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12/10/2007This is mostly a pointlesspoll: syntax
04/20/2007If you are teaching a unitThoughts about the Best Introductory Language
03/09/2007LookAutomatic Programming
01/20/2007"New Impressions of Africa"Locus Solum: From the rules of logic to the logic of rules
01/15/2007As a retired programmer whoInterlanguage Migration: From Scripts to Programs
01/03/2007Complexity?Metrics for Programmatic Complexity?
12/05/2006Scheme and MLunchecked exceptions are like runtime type checking?
07/01/2006"This motive is of courseGottfried Wilhelm Leibniz
06/16/2006Because what EdsgerWhy only 'minimal' languages
05/20/2006reek not wreak?Gilad Bracha: Will Continuations continue?
05/16/2006Ruby or Python?ruby vs python
05/18/2006This sounds way way way toruby vs python
03/26/2006In 1960Mumble I was usingProgramming: 50, 100 years from now
06/05/2006Wadler's lawLet's make a programming language!

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