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06/18/2009Clean perhaps?Target Backend for a Uniquely Typed Language
04/23/2009Coq not strictly LCFThe deBrujin Criterion and the "LCF Approach".
04/27/2009Earlier referenceThe deBrujin Criterion and the "LCF Approach".
10/02/2008Plasmeijer & Van Eekelen book for freeLazy Graph Reduction and abstract machines
12/07/2007Clean is LGPLA Growable Language Manifesto
12/06/2007ExplanationWeak normalisation theorem for typed lambda-calculus
12/07/2007FreeWeak normalisation theorem for typed lambda-calculus
09/19/2007HintLambda Calculus: fixed point theorem help
02/07/2007Definition of Partial CorrectnessTermination Checking with Types
01/24/2007Termination easier than complexityTotal Functional Programming
01/14/2007PhD Thesis is availableCall by push-value
01/01/2007Undefined pointer arithmeticWhy numbering should start at 0
12/08/2006Seventeen Proof AssistantsPVS goes open source
10/26/2006Some related workSystem-level Static Analysis
10/23/2006More recent stuff on PCC and JVMGood Ideas, Through the Looking Glass
08/27/2006CoC is SNunchecked exceptions are like runtime type checking?
08/17/2006DualEarly retirement?
08/16/2006More recent versionhelp with [Barendregt & Barendsen, 1994]
08/14/2006ConfusedLambda Calculus In Java
07/28/2006Nihilistic LispThe solution to all your troubles...
07/31/2006Exact citationCost of provably-correct code
07/13/2006CLR has tail callsWriting an interpreter, targeting a VM or writing from scratch?
07/04/2006Book on CoalgebraAmusing question
06/21/2006Online version, Targeted at CRules for Developing Safety-Critical Code
06/12/2006Day of the BeastChurch-Turning is False?
06/14/2006Conor McBride on total functionsChurch-Turning is False?
06/28/2006Looping CombinatorChurch-Turning is False?
06/14/2006ReferenceChurch-Turning is False?
06/06/2006Time complexityRelevance of Curry-Howard
06/01/2006Try it out yourselfFirst Class Values, Types as values within a Programming Language
02/28/2006Tail recursion vs. tail callTail call elimination decorator in Python
02/22/2006Online PostScript fileType theory question...
02/12/2006IT Failure Rates, with correct linkGuido: Language Design Is Not Just Solving Puzzles
02/12/2006The state of Software EngineeringGuido: Language Design Is Not Just Solving Puzzles
02/10/2006Easy (well, in two lines)Is STL algorithms doing damage to the cause?
02/10/2006-OIs STL algorithms doing damage to the cause?
01/23/2006Comment links in trackerInfrastructure Announcement
01/23/2006Name truncation regressionInfrastructure Announcement
12/20/2005... but can be made to workCountering Trusting Trust through Diverse Double-Compiling
12/06/2005Elitist recursionistThe breaking point of language usability?
12/09/2005Thanks for the clarificationThe breaking point of language usability?
10/24/2005Optimisations may interfereLinear types for aliased resources
10/25/2005Uniqueness vs. linear typingLinear types for aliased resources
12/19/2005Humane interface on top of orthogonal interfaceBruce Tate: Technologies that may challenge Java
09/13/2005ExampleDistributive laws for the Coinductive Solution of Recursive Equations
09/13/2005FixedDistributive laws for the Coinductive Solution of Recursive Equations
07/25/2005Ambdal indeedAdbmaL
06/08/2005IA-32What will Apple's move to Intel mean for Alternative Language Communities?
04/21/2005MS MapColor 1.0Computer generates verifiable mathematics proof
03/30/2005Concisenessexpressivity of "idiomatic C++"
04/01/2005Local infix operator # (merge)expressivity of "idiomatic C++"
04/05/2005Approximationexpressivity of "idiomatic C++"
04/02/2005Top-level sharingexpressivity of "idiomatic C++"
04/28/20057-zip compressed?expressivity of "idiomatic C++"
09/22/2005More than one for each output elementexpressivity of "idiomatic C++"
09/26/2005Count multiplicationsexpressivity of "idiomatic C++"
09/20/2005Smoothiesexpressivity of "idiomatic C++"
09/20/2005No duplicate compositesexpressivity of "idiomatic C++"
09/27/2005Sharing vs. reevaluationexpressivity of "idiomatic C++"
01/27/2005... or low bitsLangauges and Hardware...
01/27/2005Maintenance mode"Popular vs. Good" in Programming Languages
01/21/2005PROC is nothing more than funOOP Is Much Better in Theory Than in Practice
01/21/2005interactiveProgram :: World -> WorldOOP Is Much Better in Theory Than in Practice
01/25/2005PointerOOP Is Much Better in Theory Than in Practice
01/08/2005The scorn of LtUIan Bicking: The challenge of metaprogramming
01/08/2005Recursion is an unusual control structureIan Bicking: The challenge of metaprogramming
11/23/2004Documentation mistakeRelease of Python 2.4, release candidate 1
10/13/2004ICFP has tight time constraintsSucc Zeroth International Obfuscated Haskell Code Contest Results
10/07/2004Another projectHouse , hOp - the Haskell Operating System
09/28/2004Lambda calculus and flood preventionReferences for Beginners in PL Theory
07/13/2005Run-time checksWhy type systems are interesting - part III: latent types
08/26/2004Jan Kuper's thesisImplementing Declarative Parallel Bottom-Avoiding Choice
08/03/2004NowhereTail of Nil and Its Type
08/03/2004Not necessarily undecidableTail of Nil and Its Type
08/04/2004Same sourceTail of Nil and Its Type
07/29/2004SACHistory: Array languages
07/19/2004Re: Optional dynamic ("duck") typingNew CLR Language: Boo
07/20/2004Re: Clean Object I/O libraryNew CLR Language: Boo
07/20/2004Display longer user namesThe site discussions forum
07/23/2004ThanksThe site discussions forum

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