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01/09/2012Usage of Range Dependencies may not Lead to NP-Complete ProblemsUsage of Range Dependencies may not Lead to NP-Complete Problems
02/02/2012The lower bound - e.g. B[u]Usage of Range Dependencies may not Lead to NP-Complete Problems
01/16/2010Paradoxes of API DesignWhy API Design Matters
12/01/2009invokeDynamic and closuresBytecodes meet Combinators: invokedynamic on the JVM
09/02/2009Proper Library Versioning no longer NP-CompleteProper Library Versioning no longer NP-Complete
08/25/2009Review NP-complete Library Versioning ProblemReview NP-complete Library Versioning Problem
08/26/2009Happens in PractiseReview NP-complete Library Versioning Problem
08/27/2009mallinfo & good engineeringReview NP-complete Library Versioning Problem
08/28/2009Blaming customers is big no-noReview NP-complete Library Versioning Problem
08/28/2009Vandalism vs. peaceful shoppingReview NP-complete Library Versioning Problem
08/31/2009Correct.Review NP-complete Library Versioning Problem
08/31/2009Be consistent!Review NP-complete Library Versioning Problem
08/31/2009The mapping to graph is wrongReview NP-complete Library Versioning Problem
09/02/2009Transitivity of incompatible changeReview NP-complete Library Versioning Problem
09/02/2009Realistic in some module containersReview NP-complete Library Versioning Problem
09/03/2009Re-export a part of a moduleReview NP-complete Library Versioning Problem
03/24/2009Eliminating fuzziness of access modifiersEliminating fuzziness of access modifiers
03/25/2009Simple but errorproneEliminating fuzziness of access modifiers
03/25/2009callable, slot, callbackEliminating fuzziness of access modifiers
03/26/2009Algorithm to eliminate fuzzy modifiersEliminating fuzziness of access modifiers
10/24/2008Re: Horror on page 76Review of Practical API Design by Jaroslav Tulach
09/19/2008Is API evolution of exceptions special?Is API evolution of exceptions special?
09/22/2008Beauty or cluelessnessIs API evolution of exceptions special?
08/24/2008Languages ready for API EvolutionLanguages ready for API Evolution
08/24/2008Versioning seems to be necessary part of evolutionLanguages ready for API Evolution
08/24/2008Snapshot vs. UpgradabilityLanguages ready for API Evolution
08/26/2008Fighting for sparse resourcesLanguages ready for API Evolution
08/25/2008API is more than signaturesLanguages ready for API Evolution
08/26/2008With a bit of tooling...Languages ready for API Evolution
08/27/2008I think it is enough!Languages ready for API Evolution
08/30/2008Re: there is nobody who could call the new setterLanguages ready for API Evolution
09/19/2008Re: I'd be happy to review your bookLanguages ready for API Evolution

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