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02/10/2012The last lecture to my firstTeaching challenge: culturally enriching formulae-as-types
04/12/2011Source for Alan Kay storyStaking Claims: A History of Programming Language Design Claims and Evidence
10/17/2010Why no one uses functional languagesThe barrier to take-up of language innovation
08/26/2010See Hoare on IncomputabilityComputational equivalent of incompleteness theorems?
08/30/2010Variations on a themeWhat Sequential Games, the Tychonoff Theorem and the Double-Negation Shift have in Common
04/23/2010How enterprises use functional languages, and why they don'tSeeking thoughtful criticisms of functional programming and languages
04/23/2010The Bull, the Bear, and the PythonSEC interested in formalising contracts ... in Python
12/18/2009Sequential vs parallelAn Innocent Model of Linear Logic
10/05/2009Hurrah, Graham and Malcolm!ICFP 2009 videos
09/16/2005FLOPS 2006FLOPS 2006
06/23/2005Scottish Programming Language SeminarScottish Programming Language Seminar
06/24/2005Thank you!Links Demos
06/24/2005So what are the real issues?Links Demos
06/24/2005More feedback, please!Links Demos
05/19/2005The Essence of Programming: Reynoldsfest at MFPSThe Essence of Programming: Reynoldsfest at MFPS
05/19/2005Two Thank Yous for Peter van RoyTwo Thank Yous for Peter van Roy

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