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07/15/2012use an interpreterLanguage Implementation 101
03/04/2012another data point, and reflectionsAdding Delimited and Composable Control to a Production Programming Environment
11/21/2011kinds of programmingREPL-schmepl?
11/07/2011common misconceptionsHow to determine your new language is perfect?
11/08/2011tbaaHow to determine your new language is perfect?
10/20/2011The evolution of RISC technology at IBMThe evolution of RISC technology at IBM
10/20/2011updated storyThe evolution of RISC technology at IBM
10/13/2011into the void?Dennis Ritchie passed away
10/14/2011local minimaDennis Ritchie passed away
10/10/2011tail calls?Google's Dart announced
10/10/2011cwccSimple Question - Beta reduction and pattern matching (compile time, static)
09/26/2011v8 does not nan-boxRedesigning the Mozart virtual machine
09/01/2011rdfthe gnu extension language
09/02/2011If I understand youthe gnu extension language
09/02/2011Ah, I see. Thank you forthe gnu extension language
09/02/2011Paul. If you really wantedthe gnu extension language
09/02/2011That's a fair point. Ithe gnu extension language
09/06/2011macrosthe gnu extension language
09/02/2011use your delusionthe gnu extension language
07/18/2011The issue is thatImplementor's guide/tutorial to delimited continuations?
07/19/2011All continuations areImplementor's guide/tutorial to delimited continuations?
07/19/2011You asked, "what makesImplementor's guide/tutorial to delimited continuations?
07/20/2011Gladly accepted. Good luckImplementor's guide/tutorial to delimited continuations?
07/18/2011suggestionsImplementor's guide/tutorial to delimited continuations?
07/19/2011Thanks for the reply,Implementor's guide/tutorial to delimited continuations?
07/06/2011Parallel barsParallel bars
06/27/2011Why Programming Languages?Why Programming Languages?
06/21/201150 in 50: Steele & Gabriel at RailsConf 201150 in 50: Steele & Gabriel at RailsConf 2011
06/21/2011That quote was from LarryThe Value Of Syntax?
03/24/2011external states?Continuations that store the heap?
03/24/2011Good point regarding theContinuations that store the heap?
03/08/2011only?Keyword and Optional Arguments in PLT Scheme
03/08/2011analogy with case-lambdaKeyword and Optional Arguments in PLT Scheme
03/14/2011Regarding speed, the paperKeyword and Optional Arguments in PLT Scheme
03/15/2011Scheme's fine. The kids areKeyword and Optional Arguments in PLT Scheme
10/06/2010languages should provide os-like abstractionsDesign Principles Behind Smalltalk
10/20/2010letrec can be transformedFexprs as the basis of Lisp function application; or, $vau: the ultimate abstraction
09/07/2010dialect with an armySapir-Whorf 70 years on
06/21/2010It's suprising that there'shappy rebirth day, LtU NG!
06/23/2010language and delighthappy rebirth day, LtU NG!
06/14/2010Not really sure where you'reC-Machine
06/09/2010qualmsRacket Released
06/15/2010hanging separatelyRacket Released
06/03/2010side effectsAlgebraic
05/11/2010indeed"Critical code studies"
05/17/2010on the gravity of social construction"Critical code studies"
03/25/2010reminds me of javascript and its evalFirst-class environments. Discuss. ;)
03/10/2010downside: asmHave tracing JIT compilers won?
02/17/2010versioningSmall PL Thought Experiment
02/17/2010delimited continuationsSmall PL Thought Experiment
02/18/2010delimited continuations can do all thisSmall PL Thought Experiment
02/19/2010coolSmall PL Thought Experiment
01/28/2010lazy evaluationmore consistent macros?
01/31/2010guile does not work this waymore consistent macros?
01/31/2010guile and closuresmore consistent macros?
11/30/2009luther, an unfortunate comparisonTwo Bits: The Cultural Significance of Free Software
11/30/2009more disconnected thoughtsTwo Bits: The Cultural Significance of Free Software
03/14/2010Thank you for the link, IThe Myth of the Genius Programmer
10/19/2008nice paper, thanks.A bit of Scheming
07/11/2011reaction of mlton's stephen weeksRetrospective: The Essence of Compiling with Continuations
07/11/2011CWCCRetrospective: The Essence of Compiling with Continuations

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