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02/26/2008Example: Stratego/XTA modular toolchain for parsing and compiling code?
06/21/2006Don't try to put everything in a boxWhat are the real benefits of FP?
06/05/2006Some years agoEmail/news interface
06/06/2006Are you implying thatEmail/news interface
06/04/2006Logic sideRelevance of Curry-Howard
06/04/2006Ok, but that's not what I saidRelevance of Curry-Howard
05/26/2006No, he is rightLinspire chooses Haskell as preferred language
05/22/2006Personal experienceCode Generation Network
05/13/2006NiceNon-null references?
05/30/2006YesProofs are Programs: 19th Century Logic and 21st Century Computing
04/25/2006However on modern computersThe fundamental difference between Sets and Lists?
12/16/2005Systematic search for lambda expressionsDjinn, a theorem prover in Haskell, for Haskell.
12/01/2005Safe languages in Minix 3New languages for OS level programming?
12/01/2005I pretty much copied the infoNew languages for OS level programming?
11/01/2005The examples you give suggestParsing and syntax reordering
10/24/2005Not only listsWhy Lists?
10/24/2005Algebraic DTsWhy Lists?
05/03/2006He did not miss itForum usability
08/16/2005Greasemonkey enhancementsForum usability
06/03/2005Unfair quotingAdam Bosworth: Ajax reconsidered
05/16/2005PrintedResources related to logic?
05/16/2005TypesResources related to logic?
04/28/2005Wrong topic?Memory fault and segmentation faults
04/29/2005Two-way streetThe Fortress Language Spec v0.618
04/02/2005Not sure,expressivity of "idiomatic C++"
03/15/2005Google GroupsOCaml vs. C++ for Dynamic Programming
06/02/2005Other formats available?Issue One of The Monad.Reader, monthly Haskell eZine
06/03/2005It's not the file format per seIssue One of The Monad.Reader, monthly Haskell eZine
06/03/2005UnderstoodIssue One of The Monad.Reader, monthly Haskell eZine
02/09/2005MetaBorgCode Generation with Python, Cog, and Nant
01/26/2005Hardware JVMLangauges and Hardware...
01/18/2005Combining eager and lazy evaluationDynamic Eager Haskell
05/25/2004Re: Turing completeness is not?Turing completeness is not?
03/17/2004Re: Min-Maxing languagesMin-Maxing languages
03/17/2004Re: Min-Maxing languagesMin-Maxing languages
05/25/2003Re: Site speedSite speed

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