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09/11/2011Erlang's memory managementThe Trouble with Erlang
11/07/2009not just LOCJohn Hughes on Erlang and Haskell
11/22/2007side-effects in ErlangWhat are the properties of "Functional Programming Languages"?
11/14/2007lack of time...ErlOCaml
11/15/2007a bit too simplisticErlOCaml
03/05/2007Same old argument (:Kourier is now live
03/05/2007wasn't picking a fightKourier is now live
03/13/2007the secret byte arraysSMP Erlang vs. Haskell vs. ML
02/13/2007level of abstractionPatrick Logan on Software Transaction Memory
03/15/2007Haskell and Erlang back-to-backSimon Peyton Jones: Beautiful concurrency
07/20/2006no tradeoff to speak ofErlang concurrency: why asynchronious messages?
07/22/2006CML and ErlangErlang concurrency: why asynchronious messages?
10/12/2007try this link insteadAn Overview of the Singularity Project

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