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05/31/2008I think the core message ofTypes Considered Harmful
06/02/2008thats not really viewing itTypes Considered Harmful
03/28/2008read the papers by cousotTeaching oneself Abstract Interpretation ?
03/17/2008it looks like you're tryingHigher-Order Programming without Closures?
02/11/2008It doesn't seem to be reallyQis of the Future
02/10/2008I've seen it on many a bookshelf10 Years of Purely Functional Data Structures
07/19/2007look up SICM, the structureCurrent "best books on FP"?
05/14/2007hrm, i'd suggest checkingExpressing usage constraints within the language
03/11/2007actually the use of tuplesGilad Bracha on tuples
12/06/2006umm, i think that you canTyping a function which includes its axioms?
11/01/2006i think there may be someType inference and union types
08/30/2006thats sort of triviallyImplementing arrays
08/06/2006have you looked at any ofExpressing the Type of a While Loop
08/01/2006This sounds like an oddManaging missing information through Condition Propagation
08/02/2006How about you read the paperManaging missing information through Condition Propagation
07/24/2006I do agree that the price isCost of provably-correct code
07/21/2006The first half of the paperA type-correct, stack-safe, provably correct, expression compiler in Epigram
07/21/2006A type-correct, stack-safe, provably correct, expression compiler in EpigramA type-correct, stack-safe, provably correct, expression compiler in Epigram
07/21/2006ooops, I was imprecise inA type-correct, stack-safe, provably correct, expression compiler in Epigram
07/21/2006I should point out that theA type-correct, stack-safe, provably correct, expression compiler in Epigram
07/22/2006actually, i think theres aA type-correct, stack-safe, provably correct, expression compiler in Epigram
08/02/2006I would think that seperateA type-correct, stack-safe, provably correct, expression compiler in Epigram
07/01/2006What really launched me intoAmusing question
06/28/2006" * The new JIT essentiallyPLT Scheme GC Technology
06/24/2006ExpressivenessRules for Developing Safety-Critical Code
06/21/2006I'm sure other folks are inWhat are the real benefits of FP?
07/01/2006Alloy can not model PL semanticsAlloy - The Book
07/02/2006Again, I strongly recommendAlloy - The Book
05/06/2006you should include a way ofDesigning a Type Notation for a Stack Based Functional Language
07/13/2006the scheduler I'd think.A Language-Based Approach to Unifying Events and Threads
03/12/2006I think it might be moreScheme Language Steering Committee Report to the Community
02/18/2006Judging by the slides, itGilad Is Right
02/23/2006You're thinking ofGilad Is Right
07/18/2006But what if the abstractionsThe Next Mainstream Programming Languages
07/18/2006I'm not quite followingThe Next Mainstream Programming Languages
12/16/2005ummm, if they're different cCountering Trusting Trust through Diverse Double-Compiling
12/17/2005I think even more than that wDjinn, a theorem prover in Haskell, for Haskell.
09/16/2005I see a problem with thisGarbage Collection as a Lazy Algorithm
09/22/2005I can see some straightforwarMost Productive FP Lang?
09/12/2005Look for the paper by MatthiaHaskell and creative freedom
09/07/2005Combining Theorem Proving and ProgrammingCombining Theorem Proving and Programming
09/07/2005the problem with constraint sApple: procedural -> OO -> AOP -> advanced procedural
09/06/2005You are conflating compile time and run timeYearning for a practical scheme
08/29/2005Everyone's been implying thisDoes Abstraction add Fuzziness?
08/22/2005Thats more like an optimizatiFunctional anti-memoization
10/05/2005power of type theory and my current researchInvariants/Contracts vs. types
08/09/2005Not a new ideaExpressivity
08/11/2005For a formal look at expressivity of programming languages..Expressivity
07/29/2005look at F subA question about subtypes inference
07/28/2005check out regionsML without GC
07/25/2005wrongGrady Booch: Software Engineering Grand Challenges
06/30/2005Is this inspired by the Librarian in the Discworld book?Ook?
05/02/2005which would finally put an enR6RS Scheme Status Report
04/20/2005Is it just me, or does the tyQi 6.1 released
04/17/2005Interestingly enough, I haveChemistry, Graph Tranformation and Programming Languages
04/11/2005But doesn't that rule out staLanguage Design 101
02/22/2005Why must games be the draw?Don Box: Teaching my kids to program
09/11/2005perhaps you mean structural SWhy type systems are interesting - part II

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