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04/14/2009LTU Radar!Scala Lift Off 2009
08/02/2008Distributed ComputingTwo Computers & An Ethernet Cable -- Also A Computer?
04/04/2008Working on similar problems..Rewriting rules for deducing properties of functions
04/07/2008I was unable to find a freeOngoing work on Supercompilation of Java code (or supercompilation in general)?
06/25/2007PostScript Error?The dream of Church and Curry realized?
12/06/2006Typing a function which includes its axioms?Typing a function which includes its axioms?
12/07/2006Looks like just the thing!Typing a function which includes its axioms?
09/19/2006MIT's Lifelong KindergartenWhy Johnny can't code
07/24/2006Much fun!2006 ICFP Programming Contest registration opens
06/26/2006Nanopass Compiler FrameworkNanopass Compiler Framework
06/23/2006The Mythical Man-MonthWhat are the real benefits of FP?
06/12/2006Church-Turning is False?Church-Turning is False?
03/03/2006Xen & VMWareLiteratePrograms wiki
02/15/2006More english courses..Haskell video lectures online
01/19/2006It threw me for a curve..Lisp is sin
12/16/2005I thought this was solved...Countering Trusting Trust through Diverse Double-Compiling
11/18/2005Impedance mismatch?Felleisen: How to Design Class Hierarchies
11/21/2005Coding..Felleisen: How to Design Class Hierarchies
11/17/2005Good point..What good is Strong Normalization in Programming Languages?
05/12/2007Some referencesAlgebra Of Programming (Bird, De Moor)
04/27/2009Finally took the plunge.Algebra Of Programming (Bird, De Moor)
04/27/2009AffirmativeAlgebra Of Programming (Bird, De Moor)
09/27/2005"Pay Your Dues"LtU: Style and Focus
12/05/2005Online ChaptersTwenty-First Century Compilers
12/06/2005Legal? Yes.Twenty-First Century Compilers

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