straight?Pragmatic Programmers Interview
05/20/2004Re: pbookpbook
03/28/2004What does Hello World show?What does Hello World show?
12/24/2003Re: Concepts: Design choices for template argument checkingConcepts: Design choices for template argument checking
08/20/2003Re: The Trouble with Checked ExceptionsThe Trouble with Checked Exceptions
11/29/2002Re: First Class PatternsFirst Class Patterns
08/17/2002Re: The Function Pointer TutorialsThe Function Pointer Tutorials
08/07/2002Re: Edsger Wybe DijkstraEdsger Wybe Dijkstra (1930-2002)
08/07/2002Re: Edsger W. Dijkstra has diedEdsger W. Dijkstra has died
06/22/2002Re: Project AceProject Ace
06/08/2002Re: Advanced Programming TechniquesAdvanced Programming Techniques
05/16/2002Re: F#F#
05/16/2002Re: Sugar 2.0 tutorialSugar 2.0 tutorial
01/17/2002Re: Subject-oriented programming @ IBMSubject-oriented programming @ IBM
09/07/2001Re: Cyclone - a next generation systems languageCyclone - a next generation systems language
07/30/2001Re: It's all about sharingIt's all about sharing

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