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11/07/2005Personally...Programming Language Names
08/10/2005You can't win..Aardappel and visual programming
08/10/2005"kont"Concatenative Language Kont
10/11/2004uh?Laszlo - So good, I had to change my underwear
09/18/2004that is not the point..."... because common people think like so-and-so..."
09/15/2004well...Faking it (even better)
09/02/2004YupMusical programming and languages
09/01/2004great, another OO definition threadHigher order versus Object order
09/01/2004sureHigher order versus Object order
09/01/2004indeedLean Software, Software Jewels & Software Tools
09/03/2004agreedLean Software, Software Jewels & Software Tools
08/27/2004graphical concurrent tree rewriting:Tree programming languages
08/13/2004I love writing optimizersWhy compiler optimizations are interesting
08/09/2004agreedPLs and SE
09/24/2004It is hopeless...Explaining monads
09/26/2004if onlyExplaining monads
09/27/2004sorryExplaining monads
09/27/2004that would be its non-transparant natureExplaining monads
06/22/2004Abstractionless programmingAbstractionless programming
06/22/2004Ok...Abstractionless programming
06/23/2004...Abstractionless programming
06/29/2004Yes, it is very strongly relaAbstractionless programming
06/29/2004...Abstractionless programming
06/21/2004hijacking of conceptsCode Generation Netwrok
06/21/2004WonderfulWelcome to the New, Improved LtU!

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