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10/28/2011I'm only pushing this idea,"We Really Don't Know How to Compute!" by Gerald Sussman
06/11/2010Growing up fastSIGPLAN's first Programming Languages Software Award goes to LLVM
09/03/2009Apple's documentationApple "adds closures to C" in Mac OS X 10.6
12/02/2008Tangible Program HistoriesRemembering everything - a new(?) idea for a new PL
10/17/2008a bit more about Lua and LightroomTwo stories
08/12/2008Mutating the iteration variableProgramming Language Beauty: Look Closure
08/12/2008Perl's constants are functionsUsefullness of constants
04/13/2008Chris Crawford has been thinking about linguistic interfacesChris Crawford's 9 Breakthroughs
03/24/2007Rethinkers rethink thingsNo Ifs, Ands, or Buts
03/16/2007LinkVirgil: Objects on the Head of a Pin
03/17/2007no dynamic allocation, for oneVirgil: Objects on the Head of a Pin
03/10/2007Intel Research PL Seminar SeriesIntel Research PL Seminar Series
03/13/2007okayIntel Research PL Seminar Series
03/11/2007Lua and pattern matchingWhat's up with Lua?
03/11/2007Facts, not flamesWhat's up with Lua?
03/05/2007Kay's predictionsOn the fact that the Atlantic Ocean has two sides
03/05/2007You just can't criticize anything.On the fact that the Atlantic Ocean has two sides
03/05/2007No such thingOn the fact that the Atlantic Ocean has two sides
02/13/2007Sketchpad introduced objects and contraintsAlmost everything happened in the Golden Age, right?
01/25/2007But integers aren't closed under division anyway...Total Functional Programming
10/08/2006Assembly with algebraic syntaxAssembly language for Power Architecture
04/08/2006jhcany functional language without GC?
12/18/2005LuaVirtual machine implementation and dynamic languages
01/06/2007You could have invented monads!Explaining monads

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