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01/20/2009Soory, am I missingMacro systems
11/27/2008I personally considerClojure: Trampoline for mutual recursion
11/27/2008The problem with explicit TCOClojure: Trampoline for mutual recursion
11/27/2008Me and everybody elseClojure: Trampoline for mutual recursion
10/14/2008Your number 3 is definitelyNo more tail calls in Javascript?
10/04/2008Two comments: In Erlang wePublishing negative results: single-assignment Lisp
09/21/2008I have been doing the oppositePublishing negative results: single-assignment Lisp
09/24/2008Yes, my goal was to build aPublishing negative results: single-assignment Lisp
12/20/2007Core ErlangWriting an interpreter, targeting a VM or writing from scratch?

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